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Jon Lord touring status

In view of the recent news, Jon Lord’s live appearances have been cancelled for the remainder of this year. Attempts are being made (with Jon’s blessings) to salvage the situation and proceed with the shows whenever possible.

Jon Lord in Wiesbaden 2011-11-06 posterConcerto for Group and Orchestra performance in Wiesbaden on November 6 will go ahead with a local keyboard player. This is Jon’s clearly expressed wish and he and his people are still very helpful in the background to make it possible. Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska will be performing Jon’s music as originally planned.

Update (Aug 25): We have been informed that Wiesbaden performance on November 6 has been cancelled as well.

Out of the Blues Project dates, Regensrauf on November 15, Bochum on November 20 and Stuttgart on November 23 will proceed with Brian Auger taking the Hammond duties. Berlin on November 17, Hamburg on November 18, Iserhagen on November 19, Aschaffenburg on November 22 and Uden on November 25 had to be cancelled.

We would like to encourage you to attend the concerts that will proceed to show Jon your support. And if you’re hesitating about Brian Auger’s abilities, here are a couple of clips that should convince you.

7 Comments to “Jon Lord touring status”:

  1. 1
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Even though I would not be able to attend anyway, due to living in the U.S., I do believe the shows should be cancelled in wait of Jon’s ability to partake in HIS creation. Unfortunately, I fear that his request that “the show must go on” is a sign of impending doom from the Hammond King. These shows may just become tributes to our Hammond Hero. For those who may be able to go….DO SO!!!! It’s his request and though he may not be there physically, he will be there in spirit.

    I hope I’m wrong, but unfortunately my record shows the contrary….


  2. 2
    Evi Ivan says:

    I´m so very very sad to hear about Jon`s illnes. I wish him from my heart all the power and happynes to get good health.

    All the very best to you great master, God bless you……

    Evi Ivan

  3. 3
    CP says:

    Man,I haven’t heard Brian Auger in YEARS.I wish I lived close to see these gigs.If you are close and were going to see Jon,go anyway.Amazing performer.And then go to see Jon when he’s back in the saddle next year!

  4. 4
    buttocks says:

    God speed Jon ……. take care of yourself we all love you.

  5. 5
    AndreA says:

    tickets for the Blues Project has been retired here in Milano (I); the band with The Lord should have had to play in the begining of september…
    I hope to see Him very soon after..
    Wishin’Well Mr.Lord!

  6. 6
    Marcelo Soares says:

    I’ve seen mr. Auger play live this year at the Virada Cultural, the same event that brought Jon to São Paulo a couple of years ago. Mr. Auger’s was the most exciting concert I’ve seen this year. I got so amazed by his Hammond playing (okay, not to mention his cute singer daughter) that I went on to buy everything I could that he recorded.

    Excellent replacement. Was it Jon’s indication?

  7. 7
    Roberto says:

    I once saw Brian Auger and talked to him (I think it was around 2003 more or less) and he told me that he loves Jon Lord…anyway great player…I still love ‘Befour’ and ‘A better land’…

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