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Blackmore is open to playing old material again

Ritchie Blackmore, House of Blues Chicago, Oct 17 2009; photo: Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

In an interview to the Russian newspaper Kultura Ritchie Blackmore mentioned that he would be open to the idea of staging one-off shows shows playing his old material (in reverse translation from Russian, so take it with liberal serving of grains of salt):

Yes, indeed, I’m proud of what I have written in the past, and even thinking of maybe 3-4 shows playing exclusively Deep Purple and Rainbow stuff. Just to appease nostalgic feeling of Blackmore’s Noght fans who still enjoy 70-80s recordings. I will never quit what I am doing today, but such concerts could be enjoyable and a sort of a reward to my devoted fans.

There was no mention as to what personalities could be involved in such a project.

Thanks to Vladimir Drybushchak for the info.

73 Comments to “Blackmore is open to playing old material again”:

  1. 1
    Felix Gauloises says:

    hell yeah, but without his wife;-)

  2. 2
    Patrick Michels says:

    I saw recent interview and Candice has gotten Ritchie to drink less and be nicer. He seems to be playing really well and Candice loves him a lot to put up with his rock star attitude all these years

  3. 3
    David Kuhn says:

    Wish he would record some new material in the genre

  4. 4
    Alan says:

    What an awesome idea and with the right band around him could be very special for us long time Ritchie followers

  5. 5
    oleg says:

    Waiting for years for such change.
    Male voice – must: Coverdale Turner or Bonnet.

  6. 6
    Dave says:

    Okay, what line-up would that be 😉 Why not this one?

    Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
    Bob Daisley – bass
    Simon Phillips – drums
    David Rosenthal – keyboards
    and, well, that’s the toughtest one, but maybe:
    Turner, Bonnet, White – vocals

  7. 7
    Eirik Solum says:

    My guess is that if he ever actually goes there, it will be with the Blackmore’s Night band. And Candice as the main singer. But with a couple of guests. JLT singing some tunes, maybe Doogie for some.

  8. 8
    HZ says:

    That would be great!

    Ask Ulrich and Dickinson to join this few shows, maybe even DC and GH at some point…
    Just nostalgia shows. Let us hear again tunes that should be played in particular way by TMIB, and not by some other banjo player who we’ll not mention here, and kick off.
    10 shows in Europe, DP and Rainbow hits, all together, one show 2,5 to 3 hours, in big venues, so that everybody can come, and that’s it! Still can stick to Candice on medieval wave later on…

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Felix @ 1 – agree with you big time there. I simply refuse to EVER listen to her trying to sing anything from the Gillan, Coverdale & Dio era’s and Rod Evans as well. Get a male vocalist to crank it proper, with of course a hard rock drummer, bass player & keyboard player as well! But, alas, I fear he (Blackmore) doesn’t mean that!

  10. 10
    nupsi59 says:

    There’s a band with a bassplayer/singer, a drummer, a man for the keyboards but without a guitarist called Black Country Communion… only an idea…

  11. 11
    Roberto says:

    ok but make them true ROCK shows with true rock musicians…!

  12. 12
    kraatzy says:

    I hope – it is no April joke

    Ritchie come on lets rock again



  13. 13
    Konrad Stief says:

    Agreed David as he should be able to composed and record hard rock as a another ongoing project while continuing BN.

  14. 14
    al says:

    @ 9 i don’t believe for a second he means to get a male vocalist,he wants Candy to sing those and massacre the old songs,make em cheesy and poppy.!forget it people !

  15. 15
    big al says:

    rainbow with doogie, super cash in tour! why not? love to see it, all the big festivals would book it, come on ritchie do ittttttt!!!

  16. 16
    Kev says:

    I would rather Bruce Forsyth sing than have JLT take part in any project whatsoever. JLT is a legend in his own mind. Some of his interviews display an arrogance that makes my skin crawl.

  17. 17
    Michiel says:

    Hm. As if he has seen this poster, that i designed a few weeks ago. http://blijboom.typepad.com/blijbomen/2013/05/toekomstmuziek.html#comments

  18. 18
    Michiel says:

    The line-up? How about Ritchie Blackmore/Glenn Hughes/Paul Rodgers/Ken Hensley/Chad Smith?

  19. 19
    NOT Ian Gillan says:

    “Kill the king” sung by Candice would be a great experience to listen! that cute! I shudder just thinking about it…

  20. 20
    Mattia says:


  21. 21
    Reyrene Lopez Suarez says:


  22. 22
    Tor says:

    Let’s take the remains of Black Country Communion, get Blackmore in, rebrand it to Blackmore’s Communion and you’ll have a killer band.

    Then launch Europe dates, Arena shows with proper staging and props.

  23. 23
    Jeff Summers says:

    JLT singing those classic Gillan tracks? Does anyone think he can do Speed King or Child in time in terma of delivery range or power? DC wont do it and also never did justice to the Gillan Era songs. Also I dont think RB would work with GH as a lead vocalist only (two very big ego’s here). No the only voclalist that has the power, soul and presence to do MkII, MKIII and Rainbow songs Justice is Jorn Lande. my line up would be:

    A Van Halen

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wont dream about this. He is just taking the piss.

  25. 25
    Chip Tarbutton says:

    If Richie does this, I’ll bet he would do what he did with the SIUA LP. He’ll pick a group of “hungry” younger musicians who he can boss around. But he just opened a door to a couple of one off shows. I wouldn’t get all excited about this until someone books a venue and gets serious about this….

    I love the current Morse version of DP…but I’d love to hear this come to fruition.

  26. 26
    byron says:

    Ritchie did’nt say he ll play with another Rainbow or an all star rock band.. he’s ok to play some tunes with the current band.I guess he’ll choose the softer songs candice can sing .But.that’s what he’s already doing:Temple of the king,Soldier of fortune,Black night,Child in time,Self portrait Rainbow eyes Street of dreams etc..Nothing really new IMO
    I can’t imagine BN playing Kill the king. “Black night” sounds ..”embarrassing”

  27. 27
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Ah yes again…. ?erfect timing from our little point hat minstrel. This is an obvious response to the huge amount of ‘hoopla’ his old Band is experiencing regarding ‘Now What’. There may be a new rivalry in store that could develop into some good fireworks. Candice may have to loosen up on the reigns so that her little ‘elf” can hit the ‘strings for a little ‘grandstanding’. Thanks to ?urple for doing such a bang-up job on this album. They may have drawn the ‘frolicking lute player’ out of the forest and onto the ‘Rock Stage’. How cool would that be for us whom have been wanting something new by Blackmore and his Strat?


  28. 28
    Rascal says:

    Quick somebody call Graham Bonnett before JLT finds out and offers his services (cos you bet he will)

    JLT’s Deep Rainbow – singing songs from every line-up

    SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!

  29. 29
    David Hartburn says:

    Would be awesome, reform Rainbow with Joe Lynn Turner and play the European Festival circuit next year ( classic rock headliner for Download Festival comes to mind)

  30. 30
    Thomas says:

    what crap do I need to read there???

    Simon Phillips? Rosenthal? Daisley??? Taken some drugs??
    On bass guitar can only be one guy… Bob Curiano (of Normandie if you like). He´s the best to get after Roger.
    Doogie on vocals, or better… Johnny Gioeli.
    Drums and Organ… maybe he could get Don Airey and… Chuck Burgi or John o´Reilly

    Or what one above has written…. the band without a man who can play guitar…. Black Country Communion.

  31. 31
    kraatzy says:

    @ nupsi59

    Then it will be called Blackmore(´s) Country Communion 😉




  32. 32
    Denis says:

    Deep Purple lineup:

    Gillan (if he and Ritchie can get along!)

    Basically, send Steve Morse to the sidelines

    Rainbow lineup:

    Turner (only because Dio is gone)
    Rondinelli (again, only because Cozy is gone)

    Consider that there were so many members of Rainbow that the list is pretty much interchangeable…

  33. 33
    cyclone says:

    I don’t mind Candice on vocals for any DP material. Sings nice and looks good!

  34. 34
    Robertp says:

    This is dream coming true for all fans, but please, NO Candice Night and NO JLT. A few guys could stand for vocals, maybe Bonnet and, my fave, Paul Rodgers. Would try to catch all these “one off” shows.

  35. 35
    Bo says:

    I just cant wait. If it was on the moon – I will be there.
    Still I wonder why this is not a good idea:
    1 hour Blackmores Night
    1 hour Purple/Rainbow with a real rock band with Hughes/JLT/Doogie etc.

    Then we will be happy 🙂

  36. 36
    Eddie6string says:

    Well for a complete curved ball

    Bring Roger Chapman out of Retirement to sing with Ritchie – It could be the best on-stage duel ever with Tambourines & Mic Stands smashed long before Ritchie decides which guitar to wreck.

    Sheer fantasy! Sheer Bliss!!

    Hmmmm.. How would Ritchie play Burlesque?

  37. 37
    Darryl says:

    Not Turner who would turn(er) the whole thing into an AOL cheese fest and definitely not Candice Night. Doogie White perhaps or an unknown.

  38. 38
    Jeff Summers says:

    Tony Carey on Keys would be cool. He’s a great musician and composer.

    Paul rodgers couldnt sing the Gillan stuff, He just isnt suited. He sang some of the Freddie Mercury songs with Queen very well and is a great soul/blues/rock singer, but very few (if any)could handle early Gillan, the closest being Jorn (IMO)

    Isnt this the perfect line up for the great Mk II and III stuff?



  39. 39
    MacGregor says:

    Kev @ 16 – Classic, Bruce Forsyth, excellent comedy indeed! I agree with your comments 100%! Cheers.

  40. 40
    69xt500 says:

    .. as soon an possible, and, please, with Doogie White

  41. 41
    h9guitarist says:

    I’m not sure who else, but Ritchie’s on good terms with Glenn Hughes — Glenn did a killer version of “Highway Star” on “Re-Machined.” He’d be the best choice for vocals.

  42. 42
    Side Door Johnny says:

    In Rock – Versus – Purpendicular
    Fireball – Versus – Abandon
    Machine Head – Versus – Bananas
    Who Do We Think We Are – Versus – Rapture of The Deep
    BURN – Versus – Now What
    Stormbringer – Versus ?
    Come Taste The Band – Versus ?
    Perfect Strangers – Versus – ?
    House of Blue Light – Versus – ?
    Slaves and Masters – Versus – ?
    The Battle Rages On – Versus ?

    Dear The Highway Star Aficianados,

    If the Morse era is so much better than the Blackmore era as most of you guys are saying, then where the hell are all the albums? And are those albums as good as the older ones? Looks like everyone considers this the best line-up based on them touring Blackmore’s Greatest hits consistently. If Ritchie didn’t write it, would they have a foundation for touring? Also, would In Rock and Machine Head have been Better albums if Morse had joined in 1969? Just trying to understand the extent of the insanity – Thanks

  43. 43
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Johnny, I’m curious why you, and others, seem to think Ritchie wrote all that material himself?

  44. 44
    Jeff Summers says:

    @ 43 that is a very good point Svante and one I’ve made here before which most seem to have ignored. Ritchie certainly “Wrote” most of the great riffs (Although I’m trying to think of one of the great riffs that were not ripped off). But he certainly did not write the great choruses and melodies; Roger and Ian did!!

    I am with Side Door Johnny on the MkII stuff of course, that IS Deep Purple! As much as I like the Morse era, it is not the Deep Purple that pulled millions of loyal fans into the magic. MKII became the biggest selling band of its era and the songs and the charisma of the 5 hungry members of the band made them special. Musically, they are still great, but DP’s success was based on the songs and the image, just like any other multi million selling artist.

    I really like Now What?! But it doesnt sound like Deep Purple. This is to be expected when considering that the signiture sound of the band has drastically altered due to a change in the main instrumentalists coupled with the extreme differences in the lead singers voice.

  45. 45
    HZ says:



    Maybe because of what Jon Lord, R.I.P., said here…

    The best of Purple is what Ritchie came up with, Burn is better than any SM era album, let us be honest, as well Rainbow Rising – it is better than any SM era album… Despite all of Ritchie eccentric behaviour, he is very talented musician and composer, one of the greatest…
    In term of smiling while playing Ritchie’s riffs, Steve is way better, he’s totally better than Ritchie in that, and IG love him, and IG can tell that he stands behind all Purple music and success. Even Burn, it’s Ritchie stealing from IG and Steve Morse… 🙂

  46. 46
    Chip Tarbutton says:

    I stretched reality a little by pushing for someone besides CN and company butchering the DP/Rianbow back catalog. You guys have Blackers fronting a DP and Rainbow reunion tour. Slow your roll guys.

    He said a couple of shows….IF he picks a rock band for this (which he should) I again say he’ll pick new people he hasn’t pissd off yet.

  47. 47
    Roberto says:

    I know it will not happen…they will just play some old songs with Blackmore’s Night…but I great line up would include Ken Hensley…he is not just a competent keyboard player but even a great composer…they should make an album together…

  48. 48
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Jon says RB came up with riffs and ideas and no one is questioning that. However, that does not make a song. There’s a lot of work involved after that. And if the riff was stolen, the hard work starts after that riff was presented. 😉 (NOTE SMILEY! I AM JOKING!)

    What I think people do is confuse nostalgia with some kind of quality measure. You can’t objectively say one song is better than another. It’s impossible. Just as little as you can say someone is a better bass player than another. You can’t compete in music. You can prefer something, I can prefer something else but none of us can ever claim what I think is good is better than your opinion on something. The biggest crap people are throwing out in music forums is to pretend there is a way to measure if a song is “good” or not. “The problem is they don’t write good songs anymore.” “They wrote better songs back then.” How the hell can one determine if a song is good or not? You can’t! You are more likely to prefer stuff you’ve lived with for years and years then stuff you just heard.

    Another problem is that some people are more Blackmore fans than they are Deep Purple fans. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that it tends to make these people think Blackmore was the only guy in Deep Purple who did anything and when he left, everything fell apart. Nothing wrong with that either but why continue to complain about the band their main interest left years ago?

    Yes, the current band plays a lot of songs from the years RB was in the band. So does many other of their contemporaries, simply beacause that is what people want to hear. Again, that has nothing to do with whether the old songs are better than the new songs. Only that they have reached a wider audience during the 40 years they have been on the market. Some of us like both the new and old DP and wish the band could play only newer material. That would sadly throw them into smaller venues with less revenue from the tour so that will probably never happen.

    And Burn was stolen from George Gershwin, no one else. 🙂

  49. 49
    HZ says:


    Of course that all of them are resourceful and did work on that “kernel” or “spark” which Blackmore came with, but it’s that simple idea that’s most important and most hard to come with, not to mention epic solos and subtleties. Ritchie gave DP an edge; they were easily as good as Zepps, for me even better, and he was totally different, which I loved and still love…

    I agree with You that it’s all matter of taste, but let us be honest, musical leader for classic Purple was RB, it’s only a fact, and Jon was clear about it. Constancy of his work – even Rainbow is classic in term of influence and standards which you can’t apply on Gillan or even Whitesnake for that matter – illustrates why was that so.

    Regarding what he ripped of, let us not exaggerate, I can certainly say that he was using ideas, but never as pure stealing, never that much and never the way Page did it, brutally… and I meant Burn as an album, which is right after MH in term of success…

    It’s not matter whether we love both eras, I personally listen to both of it, but this incarnation isn’t what DP is all about in my opinion, I’m just not to excited about it, and you are right, I am one of those who are Ritchie’s fans more than DP’s alone, but still I think I’ve kept my objectivity to some point…

    Jon, R.I.P., was DP’s soul, but RB was musical leader, the guy with grand ideas and sound, and two of those are what DP was all about, they have established what DP is to be recognised for, without devaluating other members, any of them.

  50. 50
    MacGregor says:

    Roberto @ 47 – You are not wrong there, Ken Hensley is a wonderful musician, without him Uriah Heep would never have been anything. Just look at them since he left in 1980. He is also a very good guitarist. He has always played acoustic & electric guitar & as you said, he is a great songwriter & of course a superb keyboard player! He loves the Hammond organ!
    Svante @ 48 – Yes, you are correct in many comments there.

  51. 51
    Deeperpurps says:

    Forget it…it will never ever happen. Blackmore has burned all his bridges with the current line-up of Purple – it is very highly unlikely that any of them would ever really consider working with him again.

    It is unfortunate, but it is the reality. Blackmore left a fantastic legacy with Deep Purple, but there is no going back.

  52. 52
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 48:

    I wouldn’t say that you can’t compare musicians. It’s rather like this: The better they are the harder it gets to do them justice with a comparison. For me it’s a system of leagues. After filtering out every individual bit you might like or dislike many musicians are stuck within the same league. But there are musicians and bands in a league of their own and then, of course, it’s just personal taste.

    Ritchie once was in a league of his own in the 70ies. People just want him to be that guitar player again but he has moved on long ago, it won’t be the same.

  53. 53
    MacGregor says:

    Deeperpurps @ 51 – You are more than likely correct in your first line of your comment, but you needed to add the other side, you know the other side of the story. That being Blackmore, would more than likely not want to work with them (Purple) again either! I doubt he would lose any sleep over ‘burning his bridges’, people move on with their lives. No good living in the glory of the past! The past has been good to many & is great to visit now & again, I often do myself! Cheers.

  54. 54
    purrfect stranger says:

    Leaning toward what Darryl said @37. A unknown would be great on the vocals. Ritchie is the king at finding new unknown talent. Dont think Alex is going to leave Van Halen anytime soon to team up with Ritchie nice thought though. If Airey or Carey are not available on keyboards I like the player from UFO (Paul Raymond) Glover would be perfect on bass and Paice on drums (Happy Birthday last night Ian.) Thanks for sharing what Jon Lord said about who was the catalyst of Purple, that just about explains it all. Like the Now What CD especially song #2. (Its Beautiful) Best Song Purple has done since The Battle Rages On Album.

  55. 55
    Anthony says:

    I’d love to see the reincarnation of Rainbow particularly with Dougie White..I think he did a great job on Stranger In Us All and subsequent tour. It’ll never happen but we can dream. @19 Yeah Candice singing Kill The King..now that would be a joy to hear.

    The more we want Ritchie to do something the more he wont actually do it so in effect we should all encourage him to play more acoustic medieval music and maybe he’ll say stuff you guys where’s my Marshall amps 🙂 and get me Dougie’s phone number!

  56. 56
    Tim says:

    the mans arrogance is beyond belief even now he would like to toss us a “reward”
    ha ha, well old boy, we grew up long ago and for someone out of the limelight for
    20 years ,I think he prob needs it more than we need to hear death alley driver again.

    The time did exist for a re-union it was when Dio was alive, DC’s voice is not what it was ,Bonnet ! well no chance there the only one who at least was involved when
    Rainbow were relevant was JLT, and if you think that is something to look forward to go and have a listen to Bent Out of Shape.
    So sorry Ritchie but you missed your opportunity, and as you are probably looking at the recent successes of Now What and Sabbath’s number one Album and feeling envious best to just plod on with what your doing ,and leave the rest to those that know.

  57. 57
    MacGregor says:

    Tim @ 56 – Bent out of Shape is very good album in my book, great songs & a couple of superb instrumentals from Blackmore.
    But really, what opportunity are you talking about? Was there ever an opportunity, I doubt it big time. Seriously, do you really think that Blackmore would give a toss about Now What & or 13 from Sabbath? Strange comments indeed!

  58. 58
    Deeperpurps says:

    @ 53 MacGregor, yes agreed fully…..its a 2 way street. Unfortunately the chances of ever seeing any of the Purples and Blackmore together is less than nil. The best that we can hope for is Blackmore to reconvene Rainbow with a mix of former and new members, and that he sprinkles in the odd Purple song into his setlists.

  59. 59
    Sweet Lucy says:

    On the vocals SAMMY f****** HAGAR

  60. 60
    Ianzinn says:

    Sounds like things are not going so well at “Camp Night and Mother In Law” … why beat around the bush. You loved DP without IG. My opinion is you burned all your bridges and you want back into the sand box. Too bad.. DP is happy, JL and RJD are at peace. Go find another bunch of musicians that you can put a ring thru their noses and pull them along wherever you want. Pay a visit to your son and tell him how much of a jerk you’ve been. remove the silly facial hair, wig and act your age…I met him back in 82, it was like speaking to a small soap dish…the DP camp had a great laugh when I gave them other details regarding this, …

  61. 61
    MacGregor says:

    Ianzinn @ – 60, don’t sound so vindictive & bitter. It is what it is, what sort of impact has it had on your life? Huge resentment there & for what? Bizzare indeed. Oh & regarding the ‘wig’ rant, I seem to recall reading many decades ago, that Blackmore had a successful hair transplant. Back in the late 70’s if I am correct, but what would I know about this? Blackmore has more than likely deliberately ‘burned his bridges’! Many people do that to move on in their lives. It is also called letting go of the past!

  62. 62
    Jon Miller says:

    The last few comments are ridiculous. Do any of you know anything at all about Ritchie. He doesn’t give a toss about fame or popularity. He is very very happy with Blackmores Night. He has just released his ninth studio CD and it is doing very well worldwide.The Guitar work on it is stunning,as is the musical orchestration. He is currently on tour in the UK and appears to be very happy.
    He has never been interested in working with the likes of Sammy Hagar? I can’t believe that anybody even suggested it.
    I bet you 100% that 99% of the people he has been involved with in the past would throw everything they’ve got away to work with him again,and that probably includes Ian Gillan.
    Personally I would love him to do a project with JLT or Doogie again,covering both DP and Rainbow songs but NOT just rehashing the Made in Japan songlist.

  63. 63
    purplepriest1965 says:

    A lot of speculation and nonsense again.

    And for now I dont feel like discussing old stuff again.

    So much energy wasted on things that are so evident.

  64. 64
    Sweet Lucy says:

    @62 I mentioned Sammy Hagar as he has a great rock voice thats all. I very well know that this combination will never materialize but see it as some sort of Fantasy. Luckily we have guys like you to throw us back in reality. Your suggestion with JLT sounds to me as if you are suffering a lack of this kind of fantasy. Anyway Mr. Miller you and I are not on the same line. Cheers

  65. 65
    al says:

    @63 Amen to that!
    It is all in the past indeed! Let’s talk about the future! He is not going to play with neither of the subjects that are mentioned above,but his current wife and that’s it,whether we like it or not,he has moved on from the past!

  66. 66
    James says:

    I’d either love a Deep Purple Mk. 3 Semi-Reunion, or the following for a Rainbow Line-Up

    Ritchie – Guitars, of course
    Doogie White – Vocals
    Bobby Rondinelli – Drums
    Tony Carey – Keyboard (Don Airey if unavailable)
    Craig Gruber – Bass (Bob Daisley if unavailable)

    It’s sad we’ll never get to see a proper Rising reunion, but Doogie is the only former singer of Rainbow, I feel, that could do all eras of Rainbow justice. I never liked Joe Lynn Turner, and Graham was too pop-oriented.

    Though knowing Ritchie, he’ll get an all-new line-up. I’d personally like to see Tony Martin of Black Sabbath take a stab at it.

  67. 67
    purplepriest1965 says:


    It is not what I implied.
    But there you go 🙂

  68. 68
    Olli says:

    Let’s wait what the future brings and accept what Ritchie is currently doing.
    It is normal for human beings to change style, mood and motions within their life. Especially for artists. If people want to hear some of Ritchie’s “old stuff” just join a Blackmore’s Night concert (I am not payed for this recomendation…). Ritchie is still going to play virtous solos and improvisations on the strat. I learned that a plugged acustic guitar can also sound very virtous and that you can get facinated by the mood on those concerts….

    A life-time R.Blackmore fan

  69. 69
    videoman190 says:

    What he should do is a fundraising tribute to Jon Lord with every living member of Purple. Donate the proceeds to whatever was Jons favorite charity. Also release it on cd and dvd.

  70. 70
    Louis says:

    Ritchie, for whatever reason, seems to be a happier person these days. I do not care for his music personally but his attitude, his smiles, and his ego have been tempered by age and probably his happiness with Candice. I do not of course know any details but I can say that Deep Purple is also a happier band with such infectious smiles from Morse that seems to spread to the other band members.

    No one looses, only gains with happiness and smiles and no one seems to be on an ego trip. Let’s face it – I was a rebel myself as a young man (and still have an anti-authoritarian streak) but everyone mellows with age as they find themselves and their idealism becomes tempered with realism. I am 63 and have been a DP fan since I first heard the howling dog and that shuffling organ in “Hush” – I was 18 then and with the exception of the Hughes/Coverdale era have been a fan since.

  71. 71
    Roger Wåhlin says:

    And this from a Greek interview this Week:
    Joe Lynn Turner: Well, I’m gonna be honest with you, right now. Yes! Possibly. It’s very possible. Last year, I wouldn’t say it. But this year I say it. It’s possible. It’s a very big possibility that something might, just might, happen. I heard talk a bit and all I can say is that I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I’m talking to you now, and all I want you to do is say yes. It’s a very big possibility that we may have a reunion. It will be phenomenal.

  72. 72
    Xavier says:

    Please, Ritchie – get seasoned players who can keep up with you… Players that you don’t have to babysit… Also, whoever you get to sing, make it a prerequisite that there is to be absolutely NONE of that annoying heavy metal screaming/squealing that most vocalists feel they have to do. Gillan was the only one that got that right, and his screaming wasn’t really of the euro-style, heavy metal variety. Perhaps Carmine Appice on the drums?

  73. 73
    Scott W says:

    James @66
    I don’t think Craig Gruber can make it. He might be jamming with Dio and Cozy right now though! I get tired of these fantasy line ups people put forward…Hagar?!? How about Gene Simmons or Kevin Cronin? Maybe David Lee Roth… yikes!!!

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