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Stuttgart vs. Kansas City

We have reported previously that Kansas City will be attempting on June 3 a take on the Guinness Book record of the most guitarists playing together.

Another ambitious attempt will be made in Stuttgart, Germany on June 23. The Gutar World Record Open Air Festival will be held at the Fair Hall grounds near the airport between 10am and midnight:

Band festival, music mile, workshops, air guitar show, guitar solo competition, surprises from 10 to 24 CET & aftershowparty for all musicians, music fans and families. The street around the festival area will become a music exhibition for bands, musicians, recording studios, record companies, agencies, music schools? There will be free workshops on www.gitarrenweltrekord.de and on the event.

  • The song to be played for the World Record attempt is Smoke on the Water
  • Current standing record is 1322 guitarists.
  • A selection of V.I.P. guitarists and the winners of the solo competition will play the original guitar solo in unison.
  • The first 1500 guitarists will play on a Marshall MS-2 battery amp and receive it as a present
  • The event will be conducted by the famous conductor Gotthilf Fischer
  • Entrance to the festival is free

Thanks to SiriusB42 for the info.

4 Comments to “Stuttgart vs. Kansas City”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    The only reason they’re doing it is because we are. Gauche.

  2. 2
    Helge says:

    I will be in Stuttgart and play. And we will sure beat KC!
    The only thing that really scares me is Gotthilf Fischer conducting. Does he know what he is doing? He is the founder and conductor of a famous choir singing German folk music. The man is 79! But in 2000 he was seen at the love parade in Berlin, full of excstasy. So give him a free beer or wine and he will do anything… And I am sure he will ruin the show!

  3. 3
    CANEMAN says:

    This is Bad A$$….. Who’s the Guitar God Now?

  4. 4
    Andreas says:


    I just found out, that we have been recognized to try a new world record with “Smoke On The Water” on 23rd June 2007 in Germany near the airport Stuttgart. I heard from Kansas last week and first have to say: Congratulations! I was surprised, they did the same song. So it must the correct song:-) Thanks to Deep Purple for delivering us the possibility to have so much fun.

    We surely like to break the record of Kansas but it’s much more important for us to find new talents and give cool music to people. Come over and enjoy it and don’t be shy of Gotthilf Fischer. He’s a absolute cool guy and quite a big rocker now.

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