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The Highway Star

Zabrze, Poland, 1993

Professionally shot footage from Purple show in Zabrze, Poland on October 31, 1993, has surfaced. Local TV crews are routinely given permission to film part of the show to accompany news coverage. Usually it results in a few seconds of the band on stage making it all the way on the air. This one is a whole lot longer, includes complete Highway Star and parts of Black Night, Perfect Strangers and Child In Time. Nice Polish choir on Child In Time 😉

Thanks to rijir from our forum for spotting this.

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  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Thanks Russ! Interesting camera work, I’d call it more project level than actual pro work, but that could just be all they were able considering it was Poland, we all know from the 91 pro shot bootleg, about how skilled they seem at pro level.

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    I like it a lot!I love that guitar sound…and Gillan Simmons tongue as well!great crowd too…Gillan looks beautifully on child in time…
    great to see rare stuff…
    Now I hope to see some more stuff from the awesome 1998 and 2005 tours.

  3. 3
    Russ says:

    Yes a lot of that TV footage does seem odd. Lots of distant shots from different angles. But this one does have a few nice closeups. It does have some weird effects. But oh well it is better than nothing. It would be nice to get a better quality copy. I bet there is a lot of stuff like this from the 80’s/90’s just sitting around.

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    George Fotis says:

    These days lots of dvds are released & this is the sort of material that is essential to make more.
    There are more concerts that were filmed in the 80’s that will probabley never be released , like the Sydney one at the start of the Perfect Stranger’s tour.
    I’m sure their must be some more footage of the Bolin line up hiding somewhere, like that clip on Heavy metal Pioneers that is from one of the concerts. Ritchie’s guitar sounds really good on this tour , nice , clean and tough. It’s a shame he couldn’t still have Rainbow around now, with say Graham Bonnet, Bob Daisley ,Bobby Rondenelli etc, forget this new Rainbow with Joe.

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Quoting Messrs Gillan, Lord and Paice over the years
    Dont remember RG adding to these outings, maybe I m wrong?

    WE were playing without inspiration, Ritchies playing had turned from colour into Black and White and the halls were half empty……


    The only one who s failing as usual is Gillan who inbetween good singing again and again has to cough or sounds hoarse again.

  6. 6
    Daniel Todorov says:

    Yeah and instead of the Sydney shows, they are releasing things like Bombay Calling (from the last box set). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show and I love watching it, but compared to these unreleased treasures from the greatest Purple era(84-88)…. It’s just shit !!!

  7. 7
    Crimson Ghost says:

    George, there is actually so much footage in existence at large it’s mind blowing, literally years on end worth of viewing time’s worth.

    Purplepriest, you must not interpret Ian Gillan they way he means to come off. When he said that he was speaking about several specific shows that dominate his line of thinking when asked about that tour. Just because they fired off a decent amount of performances does not mean it was a success, it was falling apart behind the scenes, and that’s a fact that destroyed all hope for them. Shows like Brixton Academy which is a firggen gymnasium and NEC which we all know how turned out, and some other disasterous gigs is what he was talking about, besides the fact that it’s his business to say how he feels about it, as he was there putting up with the control freak. Tee Hee!

    And about what you see as his failures, this isn’t pop music, and he is not a pop singer… in other words, this is not mkV, you should know that by now.(but then again, JLT sucked at remembering lyrics himself to a super annoying degree on that tour, something that Gillan should get no more flack for doing than him, and anybody who thinks differently has not listened to enough of it, plain and simple, so he wasn’t pop perfect either, with his own ass slapping and struggling tone, not to mention zero ability to demand the crowds attention much to speak of throughout the shows)

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    Ole says:

    Anyway,I went to the Oslo show in 93 and it was fantastic, very close to the band playing Made In Japan 21 years before – also when the band was falling apart… Seems to me that Purple performed their best when they were arguing and fighting – like they were playing for their lives in a war!

    I can understand that it was a terrible situation for the induviduals of Purple, but the music they delivered was (at times) magic!

    Great to have these videos memories! To have seen Purple at their best, almost like beeing in Japan in 72!

    Purple are happy now, good for the individuals! But, of course, it could not last!

  9. 9
    Michiel says:

    Oh yes, I remember those irritating lasers…

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I do not remember that I was talking about JLT
    I also did not mention the forgetting of lyrics
    ALWAYS taking the NEC gig as an example is very dubious reasoning.
    And apart from some moments in that dvd RB is still way better than anybody else, so cut the crap!!!!


    I saw you on my tv a few times in a commercial after the Mis Piggy pic was hammered into my memory. Funny.

  11. 11
    ormandy says:


  12. 12
    WindHawk says:

    CG worshipping Gillan again like there’s no tomorrow and slacking MkV/Turner…..what a wanker!!!!

  13. 13
    Kris says:

    Remember That Great Day, My Dream Come True, Thank You My God !!!

  14. 14
    Crimson Ghost says:


    I’ll cut the defense for Gillan, as you call it “crap” when you cut the Blackmore retribution at every opportunity, which I call “crap.” You know that statement holds no more mud then mine about NEC, there were a fair amount of shows on the tour, they didn’t shine every night you now, if it were you, you wouldn’t recall it all with fondness either, under such diseased circumstances.

    WindHawk, whoever the hell you really are, it isn’t even like that, Gillan is terrible here, so watch something else then… I was pointing out a constant jab tendency and comparing it to the nearest Blackmore ever came to attempting to satisfy what Priest was bitching about. Mind your own business why don’t you(.) It had nothing to do with his performance here, which I completely watched after I posted that.

    It’s not all roses, if you want that, you know where to find it.. but here you are, imagine that.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I lost my passion for gardening a few years ago, so that must be the reason.

    Well, for now I ll leave that up to Glenn Hughes.
    Maybe he can use the turds still flying around here…..

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Boy, sounds like a personal problem to me… I’d be on about TMIB if hadn’t been off the last fifteen years, the wayside fills the void enough for my good health, but I guess I’m strong that way.

    Sob sob… not me, I’m doing great, and so is Deep Purple.

  17. 17
    stefan says:

    Why am I not surprised…..Priest with his usual song and dance….It never F**KING ends……….

  18. 18
    stoffer says:

    I like the videos, its nice to see the lads almost enjoying what they are doing, Gillan does sound like crap but being the true pro that he is “the show must go on”!

  19. 19
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I can relate to that, it was a good post stoffer!

  20. 20
    T says:

    This does appear to be professionaly shot video on par with a local news program, but which has lost a lot of vibrance in the transference from the original studio edit to the broadcasted recording. The transitional effects are indeed distracting. Standard fade, dissolve, or no transition works better. The nit-picking aside, it’s always intriguing to see Blackmore-Era footage and I give credit to the Polish crew for wanting to use Deep Purple in their newscast.

    It is doubtful this version of the band could have endured given the backstage circumstances of the time. No doubt the transition to the Morse Era revitalized the band and provided the endurance it now enjoys.

    Whether or not the music itself improved is a matter of personal preference. Certainly, Purpendicular and Abandon went a long way to proving “There is life after Blackmore”. However, the argument “my taste is better than yours just because” is an unqualified assessment which holds no water.

    To me, these excerpts “sound like Deep Purple”. It was the Blackmore style that, more than others, gave Purple the vast majority of its celebrity, as well as the vast majority of the classic songs–the long tenure of the extremely gifted Steve Morse nothwithstanding. Admittedly, one could say the same thing about Gillan. It was the combination of Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Gillan together that carried the greatest weight overall, which is why clips such as these generate so much interest.

    I have frequently praised Morse for his technical ability and incredible consistency and reliability. I admire Blackmore for his Blitzkrieg style: slurs, “wall of noise” and rough phrasing. The band went to the opposite end of the spectrum in choosing Steve Morse–both in style and technique as well as personality–and that was by design. It was time for a change. However, although the current members are credited for maintaining the existence of Purple and perpetuating the band’s high standards both on stage and in the studio, it is the Blackmore Era for which Deep Purple is best known.

    Although I have great respect for and frequently listen to BOTH guitarists, I prefer the sound of a Stratocaster’s tremolo arm nearly being torn out to the smooth–almost symphonic–sound of current incarnation. In my book, technical merit takes a back seat to artistic impression.

    But that’s just MY opinion. 😉

  21. 21
    marcinn says:

    What about technical merit combined with artistic impression which works perfectly for me??? Am I a weirdo or what???

  22. 22
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Artistic impression is not abundant and should not be a bench mark just because of that reason only, which is why it isn’t. It’s one of the hardest things to control when you deal with record companies, and these days if you have any artistic control you certainly sacrifice sales.

    I’m not even of the opinion that Morse is a better technition than Blackmore, and can’t see what the fixation is with that, in fact I have studied a lot of footage where Morse is technically lacking and all over the place.

  23. 23
    Rascal says:

    Technicality or artist impression……. who really gives a shit?

    Isnt it about enjoyment?

    Gillan is a singer, Blackmore a guitarist, both are muscians, both add their flavour to music. And both produce sub-standard performances in the above clips…..

    Is Morse better?……..I dont really know, more importantly I dont fucking care………

    Long Live Deep Purple……………..Enjoy it, nothing lasts forever!

    Res severa est verum gaudium

    PS WindHawk……..When you left your home, did you deprived the village of it’s idiot?

  24. 24
    Sami says:

    Nice clips, thanks. Turbulent tour, to put it mildly, but in Helsinki both IG & Blackers did very good anyway and sang & played their hearts out. Memorable gig for many/obvious reasons.

  25. 25
    james jay says:

    Blackmore or Morse. two different animals, both talented. Both part of the DP family.


  26. 26
    Jeffs says:

    Gillans got a cold or something here…Believe it or not that affects the voice…his instrument! Guitarists can play on with a cold! I’m a guitarist and can play this with a cold. But I certainly wouldn’t attempt to sing this even without one! Gillans a real Trooper!

  27. 27
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Rascal, Crimson Ghost, James Jay,

    Good stuff. James nails it all with “Is Morse better?……..I dont really know, more importantly I dont fucking care………

    Each and every musician (each unique. Now there’s some rocket science….) whoever played in DP is a viable member of the family.

    Steve is my main man and that is with humble opinion and subjectiveness. I could rant about the genius the guy is as I can with TMIB ’til the proverbial cows come home.

    I will say, however, to do oneself justice and see Steve with his trio or the Dixie Dregs and keep DP and TMIB out of the head while watching and listening. That is, leave the banjo comparison blinders outside the venue.

    Off to the joint for a few beers and cue in hand.

    Va Voom!



  28. 28
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Steve Morse is monstrously captivating in his trio, much more demanding of the crowd than in DP. Some of that can be the comparison factor… if there was no such comparison and people still found Morse boring, I’d be surprised if they were truly honest… they wouldn’t even likely be interested in the first place in order to listen.

    Stop listening to the guy if he’s so wrong, get over it, after all, there is always something better to do than complain about what we SUBJECT ourselves to. Save time and ear space, and you’ll save other peoples eye space concerning. lol!

  29. 29
    Rascal says:

    To hear complaints is tiresome to the miserable and the happy……

  30. 30
    Crimson Ghost says:

    But to make them isn’t, to the miserable, it’s a language of it’s own.

  31. 31
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Excuse me WE are spoiling your fun time and time again, guys.

    I tried to listen to other SM stuff as mentioned above but after several listens I still found it very boring.

    Yep, we re living on different planets.

  32. 32
    Crimson Ghost says:

    But that’s because you can’t get someone else out of your head, trust me, I’m trying to guide you to honesty if he weren’t there, but he’s in your head and there is no possibility of objectivity. But that’s okay with me, just pointing it out. If you were to say Blackmore is a guitar god I would agree with you, but I ask you, is that okay, since I still like Morse a lot?

    There just must be more room in some lives than others for musical taste range. I’m sure you aren’t insinuating that Steve Morse isn’t any good for anyone, or lacking in all kinds of skills… he just isn’t for you, right? It’s important not to come off as if you think someone sucks when it’s a fact that they don’t in all reality, regardless of opinion because of one’s musical taste. I’m flexible, after over 30 years of DP following, that’s why I can appreciate variety as long as it’s good… good is my standard for rating, whether I like it or not… if I can’t tell, then it’s suspect to me, and good is pretty hard to argue with until you start talking levels of good.

    I hope it’s not too lonely on your planet. lol!

  33. 33
    Thorsun says:

    For all you stone throwers and defenders…. Like it or not, but in Blackmore – Lord days Purple was all about the feel, the claw in the music. You could’ve listened to a hundred of gigs and you never knew where the next one is gonna take you – a standard run-through show or total crap, or total glory march. Get through the bootlegged 1973 and 1993 Tour and tell me what can Them Tree surprise you today with. A solo? An improvisation? An altered setlist? Come on, run-throughs – all the way.

    And don’t get me wrong. I love Airey for what he’s done. His Colosseum II gig in 70’s alone is worth praising, and it’s only a bit of his huge career. I also got to say – I don’t praise most of Steve’s play, but he’s a lovely lad, true pal while you meet him.

    That does not collide with the fact that both of them are nothing but skilled technicans. Blackmore was an Guitar Evil and Lord Was A Keyboard God. Mk 8 are just humans, who do their job and earn money. It’s their privillege. How much of a purple legacy is in it? In terms of what they were on stage up to more-less 2000 – not much.

    They still make god damn great records, but live they are thin tribute band to their own past. That’s why this year I’ll go to see them after a 6 year break just because they get really close around in May. My choice and opinion, no more, no less.

  34. 34
    james jay says:

    On the footage—nice seeing “The Captain” (Mr. J Lord) on keyboards. Not to take away from Mr. Airey (he is the only suitable replacement in my opinion). Also, for visual only—I like the top hat on Mr. Glover vs. the doo-rag. But then again–nothing is better to watch than Mr. Blackmore with his top hat and shirt with the star on back—vintage cool.

  35. 35
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Crimson Ghost,

    Right on. And I should have been more clear and added objectivity. While I am digging, for instance, Jeff’s new gem Live at Ronnie Scotts. I’m listening to Jeff, and only Jeff!

    Check these two cats who still leave their egos at the door. And I know that a lot of folks only know Rik from his Triumph days. He plays all styles…..

    When it comes to a close, click on Midsummer’s Daydream.


    Great stuff. No head cases in that studio!



  36. 36
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Crimson Ghost,

    Well put. And I should have added objective in my post.

    At the moment I am listening to the great Jeff Beck album Live at Ronnie Scotts. And I only have Jeff in my head!

    Check out these two cats who leave their egos at the door. Most folks only know Rik from his Triumph days. Beyond a gifted musician who plays all styles…. Was I surprised when he asked Steve to play on one of the Triumph albums? Nah. Again, egos at the door….


    Great stuff!



  37. 37
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Dare I forget. Click onto Midsummer’s Daydream after this ends.



  38. 38
    James says:

    Why didn’t Ritchie chuck water?

  39. 39
    Turk7955 says:

    Enough already!!!! Anything, compared to “Made in Japan” pales by comparison! Those gentlemen lit the stage up on a nightly basis at that point in time. The line-up changes alone from that point on dilluted the music. And live, MarkII Purple and these Allman Brothers during the same period are the 2 finest live bands ever!!! No one else compares!!! If you listen to 1996’s “Live at the Olympia”, it’s the closest Purple has come to recreating the magic that the MarkII lineup had. And it to pales in the light of “Made in Japan”. Quite simply put, the finest live Rock Recording Ever!!!! Period, end of sentence!

  40. 40
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Thorsun says:

    For all you stone throwers and defenders…. Like it or not, but in Blackmore – Lord days Purple was all about the feel, the claw in the music.

    Nobody ever said it wasn’t, people just happen to still like what they’re doing now, some even as much as ever… some not, but nobody that I can see carries on that Blackmore and Lord are beneath anything, perhaps they just don’t like to always talk about the past when things are still happening.

  41. 41
    T says:

    RE: #22

    There is a big difference between watching guitar and playing guitar. Studying a video reveals very little of the tactile aspects of guitar playing.

    The technical characteristics of Morse and Blackmore are worlds apart. Morse is much more disciplined and punctuates his playing with a lot of jazz motifs, particularly when working with a loop. It has an almost impressionistic quality to it.

    On stage, Blackmore is much less disciplined, hitting notes or not–and often it is the ‘not’ that makes it great. RB’s playing is no-where near as clinical or contrived–sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t–but even the wild strums and scrapes come together in “noise as art”. He chooses more classically-oriented themes and medieval modes. Blackmore also has a very characterstic quality in his trills–a simple hammer-on sounds like no-one else–and there is a lot of dynamic in his playing.

    Some of the contrasts come from the choice of equipment. The Stratocaster is a bit more brash than a somewhat more refined Music Man–ironic in that even the instruments mimic their personalities.

    Morse is like Caravaggio–very distinct, orderly and photographic. Blackmore is more Picasso’s “Guernica”: bolder, more innovative, more dramatic.

    It is these differences that cause some people to find Morse “boring”. I’m a big fan of fine guitar playing anywhere, and although I understand this attitude, I don’t subscribe to it. Morse is outstanding. However, Blackmore has the edge in his spontaneity.

    Stylistic characteristics are subjective, but I still give the edge to Blackmore.

    Thorsun, in #33, gets it.

  42. 42
    T says:

    Regarding “technical impression” vs. “artistic merit”… That was an analogy to figure skating scoring that somehow didn’t come across.

  43. 43
    Thorsun says:

    Just a thought more that refers as well to bits of IG’s hypocrisy as well as his attitude towards the TBRO Tour. Wrote it yesterday after reading his statements regarding withdrawal of the BMG live 4 CD Box due to his unhappiness with it.

    “You can throw bricks and stones on the Birmingham 1993 concert, but gems like the solo of guitar in ‘Child…’ and the rave funk passage in ‘Knocking…’ have never ever happened again anywhere. TMIB could’ve been freakishly mad this night but he still cut out diamonds there.

    And I hope Gillan lets off on the BMG 1993 concerts releases, especially if he can’t live with the fact that Stuttgart night was probably the most genuine night of all the tour and one of the best Purple gigs ever. You got doubts about that? Then show me a better and more frenzy take on ‘Speed King’ than Stuttgart. Bet’cha don’t have one.

    IG might be self-critical about his own appearance on that tour, but greedy hands off from others performances. The core band tolled their absolute peak on many nights – to point out Essen, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Paris, Bruxelles, Rotterdam, London #2, Stockholm and Helsinki alone! How come he claims the tour was disaster? First take a listen, then throw your stones.”

    I really am saddened that these guys (and this ironically links Gillan with Blackmore) spit and sillishly wobble on the best bits of their legacy – whether it’s “Machine Head” shirts case, or BMG’s box. Can’t they remain happy with what they’ve done and what documents it? Other people can. Ronnie James Dio is an example – he’s fond of most things he’s done – doesn’t matter Elf, Rainbow, Sabbs, Dio, or H & H. It can’t be that difficult to accept your own past, especially if it’s high regarded by the fans!

  44. 44
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Who is throwing stones anyway, I don’t see anyone doing it here, you must be talking about Ian himself, who was there, I choose to just not let what he says get me riled because I don’t care what he says about it. It’s only one tiny part of his past and he can do whatever he wants, why be so disgruntled over what he said?

    T, I already play guitar just fine thank you, I don’t need lessons.
    You have no idea what I’m talking about, nor how much footage I have of close up camera work, not to mention instructional videos that come complete with mistakes… literally heaps worth, not a little pile, believe me, a lot can be revealed. For instance, I can play the intro to Ted The Mechanic note for note from watching him intricately instruct it.
    It’s easy because of that, for me anyway, as I didn’t think it was worth attempting before that… video is hugely helpful, if you have enough to credit it, but if you don’t think so, good for you, I’ll stick to my resources.

  45. 45
    Rascal says:

    Lets all analyse guitar styles, charateristics, and disciplines………….

    I thought it was about the music!!!

    Maybe a thrilling discussion on guitar body wood types, and tremolo systems is what we need!!

  46. 46
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Btw, Thorsun, what did Ian have to do with the T-shirts? I’ll gladly answer-nothing! That was Bruce’s answer to Ritchie’s written request to leave him out of such merchandise, it just backfired on him in a self inflicting way, and that is a fact… it was between Bruce, Themes merchandising and Ritchie, no one else. I think it was funny, but I also think it was silly and I certainly wouldn’t buy one of those shirts, because for one, hey… I don’t have to SUBJECT myself, neither does anyone else, so it really doesn’t matter. Why is it you’re complaining, or rather who to, again?.

  47. 47
    Crimson Ghost says:

    T, again sorry… what does anyone, who in particular, don’t get?

  48. 48
    Knut L says:

    Ahh mark 2, the very best line up. There have to be some more conserts to release from theese guys. They have played in Oslo some times, where are the DVD`s from theese conserts.
    I was 14 years old when i bought “in rock” now i`m 52 and almost every day i play some music from purple.
    Still purple fan after all theese years.

  49. 49
    Rascal says:

    Stetsbar, Bigsby, Fender, Floyd Rose, Kahler, where does the excitement end??

    I guess my personal favourite would be the Kahler double locking tremolo…….


    Check it out guys…….Its enough to make a grown man weep……

    Or should that be sleep!!

  50. 50
    Thorsun says:

    @Crimson Ghost:

    Hey, I’m not against IG just for the fun or hattered. My only complaints regarding IG are about his hate for 1993 Tour which seems to be completely out of point. He did well on it too.

    The t-shirts case on the other way is total rubbish on Blackmore’s side, so each of them is acting silly somewhere.

    And if you want to know my gut feeling – I’d rather have them stopped the ‘MH’ tee’s production. Five of them on it, or none – they all were there on the cover. Past is past, so hands off from it – if they can’t accept it. Here I disagree with Roger Glover who justified wipping out of TMIB’s face against resigning from the original design.

  51. 51
    marcinn says:


    No one of them has ever been close to what you call God.

  52. 52
    marcinn says:

    I’m 123 and still enjoy every shade of Purple. The diversity is liberating.

  53. 53
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Rascal #45,

    Amen! I try to find some amusement on this board (bored?)but most times end up in pain. Which causes me to run off to that joint and massive lager consumption…


    You get the nod for all 53 posts!!



  54. 54
    Rascal says:

    Hi ‘Ted’…………..you have to make your amusement here for sure………..

    Too damned serious…………..

    “If you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think”

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, this triggers a lot again……
    And it probably will stay that way for a long time to come……
    So people who cant take criticism towards their God, please hide……or grow a better skin.


    You are willingly trying to guide me to honesty?!
    Im always honest.
    Espescially in reflecting towards my own blind spots, weaknesses and so on

    Trying to fight the flue

    Yours sincerely, Mark

  56. 56
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Mark, you weren’t being honest because you said you listened to enough Steve Morse and you still find him boring, but you forgot the fact that you can’t honestly be bored with him without thinking of Blackmore. I told you it only counts if you’ve never heard Ritchie, which is impossible, therefor you can’t be honest about that in particular, you don’t have it in you to black out Ritchie in order to objectively rate Morse. Nothing wrong with it, but bias is, as bias does.

  57. 57
    Stawik says:

    I was there! First clip 0’32 right side: the one in blue shirt with left arm over the barrier. I wish I could look better!

    This was the only show of M2 line-up in Poland, I was waiting for this from early 70ties!

    Extraordinary performance, Ritchie was fine. Bearing in mind situation within the band at that time, they could not perform better, I think.

    I taped the spot broadcasted on TV. The Utube one is lacking part of airport welcome and interview with Roger – just few words on music split between music.

    Unfortunately there is no hope to see these guys all together on stage.

    Regards for all, Stawik

  58. 58
    Thorsun says:

    @ marcinn

    Hey old pal, the Evil God resemblence was just used as a tool to underline that Blackmore and Lord carry this untouchable molecule of music spirit and genious that is harder to find in their continuators, that’s all. No will to cross paths of anybody’s religious feelings, if you ask me.

    As I said, I DO appreciate both Don’s & Steve’s input. The latter on showed bits of extraordinarity in his approaches to live versions of ‘Fools’ and ‘Pictures Of Home’ back in 1999, when yes, they did yet improvise at least a bit!

    And to the releasing powers of diversity… As far as you’re right – I just regret I find more diversity and excitement in their current (rare) studio releases, than live concerts. To drown sweetly in REAL rootsy Purple – should be otherwise.

    I’ll see what tomorrow’s Australian Pink Floyd Show can do for me in that matter of excitement. 😉

    Cheers to all Purple followers,

  59. 59
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Thorsun says:

    @ marcinn

    Hey old pal, the Evil God resemblence was just used as a tool to underline that Blackmore and Lord carry this untouchable molecule of music spirit and genious that is harder to find in their continuators

    This is still YOUR opinion and there is no way to substantiate it as anything otherwise. You happen to find this to be your truth, it doesn’t mean it is THE truth in all reality and cannot be argued to any degree.
    Vice versa in any and every way you slice it, as well…. but as I pointed out, you won’t find any Blackmore/Lord haters here, nor anyone who rates Morse/Airey above them, just people who have the flexibility to enjoy both, which should not be mistaken for any sort of dislike for what once was, but somehow seems to be the ridiculous case.

    So isn’t comparing them really redundant concerning the outcome? You either like them now or you don’t, why try to justify something that is 15 years gone over something that is thriving today? There is nothing that can be done about it, some rate the old stuff better, some rate the new better, or at least they rate it good, and you can say it isn’t good all you want, but being not as good as something, doesn’t make you bad at it.

    I hope you aren’t saying classic DP is good, but contemporary DP is not, just because you don’t find it as good, or better.

  60. 60
    Russ says:

    Hey Stawik,

    So you have a copy of this one? It would be great to get a better copy. Send my an email and maybe we can work out some kind of trade.



  61. 61
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    Spot on the money.

    “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain…” – Charlie Chaplin

    Keep it humble and fun, folks…..



  62. 62
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Even TMIB has clear thinking days, although his issues with the other four are quite the obvious in his commentary. Do the math. a group of five and one out of the five cannot exist with the others with all due respect to he said she said and detail unbeknowngst to others outside the immediate camp..

    Guitar.com: What do you think about the other guitarists who have played in Deep Purple?

    Blackmore: I think they’ve done very well. Of course, Joe is a brilliant player. But I think he did the right thing by leaving only after two weeks [laughs]. And Steve Morse is an incredible player. A lot of people try to get some wisecrack out of me, but when you’re talking about guitar players along Satriani and Morse’s caliber, they’re brilliant. And I could carry on by saying I’m not too sure why Steve is hanging on in that band, but that’s his prerogative, obviously. He must see something there.(end quote)

    My pick from the library this weekend and onto the turntable, and in turn CD player, will be Made In Japan followed chronologically by Live at The Olympia ’96. No comparisons, just enjoying unique talents making brilliant muzak…



  63. 63
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Ahhhh yes. At least one thing never changes……

    What Rubbish!!!!!! All of this constant repeat of the same issue. How bored one has to be with life where they sit in the same puddle, farting and popping the same bubbles. Purple is Purple. To each his own as to which shade they prefer, but to argue with each other as to which MK is the best is like taking a road trip with a 4 year old in the back seat constantly asking…..”Are we there yet?”

    There is no better or worst. There is only one’s palate for their taste. Some like a certain sound. Some like a particular instrument. Some like a particular singer. Some like the technical aspect. Some like the improv. Some like the Screams. Some like the baritone. Some like the solos. Some like the songs. Some like….Some don’t.

    It’s been argued and argued. The sad thing is that it’s been repeated over and over again by the same people. How many times are you going to repeat your same old complaint? You know who you are, so I won’t list the # or the name’s you each go by. WE GET IT!!!!!!! YOU DON’T LIKE or YOU DO LIKE one MK more than the other. GOOD FOR YOU…..

    Being able to bitch about the difference between Purple today against Purple yesterday is a great thing to be able to bitch about. I’d much rather have Purple today than NO PURPLE. Today’s Purple is what it is. And it’s FUCKING GREAT!!!! Yesterday’s Purple WAS FUCKING GREAT!!!! I for one am looking forward to Tomorrow’s Purple. It WILL BE FUCKING GREAT!!!!!

    I must correct some of the comparisons that I have read here in regards to Then and Now…..

    Set Lists:

    I have seen every MK Live since MK2. I have tons of Live recordings. They have stuck to the same set lists throughout their career. I’m not saying that they are playing the same set list now as they did in the ’70s. I’m saying, that when ever they released an album, no matter what era, they stuck with the same set list forever. Made in Japan is a great Live album. Probably the greatest ever. So What? They only played 8 songs back then. Hell, even when they released “Who Do We Think We Are”, they still didn’t change it. Except for adding ‘Mary Long’ on a couple of rare occassions. It wasn’t until the reunion in ’84 that they started playing more songs and shortened the songs. Me? I prefer more songs over LOOOOONG Solo’s….Guess what? Most concert goers feel the same. Yes, as a musician, I appreciate the musicianship and some of the IMPROV long tunes. But I prefer to hear a wider range of music, than one song that is masturbated until I must go get more Beer and take a piss to wake up. That’s just me. But I’m not alone. And it doesn’t matter. It’s just my taste and not worth griping about over and over again. I enjoy it all.


    Back in the ’70s, things were different. Rock was really being discovered and the innovation of it’s heaviness was really taking ground. The drugs made any song that was extended something special. Hell, look at Iron Butterfly’s “In A Gadda Da Vida”. Nobody would take that song serious today if it was presented. 20 minutes of LOOP. But back then, “it was AMAZING”, I remember someone next to me muttering after a hit on a joint. There is plenty of Improv with today’s Purple. They just do it through various intros and style changes throughout various tunes, without the LOOOOONNNGGGGG extended versions. The reason? The Majority of Concert Goers today want SONGS. Not Guitar Masturbation. Even though WE as true DEEP PURPLE FANS adore it. The Masses don’t.

    I’ve been to many show myself, and heard many recordings. They play tunes different each night. And they change the the set list somewhat also within each tour. The Purpendicular Tour had totally different sets than the Abandon Tour. The same for Bananas and Rapture. Sorry, but if you think they are going to drop Highway Star, Smoke, Black Night, Perfect Strangers, Hush, or Woman from Tokyo from the set list at this point, you are dreaming. Yes, I wouldn’t miss them at all. Neither would most of you here. But, the casual General Music Lover wants to hear these because that is what they were exposed to and it makes others besides you and me happy. You can’t leave those out.

    Which song, line-up, set list, musician album is better? To each his own. But to argue that point? Get a life…….

    It’s a different time and the musical interest has changed. So has DEEP PURPLE. Good for them and may they continue on……I’ll be there.


  64. 64
    Thorsun says:

    Crimson Ghost,

    it amazes me to see someone fighting for “The Contemporary Purple” as you’ve described them with a might of an ancient crusader.

    I’m not fighting to force my thinking as the most righteous one – I just share my opinions with you. It’s not dipping oil to the fire to break out a holy war, so I agree with Ted: “Keep it humble and fun, folks…”

    To tell you even more on my opinions: I was very enthusiastic about the DP up to an end of 2000 Orchestra Tour. This was simply awesome. When in early 2001 I saw them going stale with Jon’s mind more and more out of the band, I felt like they needed someone new. Saw Don Airey gigging with Uli Jon Roth (Uli did a double bill with Glenn Hughes then) and thought – ‘hell, this man is going to rescue this ship if ever they ask him on board!’ Couple of weeks later he was in! I was very excited about that, hoping for the renewed five to be ready to be creative on stage the way they were on in late 1998 and through 1999 (Plauen take of ‘ ’69 ‘ – AWESOME). Much to my dismail, they quickly got stale again and hardly ever got back to their own level from the end of the 90’s! Don’t blame me for that it has happened, will you. That’s how I feel about that.

    And trust me, I would love them to be as inspiring for me as they were earlier, but it just does not happen for me. Thank God they still write these great songs. (Adlib: and somehow never get to play live those that are brillant for me – ‘Sun Goes Down’, ‘Clearly Quite Absurd’). ‘Never A Word’ is probably one of the greatest Purple melodies that ever happened… I could go on like this. They got A LOT of potential with their skills, but they love to be the ‘Greatest Purple Hits’ band on stage. And from reading many of you here – it looks like it really appeals to the audiences of crusaders here. Good for you, really. For me – Deep Purple climbs to their best when they’re fighting or scorching the unknown, undiscovered on stage. This has always made them extremely creative and exciting. Used to do, up to some point. You’ll say: they have their 40 years odf searching behind them. True. When I have some sort of 40 years old legacy, I’ll tell you if I’m still keen to look for the undiscovered. But it’s a must if you want to be creative. I’d wish them to be creative. Endless ‘Greatest Hits’ Tours push them away from that. And in that context the phrase “The Contemporary Purple” is at least fair.

  65. 65
    Bo says:

    To me it’s very easy:
    Deep Purple these days are great no doubt about that. But they cant – and NO ONE can – beat Deep Purple Mrk II. THEY are Deep Purple. Full stop!!!

  66. 66
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Nice going BO…….

    Same Old Shit…”Are we there yet?”……Wah wah wah wah….

  67. 67
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I agree Tracy, I don’t recall anyone “fighting for contemporary Purple” I’m certainly not, I clearly described that of what’s rightfully oppositional with no malice and very as well put “humble.”

    Just pointing it out that others can, will and do have opinions too.
    I did so because you put it as if your truth was fact Thorsun, and truth is not fact, facts are among us all, truth concerning what you said is just between us here, but not everyone everywhere.

  68. 68
    Al Cornish says:

    If this is professionally shot, then a whole slew of new Polish jokes is well deserved. I’ve seen camera-phone video that is superior.

    But, it is Mark II material which is always welcome.

  69. 69
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Highly agreed!

  70. 70
    Roberto says:


  71. 71
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Highly agreed!
    That would be perfect, but I’m not so sure he was really someone to look at in 1995, but then again if they’d picked him up then we might have gotten what greatness he has displayed since, so I slightly digress, because he has been nothing short of spectacular the last few outings or so. He would have been at the top of my list, but at the time he didn’t seem to be as ready as he has appeared in the last five or 6 years.

    Man he’s an exotic player, a pioneer and king of the widdle.(so why not widdle)

  72. 72
    George Fotis says:

    Steve is a great guitarist but i think he fits in more with a Van Halen type of band or Yngwie Malsteen type of band . He would sound really good along side Joe Lynn Turner . But his nice clean sounding guitar doesn’t match well with Ian’s rough sounding voice these day’s it’s a miss match.

  73. 73
    Crimson Ghost says:

    He would have been excellent in IGB though, notice his nod to Ray Fenwick in ‘Evil Louie’ completely inspired by a melody that Ray wrote, talk about a good fit, that’s where Morse and Gillan are compatible, I guess Ian does jazz pretty well considering, but imo Steve struggles a bit in the rock department, especially the writing. Personally, I think the two of them met up late.

  74. 74
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Tracy, james jay,marcinn,C.G.,

    You folks pretty much get it. Tracy #63 and marcinn pound it all home. Tracy #63 with many words, and in contrast, marcinn #52 in one line….



  75. 75
    Stormin says:

    If the 6’0clock news was always like this I would watch it more often!

  76. 76
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And I d puke more.

  77. 77
    Bo says:

    Trycy “66”:
    I dont get it. I have DP Mrk II as my all time Deep Purple, but I also make it very clear that i love DP as they are now, with big smiles etc. My point is just that THE sound of “my” DP is still the Mrk II sound. I have seen them since early 1971, been on tour with them, even in the studio, but the surprise (also thanks to the internet) is not there anymore. It’s more like “the family get together” feeling which is super. In the old days with RB on guitar and JL on keyboard there was more WOW effect!
    Try and imagine Black Sabbath without Tony Iommi or Led Zeppelin without Jimmy Page.
    I look forward to see them soon, but must say I would prefer Gillan and Don on solotour in 2009 and then a BIG bang with Purple in 2010.

    I wonder how many people would attend to the finale Deep Purple concert (hopefully many years from now): A show with Mrk II or MrkIII or Deep Purple of today.

    I know where I will be.

    Lots of regards to all – also you Tracy.

  78. 78
    Danilo says:

    Blackmore,great solos,great riff’s!
    Morse,glugluglu.glugluglu.glugluglu.it’s the same glugluglu.

  79. 79
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Sorry you didn’t get it. It’s just that after my long winded input on the ever boring issue of “This MK is Better than That MK”, you injected the very same thing…….

    I totally hear you in #66. But it is again, one’s perception to what THEY LIKE. Nothing more. You can’t persuade your taste onto someone else. You must only experience it and appreciate other’s tastes. But to state that a particular MK is THE ONLY ONE THAT REALLY MATTER? That is ludicrous and self absorbing.

    As to your relation to Sabbath and Zep. Again, who know? Maybe is would be as good or better, depending on who and your taste. DIO replaced OZZY. It went pretty well I think. I actually liked Gillan the best in Sabbath. But again, me and my taste. I do not expect everyone to feel the same and I am not arrogant enough to state that “It Is The Best” either. It is to me only. Fair enough?


  80. 80
    Thorsun says:

    @ Al cornish # 68

    Looks like you like when other nations make jokes of yours.

    You seem to forget that the footage was shot back in 1993, when cell phones as far as I remember were yet a rarity. Some of you guys seem to forget that there was an Iron Curtain and rock bands from the West were visiting us more less from 1989 on. You will never understand this sort of technical delay we had here. It takes time to klearn even technics, and it’s more than four years! And you want the footages from then to be made like nowdays. Come on, get down to earth and don’t be rude.

  81. 81
    marcinn says:


    You have never offended my religious feelings, in fact, me and religion is a matter of great distance. 🙂 I just pointed to the fact that it is nothing wrong with Blackmore and Lord being just human beings. Human beings that come up with astonishing pieces of music. Yet as far as I am concerned there is Purple in Mark 8, as it was in cases of every other Marks. We all seem to cherish our favourite periods, mine still has not come to an end, and that is why I am happy. Long may Purple continue and the legacy of other Marks shaped Mark 8 naturally.

    I completely agree with your last post about the technology we had in Poland in early 1990’s. That was the legacy of setting a blind eye to the East, and I do not say setting a blind eye to West is much better. However, the technolgoy has improved to a large extent in Poland recently. But it had to happen. The question is, to quote my favourite poet: “Where are we going from here?” 🙂

  82. 82
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    Wake up and go back to sleep…. :>



  83. 83
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ted @ 62

    Do you always think Ritchie gives us serious comments or just when it pleases you?

    WE ALL know they are ALL talking nonsense all the time just stir up bs conversations amongst fans, people and other fools.


  84. 84
    Crimson Ghost says:

    You being one of the “fools?” Just asking.

  85. 85
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, I do not pretend to know it all.
    Does that count?

  86. 86
    Annemie says:

    78 says it all in one phrase
    Although…it is not only glu glu glu…
    You do forget the wanking and the smiling you know ! 😉

    Very well said T 🙂

  87. 87
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Yeah Priest, you just pretend(.)

    Are you also an expert now on how much people who write here actually happen know? If so, take comfort in knowing much more than I do there… but caring about such a thing is something I’d have to do first, if I were you that is. Who gives a rats ass anyway, if I expressed concern in your eyes, then get them in for a check up. Blind worship for you know who will never cure that, simply because it’s the source of your ailment.

  88. 88
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Btw, my work calls for knowing a thing or two, that’s why I can do it, it can’t exactly be “pretend” or you’d be sadly duped and then some by now… so when you’re done sponging up what I know, tell me something I don’t. lol!

  89. 89
    Rascal says:

    Is it ok to like all versions of DP (with the the obvious exception of the JLT ‘thing’)?

    Or to have to remain loyal to just one version?

    Maybe I cant think for myself………

    “There are some days I practice positive thinking, and other days I’m not positive I am thinking.”

  90. 90
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I prefer not thinking at all.

    Positive thinking and so on seem to work, psychologically healthy people and so on.
    But I m not so sure if that has to with reality or not.

    Reality is a cup of coffee, I think.
    Lets make one, …………

  91. 91
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Is loyalty an overrated idea?Or not?

  92. 92
    Crimson Ghost says:

    No, but loyalty to something that hasn’t existed in nearly two decades just because you have separation anxiety or something is a bit defeating the purpose, it’s like you think they still exist and are just being substituted for the time being. Nice fantasy, what was that about reality again? Again, move on and find a new wrinkle, don’t worry, wrinkles are a sign of age so they’re right up your alley whether you know it or not.lol!

    I’d so love to say Blackmore sucks just for the sake of pissing you off, but there goes that word “reality” again, I guess I better try something else.lol! But you get the idea, I’m quite sure of that. Bugger!

  93. 93
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Just “can’t” negative never did anything, ever!

  94. 94
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    purplepriest 1965,

    Nah, not when it pleases me. I’m actually giving TMIB, whom you worship, a nod. He does have a heart.

    I can see what’s wrong with you. It’s in your head. :>

    Malignant narcissism…..

    You certainly are the captain of this ship….



  95. 95
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Another nail.

  96. 96
    Rascal says:

    Reality is the #1 cause of insanity among those who are in contact with it……

    Although………Insanity is my only means of relaxation these days…..

  97. 97
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    :>! ‘Nuff said….



  98. 98
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Without deviation from the norm, ‘progress’ is not possible.
    Most people wouldn’t know good music if it came up and bit them in the ass.

    Frank Zappa words to live by in a venue full of stubborn.
    Many more to come…

  99. 99
    Annemie says:

    Crimson Ghost,

    Perhaps you can log in to catch a place in the Guinnes Book of World Records.This for scribling the most unintelligible long phrases ever seen.

    Democracy is not your thing,language control neither.
    Becoming verbal abusive just implicates impotence and fanaticism.

    And about Morse or Blacmore…I suffer enthausiastically from the Back Plague of many fans. 😉

  100. 100
    Crimson Ghost says:

    That’s likely your problem with me then, obviously… that and the fact that I have never directed one word at you, so it wasn’t meant for “you” to understand_necessarily. Sorry to bore you, sincerely.

    I suggest you skip over my posts if you have trouble interpreting them or don’t find them interesting or informative… that’s what I do when that happens.

    “Language control?” what’s that all about???

    1. Don’t be so offended when I have never even exchanged one word with you.

    2. Who did I “verbally abuse?”

    Are we a bit ‘fanatical’ about someone who posts on these boards?
    I think so… he can handle his own business, so mind yours, please.


  101. 101
    Annemie says:

    Your hihgness 100…

    I didn’t know you owned this site these days…
    If not so, you can’t claim the exclusive right to decide who is permitted to read and react on your comments .
    Didn’t you notice…everyone is mixing and discussing and so on , with everyone…

    When you are so generous with your criticism and judgements, you also have to stand those addressed to you.

    I notice in further blogs, at least you are using more interpunctions and making better phrases 🙂
    Still, I see, you do not understand so well the English langage …

    I did not say you verbally abused ‘someone’…I just refered to you language.

    And about being fanatical…you sure are…about yourself!

    b.t.w.I’m writing a lot longer on the THS then you!

    Cheers ****** 🙂

  102. 102
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Come on Ladies……

  103. 103
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Ah, now I see the attraction.
    As far as refering to ‘me’ as a “lady” watch it there boy, you’re attempting to define “abuse” in every sense of the term, lol!


    That’s quite mature and non abusive yourself there, I don’t know how you manage.

    And a condescending cheers to you too, how noble of you.
    Also, I’d work on the gammar there myself before using it as a petty means of attcking someone out of the blue because you think Mr.Thick Skin is wounded by my remarks about him and you know who…. try spelling “language” correctly everytime you use it or point your finger elsewhere.

    One more thing expert…
    I happen to have been visiting this website since it went up in 1993, have been on the latest forum since the day it went up, contributed off and on to the first forum throughout it’s entire existence, and have contributed reviews, pictures, etc… all these years. Many here know of me and have for a long time, so I wouldn’t be so sure about your residence here exceeding mine, but you might be right… naw.

    Grow up!

  104. 104
    Thorsun says:

    Annemie is not the only one person who sees your style. Your language is condemning people for that the dare to criticize the new or criticize you. As Annemie says: “When you are so generous with your criticism and judgements, you also have to stand those addressed to you.” I totally agree. The way you speak shows clearly to me that you can’t do it, so you choose arrogant style as a sort of puny defense.

    This is a place for discussing things, not fighting others opinions. A field for training fists is anywhere else but here – Internet is full of places where you can try annonymousness and spit with hate against whatever.

    If you are so much for the “Contemporary Purple” – defend them relating to facts and factors behind their craft and justify their righteousness. I know I can use facts to discuss why I choose classic Purple over the current one. And I can talk it over without being arrogant to you. Can you do the same?

  105. 105
    Annemie says:

    # 103

    You are assuming again…

    I always wish freedom in opinion ,taste and reaction.

    You may be an authority, but you surely merit more credibility as a schoolteacher…

    I don’t know about Mr.’Thick Skin’,but I do know about Mister ‘Thick Brain’
    I notice, your statements can change as the weather!

    Cheers for now, grown-up one ! 8)

  106. 106
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe its weakening my, ahem, position…..


    I feel its all gone a bit too childish in general here….
    And I regret I more or less joined in that kind of behaviour.

    Well, back to my coffeetable.

  107. 107
    Rascal says:

    I think you maybe slightly overwhelmed with ‘Crimson Ghosts’ style…………

    Informative, and interesting can be a too much for some people…….

    CG is one of the few on here that can actually contributes and relate real information on a particular blog or blogs………

    I, on the other hand tend to spout crap……….two sides of a coin…….you might say……..

    And aint it fun……..

  108. 108
    Rascal says:

    “The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius.”

  109. 109
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, appearantly you re back on board.

    Aint it amusing….




    I d never dare……

  110. 110
    Rascal says:

    Im always on board……………

    Rest not. Life is sweeping by; go and dare before you die. Something mighty and sublime, leave behind to conquer time.

  111. 111
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Thorsun says:

    1. Annemie is not the only one person who sees your style. Your language is condemning people for that the dare to criticize the new or criticize you. As Annemie says: “When you are so generous with your criticism and judgements, you also have to stand those addressed to you.” I totally agree. The way you speak shows clearly to me that you can’t do it, so you choose arrogant style as a sort of puny defense.

    2. This is a place for discussing things, not fighting others opinions. A field for training fists is anywhere else but here – Internet is full of places where you can try annonymousness and spit with hate against whatever.

    3. If you are so much for the “Contemporary Purple” – defend them relating to facts and factors behind their craft and justify their righteousness. I know I can use facts to discuss why I choose classic Purple over the current one. And I can talk it over without being arrogant to you. Can you do the same?

    1. Well… that’s the risk I take when addressing childish and irrelevant remarks shown toward myself and outlandish mentions of RB where it never applies, and other nonsensical issues. Sometimes I irritate as well in the process, oh well, such is the design here if they allow it.

    What ‘Anneime’ said to me was completely uncalled for, simply because it was a sucker punch approach because I have never previously exchanged a word with this person, and that, Throsun, is what you call “personal attacking” and is much different than expressing any difference of opinion… and expressing the disgust for the constant mention of RB where it doesn’t apply is plenty fair game when it’s done so often. One man’s “arrogance” is another man’s misenterpretation, sometimes. Between this person and myself, there is no weight difference at all, especially when I was only being attacked because of MY RESPONSE to someone else. We all know that was only a stick-up for Priest, someone who should not act like he can hold his own, unless he can.
    So attacking me on behalf of him has got to be the most cowardly act displayed here. If this person knew better of me and did that, then we’d have a ‘real’ problem and I’d give it some thought perhaps. But defending myself against such attacks, in the very least is a self respecting means of action.

    2. Exactly, I have only participated in response, I don’t attack peoples overall opinions, I address what they say in their posts, and I don’t do what “Annemie” did and come out and flame anybody, ever!
    What I say to Priest is between us and has to do with what he posts, and there is nothing wrong with that… unlike Tracy I do not call him any names or any of that stuff… if you think I do, I suggest you pay better attention. I can understand if you feel I’m “arrogant” but I fairly detect plenty of that from you as well, according to your response, so look in the mirror!

    I also understand that you likely think RB should have everything to do with every word mentioned here, or you wouldn’t even care enough to approach me. Call it a good hunch, and see it for what it is… RB freaks have some separation anxiety issues that keep him from not being involved in their discussions that have nothing to do with him. Am I hurting anyone by saying that? If so, your motivation in addressing me could not be more obvious! I wouldn’t say it where it doesn’t belong, so praising him when the discussion has nothing to do with him is just plain annoying, and like you… I mention it when something annoys me… fair enough?!(Not to mention that before this week, you and I, just as “Annemie” and I, have not been acquainted enough to be engaging in this in the first place, comprehend?)

    3. When did I say I was against anything?
    The only points I’ve driven about it is that all line ups are good for something, and I have never said mk8 is ‘better’ than any of them, or that I prefer one much over another… I’m not stupid and don’t say things like that… however, I do complain about those who do say one is better than the other, because it’s always mentioned where it has no place, and it’s downright ridiculous sometimes. If I preferred Morse to Blackmore and wanted to carry on about it, it seems you would mind… but I don’t, so the mention of misenterpretation is a huge one, because it appears you think that’s my opinion, and if so, you’re not only dead wrong, you’re guilty yourself of what you’re complaining about me doing… if not, it certainly fits.

    If people would stop with the assumption that those who enjoy and have supported mkIIV and IIIV, must think mkII, III, IV, V, IV are somehow inferior, then things would come a long long way in this irrelevant battle between folks who should really see eye to eye a lot more than we do, since we all like something a name has had to offer.

    [sorry if I didn’t courteously space out my stentences but when it’s your only language and it’s how it’s done, it’s all you get, the effort to understand a second language is on the reader, lol!]

  112. 112
    Rascal says:

    “Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument is an exchange of ignorance”

    And yet………

    “Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows.”

    Ignaorance and indifference gets my vote!

  113. 113
    Crimson Ghost says:


  114. 114
    Annemie says:

    I witness the evolution from a reply into a novel…but the content remained still the same :0

    Nice you share the same thoughts on this one…
    You know…now we are called Throsun and Anneime 😀

    Your explosions of expert wit are truly great 🙂

  115. 115
    Crimson Ghost says:


    …you ‘practically’ begged for it, thanks for the compliment you don’t seem to be aware of giving me. And don’t forget to “grow up” while you’re at it.

    Move on…

  116. 116
    Annemie says:

    ‘The hall of the mountain king’ 8) just sounds superb energizing , this combined with a Stout assures me never to become mature 🙂
    Santjes…from little Annemieke

  117. 117
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Right, good excuse, very bright!
    Can’t argue with that at all, and wouldn’t have to if it were always the vibe… am I getting through?
    If we ‘all’ talked about what we like more often instead of what so many of us don’t, we’d have less communication breakdown.

    Positive vibes!

  118. 118
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Kudos to Rascal, Crimson Ghost, and Annemie, (to different extents…:>)

    Can we bring this particular blog to an end not much longer than my #118 post?


    I beg of all in this circus?

    Pints. Oh so many pints as I lay the eight ball in the side pocket for the win and at least another round….

    Va Voom! There she went again..!



  119. 119
    Annemie says:

    Perhaps we can vote ? 😉
    Oh help,this reply made the blog longer then #118…

    Just kidding….you know !!!

    Cheers !I was with Stella I believe ? 😀

  120. 120
    Crimson Ghost says:


  121. 121
    Annemie says:

    😉 Cheers

  122. 122
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Gulp, ah!


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