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One Eye To Morocco radio premiere

Ian Gillan. Photo © 2005 Nick Soveiko.

Italian Capital Radio has posted online the Whatever show from January 26 that guested Gillan with what appears to be the world radio premiere of One Eye To Morocco. The show is 53 minutes long, with the interview itself starting about 14 minutes into the stream, and is quite interesting. Big Ian explains title of the album ( actually, the other eye is to Caucasus 😉 ). Watching the World Cup in a beach cafe in Rimini, the late Luciano Pavarotti, Gillan’s Butterfly Ball appearance, recording of the album in Toronto, and many other things — it’s all there. Five tracks from the new album were played: One Eye To Morocco, No Lotion For That, The Sky Is Falling Down, It Would Be Nice, and Always The Traveller — so you have a chance to preview that as well.

If you can’t wait until he appears in your local radio, listen here or if it doesn’t work for you, try the WinMedia stream directly.

Thanks to Larry (a.k.a. Crimson Ghost) for the info.

107 Comments to “One Eye To Morocco radio premiere”:

  1. 1
    George says:

    Absolutely Fantastic!!!

    I’ve listened to the whole interview and some songs from the new album. the album seems to be another masterpiece by Ian Gillan, and reminds me some ballads from Naked Thunder.

    Thios is NOT a rock album, and Gillan doesn’t sound like rock singer. he sings fantastically, with low, sweet voice.

    The title track is just fantastic, with arrangement by flute.

    Sadly, he’s not going to have a supporting tour for the album.

    and the greatest surprise for me, Ian Gillan said that his ALL TIME FAVOURITE DEEP PURPLE ALBUM is….. is….. is…..

    Bananas… actually… 🙂

    I was surprised NOT because I don’t like this album, but because, It’s MY ALLTIME FAVOURITE DEEP PURPLE ALBUM as well 😀
    Yes, really…

  2. 2
    Ger in Assen says:

    Heard the interview and the songs too :


    Thank you Ian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers and bottoms up.

  3. 3
    kraatzy says:

    Hey guys,

    very nice stuff …. superb …. One Eye to Marocco begins at 18.08min … enjoy it !!!!!!!

    Well done Mr.Gillan


  4. 4
    Rajaseudun Rambo says:

    Heard the four new songs. Interesting stuff. Great arrangements with a variety of horns and a small string section. One track had a beautiful fluegelhorn solo, if I recognised it right. One track had nice melody with beautiful (and unconventional) chord changes. I’m more than eager to get my hands on the whole bunch.

    Thank You For The Music, Sir!

  5. 5
    Jaro says:

    Hi Purple Fans
    Do you know something about vinyl edition?

  6. 6
    George says:


    Ian Gillan has just stated that the Limited VINYL EDITION of ‘One Eye To Morocco’ will be released, as well :0
    so, be happy, you can buy vinyl edition of his upcoming fantastic album! 🙂

  7. 7
    Roberto says:

    -The title track one eye to marocco
    is very Michael Rakintzis and Rapture of the deep (the song) style…I like it…
    -no lotion for that
    is a standard Gillan’s rock song (nice but not great).I like the horns and solos…It remember me the rock’n’roll songs of “Accidentally on purpose”(‘via miami’ and ‘I can’t stand to that’)…
    -the sky is falling down is a melodramatic song with interesting vocal melody and good guitars…
    -it would be nice is ballad with deep voice by Ian and remember me ‘love on borrowed times’ from ‘Naked Thunder’…A little bit too ‘commercial’ for my taste…
    -always the traveller is a nice night/soft ballad with great horn solos and something from the ’50…

    the production remember me more the Gillan’s Inn album…

    For what I heard I expected something more oriental and particulary more ‘original’ because I found it too much standard pop rock music (even if I think it’s good)…

    Gillan said his best album is ‘bananas’ because it has had so-so critical review and sold lass than others Purple album…In fact as He once admitted, If you ask him what is his favourite solo album he will reply ‘Accidentally…’ for the same reason…

  8. 8
    Crimson Ghost says:

    People obviously don’t read previous blogs here before they make announcements. Whatever

    It sounds nice, but I think this is nothing better than hearing samples… wait til it’s on your stereo, might be better, hopefully so.

    Something wrong with Bananas? it blows doors off Rapture if you ask me, the tour was more consistent as well imo, sans the first European leg of ROTD, which showed a lot of promise but went on to sheer monotonism.

  9. 9
    marcinn says:

    Samples or not, I already adore this stuff. It’s really great music and it’s light years ahead of any kind of Pop music I’m familiar with. I agree with Crimson. When I crank it up on my equipment I will be in heaven. It’s good to hear him so relaxed, taking a break from rock routine. It was very funny, and embarassing to the Italian journalist, he had no idea what Bananas is. And what a good album that one is…

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    Yes, the Italian journalist has been crap…
    but It’s good to know that Gillan saw winning Italian football team in Italy

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Very doubtful talking between 2 men.

    I very much doubt that BANANAS, although indeed I prefer this way above something like ROTD or ABANDON, is his true favourite DP album

    Gillan, the liar, its becoming very familiar after all these years.
    From 1 50 to 2 20 because of the improvisation?!
    This line up NEVER does that, neither did the ones since 1984
    Exceptions were Enya in 1993 and Space truckin in 1987.
    More? Tell me….
    They MOSTLY stem from Lord and RB.

    If this Morse era line up adds a little by Stevies wanking it does sound all the same or borrows riffs from AC DC and so on…..

    RJ Dio the singer of DP, yeah right!

    I truly wonder why Latino fans can be very passionate about a band with English lyrics but at the same time suck at improving on that language!!!

    Uptill now I m not impressed by the samples, hopefully I ll change my mind?

    Then again, I never regret that I did not return to Morocco for the 2nd time, enough of those chappies around my block anyway.

    Maybe Ian and I can ride on a skewbald mare or whatever he was singing about on Future Shock, through the desert in North Africa
    Lots of continents I do not get attracted by but nature and so on is something else!

    Or maybe Ian and I can try to make the desert into a forest?
    I m gonna collect seeds tomorrow…..

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:


    My favourite album is Who Do We Think We Are

    Kidding, but is surely ONE of them

    BS that they almost never revisit classics from that one because they were not feeling so well at the time.

    HIS place in line IS WAY OVERDUE.

  13. 13
    George says:


    what d’you mean “Gillan is lier” ????

    for the current time Bananas maybe is really his favourite album.
    Once in interview, Gillan was asked to name his favourite DP song, and he said: “Loosen My Strings”. And explained, that he heasn’t particular favourites, and from time to time changes his attitude to the DP staff. “Loosen My String is my favourite Dp song, but if you ask me the question after a month, maybe I’ll name another song, I don’t know, it happens naturally” – this is what IG answered to the surprised journalist/…

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I said LIAR

  15. 15
    joe says:

    That sounds reeeaaally good 🙂 I’ll have one eye to this album, at the releasing date…

  16. 16
    rik says:

    interesting he is promoting an album that isn’t listed on either play.com or amazon yet or even his own website.

    unless i have missed something?

    the tracks have a laid back feel which is a nice change from purple. i imagine he feels less pressure doing his own albums.

  17. 17
    George says:


    Ok, I understand what you said, I wrote just one letter by mistake…
    So, what you mean in LIAR? why d’you think that this man is LIAR?

  18. 18
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Wow Priest, you really are in need of some fruit.

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I was already told by someone from England to take a citron and brandy before sleep


    I wrote about that several times and everyone not having their eyes and ears shut know what I mean anyway.

    Too ill, the flue, to find energy to go into it again.

  20. 20
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Call it lying, it’s all hype, don’t let it’s fire burn you.

    Plenty of liquids Priest, lots of rest, but of course…

  21. 21
    stoffer says:

    Just heard it and it sounds awesome!! can’t wait to hear the whole thing

  22. 22
    Ryan says:

    He is lying. Gillan can’t even name probably half the songs off Bananas if you asked him right now, hell, on the Gillan’s Inn tour he thought Wasted Sunsets was off of Fireball. The question obviously implies “which album most often do you think back and say “that was the best piece of work I’ve ever done”. How the hell can you for 35 years say “Fireball” and then just randomly plug “Bananas”? Makes no sense, along with his claims that TBRO tour was a complete musical and financial failure, that Blackmore was the springboard for the current lineup to jump off of, that the band’s shows are ever over two hours(I saw them in Ottawa in 2005 and the show was an hour and 20 minutes). They don’t improvise anymore, the biggest load I’ve ever heard. He’s either extremely delusional, selective of what he remembers, or concerned with defending the reputation of the current band because they pale in comparison to what came before. What other excuse is there? He just happens to forget anything that would make the current lineup look bad? I don’t think so.

  23. 23
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Right then, so what, are you going to be okay?

    Biggest load you’ve ever heard huh, that BIG load must be pretty small, you were what, two years old or something in 1993?
    Your opinion is quite strong and belligerent for that status.

    It won’t work, but have fun trying.

  24. 24
    marcinn says:

    I think most of you here are mislead. Don’t you have this feeling that one day you feel more like enjoying Bananas and the other Machine Head? It’s perfectly human and normal if you ask me. And he said so because of the obvoius ingorance of the Italian journalist. Unfortunatelly most of them are like that, they do not even do a proper research before airing an interview. Of course it makes no logical sense, but try to approach Gillan from a wider perspective. Do not take him always literary.

    They do improvise still. However, the nature of improvisation has changed. We are no longer living in the seventies, and they are a part of huge business. They have to comply. I have seen them three times during the ROTD tour in 2006, each and every show was different, based largely on improvisation. Changing bits and pieces here and there. Of course they did not play the 20 minute version of Space Truckin’ but 16 minute version of Speed King was great. It assured me this line-up is exceptional, and that the improvisation is still there.

  25. 25
    AndreA says:

    I just love these songs and these music!

    cheers friends!
    cheers Gillan!

  26. 26
    AndreA says:

    Gillan spoke about BANANAS,
    nobody cares about THE HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHT (that it could be not the best but surerly is a good album)..

    strange thing…

    life is full of mistery…

  27. 27
    Roberto says:

    Gillan said his best album is ‘bananas’ because it has had so-so critical review and sold lass than others Purple album…In fact as He once admitted, If you ask him what is his favourite solo album he will reply ‘Accidentally…’ for the same reason…

  28. 28
    Bo says:

    I agree with Gillan about Bananas. Has been my car stereo for the last month or so. Every day – and loud – I listen to “House of Pain” – greatest rock track since the Blackmore days and for sure a top 10 track since the very first DP song. A true DP thing – more of that ALSO live!!!!

  29. 29
    rosemary says:

    Thanks for the info, really appreciated. Can anyone recommend an application to capture the wma stream?

  30. 30
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview as of yet, by am compelled to respond to some of the comments….

    Priest: I get it that you are under the weather right now. Maybe you are taking too many cold medicines…

    LIAR? What the hell do you know about what someone feels at the time they are being questioned?

    No Improv? You have to be kidding!!!! I try and go see them as many times as I can when they tour within 500 miles of where I live. I have seen and average of 3 gigs per tour. Each one is different with a variety of different ways each song is played. Not only do I go to the shows, but I download, buy and listen to many of their live recordings. You are WRONG. They change it up quite a bit.

    I would love to hear ‘Steve’s Wanking’ any Purple tune from the past. That way it would sound different from the way it did originally.

    #24 marcinn: hit it on the head. I actually word for word repeated what I have stated many times…..You are Spot On marcinn..

    Priest, here is a remedy for your diarrhea of the finger that types your Morse/Gillan negativeness……

    STICK IT IN YOUR ‘3rd EYE’. I think you know where I mean. Leave it there for a couple of days until you are about to explode. Then pull out the finger. Observe what blows out. That is a perfect comparison to what spews out of your typing finger…..

    Now, once you have done this, take an enema and clean your inner soul. You’ll feel much better in the morning….


  31. 31
    Crimson Ghost says:


    I’m quite looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, it’s smooth so far to say the least, interesting spicy backing tracks with clean relaxed vocals.

  32. 32
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m very much for cathartic , or whats the word, experiences but personally I prefer the advice with the brandy
    And being serious about BANANAS the one day, MACHINEHEAD the other seems more close to a diarrhea trigger than what I write.

    Goodnight boys

  33. 33
    Forddriving PURPLE fan says:

    I´d like to ask purplepriest1965 :

    Why are you always so incredible f***ing negative ?

    I think Zero the Hero could be right about the healing advise for you, but when you move your finger from, as she calls it; your 3rd eye – and gets your pressurerelief – you could put it in your throat, that might just complete the cleaning !

    If you are so unhappy with the purple stuff, why do you listen to it then ? Isn´t that a waste of time ?

    Have a nice day.

  34. 34
    Rascal says:

    Diarrhea trigger!! Now that sounds dangerous!

  35. 35
    Crimson Ghost says:

    At least you didn’t ask what the hell that means.

  36. 36
    Rascal says:

    Some things you just dont ask!!

    Dont squeeze that trigger!!

  37. 37
    Ger in Assen says:

    #29 rosemary
    I just used “Orbit downloader” to get the stream > http://www.orbitdownloader.com/

    Use the stream : mms://mediaserver.kataweb.it/elemedia/capital/programmi/whatever/2009/whatever-2009-01-26.wma

    It will be saved as a “.wax”-file

    Cheers !

  38. 38
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ f D purplefan

    If you would have read all my comments and balance ….and perhaps you just have to know me, feel me……understand me……

    I m not negative all the time
    Part of that is true
    Part of it is perception
    Part might have something to do with not sharing your opinion or taste?

    Tracy is a man, dont forget that. Or…..


  39. 39
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Tracy and certain others

    What is this with ongoing ANAL FIXATION?!

    I ve got the impression it has become very fashionable
    But it never got to me
    I m straight and like to stay a bit healthy, espescially in that area
    But I m never shouting again and again I have a problem with gays, but you do…..
    Why then always that anal joke?

    Stay clean and healthy

    Flush your brain instead of your arse!

  40. 40
    AndreA says:


    what a decadence..

  41. 41
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    The relationship one has with his sphincter and his finger is all relative….as with relative humidity….which is the sweat dripping off one’s balls while banging his sister….or whatever..

    Priest: for a man ‘I presume’ whom is straight as you say, and not a homophobe, where did the Gay reference come from? Point being made for you in #30 was all in relation to this blog’s subject and your usual diversion back to your constant drivel. “Morse the Wanker and without Blackmore nothing is good”……
    The ‘3rd Eye; came up regarding ‘One Eye on Morocco’, out of my typical ‘Pretzel Logic and sarcasm’. The finger in your third eye was kind of like the lyrics to ‘Srangeways’ from House of Blue Light. “The alien has landed with his FINGER in his ear, can’t hear what I’m sayin’, but maybe that ain’t such a bad idea…..”

    Basically, when one is full of shit, either take an enema and relieve the bowel of the pressure and get over it, or ignore it and continue spewing little drivels of the same old shit over and over again….which seems to be the direction you wish to remain in. You seem to prefer leaving the finger in and allowing the Old Shit to define you.


  42. 42
    rosemary says:

    @ Ger in Assen

    thanks for the info, I’ll check this one out. Cheers!

  43. 43
    james jay says:

    #33 I agree–I thought this sight is for DP fans. Yes-you can be disappointed every now and then. At least we have a band to follow that does more than pick their @ss and go through the motions collecting bogus awards on the tele every five minutes aka stones-zep-a-smith etc…..

  44. 44
    Ger in Assen says:

    Is there a moderator of the THS checking how comments develop between people who put comments over here ?

    Just curious ……..

  45. 45
    Ger in Assen says:

    # 44 Ger in Assen

    Why do I ask ?
    Because my general feeling about how many “comments on comments” develop over here (I mean in all posts) have imho nothing to do with what THS is or should be about :
    about good, honest rockmusic and especially about DP and related music. Many comments develop in a way of getting a personal issue about crap as ‘asses’, ‘lying rockstars’, ‘wine’, ‘fruit’ and so on and so on. My general feeling is that THS ‘comment-service’ is becoming a ‘cheap, lowlevel chatroom of frustrated persons’ who don’t realise what ROCKmusic is about : enjoying the music you love and give it a place in your heart and your soul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers and bottoms up, from a huge DP/Gillan fan !

  46. 46
    Ger in Assen says:

    And a question to Crimson Ghost :

    As far as I know you’re an DP-‘insider’.
    Can you give ma any advice how I can achieve ‘meeting Ian Gillan, anywhere, anyhow’. I’m trying now since the beginning of 2006. Once I was close, with my brother-in-law, in June 2006, at the ‘arrowrockfestival in Holland’, we had a backstage-pass, but dp left immediately after the show, a disappointment !
    Thanks anyway if you read this comment Crimson.

  47. 47
    AndreA says:

    Ger in Assen,

    wht you say is not wrong…but..

    we all startd here for changing opinions about DP and music,but after long time I find “normal” if people get some kind of relations here,so it happens we could speak
    about a lot of matters…

    it happens..it is the same to stay into a friendship..imho..

    but you are not wrong..


  48. 48
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Ger in Assen:

    Is that what you do? You suddenly appear on a blog and begin to question everything and try to convey your ‘Rule’ into an ongoing site that existed before you?

    Welcome aboard…..next you will be telling everyone that Blackmore is GOD and Morse Sucks….


  49. 49
    Roberto says:


    do you ever think you could be irritating?

  50. 50
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Ok, guys – stick to the topic and please refrain from name calling and personal attacks. I’ve always been amazed at how people who are fans of the same band can be so hostile against each other…

  51. 51
    Ger in Assen says:

    #47 AndreA : I know these things just happen. Mostly it doesn’t bother me. But sometimes, being a human being, the irritation reaches a higher level, that’s why I put that comment. But I still enjoy reading the THS-posts !
    ciao and cheers
    #48 Tracy Hero : 1. I don’t ‘suddenly’ appear, I’m a daily visitor of THS, but I don’t give as many responses as other people over here. 2. I won’t convey ‘my rules or whatever’. I just expressed my feelings, nobody has to pay attention to it. As well as I shouldn’t bother about other comments, but as I said : I’m human. 3. Thanks for the welcome, but as said, I’m here already for a long time now. 4. I didn’t mention Morse or Blackmore, but I’ll respond to that : first > nobody is god and nobody sucks. And second > for me it is the other way around : I prefer Morse above Blackmore, for musical reasons and especially because of things as ‘personality, character, attitude and so on’.
    #49 Roberto : I could also say Tracy Hero is irritating, but from now on I’m trying to be less irritated 😉 🙂
    #50 Svante Axbacke : thanks for the comment.

    For EVERYone over here : best regards, have a nice rocking time here, cheers and bottoms up !

  52. 52
    Ger in Assen says:

    And now to the topic :
    Even if ‘one eye to morocco’ isn’t rock or heavy rock (as Gillan says so himself), what I heard of it in the stream feels very good to me. I’m looking forward to the complete album. Gillan is still a great musician, singer, frontman and gentle person.
    Cheers, have fun today.

  53. 53
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Were they being serious? If so, I didn’t catch it… but Svante, this is nothing new, the blogs are lined with it, where ya been?
    It’s the same old hat… someone tries to knock the current line up and it’s supporters here, and they don’t appreciate it, so naturally they stand up for theirselves, especially when approached that way by kids who weren’t even born before 1984, it’s pretty silly at that point. Then it leads to all kinds of questionable banter.
    (please, nobody with the mkII gets no respect defense, it’s all in your minds, or you would be able to prove it with quotes from those who disrespect them… it’s ridiculous, respect for one line up does not constitute disrespect for the other, flat out criticism doesn’t work that way)

    Svante, @22 would be a smart watch for future infection, trust me, you don’t want that lost little boy on a rampage.


  54. 54
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Ger in Assen,

    As per your request concerning Ian Gillan.

    Send an email to purplexed@msn.com and I’ll direct you to the nearest outlet for possible opportunities. It takes some self effort, but it helps to be steered down the right road.

  55. 55
    Ger in Assen says:

    # 53 and 54 Crimson Ghost :
    # 53 A very useful comment, with a lot of stuff to think about. Luckely I was born in 1957, and I grew up with DP (first vinyl I bought was ‘In Rock’). There’s happened a lot in the DP-history, but I can tell for sure : they rocked as a rock from the very first beginning, and they still do nowadays. And I respect EVERY line-up from mk1 till mk8 !
    # 54 I really thaaaaaaannnnkkk you for responding to my question. I’m really thankfull for and happy with the help you offer me !!
    Cheers and bottoms up, best regards to you.

  56. 56
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Woh Woh Woh here…..

    Ger in Assen: I only responded to your #46 remarks due to your complaint. You opened that can of worms. Sorry if I didn’t recognize you as a regular, but as you responded with above, you rarely make entries and I for one don’t remember any at all. That being said, as to whether you and ‘Roberta’ might find me ‘irritating’, I can return that statement by many of the constant drivels that ‘Roberta’ spews and obviously I was irritated by your little whining about they way some of us correspond with each other. So, I stand by my response (#48) to your whiny complaint (#44 and 45), and so be it.

    Now aside from that, I have no gripe with you or anyone else who types some of the ‘irritating’ stuff that is all over this site. I just respond to whatever point that is expressed when I have been inspired to do so…..Isn’t that what discussion is for? We all express ourselves differently, and focusing on the Purple Issues is and should be the main objective, but some of the points that are conveyed rub some folks differently than others and then there is a variety of angles injected into the conversation……

    So it is and so it shall be…..


  57. 57
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Just went over some youtubes because I ALWAYS like to re evaluate things

    Did look up several things with SM, starting with the duet with Rick Emmet which I could appreciate. I like TRIUMPH as well, so,,,,,

    After that crossed several tunes and so on…..

    Yep, I m still bored

    Going to cut my toenails now


  58. 58
    Ger in Assen says:

    #56 : So it is and so it shall be ….
    For myself I closed this subject, everyone now has given their comments, there are different opinions, is ok to me. Cheers, enjoy the weekend.

  59. 59
    Roberto says:

    how much are old you?
    I think no more than 14 years old…I called boys with a famele name when I was more or less 10 or 12 years old…

  60. 60
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m done

    Nothing new?

  61. 61
    Ger,Assen,Netherlands,age51,male says:

    Trying again

    Perhaps a funny idea : if everyone adds, besides the name, his or her age, a lot of comments might be better judged,

    understood and seen in perspective 🙂
    Cheers to all.

  62. 62
    purplepriest1965 says:

    You are 51




  63. 63
    Ger in Assen says:

    # 62 purplepriest :

    1965 > you’re not a young boy/girl anymore 🙂 😉
    1965 > je bent ook geen jong blaadje meer 🙂 😉


  64. 64
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Thats why I know and said that


  65. 65
    garlan says:

    Fantastico. Ian Gillan is the best

  66. 66
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Roberta:……I can’t even begin to respond to that. There is much that you miss due to the language barrier. It’s OK. But your loss due to missing half of the point most of the time….

    Ger,Assen,Netherlands,age51,male:…….For someone who states that he maybe doesn’t make many entries, but has been here a long time reading, you sure have not paid much attention. Most of us here have stated Age, Sex, and Origin. Even Priest has come out of the closet for us all to see…..he he he….

    Where have you been, in a cave?……


  67. 67
    George says:


    The man, Ian Gillan released new brilliant album, we should be happy,
    and you are complaining and posting some fucking terrible posts here.
    Let’s just be happy from the beautifull music this band (and members) make…

    STOP AMUSING POSTS AND STOP Purplepriest/Purplefucker 69!

  68. 68
    HardRockPete says:

    Nice to hear Gillan do something different than Purpleish hard rock. Sounds quite good and different, so I guess I’ll check it out.

    About Gillan. Yes, sometimes he is, IMO, full of shite comments about Blackmore, the Battle tour etc., but like the rest of us he is entitled to his own opinions and he’s got every right to say whatever he wants no matter how much we may disagree with him.

    And lets get one thing clear. I know for a fact that he visits this site and the Deep purple Fan Forum on occations to see whats going on. Gillan says a lot of weird stuff just to get us going since he thinks that some “fans” take themselves and the Blackmore era to serious. He wants people to move forward, but some refuse to do so. Anyway, there’s always a reason for his comments.

    It’s easy y’know. If you don’t like Gillan or Purple anymore, just don’t listen.

  69. 69
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m NOT happy

    I have One eye to Morocco in my head after listening a few times to it, could nt stop it only after reintroducing Mister Universe, Gut Reaction and other gems into my ears.

    I have NOT heard all tracks of this album but to me it sounds pointless what I heard up till now

    Well, maybe the other tracks have something going for me

    Who is Purplefucker69?
    This I miss someone out here?

    Must be the flue maybe.

    69 is one of my favourite positions though.
    It does not strain my back too much ,,,,
    So much for coming out of the closet, hehehe

    Hey Georgia

    Is it cold up there?

    Or are you a singer in aaaaa baaand?!

  70. 70
    Roberto says:

    The point is that you call me with a female name which I found immature and makes me laugh…that’s all…

  71. 71
    stoffer says:

    Alas…someone with a little sense, well said HardRockPete, although I do read and laugh at most of the post and the regular contributors….So I guess, well ..I dunno.Its all Good!!

  72. 72
    Annemie says:

    My first impression of the samples was :
    Only ‘very average…’!

    I was not captivated by anything special moving or cathing my attention or emotions…

    Also the lyrics ,which are to me almost always very remarkable and special from Ian, are not bad, but not so original and rather recognizable .

    I wonder if I change my opinion on a next Morocco meeting…

    Anyhow…forever cheers to Ian… 🙂

  73. 73
    AndreA says:

    Hey Annemie,
    welcome back!

    how long time..


  74. 74
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Nice to see an old familiar face, and with an actual great post.
    People, HRP is right, every last word of it.
    (some know a little bit about how Ian works)

    So you aren’t happy Priest… how many ways can you put that?
    Not very many, but you sure do try.
    Same old empty non substantial whining.
    So put those other tracks and and get on with your life, I’d rather you didn’t mention anything old in the same post as something new, it really doesn’t have any positive effect, it just goes to show what decade you aren’t living in.

    Stop comparing such differences, it’s like pointing out something to somebody that they’re already looking at. It’s redundant.

    Keep whining, maybe some day Ian will make a Rob Halford tribute album, lol, instead of something extraordinary and ORIGINAL.(albiet with un-structured safari music we aren’t exactly excited about, lol!)
    Your problem is obvious, you only want to rock and expect the wheel to be reinvented every time a Purple alumni cuts something new since InRock, when the wheel was actually invented. Miracles aren’t conceived, they’re spontaneous. Remember that, it means tons concerning such undertakings… moving on is always personally more productive, they don’t do it for us, they please their selves first and foremost… if we like it they get an added tickle and a few more bucks for their sweat… something wrong with that, or am I telling you something you didn’t already know?

    Get over your unhappiness asap, they won’t make it go away, you have to find happiness in something else and take comfort in your oldies. Blame it on your own ear beams. You chose to like them in the past, they didn’t make you, same goes for the future and your dislike… it’s all your choice, nobody is forcing you. You can always give up too, but then it would be dull around here?

  75. 75
    purplepriest1965 says:


    You are doing a lot of effort to write about me

    I think I know why you changed your tone again but its ok with me

    You think you have me figured out but you dont

    And if you would have read me better before you would know I m NOT only into rockmusic and really look forward to hear something out of the formula by Deep Purple musicians any time

    But that does not have to mean I have to like it as well.
    I like Elements, Butterfly Ball, DCs first solo albums, Glenns Funk, Cherkazoo, Jesus Christ Superstar, Paice Ashton and Lord, Several Jon Lord solo albums I love to death, etc

    Apart from heavy rock I like all kinds of music incl Motown, Blues,Classical stuff like JS Bach, Chopin and Liszt….. whatever….

    But I do not and cannot like everything.

    And the samples I heard up till now from IG s new soloalbum just dont appeal to me
    I never said they are bad songs or something like that
    I was kinda looking forward to it because I think HE still has the chops to deliver.
    Right now I think theyre dissappointing, dull, and so on.
    Not really extraordinairy and or original at all!!!

    @ hardrockpete

    You also seem to think THEY like to arouse US a bit by making stupid comments about this and that.

    Its the same I said somewhere else.

    Well, I dont think they really care

    Yeah, I know it can become a bit tiresome, being serious about something and at the same time realising you might be followings someones tracks of shite

  76. 76
    Annemie says:

    Hi AndreA 🙂
    Out of the eye, but not out of the heart they say in my country …
    Cheers with stout and camomille tea 😉

  77. 77
    George says:


    No, Purplefucker69 is you… It’s just pun: Purplepriest – Purplefucker

    There’re no other Purple fans like you,
    being a fan of the band, being on the band’s fan site and fucking the band (and our brains, as well) is quite impossible… but you try to manage it 😉

  78. 78
    Crimson Ghost says:

    purplepriest1965 says:

    the points that stand out the most


    1. You are doing a lot of effort to write about me

    2. I think I know why you changed your tone again but its ok with me

    3. You think you have me figured out but you don’t

    4. But I do not and cannot like everything.


    1. Barely lift me fingers, but you keep telling more and more, so it’s no mystery by now anyway, keep the clues coming though, Watson. Funny how you claim that of me and then continue to go on about yourself, clue after clue, who needs to write much at all? You just caught me while I had a moment.

    2. Why is that? Didn’t know I did that. Seriously, I’m dying to know… spare me some thought on this one please. No, my team didn’t win the Super Bowl, but myself and millions won $$$$ on the point spread, I’m content today, so it couldn’t be that.

    3. Far from it… I’m not interested in this, call it mere assumption from your general posting attitude and syntax.
    Don’t let it bother you if you don’t think you’re bothering at all yourself, now… if you understand what I’m saying.

    4. Nobody asked you to like anything, it’s just irritating to read so much about what someone doesn’t like, so you do expect some feedback, obviously, hold your mud there pal. If you don’t like something I’m sorry about your luck, don’t listen to it then… but mentioning it rather than carrying on about what you do like and spreading good vibes about it once in a while would be a breath of fresh air. The doom and gloom routine is nothing new, and nothing convincing, it’s just an image platform, your gimmick. Problem is it’s just negative in a sea of positivity, so how do you expect not to be answered to with any criticism? You’re acting like crap smells pretty or something, and that’s the pot_kettle_black. Be for real…

  79. 79
    Rascal says:

    I love a good opinion………………..

    “My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.”

    Difference between good and bad…….they are just an ‘opinion’ apart………

  80. 80
    GerAssenNetherlandsAge51Male says:

    #66 Tracy Zero : “Where have you been, in a cave ? …..
    Nope, most of the time here in the Netherlands and now
    and then on a holiday to Spain, Turkey, Kos, France,
    Tenerife, Belgium, Luxembourg and other.
    But no, never been in a cave 🙂
    #67 George : nice comment (positivism=better for health)
    #68 HardRockPete : agree with you (and I’m not surpri-
    sed Gillan visits for instance THS and forums > he
    wants to stay close to the fans)

    And, in general :
    I’m trying to stay positive in life, although there
    is a lot happening in a life that can bring you in
    a sad or bad mood.
    Positive vibes are indeed important, I’ve seen DP 5
    times since February 2006 and and each time Gillan
    made me more convinced about the great value of
    positive attitude and good vibes. So, Ian, keep on
    doing what you do, keep on rocking, stay down-to-
    earth and enjoy life.
    Best regards en cheerzzz.

  81. 81
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Twisting and turning is a real craft, CG.

    By extrapolating about something in regards to my taste in music I just responded to your suggestion I m a fan with a limited perspective.
    It seemed valid and , once again, necessesary to go into that. Again.

    On the other hand, I was kinda annoyed that people tend to use personal outings from my part as something to slag me off later. Trying to make me feel or look ridicilous.

    It s true that it can be too much now and then, but to ridiculise it is not cool.Kinda low.
    I do not see personal outings about sadness etc as a weakness but I know lots of others think otherwise.

    Again,its not always negative stuff from me . See for instance the comments on the DON AIREY gig.
    Although I must admit I might did hurt certain people feelings again by stirring up again the Morse vs RB debate.
    It seemed justified.

    Is it really that terrible to admit I suffer from depressions and things like that but that that gig made me smile again?
    Forgot to say that to Don, I m sure HE would appreciate that compliment.

    BTW, its not that I m negative because I still cant stand SM s playing, it stems out of love for the TRUE sound of this once great band.
    I have tons of passion in a positive way .
    The repeating requests to refrain from posting comments on THS the moment you NOT endorse this line up I find unjustified.
    Deep Purple has been my band since 1977
    I would NOT give a persective on what lots of fans think if they were excluded from this board just because they dont like the Morse era.

    This board is about more than celebrating the NOW current line up.

    I thought it kinda funny to be nicknamed purplefucker69, could be a good alternative in the future, hehehe

    But to suggest I m throwing with MUD in a way some others do I hate to hear.

    Because I say SM s playing is annoying to me and why is NOT the same as trying to undermine someone by focussing on his or her personality, saying he should stick something in his 3rd eye or something.
    It s not my style and probably I should not be shaken about that kinda thing.

    We all know how kind SM is

    1 I m not sure, dont know him really
    2 I still think thats something we cant hear when playing a disc
    Or do you?
    I feel that I m not the only one who misses the agression, the edge, the drama, the exitement, the unpredictability of a certain MIB

    A Happy Purple, I wish you luck with that one
    At the same time…….yawn.

    BTW. I recognise that I sometimes tend to lean towards the style of certain others and later I kinda feel I have gone out of line.

    When I, for example, said…. And I ll puke more……
    That was not only a wrong response cause I misunderstood someone
    But also Its degrading the board.
    I apologise for moments like that.

    Yours Truly, PP

  82. 82
    purplepriest1965 says:

    A bit more on the purplefucker theme

    Do you really think DP feels hurt or fucked by my comments?

    Dont think they bother

    I must say its more legitimate that its probably me feeling fucked or hurt by them over time
    Not only did I spent fortunes on them but also have the prevailing perception they do NOT always have the same respect for fans as they should.

    Ok, stone throwing time again.

  83. 83
    andre sihotang says:

    Always fresh to hear Ian Gillan voice in a different house, walking away from his usual and trademark screaming (altough it seems to be gone by the days). That’s why I consider Ian Gillan is one of the best rock vocalist in this world. He can sing beautifully in any matter.

    My favourite : 1. Ian Gillan 2. Freddie Mercury
    3. Steve Perry 4. Paul Rodgers 5. Klaus Meine (scorpions) 6. Robert Plant 7. Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) 8. Ronnie Dio

    But to be honest, One Eye to Morocco just a little bit above average. I won’t label it a very good album. Just a good album, I think it’s more realistic for me. To be honest, he need his band.

  84. 84
    andre sihotang says:

    And to be honest again, I hope, if he do a tour for this album, should not throw some Purple songs into the setlist (exc. Wasted Sunsets for the sake of some diehard fans). “Knocking AYBD” totally a real false for him and audience.

    The last, to be honest, presence of a new Purple album will approve good scenario and fresh foods to this (may I say?)bored and ‘ran too far away’ blog. I don’t mind if Ian Gillan loses some of his screaming, going out of breath, or singing live on a wheel chair, as long as he sings from the deepest purple of his heart, he still my forever man.

    So, how Blackmore does nowadays?? No news at all… I hope he still makes new album and live concert in the future. Maybe I can’t watch him live, but at least the black keep on running and the music still there to be heard.

  85. 85
    Crimson Ghost says:


    It’s not about you, it’s about what you post… but I’m sure you can point out a different focus from me concerning you, doh! you already did!

    But then again, self flattery is another sign of “narcissism.”

    Just try to keep enjoying the past and forget about trying to level it against the rest, it’s obviously in another league, but not beneath yours, as you so often try to establish.(niether above… it doesn’t work that way)

    One more thing, at least you can admit you’re depressed, but I’d try another way to cure it besides the therapy you seek by posting that way so much. I’d find a better tool to justify your insane remarks.lol!
    The Blackmore v.s Morse debate “justified?” since when does anyone really care? It will never be a valid means of discussion.
    Watch my tongue and cheek element, you seem to gloss over it.lol!

  86. 86
    Crimson Ghost says:

    That admission by the way… I hope it’s all the step it can be.


  87. 87
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Actually I just enjoyed a version of I Got Your Number from 2005 after visiting your site.

    Depression and insanity are often thrown together, but not necessarily come together.
    Sometimes they do , not always.

    Who knows for sure where it begins and ends?


  88. 88
    Rascal says:

    “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

    T.S. Eliot

    Hope that clarifies it…………

    My brain hurts!!

  89. 89
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I don’t, but I was hoping you could tell me, because I’d like to one day find out.lol!

    If you ever feel compelled to pick up that Montreux 2006 HD-DVD, don’t watch it, there is no comparing it to that performance of “IGYN” which comes with it on the free bonus disc, in a very intimate setting to celebrate the grand re-opening of the “HRC” in London and release party for ROTD in 2005. It’s outstanding to say the least, a mini set with Gillan in the finest possible form seen in the last decade. A major gem it is… I have so much footage of mk8 it isn’t funny, but would be happy with just this one video, it’s that good. Cameras within inches of all of them, close up angular shots all through it, along with a cam held a foot or two above Ian Paice. The Montreux 06 set should have been the freebie there, it pales in comparison.(healthy comparing is always recommended, it’s the tunnel vision factor in comparison that is so redundant)

    Remember, I didn’t say “you” were “insane” I just opined that a great deal of your remarks are… my opinion might be shared, might not, but I make no effort in trying to establish your mental health so hastily. I’m just looking for positive remarks that I can agree with and I have a hard time… it might not be what discussion forums are for, but it’s better than looking for something to argue about… that would actually be all too easy.

    In the case of Ian Gillan’s remarks in “some” interviews of late, by the usual old less than honest journalists, I’m sure he knows that fans are going to call him on it, but he also knows they’re basically Blackmore purists, so he has a point, you know… he’s likely tired of the ever present poltergeist those fans can’t seem to shake, which can easily prompt such remarks, besides the fact that it’s much more personal than the fans realize, obviously, so his peace should be somewhat respected on the matter, regardless of any bias.(not that he doesn’t show any himself, but his points are usually blown out of context anyway, so I think he’s spot on, underneath the hype)

  90. 90
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Rascal, you sort of described the imagery of the closing track on ROTD, “Before Time Began” the beginning is in our future as well as in our past, lol!

  91. 91
    Rascal says:

    You mean……..It all started before it began, and ended before it started…….and before it began??

    A moment of sheer clarity……

    Life, the universe, JLT, finally I know its purpose……

    And Yet……..Uncertainity was much more interesting……..

    P.S. ……….I was only kidding about the ‘JLT’ bit…….I havent a frikkin clue about JLT’s purpose….

  92. 92
    Crimson Ghost says:

    He believes we walk among an Alien society.lol!

    The future is the only thing uncertain in that case, it’s an oxymoron.

  93. 93
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Amazing how things develop in just a day, while being away. Each at each other’s throat as though there was something to gain, and nothing in common.

    Look, let’s just call it a day and revel on the fact that we love DP with enough passion to go over the limit and offend another Purple Fan because we each have our own FAVORITE MK, or Player……(sorry I don’t relate to the ‘favorite’, but am just expressing the reality with you blokes).

    It’s not a bad thing, it just seems to overtake some of the various individuals to a place where they have a hard time being overly passionate and unbiased to. To the point where it becomes repetitive and overbearing.

    I would love to be the mediator here and try and make the point that there is no Better, nor Best, nor Worthy, nor Non-worthy part to Deep Purple. It all falls into one’s perception as to their own taste and likes. No more, no less. So, how about we all come to grips with the fact that there are at this time 8 MKs, that have their own historic place in the land of Purple, and each enjoy their own “Place In Line”.

    I have no gripes with any of you,……(except for maybe PRIEST), whom I think wishes to only annoy and make a total ‘disturbance of the PRIEST’ with no regard for anyone else…….LOL.

    Isn’t it time that we get back on track and enjoy in lieu of annoy?

    Just my humble opinion after reading all that has erupted since my last entry……


  94. 94
    Annemie says:

    Some comments are presented more and more eye browed…but sophisticated looking wrapping paper does not guarantee a valuable content …

    btw. amazing…how some’eggheads’ become performers in contradiction, and just keep on sticking to their Colombus narrow spot …

  95. 95
    purplepriest1965 says:

    You, the mediator???!!!

    My memory fails me more than I wish to admit but……

    I m sure it was YOU TRACY that openly told us that you like to annoy people.
    Contradictions all over the place indeed.

    That annoying or insulting behaviour NEVER has been my intention.
    That it sometimes happens is unavoidable, I suppose.
    Nobody s perfect.

  96. 96
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    My wishing to be the Mediator was a momentary lapse of reason. I woke up from my nap now…….

    I guess my point was actually aimed at the constant ‘Battle that Rages On’ with a few of the narrow minds whom constantly repeat their worship of the Man in the Forest to the point that it becomes intolerable to the point that it then is responded to with venom and vigor….NO MATTER WHAT THE SUBJECT OF THE BLOG IS.

    Put that little infantile subject aside and you will find much more focus on the actual subject instead of returning to YOU and your other Merrymen of Blackmore’s constant whining about how much you miss him….Ohh Booo Hooo…


  97. 97
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I have to ask… is deciding that DP is better than the B52’s in at least as many aspects as we have fingers, really just a matter of taste, or do they fair even well enough at ability to write songs and play their instruments to even be used in comparison? It’s not always just taste, but if you limit it to within Purple line ups, you’re doing a little better, but then again Tracy, we can safely assume you have most affection for the same line up as the rest of us, pro mk8 or not.

  98. 98
    purplepriest1965 says:


    You are funny?

    You dont need me to get aroused by the RB discussion.

    In this other blog you started it yourself again by writing childish remarks about him WITHOUT me getting involved on that blog in the first place.
    And thats repetitive behaviour on YOUR side.

    So, we agree on this…..

    We ALL feel the hopeless urge to spit out what we do not like

  99. 99
    Rascal says:

    A question:

    Should the terms ‘to get aroused’ and ‘RB’ really be used in the same sentence……?

    Forward all answers to:-

    Mr R Blackmore
    Sherwood Forest

  100. 100
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This is dissappointing

    No genius here

    Maybe next time better?

    There aint no easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!


  101. 101
    Rascal says:

    “Give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day.”

  102. 102
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I have pretty much made it clear that I have enjoyed every MK that has evolved through the years. My play on it is this….Each MK that has surfaced could very have been the last. We could at this time be just listening to MK1 all these years, or 2 or so on. But I actually enjoy the totally different stages that have been developed and truly have no favorite, nor do I dislike any to any degree (except for maybe MK5, but had they continued on beyond a ‘One Off’, I believe it would have been more legitimate and less ridiculed). I lump it all into one huge ongoing evolutional endeavor without discrimination. Depending on what I feel at the time steers me to which MK I prefer to listen to. In my home I have a Pioneer CD player that holds 100 CDs. I have loaded it with all of the Purple Studio CDs and also the ‘Live’ ones…..I set it on the ‘Random Play’ setting and I never know which MK, Album or song is going to pop up. The variety of music I am enjoying from this one band is truly all I need to play.

    Of course I do stray away from Purple a lot of the time, but this is the way I really get my most Bang for the Buck and enjoyment from this amazing group of musicians….

    I never said I don’t bring up TMIB. I bring many things up. Usually in some sort of sarcasm for the sake of being a Noid. But I don’t constantly preach the same old thing as you do, in the realm of the constant gripe about pitting one Purple Member against another, such as the Blackmore/Morse issue you continue to spew no matter the subject. That is the difference. If I bring him up out of context, it us usually due to responding to something else. I have no beef with Blackmore. I enjoy his Forest Frolicking. It’s what it is and I actually love it. I also would love to see him back in the Rock World. But it’s OK. I don’t lose any sleep over it. Now that being said, the day Purple is done? That day will suck. But I can always listen the unlimited recordings of what they have given us till the frogs can fly, and most ikely they will continue to do solo ventures that I can still enjoy…..


  103. 103
    Jeffs says:

    One eye to Morocco sounds great!! Very differnt from Purple of course, but that’s the idea of a solo album from an established artist isn’t? I will certainly be purchasing!

  104. 104
    Crimson Ghost says:

    @ 102

    Just asking, you seemed to skip the question though… what makes ‘all’ music just a matter of taste, when examples such at I mentioned have not one finger of talent to accomplish what a band like Purple can? It may be my opinion that they don’t, but come on, you have to manage a certain level of playing ability that is detectable to the ear in order to pull of what brings us here to talk, that is what ‘Purple’ possess.

    If you compare apples to oranges, which seems to be what a lot of people like to do here anyway.
    Doing this is the only thing that makes a difference, but rotten apples and ripe oranges can’t be compared either.

    It just puzzles me how the ‘Ramones’ or any proximity thereof and DP can both be considered ‘worthy’ of the same musical ability evaluation.
    Sure, liking them is one thing, but saying they’re just as good because you like them would be an exaggeration and exhibit zero indication that you’ve listened to both enough to say such a thing concerning quality and display of musicianship and performing. Regardless of what floats your boat categorically.

    What’s ‘worthy’ to Purple fans and ‘worthy’ to “Ramones” fans musically, are from opposite ends of the spectrum… Their fans demand as little talent and playing ability as possible(in other words “fine art”)because it’s about being as crappy at your instruments as possible, which somewhat started as a mockery of sophisticated rock in their early movement stages.

    Punk Rock is the antithesis of what DP music is all about, therefor neither would normally find the other necessarily worthy. One admires and respects ability, the other spits on the idea of it and are disrespectful toward it, and the fans tend to follow them according to each their own basic philosophy.(I’m glad I can appreciate both, but I’m not unlrealistic)

  105. 105
    Rascal says:

    I think maybe CG that ‘musical ability’ is not always a concern when enjoying music……many other considerations are involved….

    Maybe the other question is what is musical ability, and what is talent.

    I enjoy both Punk and Rock, both the ‘Sex Pistols’, and ‘DP’………musical ability never enters into my enjoyment of them….

    This week is ‘Pistols’ week, and ‘DP’ dont get a look in……….

    #I’m on a submarine mission for you baby
    I feel the way you were going
    I picked you up on my tv screen
    I feel your undercurrent flowing#

  106. 106
    Crimson Ghost says:

    There are such exceptions, it’s the overkill that intrudes… it’s a case of too much of the same of any type.

  107. 107
    ivanivanovv says:

    for #37

    You have to describe generally how works this program.. It saved only the link/s/ but not the entre file on my pc. Give more details, please

    #29 rosemary
    I just used “Orbit downloader” to get the stream > http://www.orbitdownloader.com/
    Use the stream : mms://mediaserver.kataweb.it/elemedia/capital/programmi/whatever/2009/whatever-2009-01-26.wma

    It will be saved as a “.wax”-file

    Cheers !

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