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Smokin’ with Jon Lord in Stuttgart

The Lord of the HammondPhoto: Jim Corrigan

It looks like the organisers of the Guitar World Record Festival in Stuttgart are taking their attempt on the Guinness Book very seriously. According to Independent.ie:

  • they have secured Jon Lord’s appearance at the event
  • planning to broadcast the festival live across Europe
  • are recruiting participants from as far as Ireland

The current record was set in early June in Kansas City and stands at 1,680 people simultaneously playing Smoke on the Water on guitars.

We wish all the participants best of luck.

21 Comments to “Smokin’ with Jon Lord in Stuttgart”:

  1. 1
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Jon Lord is a great and talented musician but what on earth is he doing with his spare time at the moment God Knows. Please Jon come out of retirement and join deep purple on tour as a guest of course we would love to see the giant man on stage after all his contribution has given DP music that extra dimension that other bands never had.

  2. 2
    Jim O'Brien says:

    I believe this is why he went into retirement in the first place. Even with these various appearances, he can do what HE wants and not what others want. He does occassionally join DP as a surprise guest, he was on Ian’s album, he is much freer to produce music he wants. I for one am a big fan of his “classical” works and wish that he would spend a little more time in the studio and produce more great music. As the credits on George Harrison’s last album (Brainwashed) said when listing who every appears due to the courtesy of, Jon’s simply said “Jon Lord appears courtersy of himself.” Enuff said.

  3. 3
    joe crowley says:

    would love to hear the Hammond again. Don’t like that Korg or Kurzweil thing Airey plays.

  4. 4
    Rodrigo Rosas Fernandes says:

    Dear Mr. Lord, please come back to where you belong.

  5. 5
    ohrlabor says:

    Dear John,The Lord!
    This is what my 30years-old girlfriend from Riga/Latvija said to me after listening to ‘Bejond The Notes’ for the first time: “Missing Jon Lord’s Music! But i didn’t kow, that i will miss it so much.It’s so strange! I’m listening, enjoying and (don’t know why) crying,too… He’s a genious!” That’s exactly, what she said! By the Way: She never heard a song of DP before…
    And Jon, my Lord, i want to thank you, too!
    Cheers from Germany… Wish you all the best.. Thank you for your music…Frank

  6. 6
    ohrlabor says:

    to joe crowley: Jon is not only using the famous B3, but a Kurzweil, too!

  7. 7
    John Bartone says:

    I love Jon Lord, but you can be rest assured he’s being paid to appear at this event…

  8. 8
    peter chrisp says:

    Like anything else in the world, after being in one of the most successful
    hard rock bands in the business, it’s time to move on. Rest assured John
    Lord has left an indelible mark on his past and there is no doubt he is proud of what he has achieved, but great to see he is continuing what
    he prefers to do without any pressure whatsoever.

  9. 9
    Jim Corrigan says:

    Don actually plays the Hammond C3 previously used by Jon on the present DP tours – has done so since he joined the band except where the band needed rented equipment due to either shipping or time constraints. He does use the Korg piano for things such as Woman From Tokyo, etc. and the Kurzweil for musical “colours” much as Jon did with his synths and ring modulator.

    There is only one show where Don didn’t use the Hammond for most of the show, and that was in Osnabruek, Germany on June 13, 2006 (how apro po) where the Hammond packed it in during the second song, due to a blown capacitor (I was at the show).


    Anyways, Don definitely uses the Hammond for the bulk of each show. There are times when he uses it in tandem with one of the others as well.
    I suggest you pick up the Montreux 2006 DVD and check out how much Don uses each keyboard.

    Remember, Don isn’t Jon, and Jon isn’t Don, but they’re both absolutely brilliant musicians in their own right and have their own styles.


  10. 10
    Josette says:

    I miss you Jon…

  11. 11
    Max says:

    Hi !

    I also love Jon Lord’s playing but now in Deep Purple it’s Don and i think it’s they made the best solution with Don on Keyb. He is Don and he’s got his playing wich is different from Jon but boes fit well in Purple and he is like Jon a maestro of the Keyboard.

    The only thing that i don’t like that much with Don : the long synthetiser solo (with star wars , ochestral sound),i think it sounds so cheap. i prefer a real Hammond solo like we were use to with Jon. The Hammond sound is the trademark of Deep Purple and this wonderfull instrument has plenty of character and sometimes Don use to much synthetiser for me.

  12. 12
    mike says:

    thankn u max i apreciate the fact that purple wanted to carry on and bring in don airey but for true purple fans,jon lord is the one and only.sure its respectable that jon left to play some music he loves but as far as the purple ship is concerned there is no other!!!!we love u jon,i dont want to sound boring but please come back and do one last album!!!!!!!!

  13. 13
    big al says:

    don is great, but that guy was right the star wars/roll out the barrel/my old mans a dustman solos suck big time. ditch it and play something off the excellent new album.

  14. 14
    fra says:


  15. 15
    John says:

    Both Jon and Don are absolutely brilliant keyboard players and I have been influenced very much by both.I am presently enjoying what both are dong – Jon’s classical work and Don’s excellent contribnution to Deep Purple.
    We (fans) must be able to respect the choices our idols decide to make. It’s true that we miss Jon Lord, but at the same time Don’s added to Deep Purple some new colour. It also makes concerts and new songs even more exciting – as you don’t really know what’s coming out (but you know it’s going to be great!). And the same goes for Jon’s solo work.
    I guess that Deep Purle is the world’s best band ‘cos they are so dynamic, unafraid to change and to seek pastures new. They must be the most excting bunch of musicians around! Keep rockin’ guys!

  16. 16
    igge says:

    Or Don could play some of the songs he’s made with Colliseum 2, Gary Moore, Ozzy, etc etc.

  17. 17
    big al says:

    Im not trying to put the boot into don cos he is the best replacement for jon but I saw him play a medly of ozzy/RAINBOW intros when he was with company of snakes and it was pretty bad. I think he just needs to losen up on his solo spot. Bought the new dvd today and its really good especially the london footage.

  18. 18
    Bo says:

    I have to say that Don is a briliant player, one of the best ever, but there is just one problem. Before him there was Jon Lord with “THE” Deep Purple sound from his Hammond. You just cant replace that sound. The same goes for Steve replacing Ritchie. Steve is the nicest person and a player in a league of his own, BUT again he cant replace THE Deep Purple guitar sound. ONLY Blackmore has that sound. It’s a question about a sound. I love DP as they are now, but I would still prefer DP MRK II. The sound, the faces, the power, the magic WAS with MrkII. Today it’s a happy group which to me is the best option possible. I just want them to play “House of Pain” on the next tour, and one day give a few “former and present DP members” concerts in the hounor to all fans around the world,

  19. 19
    Anirvan from India says:

    Sir Jon Lord….there was no, there is no, & there will never be any replacement for your gigantic position in DP….

    i’m one of your dedicated followers…although i play guitars..!!!

  20. 20
    AndreA says:

    Don is good…Lord is God…and I miss your moustaches! God Bless You!

  21. 21
    AndreA says:

    Don is good…Lord is God! I miss your Moustaches!

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