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Purple disappointed in Newcastle

Great to be in Newcastle – friendly people and cheap drinks!

Missed Thin Lizzy unfortunately but will catch them in Sheffield and the NEC.

Styx were a band I had absolutely no knowledge of prior to this gig, but after the initial shock of seeing every pose in the air guitar book in the first five minutes, I realised I was enjoying the show! They seem to like epic endings to their songs – good fun.

My girlfriend also fancied the keyboard player for some unfathomable reason.

Deep Purple – well I am firmly in the school wanting to hear more recent stuff – i.e. after 1971-material. I was even looking forward to The Battle Rages On, but they didn’t do it.

I remember the Bananas tour when they played loads of that album and it was great. Oh well, I know the reasoning but all of Machine Head from start to finish in a shortish set?

I love these guys but left thinking one gig on this tour would have been enough.

Voice, playing etc all present and correct.

Thomas Fox

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