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2013 touring

Roger Glover and Steve Morse share a joke; Toronto, Feb 12 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

If the stars will align right, the world live premiere of the new Deep Purple album will happen in New Zealand, where the band kicks off 2013 touring schedule on February 24, followed by six more dates in Australia. New Zealand ticket presales start on November 7, with the sale to general public followed on November 12. Australian tickets go on sale to general public on November 12. This leg of the tour will be supported by Journey.

In related news, Italian promoter Barley Arts just announced three dates in July 2013: 21st in Vigevano, 22nd in Rome, and 24th in Udine.

Full details in our calendar.

Caveat: as of the time of this writing, none of these dates appear on either of the official sites. Proceed at your own risk.

29 Comments to “2013 touring”:

  1. 1
    BP says:

    Wonderful news… Is there likely to be a pre-sale for the Australian gigs?

  2. 2
    HardRockPete says:

    I’m really looking forward to the new album, and I hope I’ll be able to catch them during the following tour. Hope to hear A LOT of new, great Purple tunes:-)

  3. 3
    Murray Shuttleworth says:

    Looking forward to it but a pity only just 1 North Is concert in Auckland New Zealand

  4. 4
    buttockss says:

    I will try to see them as many times as i can on possibly this will be there farewell tour.

  5. 5
    Rob Prior says:

    All I can say is… “woo-hoo”!

  6. 6
    Ondok Patrik says:

    The End??UK,Hungary,Usa etc????Or dont will be more live show in 2013?:(

  7. 7
    oleg says:

    Waiting for anoher gig in Cesaria -Israel!

  8. 8
    Hartono, Toraja-Indonesia says:

    Indonesia next..

  9. 9
    tony lind says:

    juhuuuuu finally, Melbourne awaits eagerly !!!

  10. 10
    Robert says:

    Excellent….c u in Melbourne..

  11. 11
    Brad DeMoranville says:

    I know none of us is psychic. Otherwise I would know if I’ll see my DP in the U.S. again. But, barring clairvoyance, I would like to make an educated guess as to whether or not DP will ever tour the U.S. again. I’m not being dramatic, nay I’m being pragmatic. As in, if they definitely won’t be appearing back here, I start zeroing in on the best place to travel outside the U.S. to combine a DP show or shows and a nice trip overall all on something of a limited budget. What an adventure.

  12. 12
    Deep Purple Tour Page says:

    I hope DP played in 2013 new tracks from new CD.

  13. 13
    mamakiponrokin says:

    what about Indonesia ? the last show was in April 2004 in Bali, Indonesia

  14. 14
    micke says:

    @ 11. have seen dp in three different countries, except Sweden, where I live. All very enjoyable!

  15. 15
    peter chrisp says:

    Not to mention Journey on the same bill, amazing out here in Australia

  16. 16
    John Tob says:

    Wow… roll on March 2nd 2013. With the release of the new album mid Feb , Im hopeful that the set-list gets a re-vamp with a chunk of new tunes.

    Memo to Purple Management @ Recording Label(Edel?)…. give this new release a promotional blitz. It might be their last time in the recording studio.

    With Michael Chugg Entertainment promoting this tour, the PR wheels should be spinning big-time. His name is synonymous
    with Australian rock @ No 1 promoter in this country.

  17. 17
    Brian says:

    In Australia again? Fantastic!! Looking for the chance to see them again. Been too long.

  18. 18
    nzbiker says:

    NZ !!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    LRT says:

    Not that I care all that much about the oening band, but I do think it’s a smart bill no matter where tey play with them. But to leave Journey out of opening the OZ/NZ tour in this announcement is about the most absurd thig I have ever seen on this website. The reasons do seem quite obvious indeed though, unless it simply wasn’t known, which would amount to sme serious density as well. Down with this crap! Better interest for the band should be paid, rather than this chea shot. I guess a slagg fest was robably waiting? lol -trying to prevent some kind of accident on the Highway? Or just being ignorant?

  20. 20
    LRT says:

    Sorry, your blog took over my keyboard and infected it, tee hee!

  21. 21
    Ricrae says:

    Just hope DP remember( as they surely come close to the end) that they are an English band and we deserve one final proper tour (not just four huge arenas) Come on guys one more please so we can all say goodbye. You can only change the key of half the set so many times!!

  22. 22
    George Fotis says:

    Why is everybody acting like this is there last tour? Who even expected them to get this far , they have done very well. I ‘m sure they will keep on going for a while yet. Who know’s what will happen in the future ? Ian & Ritchie may settle there differences , or Glenn Hughes Or David Coverdale may return. Can’t say i’m excited about the new album though, all they do is is make a few good songs on a cd, & the rest are dud’s. Purpendicular is probabley the last best album, but even that is a bit overrated .

  23. 23
    Nick Soveiko says:

    LRT@19: this was posted at something like 3am. gimme a little break, would you?

  24. 24
    CARLOS RUBIO S. says:

    Cuando sera que regresen a México?, a ver si tengo oportunidad de verlos.

  25. 25
    Mark O'Neill says:

    It’s a shame that Melbourne does not have a real rock station that will play the new album and promote the tour. The “classic” rock station that started a few years ago started bad (played the same crap Queen, Elton, Zeppelin over and over and over), Blonde, Tom Petty, John Couger and then went down hill and is now an easy listening station.

  26. 26
    LTR says:

    Sure Nick, thanks for explaing, no offence, things are getting interesting at a fast pace so I’ll slow down, ha ha.

  27. 27
    Roberto says:

    @22 I agree…there’s nothing sure about the future and I hope for another album after the next one…We just know the past and it says ‘Purpendicular’ is just an underrated masterpiece…

  28. 28
    P Sammet says:

    Lets hit the states in 2013

  29. 29
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Weird that Journey is sharing the bill with Purple and also with Whitesnake. Journey is headlining the Whitesnake gigs. I can live with that sort of but….PLEASE don’t let that be the case with Purple. That would be just completely WRONG.


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