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Brighton rock gone Purple

Last time when DP visited Brighton was on the Bananas tour, and it was a disappointing
experience. This time they gave a blistering, powerful and energetic performance.
Everyone in the band was in top form. The sound was brilliant and well balanced.

What I can’t understand is why they get teamed up with second rate derelicts from the
seventies as support acts. I think it’s a wrong road to go. Deep Purple is a major, living band tat has produced important major releases in this century.

Too many people out there are not aware of this fact. When they are teamed with something
as a Thin Lizzy tribute band, that only have one member left in the group, this could rub off…

Styx is very much down the same alley. They gave a competent performance, though and for the first time ever in my life I experienced a support act that played louder than DP.

However, DP totally dominated the show, and gave a fantastic performance. If I should nag, I’d love to hear more new songs in a very conservative setlist. But I really did enjoy Living wreck and The battle rages on – those two I heard performed live for the first time.
But nothing from Bananas and only two songs from the latest record – I really would have loved to hear Before time began, since I consider that as one of the best they recorded ever! I also would have wished for a set longer than 90 minutes.

But Brighton really rocked, and the pure pace of these 90 joyable minutes was breathtaking!

Per Lundblad

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