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This isn’t cricket!

Roger Glover, Dortmund, June 10, 2009; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Our favourite bass player shares some amusing travel anecdotage in his latest installment of Road Life:

One of the things that intrigues me about rock concerts – everyone afterwards has a different story to tell. Did the band suck? Weren’t they fantastic? They didn’t play the favourite song, the bass player’s cute, the sound was awful, the drummer rocked, they’re not as good as they used to be… the best band in the world!

Every single person in the room, be it a club or an arena, has had an adventure just getting there; the missed train, the last minute babysitter, meeting old friends, the weather, the broken-down car, the lucky parking, the lousy meal, the great seats, who’s got the tickets? Potential catastrophes and near misses, highs and lows – nights to remember. Sometimes shit happens but most people who have done this many times know the hows and wheres of attending a rock concert – what to prepare for and what to avoid, what to bring. The seasoned fans have it down; travel light, take only what you need – water, a bit of cash, phone, camera, lightweight clothing. On the other hand, casual fans can easily get confused just finding the right entrance, the right seats, disposing of their overcoats, locating toilets.

Musicians go through similar experiences, or rather we would if we didn’t have people to guide us through the maze of endless backstage corridors and concrete staircases. And our road stories are just as varied and memorable, at least the ones that I can remember, as anyone’s.

Continue reading at RogerGlover.com.

6 Comments to “This isn’t cricket!”:

  1. 1
    stoffer says:

    Good stuff, reminds of the GH tour diary, I like the parts about the booze! 🙂

  2. 2
    byron says:

    Yes I was at the Paris gig and it was clear that Roger was so happy in this sold out Zenith with the warm audience..staying on stage for some time after the show and just smiling
    ..just like a family…There was so much love the air..thanks Roger for sharing it!

  3. 3
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    Roger is always so cool to listen to, I really enjoy his philosophy on life. I can actually identify with the shit he comes up with, He very intelligent as well as a superb bassist! One of the things that makes DP so damn fun!! happy holiday to everyone

  4. 4
    Jeff Goyen says:

    Yes, Rog. as always the steady hand, balancing out the ( at times ) chaotic surroundings on and off-stage…..though less chaotic for the last 17 yrs….perhaps…

  5. 5
    Paul B says:

    Great insight from Rog.
    Here’s 2 stories 2 years apart.
    Caught Purple in 1999 at Rod laver Arena Melbourne with 3 best mates to celebrate our 40th birthdays and the deeps first visit to oz for quite a while. A sensational night.
    2 years later a cancelled flight meant a 4 hr taxi ride from hell ( Portland actually) to catch their return concert same arena. Missed the support band but raced in just as the drum intro to Woman from Tokyo kicked off. Band were on fire and it was the last time I saw Jon with the boys. Unreal.

  6. 6
    sue says:

    This is something I also often think about when I’m at a rock show, all the people, totally different with all their unique experiences who are getting together just for one reason… the band they like. When the band comes on stage everything else is forgotten and everybody in the house/stadium/arena/club is focussing on those guys standing up there.
    I really like the way Roger writes about his road experiences. A book please! 🙂

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