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Wasted Sunsets in Manchester

Deep Purple threw in a setlist surprise last night in Manchester on the first date of the 65,535th leg of their European tour:

1 Intro/Highway Star
2 Things I Never Said
3 Wrong Man
4 Strange Kind Of Woman
5 Wasted Sunsets
6 Rapture Of The Deep
7 Fireball
8 Contact Lost/Steve Morse solo
9 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
10 The Well-Dressed Guitar
11 Wring That Neck
12 No One Came
13 Don Airey solo
14 The Battle Rages On
15 Space Truckin’
16 Smoke On The Water

17 Speed King (incl. Roger Glover solo and rock/pop medley)
18 Hush
19 Black Night

Wasted Sunsets has never been performed live by Deep Purple before. However, Gillan did it on his solo tour in North America in 2006. We’ll leave you with this video to wet your appetite:

That was Dean Howard on lead guitar.

40 Comments to “Wasted Sunsets in Manchester”:

  1. 1
    purpletemple says:

    This is REALLY great! And with No one came and SiFLS back in the set, it spices it up a bit.

  2. 2
    Rob Dykes says:

    What a night….what a day ! we met the band in the afternoon, very friendly and profeesional….the concert later was fantastic…the old with a new twist , plus Don has come of age….louder in the mix, he sounded superb…thanks Deep Purple !

  3. 3
    Chris J. says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s gig in Manchester. Our group had two DP first-timers (one “older” generation, one “younger” generation) and both had a great time. Good mix of older and newer material, usual professionalism and great musicianship. Just wish we didn’t have to wait so long between UK tours. I’ll have to get my passport renewed!

  4. 4
    John H says:

    I have been a DP fan for so many years, however, this was the 1st time I have managed to see them live, in Manchester last night (10th November 2009). I thought they would have lacked some of the class of yesteryear I was so wrong, I may be wearing rose tinted glasses, the concert was fantastic, I realised how many times I have missed them in the past and what a shame it was I have. I was not disappointed, the place was rocking and when you thought it was slowing down a little they threw in a classic to bring everything back to life. Very professional and musicians of the highest class, Gillan, Glover, Paice, Airey & Morse you all showed your class. FANTASTIC.

  5. 5
    Michael says:

    Amazing, Wasted Sunsets is a well hidden masterpiece! Hope they keep it in the set for the London shows, cant wait!

  6. 6
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Just to see how good they looked by the time they played “Hush” in the set, which is very late. Looked good to me.


  7. 7
    Allan says:

    What time were they on stage? Going to Glasgow tonight but my son needs to duck out early from a lecture at Uni!!

    Glad to see both No One Came and Screaming in there – hope they’re still present and correct tonight!

  8. 8
    Jim Murphy says:

    Brilliant show in Manchester, Don Airey doing Corrie was fun, I have to say Glover was the star of this show and reward for the best tan goes to Steve morse!

  9. 9
    AndreA says:

    I love WASTED SUNSETS! it let me see through a great imaginary landscapes huges of this our sister earth…
    The day is gone

    when the angels come to stay
    And all the silent whispers
    will be blown away..


  10. 10
    tom fox says:

    really varied setlist steve seemed more into it-must be good to play some material he has helped write.Roger jumping around a lot too!me and big stu had our eldest daughter/son respectively along for their first dp gig so keeping up the family tradition!

  11. 11
    Bill says:

    Hello everyone, been awhile since I’ve been on, the setlist sounds great, Wasted Sunsets is a great track, I’ve actually used that track for years closing my CD compilations, Interesting, that only one tune from Bananas actually appears live, and that is the instrumental for Steve, I personally would like to hear Sun Goes Down or Silver Tongue thrown in also. I would love to see them play that setlist in the US, but here in the good ole US we usually get Purple as a support slot!! Now how insulting is that????? Deep Purple is still the greatest absolute Rock Band in the world as far as I can see, Theres only a handful of Great Bands left out there! And I would definitely include Whitesnake in there with them!! Cheers BP

  12. 12
    Bill says:

    On another front, Another really good Band (notice how I introduced them as a really good band, compared to Purple, as a Great Band!) Anyway, Aerosmith has now been given the Death Punch from Frontman Steven Tyler, as he is now gone Solo!! But Aerosmith is now looking for a new frontman!! Cheers BP

  13. 13
    mike whiteley says:

    An Airey solo.
    A Morse solo.
    Even a Glover solo.
    No Paice solo.
    What’s wrong with this picture ??
    It’s great to see the band break away from the Machine Head-heavy setlist,though.We’ll see how long that lasts.
    Something from Abandon or Bananas to replace The Well Dressed Guitar would be cool….but I’m just being picky.

  14. 14
    Blanman says:

    My favorite band of all time continue to blow me away each time I see them. Mr Gillan (despite his lack of range/sustain these days) is the consumate vocalist/frontman who always looks like he’s enjoying every moment even when he’s not singing. Paicey and Roger G are the best rhythm section in rock as always and Don Airey & Steve Morse are more than capable replacements for messers Lord & Blackmore.

    Keep it up lads and don’t leave it too long before you come back to the UK (small venues are the best, sod yer NEC’s etc!!).

  15. 15
    Siggy says:

    Going by the above, the Manchester gig was really good.

    Believe me, the gig tonight at the Armadillo in Glasgow was superb.

    I have to admit, the last 3 DP gigs in Glasgow, were, on reflection, disappointing. All was forgiven tonight.

    A crisp, clear and heavy sound with Paicey’s drums and Glover’s bass pulsating through the crowd was enthralling. Steve Morse was simply stunning and Don Airey has finally grasped the concept that the keyboard sound is an integral part of why we all love listening to Deep Purple. Gillan’s voice struggled at times, but no-one cared. This was a refreshed Purple sound with new twists on most of the numbers.

    The set list was also interesting:

    1 Intro/Highway Star
    2 Things I Never Said
    3 Not Responsible
    4 Strange Kind Of Woman
    5 Wasted Sunsets
    6 Rapture Of The Deep
    7 Fireball
    8 Contact Lost/Steve Morse solo
    9 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    10 The Well-Dressed Guitar
    11 Wring That Neck
    12 No One Came
    13 Don Airey solo
    14 The Battle Rages On
    15 Space Truckin’
    16 Smoke On The Water

    17 Hush
    18 Black Night

    I took my 11 year old daughter along tonight and she sang her little heart out to the songs, old and new. She’s now in her bed asleep wearing her new Deep Purple t-shirt.

    DP have provided me with the soundtrack to my entire life and on the back of tonight’s performance, will continue to do so for my daughter.

    If I never get to see you live again, thanks for tonight. You gave me with an opportunity to share a special moment in time with my daughter – Deep Purple playing at full throttle, energised and with a rejuvenated sound that has been missing for a while.

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    They added “Not Responsible” in Glasgow but dropped one or two others.

  17. 17
    Mike says:

    This was not the first time they have played Wasted Sunsets. I saw them play it in Sydney on the 12th of December 1984. They may have played it in Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane prior to this. These were the first of the reunion shows.

  18. 18
    Frazer says:

    im 18 i have seen them 3 times now, and they are getting better and better. more jazzy this time, loved wring that neck. i took a mate along for the first time to see purple and he couldnt believe how often they were smiling and laughing on stage.
    and gillan saying a new album potentially being recorded in jan. sounds good to me as long as it is heavy like rapture not like bananas

  19. 19
    Tom Green says:

    They were on stage at 9 and were off by 10:50.

  20. 20
    Giacomo Brunoro says:

    Splendida notizia! Li aspetto a dicembre e Jesolo e a Bologna!

  21. 21
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    A gig that included House of Pain and title track Bananas would more than make the night. When seeing them in NYC for the Bananas tour, I expected both as they are beyond killer tunes. Bananas tune is Purple meets Dregs. As we all know from these blogs, many fans cannot appreciate influence brought into any band let alone Purple.

    Does anybody recollect either or both of these tunes being played at any of gigs attended?

    Well, I’ve used my words up today….



  22. 22
    Demonofemania says:

    Being only 24yrs of age manchester was the first deep purple gig i had attended. I know that i will never see them in their prime but they did not disappoint me. i didn’t even miss lord or blackmore as they were well replaced by morse and airey.

    Deep Purple seem to get mainly criticism these days but they should not stop touring while they have the obvious strength to do so. They have entertained and inspired me since i was 17yrs old and manchesters performance was better than many new bands i have watched.

    Good Job guys keep it up and i’ll be back to watch you again…

  23. 23
    micke says:

    @18 Frazer 18 years old.. tell this to all those who don’t belive that dP fans have an average age of 18 years… 😉

  24. 24
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Well, I’m willing to bet you millions of doallars that you’re mistaken!
    Every single show they did in OZ 84 was recorded and widely circulated, and Sydney Entertainment Center 12-12-84 is one of the most well known recordings from that visit and they did not play ‘WS’ that night or any other according to the experts, which is any self respecting collector of such material.
    They also did not play it in Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane, the recordings of those shows prove so as well.

    Whatever turns you on… but ‘HOP’ (yuck imo) didn’t work and thats a fact, they only played it a few times, if that. They did it at the Berlin release party and at some following shows if I remember correctly, but it was instantly dropped because it just didn’t fly at all, especially in the vocal department. ‘Bananas’ on the other hand was played through most of the 2004 tour, but in NYC they didn’t play it, that was on the first US leg. They alternated it, but on the second leg they played it every night.

  25. 25
    Rasmus Heide says:

    @17 Re: Wasted Sunsets in Sydney on December 12, 1984.
    Please prove this with a tape. All previously known recordings do not include this song. Check this source for a Sydney 84-12-12 track list:

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 21

    Well, Ted, despite everything else I truly like several BANANAS tracks.

    I would not mind hearing some of those….

    I saw DP on a festival overhere in 2003 and they did I got Your Number.
    After that it was early 2006 and it was ROTD time.
    So I missed out on hearing a lot of Bananas.
    I know they DID do some of those.

    I got yor number is not my favourite of the album but its better than rehashing some of the others for the zillionth time.
    I forgot if they did another then.
    The gig was not fullfilling in general and I m not alone on that one.

    I have yet not heard, anybody ????, a GOOD link to the recently added tracks to the setlist, but I m curious to hear what they do with it.

    The setlist right now is better than what it had become for ages,
    But ofcourse it can be bettered.

    I m still in favour of ditching some oldies.

    Replace HUSH with The Bird Has Flown or Rosa s Cantina…..
    Replace the worn out Morse instrumentals by something from his album, like they did with Tommy.

    Even I cannot grasp why they keep on doing WDG and Contact Lost.
    There MUST be some more from HIS backcatalogue to do!!!!!

    I d not mind some more of PURPENDICULAR but am tired of SIFLS, sorry…..

    Not Responsible, a retake on Lost In Hollywood someone told me lately, is kinda funny but not a killer classic IMHO, I d go for A Gypsies Kiss, The Unwritten Law, Bad Attitude or even better…….

    Strange Ways

    Wasted Sunsets, one of my favs…..I ve not heard the NOW rendition….but I m afraid the subtle RB work will be massacred again……

    But, ok, they re trying something else……

    Silver tongue and 7th Heaven , anybody?

  27. 27
    Gunga Din says:

    Mike says this is NOT the first time Wasted Sunsets has been played by DP?
    And that it was played in Sydney and possibly other Aus/NZ shows in 84?
    Surely some mistake? Why do none of teh audios from those shows feature the track?
    No, this IS the first live airing of Sunsets, other than Big Ian’s solo tour.
    Can anyone confirm otherwise?

  28. 28
    Morten Overgaard says:

    November 21st, please come quickly. With these reports it becoming increasingly hard to wait. Looking SO much forward to see THE band again. It’s been so long since my last concert which was The Sunflower Jam 2008.

  29. 29
    Mike says:

    I retract the claim that Wasted Sunsets was played in Sydney on the 12th of December 1984. My apologies. The reason I thought it was played was because the setlist that I wrote down about a week or so after the show had Wasted Sunsets written instead of Under the Gun. At the time, the Perfect Strangers album was only fairly new, and I was aware that they played 5 songs from it. A poor memory on my part back then.

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I tried to find some Tubes of the newly added tracks.

    Iwas unpleasantly surprised by the fact that there plenty tubes of the well known songs right now but almost nothing from the above.

    In the end I found a bit of Wasted Sunsets after a Highway Star for the zillionth of time!!!!, only for some seconds…….Someone who really does not grasp whats interesting right mow, IMHO

    Not Responsible was a turn off.
    I wonder if they retain it in the set…..
    Gillan seems very tired during it.
    Maybe some other recording or show will prove otherwise?

    I also could not help looking up the solo section of my ahem beloved Plain Man….

    In due sincerity…..

    I always try to be objective and put a light on the positive sides of the proceedings.

    Steve has a NEW ALBUM out and although I m not his greatest fan I d strongly recommend DP to give the man a chance to promote it with one or two instrumentals……Give the songs a Purpelised touch and so on……

    Funny to see Ritchies SHADOW creeping up behind him while Steve is under the impression he s being centered by the lightning guy….

    Remembered me of Ritchies shadow behind him during the HOBL tour thats for sure….

  31. 31
    Made in England says:

    @ 26. Strangeways would indeed be awesome – if the band were up to it. The LP version is beyond belief and an overlooked classic. I doubt they could do it justice live – I’d love to be proved wrong though…

  32. 32
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Incomplete Wasted Sunsets – Birmingham


  33. 33
    podzilla says:

    Good one …

  34. 34
    lilypad says:

    DP were fantastic in Manchester, Steve Morse was out of this world – wow! Actually the first time have seen them live although been a fan for years. A little dissappointed they didn’t do Child In Time as my sister and I were practising the sreaming on the way in the car……. but hey, maybe next time…… thanks guys!

  35. 35
    stoffer says:

    You never give up….do you priest?? SHADOW?? are you even serious??

  36. 36
    Crimson Ghost says:


    With screening posts before approving them, it seems redundant when two people post the same link within 6 hours time and it results in two posts in a row with the same content.(yes, I see green when my eyes roll)

    Oh well, maybe I’ll be second this time, or perhaps fifth with this one…

    WS @Hammy

  37. 37
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 35

    My Dear Christopher

    Am I serious?!
    Maybe you should try to read verything I write more SERIOUSLY?

    I thought it was a balanced and sort of friendly post, mixed with a bit of fun pun intention.


    Cheers, Mark

  38. 38
    Renzo says:

    finally wasted sunsets! one of my favourites!!! and now I’d like to see/hear The Aviator, Seventh Heaven, Walk On and Clearly Quiet Absurd….
    see ya

  39. 39
    Haunted says:

    I wish they would play “Haunted”. It is the best DP song of the Morse era by far and the clever lyrics could mean just about anything that you want them to be.

    I hear your footsteps on the ground
    Tempting me to turn around
    It’s just the echo
    Of a disenchanted lover (purplepriest1965??)
    Shuffling aimlessly
    Homeward bound

  40. 40
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Haunted

    Nicely put

    Beautiful lyrics of which one can, ofcourse suggest, its about his former buddy again…..

    I like Haunted although I always felt it suffered , like Love Conquered All due to too much syrup.

    I also did make me rethink Jons opinion on LCA
    He said that it suffered due to JLTs approach but I feel that JLT was not the biggest problem, the arrangements were….

    Two otherwise beautiful ballads but let down by a intent to make something commercially viable?

    Am I a disenchanted Ian Gillan fan?
    Its very paradoxical.
    I m still someone who cherishes loads of the stuff he did.

    Yes, something changed….

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