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Old, live and rare in Glasgow

I went along to this gig hoping that, for a change, it wouldn’t be a “greatest hits” show and I wasn’t disappointed.

From the opening Highway Star to the encores the band constantly surprised with their choice of material, and as the evening progressed the band got into their stride and delivered in spades.

Four numbers from the Morse/Airey era, two hidden gems from Perfect Strangers and Wring That Neck were highlights for me. The solo sections were excellent with neither Steve nor Don’s contributions being over wrought.

A word for Mr Gillan who tactfully got a fan who wouldn’t let go up on stage rather than have a tug of war with his arm – well done sir!

Great gig; hope they get to thoughtfully mine the back catalogue – it brought a freshness to their playing and they were obviously enjoying themselves.

6 Comments to “Old, live and rare in Glasgow”:

  1. 1
    Rob Dykes says:

    From all the reviews Ive read on numerous websites there is a definate excitment to this tour……lets hope the powers to be can sort something out for DP to come back in the summer…..its not all X-factor over here, there is a crave for quality rockin roll. DP give that..

  2. 2
    lightintheblack says:

    To be honest i was dissapointed with the Glasgow show i felt the band were simply going through the motions Ian Gillan hardly communicated with the audience at all and seemed to me as if he didnt even know he was playing Glasgow.Not Responsible seemed to go over most peoples heads and was poorly sung anyway and Wring That Neck should NOT be in the set if Blackers and Lord are not in the band .For me although the band do play well enough the excitement has gone from a DP concert they miss Blackers and Lord not only for their musincianship but for their charisma Steve and Don are great musicians but lack presence

  3. 3
    Kevin says:

    I was at the gig on Wednesday night, and loved the excellent mix of new and old material.

    I just wanted to give my take on the fan/security guy “incident” which happened about 2/3rds of the way through.

    Oh, and I was standing at the stage front, a couple of people away from the guy when it all happened, so I got a great view of it all.

    Anyway, Purple were in full swing, and one of the guy’s at the front decided to get on his mate’s shoulders, as you do, and generally enjoy himself by waving his arms, and basically have fun.

    Anyway, the security guard from the right (facing the stage) noticed and made his way over to the two guys with a view to getting the guy off his mates shoulders, however, as the security guy got there, Ian Gillan spotted him trying to get the guy down, and reached out to hold onto the shoulder guy to stop him being dragged off by the security guard.

    And he held, and he held, for a good 30 seconds….

    While he (Gillan) was doing this, he was staring at the security guard, who was still trying in vain to get the guy down, and then Gillan said (into his mic, looking at the security guard) “what’s your fucking problem”, “what’s your fucking problem”. At which point he pulled the shoulder guy on stage, to prove a point to security guy, at which point security guy admitted defeat, and scurried off back the way he came.

    So, Gillan wasn’t being held BY the shoulder guy, it as the other way round, Gillan was holding ONTO him, to get the better of an over zealous secrity guard….ever the rebel, our Mr. gillan !!!!

    End result, Gillan 1 : Security 0

    Great gig guys. Loved it.

  4. 4
    T says:

    We’ve come a long way since Gillan told the audience back in 1972, “Sit down and let the people enjoy themselves.”

  5. 5
    HardRockPete says:

    In what shape was Gillans voice during this gig? Or during any resent gigs really…

  6. 6
    rik says:

    kevin is spot on with the security incident, i was to his right bang in front of steve. gillan saw the security guy walking towards the kid and approached stage front, anticipating what was going to happen. i noticed the security guy smile as he gave up.

    i was in the second row but was able to stand in front of steve by the stage and was blown away. i could hear every single note he plucked, the rest of the band sounded distant in that position.

    steve, never seems to have a bad night. gillan is never going to hit the heights vocally again but accept that and you won’t be disappointed. roger glover impressed me no end this time round, amazing sound, especially on the solo spots. don airey does the job admirably and ian paice is still a powerhouse although he seemed to take a back seat.

    no programmes and the tour tshirt had no uk dates on back.

    support was by a band called the crave who really impressed me.

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