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Concerto in Wiesbaden

Friedrich von Thiersch Saal, Kurhaus, Wiesbaden; Photo: Brühl @ wikimedia, public domain

As we hear from reliable sources, long time THS contributor Axel D. has managed to make his dream come true. He talked Jon Lord into performing Concerto at his hometown of Wiesbaden, Germany. The papers have been signed and the show will take place on November 6th, 2011. They chose the beautiful historic Kurhaus of Wiesbaden, a world-wide known landmark which delivers the appropriate class and atmosphere for this outstanding piece of music.

Jon Lord in Wiesbaden 2011-11-06 posterSince Jon’s scheduled German shows in May had to be canceled, and the remainder of the year he is performing with his Blues Project, this seems to be the only opportunity to hear Concerto performed live in the foreseeable future. The Friedrich von Thiersch Saal in Kurhaus is of rather intimate capacity of approximately 1,200, with many seats reserved for seasonal pass holders. So if you’re in the neighbourhood in November, we suggest you better hurry in to grab yours. Tickets will go on sale next week at eventim.de.

9 Comments to “Concerto in Wiesbaden”:

  1. 1
    Eddie6string says:


    This has to be the most predictable posting this side of the Big Bang, but……. “Jon – You’d love performing here in Devon UK – we have such cool intimate Festvals that would suit your Blues band – We even know how to clap in the right positions!!!!!”

    Worth a try?

  2. 2
    butttocks says:

    Happy to here this. It should be a wonderful show. To bad i wont be able tomake the show, i live to far away and am currently unemployed . Hopefully it will come out on Blue ray.

  3. 3
    HZ says:

    Congratulations, Axel!

  4. 4
    @xel says:

    What’s wrong with you, Eddie String?
    And what’s you’re message here?
    A concert has been announced, nothing more, nothing less.
    Maybe you find a good counselor and get yourself fixed.

  5. 5
    @xel says:

    it looks like I misinterpreted your mail and I apologize for my rude answer.
    I got your “predictable” part wrong because the concert was NOT predictable, neither was THS’s article.
    In case you’re asking if it’s worth a try to get Jon to your town:
    plan it, find yourself a promoter who’s backing up the event financially, find an orchestra and a band, and then ask Jon if he’s ready to play in Devon.
    You must offer him a concept that’s well though through and which he can accept.
    By the end of the day, he’s an artist looking for gigs and if you can offer him a good one, he will think about it.

  6. 6
    Eddie6string says:


    We’re cool mate!

    I often misunderstand myself resulting in long periods of silence without a word spoken pending an apology that never comes, until I gaze into the mirror & feel so sorry for someone carrying my face around on public display – that I just have to talk to myself once again!

    I’ll defer the arranging of performance ‘Package’ to the organisers of a couple of Blues festivals here in Devon – I’ve gigged a few of these myself over the years & some offer a well rounded experience for the performer that doesn’t always depend on the domination of ‘Pound, Shillings & Pence’ to sway participants.

    You know, I’d like to meet Jon for a second time & sit within 12 feet of his fingers as they caress that Hammond into a tasteful frenzy – that or a Jam (I’m starting to Drool now). Mouth watering stuff!

  7. 7
    Doug says:

    Hmm… calendar = free, flight to Frankfurt = affordable, Axel owes me beer*

    Maybe I feel a trip coming on…

    *This is not strictly true – I owe him!

  8. 8
    @xel says:


    You’re very welcome! So is your whole family. Haven’t seen you in a while.

  9. 9
    The Holy Chair says:

    It s again too far for me to travel.

    If he would let Ritchie play with him I d drag myself without legs or in serious pain to the Concerto : )

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