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Messy in Manchester

I’ve been a big fan of Purple since 1970 and have seen them countless times, but the show in Manchester left me and my bro very disappointed.

We were at the front at Roger Glover’s side and I must say his guitar was cranked up so high it swamped everything else. All we could hear was bass guitar. I shouted to Roger about the problem and he suggested that we go stand on the other side (thanks Rog).

[It’s a well known fact that the front row rarely offers the best mix of the instruments – simply because you’ll be standing too close to one instrument. For better balance it’s always a good idea to stand further back. /Rasmus]

Ian Gillan said sometime ago that they were not a classic rock band because they we still writing happening music. Well they might be writing it but they are not playing it live! This is the Rapure of the deep tour and one or two songs just doesn’t cut it. The rest of the show is made up of the classics. Let’s get some more of the new stuff played live.

Now that I’ve had my moan, we’re off to Glasgow to see the band I love.

John Broadsword
life long Purple fan

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