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Battle in Bournemouth

We had a time of our life as usual, the more so as we met Ian Gillan at the Borders library. Not only “Smoke This”, but also “Get Away” and some of his newest CDs were signed. The singer was very amiable that day.

And the gig? Two supports as usual in England (sometimes there are three). Thin Lizzy started with some siren howling – a strange kind of entry by the way. It’s quite a good band, although a bit monotonous. All their songs could make you dance. Unfortunately there was no standing/dancing area at the BIC that night. Only seats.

Styx was the funniest group that evening, especially the organist who played a strange kind of rotary keyboard. He could go around, turn it and sit on it. He even stood on his head! I think the band has an interesting repertoire, more original than Thin Lizzy.

And at last our old Purple friends appeared. “Pictures of Home”, “Things I Never Said” – as usual. But the singer must have had an off-day because he sang them out of tune. “Fireball” was a bit better, and the rest of the songs came out quite well.

Unfortunately the scenery wasn’t very cool. No “Rapture” picture again. But the lights were unbelievable, for instance red, orange and yellow during “Into the Fire”. I felt as if I got into the fire indeed. I listened to that song with pleasure, all the more so as the band plays it so rarely.

No solo from Don Airey. What a pity. And why no “Perfect Strangers”? I was so disappointed. But there was a big surprise that night: “The Battle Rages On”! I thought I’d never hear it live. Thanks! I like this song so much. As you can see, Deep Purple never forget to give us some surprises… And they didn’t forget to play “Rapture of the Deep”, the best work of their latest album.

I only wish we were sitting close to the stage. We could hardly see the band. But independently of all we had a good time. Many thanks and see you later, Ians, Don, Steve and Roger!

Joanna Ostrowiecka

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