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Coverdale drops a hint

David Coverdale at the Waerdse Tempel, the Netherlands, 2009; photo Arthur Nazarian http://www.fotovriend.nl/, cc-by-nc-nd

David Coverdale at the Waerdse Tempel, the Netherlands, 2009; photo Arthur Nazarian http://www.fotovriend.nl/, cc-by-nc-nd

A summer Whitesnake tour was announced a couple of days ago. The tour is no longer billed under Purple moniker, but will be a regular greatest hits tour. What’s interesting, however, is the press blurb that accompanied the announcement:

We are truly excited & looking forward to playing at [venue du jour] in 2016 on what will be our ‘Greatest Hits World Tour’ & most likely my personal ‘Farewell to Arena Rock’ after over 40 years of writing & performing rock music.

David didn’t elaborate whether this means a retirement or a change in direction. Let the speculations begin.

20 Comments to “Coverdale drops a hint”:

  1. 1
    Doug MacBeath says:

    It’s 1997 all over again. ..

  2. 2
    Keith Livingstone says:

    And yet Mr G continues on into his 70’s…..??

  3. 3
    Mark says:

    If he is to retire from rock then good on him for going when his voice is still reasonably good. Sadly the same cant be said of his Deep Purple predecessor Ian Gillan who should have packed it in years ago. He hasn’t got the voice anymore for the really rockin songs like Highway Star, Space Truckin or any that require that legendary scream because he just doesn’t have the pipes anymore. He’s still ok on the quieter songs like Walk On or Haunted.

  4. 4
    Mark Pickering says:

    He can do no wrong

  5. 5
    MacGregor says:

    As we all know, nothing lasts forever. The key to a ‘classy’ retirement is when to go out!
    I cannot remember exactly the actor who said it, Peter Cook perhaps! “Always go out leaving them wanting more”! Something like that anyway. Cheers.

  6. 6
    korhan says:

    Going to concerts instead of sitting at home thinking about the past performances is still awesome 🙂

  7. 7
    Hristo says:

    David went on to explain that “The Purple Album” was originally going to mark the end of his recording career but has since turned out to be the catalyst for the new WHITESNAKE band to work on new material. He said: “Well, it’s interesting, because when I was mixing ‘The Purple Album’ with my co-producer Michael McIntyre and Reb [Beach, WHITESNAKE guitarist], it felt to me…You know, I was 63 years old, and I’m going, ‘Man, how long do I have to do this? This would be a perfect closure for me — to finish as I started.’ But it’s just kind of… In essence, it’s re-energized me. I still write new music. We’ll be recording some new music next year

  8. 8
    Child of Babylon says:

    It’s a wise move to quit arena touring, let’s just hope it’s not a hiatus, though. I’ve always loved DC’s voice, but I tought he wasted his time and talent with that caricatural, overproduced, overcompressed sounding and look obsessed Whitesnake of the last decade or so. He’s so good with the bluesy and accoustic stuff. I would take other Into The Light or Northwinds stuff anytime. He still has the pipes for this kind of material and could do awesome stuff. Would love to hear him team with a great, vintage producer like Dan Auerbach or Jack White.

  9. 9
    Jean says:

    I saw Whitesnake just once. In Spain. Awesome gig. Probably the best rock show I ever saw! Coverdale’s one of the best entertainer, imho! But…
    @3 I do not agree at all with the “reasonably good”. All of his Robert-Plant-singing thing is long gone, I think, and wouldn’t he have backing singers, the concert would be just instrumental.
    Still love is low blues voice, though.

  10. 10
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Maybe David will quit the hard rock life & form some sort of acoustic/electric medieval band….. hmmmm…… I don’t know, but somehow Coverdale’s Barker just doesn’t feel or sound right!. Lol.

  11. 11
    Adel says:

    The never ending road of retirement. Nice money spinning idea as fans rush to see what could be the last time. You have to admire the purple guys for not using the same tactics. Having said that Coverdale is in better shape and voice than ever before. He has at least 10 year before hanging his boots.

  12. 12
    Wiktor says:

    We got Ian Gillan still singing Rock….and we got (the real) Robert Plant singing a mix of rock and folk music….and if we need another singer we still got Mick Jagger…… Who needs David Coverdale?

  13. 13
    uwe hornung says:

    “… but I tought he wasted his time and talent with that caricatural, overproduced, overcompressed sounding and look obsessed Whitesnake of the last decade or so …”

    Make that three decades!!! : – )

    When post-DP DC’s White Snake solo album came out, Bob Edmands of the NME wrote something along the lines of what a great career DC could have if “he dumped his Robert Plant haircut and got himself a slick, funky producer”. That still rings true today, only more so. Instead of the oberblown sonics of WS with him screaming over two lead guitars, DC should place his baritone voice in a sparse musical environment and let the tone of his voice do the talking. Plus get some outside writers in. More along the lines of what Paul Rodgers or even Van Morrison do today. Into the Light was a promising start of DC growing up, but unfortunately he didn’t have the endurance to see it through and reverted too quickly to WS “rock god” comfort zone.

  14. 14
    Jaffa says:

    Well, reference post 12 and 13.

    Of course we still need David Coverdale. He is a great live performer, he performs large shows in front of thousands of people and from I can see and hear they all seem happy with that fact. Why would you walk away from something that is successful, at least in monetary terms?. Post 13 makes some interesting points. Into The Light could have been the start of a new career path but he didn’t get the support. Like most of his peers DC needs reasonably large amounts of money to exist, a shame because actually he has an astonishing voice and stage presence. He can also write a good tune when needed. But yes, I would like to see him work with different producers, different writers and maybe create something from the heart.

  15. 15
    LRT says:

    Mark you could not be more DEAF. You sure are not listing and haven’t since at least 2003 with an ignorant statement such as that! Hahahahaha!

  16. 16
    LRT says:

    Adel; it appears we have another non listener. DC’s voice in is “better shape than ever?” Oh dear that is even worse than Mark. Now if anyone wants my opinion lets’ repeat the ‘1997″ angle. I’m going with that It must be somewhere around not the first time he’s excused the last comment for the next in repeat fashion. Don’t talk to press the other you get, all of them. Shut up and play. If someone asks, then give them excuses. But nobody cares. You either keep going or you hang it up. Rocket science? PR is the new music itself, it seems.

  17. 17
    Les Hedger says:

    Who needs DC? People who like rock music. If you don’t like him don’t listen to him. The “Purple” album was much better than expected and still gets plenty of listens from me!!

  18. 18
    Adel says:

    LRT @ 16
    When it comes to ageing rock voices you have to factor the adaptations when singing the High notes. DP used a lot of technical sound manipulation to IG voice in their last recording but that doesn’t change the fact that IG voice in their last tour is way better than in 93 when Ritchie walked out of the tour.
    These guys including Coverdale tour a lot in small/mid size venues with little time to rest in between to recover so you might get the odd one night off. So I urge you to listen to Coverdale voice in hie recent tours with a balanced understanding!!!
    He is still by far one of the best top 5 rock voices around today at his age bracket. Unless you compare baked beans with grapes!!!! Cheers.

  19. 19
    Giorgi says:

    Come on, David, Whitesnake is no longer an arena-level band, just warming up other real arena bands and festival headliners.

  20. 20
    peter chrisp says:

    Well what can you do when you have been touring the globe with Deep Purple & Whitesnake for over 40 odd years, it’s quite obvious your voice will change and never be the same as it was during the height of their careers with I.G. approaching 70 & D.C 63 i guess as D.C has suggested the best years have passed them by and now The Man In Black just
    on 70 has been coaxed for one last shot. And a big surprise Deep Purple are heading back into the fire sorry into the studio for another album. So if the fire still burns do you keep going ? And at what age should these great artists hang up the boots? It’s so funny everyone has different opinions and thoughts on what these artists have achieved over the years,
    and whether it’s time to actually call it a day. But if you still have the fire why not continue?

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