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Russian setlists

Ian Gillan, Moscow, Oct 28, 2012; photo Serge Adamovich http://koncert-photo.livejournal.com/1780222.html

The band has not been touring since February and as they’ve assembled for the rehearsals there were many speculations regarding upcoming setlist. This is what was played on the first three dates of the Russian leg.

Yekaterinburg, October 24, 2012:

Into The Fire
Hard Lovin’ Man
Maybe I’m A Leo
Strange Kind Of Woman
The Battle Rages On
Contact Lost
Wasted Sunsets
Well Dressed Guitar
The Mule
No One Came
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Smoke On The Water

Highway Star
Black Night

In St.Petersburg on October 27 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming took place of Wasted Sunsets. In Moscow on October 28, Wasted Sunsets were back and Highway Star was dropped from the set.

Thanks to deep-purple.ru for the info and to Serge Adamovich for the photo (there’s more where it came from).

38 Comments to “Russian setlists”:

  1. 1
    kraatzy says:

    With THIS setlist, I know, what I have to expect and because of that, I will not go to BREMEN.
    Only the same songs we allways hear live on stage. Ever and ever the same and no expectations to the future … the new ( 😉 country 😉 ) album …
    The only thing is, I don’t know when they will come back to the northern Germany … ?
    😉 Or they will be retired before ?? 😉



  2. 2
    buttockss says:

    Good to see “wasted sunsets” and “no one came” to songs i would like to here live……now where is my robin hood outfit, ha,ha !

  3. 3
    Thunderhawk says:

    Hmmm,, again nothing really special it’s a good thing Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming is back in the set again, and also Wasted Sunsets and The Battle Rages on are a fresh change.
    But really dropping Highway Star, without another great song to take the place.
    And again the same encore songs as in the past 4 a 5 years.
    I would like to see them play Speed King again, or maby make Space Trucking with a nice 10 minute jam section just like the old days as a encore, that would be totally suprise the fans and blow new are, and most importanly prove that they still got what it takes.
    And i would like to see Steve and Don’s take on how to handle the Mandrake Root thing behind Space Trucking.

    I heard just recently in an interview they did, that the reason that they dropped the long improvisastion sections is because of the fact that people don’t want to see that anymore nowadays.
    I got to say, I as a Deep Purple fan fell in love with their music actually for the fact that they did this so much.
    It makes them different from other artists, IMO it’s boring when they play the same thing on every tour, every time i see them live.

    I am only 23 years old, and tho I’m happy that the band is still around nowadays, i kinda feel I missed out a lot of what this band had to offer in the late 60ties, 70ties, 80ties, and even still in the 90ties and even still in the beginning of the 21st century.

    I saw them live like 3 times now, and every time i come home from a show and put on a DvD of a show that was much earlier in their careers, i go in my head like wow is wish they where still doing this or still doing that.
    I’m not meaning to say that they aren’t good anymore as a live act, but for a die hard Purple fan I really van understand why they feel a little bit hollow if they go to a show nowadays, it’s just not the same anymore.


  4. 4
    Micalonues says:

    The Jon Lord Tribute Tour!

    Very cool.

  5. 5
    Ben Harris says:

    undercover.fm are reporting that Deep Purple and Journey will be touring Australia in Feb/Mar 2013, playing venues like Rod Laver Arena – twice as big a venue as Festival Hall, which they played on their last tour here. Hopefully the album will be out then and we’ll get some new material.

  6. 6
    Jim Sheridan says:

    Mighty interesting setlist. I love seeing “Wasted Sunsets” on there. I think it is odd that the only 2 Morse-era songs are instrumentals!!

  7. 7
    Leon says:

    Thank christ they’ve got a new album coming out. Getting very bored with the ‘greatest hits’ show…

  8. 8
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    Highway Star was dropped from the set? This must be the first time HS was not played? I hope they’ll drop Black Night too. They should try Demon’s Eye, Never Before, and Loosen My Strings.

  9. 9
    Rob says:

    Into The Fire
    Hard Lovin’ Man
    Maybe I’m A Leo
    The Battle Rages On
    Wasted Sunsets
    All of this is good but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new album stuff will go in place of some of the other.

  10. 10
    The Wincek says:

    Where is Steve Morse era songs?
    This is tribute band Deep Purple MK2 (1998- present)!

  11. 11
    stargazer says:

    Anya, Bad Attitude, Mad Dog, Strangeways, The Spanish Archer, Fools, The Aviator, A Touch Away, Fingers to the Bone, Sun Goes Down, Walk On, Never a Word, Before Time Began, MTV, Clearly Quite Absurd…

  12. 12
    Gergely says:

    Very disappointing. With Steve Morse for almost 20 years and completely ignoring the Morse-era. I am truly sad.

  13. 13
    Wiktor says:

    I understand they got to do the old “greatest hits” songs but why not try to change the setlist just a little bit, let “Hard loving man” and “Into the fire” and even “Space trucking” rest for awhile and why not replace them with great songs thats almost never been played from the “Who do we think we are” album, like “Rat bat blue” and “Place in line” and “Super trouper”. But great to see that they are doing “Wasted sunsets”, more of that bluesy stuff!

  14. 14
    Ted theMechanic says:

    Sorry Gentlemen,

    no new songs, no visit of a concert!

    That’s an easy calculation

  15. 15
    James says:

    What? No Highway Star? Better be back by Australia

  16. 16
    Hard lovin' man says:

    The era of Steve Morse is definitely over!

    Only 1 and 1/2 song on the setlist!

  17. 17
    Hartono, Toraja-Indonesia says:

    why Ian Gillan was never sing or burn no set list, Stormbringer, Soldier of fortune, is not this part of the history of Deep Purple

  18. 18
    Lucas says:

    soy fan de purple desde los 13 años, hoy tengo 31, no hay que envidiar nada de la era de ritchie, el gran gran jon lord, en mi opinion me encantaria escuchas temas, como Mitzi Dupree, mad dog, stranges ways, dead or alive, de ese tremendo disco que es la the house of blue light, pero bueno, me pone muy contento que gillan recupere la voz, en el montreaux festival se lo ve muy agotado, pero escuchando el show del 28 10 2012 en moscow, se los recomiendo, esta sonando tremendo, larga vida a deep purple.

  19. 19
    mamakiponrokin says:

    the same old songs… i wonder why they didn’t play Morse era more; Live at the Olympia is very interesting live album, there’re a lot of perpendicular stuff on stage.

  20. 20
    Anthony says:

    @17 Yes they should play the MK3 stuff but Gillan wouldn’t entertain it even though the song ‘Burn’ is a classic and one of Deep Purple’s best songs and I can think of a few other MK3 songs that would certainly grace their set list anyday. Ritchie, call David and Glenn please 🙂

  21. 21
    Jan says:

    Fantastic level of energy in Moscow, IG was in great form (and shape). Nice to be in a full olympic stadium feeling the energy in the crowd. Wonderful evening !!! Lets have that new album….

    Guys you are the ultimate band of metronomes, thanks and take care.

  22. 22
    LRT says:

    I think this proves that months off pays off in quality performances, particularly musically speaking, however, Gillan did hit some fine high notes with clarity and intensity as well as good humor to disguise any lack of wind, which is how I see it. Moscow was that good, judging from an audience recording. Something tells me it will warm into somethig better than we’ve seen in recent years. Something is different about the sound too, something good. The power is near that of MIJ and MIE if you ask me. I don’t know if it’s because they’re recharged but it sounds rehearsed, so maybe not. Not my opinion, anyone listening would take major notice to this. Get that boot and hear it for yourself, something has inspired for the better. perhaps Jon kicked them in the butt or something, whatever it is I’m statisfied with it, and I’m nt as easy as it seems. Or maybe this line-up has finally found its feet? Naw, it’s probably just swan song mode.

  23. 23
    Marije says:

    Some of the songs have been in the set for a long time, and to me that is not a bad thing, but I do think it’s a shame that there is so little Morse era stuff in this set! Personally I would totally love to have Sometimes I feel like screaming back in the set, as well as some other great Morse era tunes. Think I read somewhere else that dropping Highway Star was a bit of an accident, as Don started playing another song and they didn’t want to change the order or something like that. In any case, even without new songs Deep Purple are still a great live band! They will be touring again next year, with new material, but after that, who knows, so you might just want to catch them while you still can…

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Larry : Moscow was that good, judging from an audience recording.

    So you changed your mind?
    It is ok now to judge based on a YT?

    Maybe not when the performance is bad?
    Than we have to shut up?

  25. 25
    Tim Corbett says:

    Deep Purple have become a laughing stock.
    Rehearsing for a tour of stuff we can all play in our sleep!!!!!!! You gotta be kiddin’ me!!!!!!!!
    Steve Morse can only be beside himself in grief for the wasted opertunities he’ll have missed by recording/touring with this tribute act. Or heez just perfectly happy takin’ the money.
    For Godz sake change that set list completely.
    I totally agree with Stargazer (11).

  26. 26
    kraatzy says:

    @ Hartono, Toraja-Indonesia = 17:

    Ian Gillan will NEVER sing any songs of the Coverdale/Hughes era …

    I don’t know how it will be sounded, when our Ian will sing the bluesy “Mistreated” …
    maybe very good but surely different.



  27. 27
    Renzo says:

    That’s my dream setlist

    Pictures of Home
    Into The Fire
    Seventh Heaven
    Clearly Quite Absurd
    Strange Kind Of Woman
    The Battle Rages On
    The Aviator
    Wasted Sunsets
    Well Dressed Guitar
    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
    Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    Perfect Strangers
    Speed King
    Smoke On The Water
    When A Blind Man Cries
    Highway Star
    Black Night

    alternatives: Flight of the Rat, Wring That Neck, Knockin’ at Your Backdoor, Mitzi Dupree, Ramshackle Man, Hey Cisco, Walk On….

  28. 28
    byron says:

    Don’t think I ll go to the Paris concert.Set list is too similar to the one they had 2 years ago.
    What about Demon’s eyes,Rat Bat blues,never before,Mary Long,Livin wreck,Super trooper,Place in line,Fools,Kentucky woman (yes Gillan used to sing it in the beginning!) etc etc…;

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 28

    Dont forget Mandrake Root and Bird Has Flown : )

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:


    For those who missed this : )

  31. 31
    Thunderhawk says:

    @ 29

    Indeed, Mandrake Root would be a very good song for Ian’s voice nowadays, and a way for the band to go totally out of controle again.
    Bird Has Flown is also a good one to do, it’s a shame only Hush is played from the MK1 era, because Ian also sung Mandrake Root, Bird Has Flown and Kentucky Woman from the MK1 days.

    Conclusion: Deep Purple have made more then enough great songs over the years, more then enough to make good fariation in their set, now the big question, why not take advantage of this.
    It sure will make a lot more people come to their shows.

    It’s like they’ve been taking the easy road and don’t really bother much anymore.
    It’s a shame, it really is.


  32. 32
    Dave Smith says:

    You guys make me laugh!! The MAJORITY of the people who go to see purple these days (a huge percentage of whom are young kids) would be gutted if the band didnt play the classics. People wanna hear the hits! Just because most of you are anally retentive and go to far too many shows or analyse every show on you tube, recorded on a mobile phone by someone in the 30th row. Most people wouldnt have even heard of half the songs you are suggesting!
    Again, if youre so Anti the band-why the hell do you spend most of your lives on this site?!
    Tim Corbett (post 25) Do you have a link to some of your stuff?! Just if you think you could play that set ‘in your sleep’ you must be a hell of a musician!! Im surprised Ive never heard of you…. I look forward to the link!
    And to the rest of you who say ‘Im not gonna go to the concert” GOOD!! Makes more room for people who might appreciate it, and not sit about on the internet moaning about everything!!

  33. 33
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 32:

    I agree with you to a certain extent. And to me this setlist is clearly a tribute to the great maestro Jon; “Contact lost” – nail on the head. I guess that many here didn’t get that.

    I don’t want to moan, but let me put it this way:

    Apart from this very sad tribute, the setlist is not very different to those of the last few years. Some hits of the old days have to be included, yeah. But most of the time more than half of the setlist origins back to the early 70ies. There are very good songs from that last four albums and it would be interesting to hear more 80ies stuff as well. I think that it’s not exaggerated to say that after so many years of performaning songs from “Machine Head”, people get fet up and call them a tribute band. This has nothing to do with their love for the band – no matter how upset they are.

    What would you prefer to hear nowadays when you had the chance to attend a show?

    … I don’t want to prove anything with this question but I’m interested in the answer.


  34. 34
    Tomekk says:

    Its common knowledge that mayority concert goers wants to hear hits like sotm or ps but there is a room for improvisation or more obscure tracks. So i understand die hard fans who are dissapointed. As far ad i am concerned russian set was is not bad unless you want to hear Morse era songs. But the problem is that they if they play they often make strange choices as bringing back almost human that is not superb track even for Morse era. long inprovisations as in poh or fools is missing or any improvisation even within obvious classics.

  35. 35
    Thunderhawk says:

    @ 32:

    Young people, I don’t know what’s young for you but my current age is 23.
    I also have a lot of friends who like Deep Purple, but also share the same opinion about the band as i have.
    Sure they can keep on playing hits like Smoke on the Water or Black Night, but the songs inbetween these hits are perfectly capable to change now and then.

    Songs like The Mule, or No one Came and Maybe I’m a Leo, the more minor hits of the band.
    They can change them by maby, Rat Bat Blue, or Under the Gun or other minor hits beside their greatest hits, to also make the set more alive for the more Die-hard fan base of Purple.

    They are more of a greatest hits touring band then a band that still wants to be new and fresh, and they almost only play songs from, In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head and Who Do We Think We Are.
    If like al the other albums after that never existed.
    The band is still great live, but i also always have the feeling that they still can do better, and that they don’t give it all anymore, like they use to do.

    If you can enjoy the way the band is touring nowadays, that’s good for you but you must understand that for a lot of fans it’s not what it use to be anymore.


  36. 36
    GerAssenHollandAge55 says:

    IMHO the setlist oktober/november 2012 is heavier in advance of the new album and following tour in 2013.
    Just what I think is the main reason for what is happening now.

    Cheers to you all !

  37. 37
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 32

    Are you sure?

    I try to imagine myself as a 15 year old who went to see a band that already had made a great impression on me due to maybe in majority old MK 2 material.

    I m sure it would have helped if they had done certain classics.
    But I dont think I d have been feeling shortchanged if I had been exposed to stuff I did not know.

    About 7 classics, probably early and later MK 2 tracks like

    Highway Star
    Perfect Strangers
    Black Night

    I d picked CIT and SKOW, but IMHO Ian cant sing them anymore.
    Ditto HLM.

    I d prefer things Fools, No One Came, Place In Line, The Battle and The Unwritten Law as extra MK 2 material.
    But then they REALLY have to go into Morse territory!!!

    Sun Goes Down
    Hey Cisco
    7th Heaven
    Before Time Began, new arrangement with lots of organsoli
    The Purpendicular Waltz

    2 new tracks as a prelude for the forthcoming album.

    Thats about 20 songs.

    It will not happen…..

    If they play 1 hour of MIJ and the rest a mix of everything else, why would that be not wonderful?

    Are you suggestion nowadays youngsters need full recognition of the songs and are not able to react positive on surprises, jams, other arrangements and so on?

  38. 38
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ad. Watching these songs I can imagine some think its too much mid tempo, not enough fast songs.

    Were DP really about fast songs anyway?

    On MachineHead HS counts as quite fast, but not as speedy as metal.
    Space and Lazy go into a faster pace after a build up.

    Maybe better keep Pictures in the set? Always?

    Things like DOA or Twist In The Tale are real nutcrackers from the RB mould.
    Personally I think both Gillan and Morse cant keep up with the pace.
    I even doubt about Paicey.

    It is a pity that the songs with screams are too painful otherwise I d love to see RAT BAT BLUE and or Bloodsucker.

    Why not try Supertrouper? Extend it with something they did with 69.

    Apart from too often inappropriate work by SM When A Blind Man Cries is 1 of my favourites.

    When I hear the studiioversion it never fails to give me shivers : )

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