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Best Scottish Purple gig in a decade

I caught the start of Lizzy’s set who came on as many were still arriving at the venue. They delivered a competent 40 minute set but there was no spark and I’m not sure what the future holds for them as a viable force.

I meant to watch Styx but the bar was too attractive an alternative.

Managed to get down by the stage for the main event where it was good and loud. The band seemed really up for it and it soon became apparent that we were going to get their best Scottish performance since the Barras in ’96.

Gillan’s voice was in fine fettle and Don Airey seems to bring out the best of Steve Morse. Fortunately, the Machine Head concept was ditched and it was great to hear ‘The Battle Rages On’ and ‘Into the Fire’.

Otherwise all the usual numbers were played with flair including a crunching version of Space Truckin’. The only small gripe was that only two songs were played from ‘Rapture’, their best album in decades. Most of the UK audience were veteran Purple fans and those I spoke to were expecting more – maybe next time.

Andy J

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