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Totally surprised in Poland

I’m so glad my larger half Zenek could go to this “DP show marathon” with me. He happily managed to recover. He likes Deep Purple, too.

Our pal Marcin asked us if we knew the setlist. We didn’t, but we asked him not to tell us. He assured we would be completely surprised. And in fact! I thought I’d fall off the chair when I heard “Hard lovin’ man”. Wow! I’ve never heard it live so far! The audience went crazy at once, all the more so as a storm of lights broke out on the stage.

“Things I never said”, OK, it’s nice, but then… Wow again! “Maybe I’m a Leo”! “Strange kind of woman”, “Rapture of the deep”, “Fireball”… and a surprise again: “Silver tongue” came back. Great! But it wasn’t the biggest surprise. After “The well dressed guitar” I thought I’d fall off my chair again: oh, bother, “Almost human”!!! Marcin was right, I was totally surprised.

Another attraction: the scenery of the show. Those lightnings, especially in “No one came” (another surprise of the setlist). Those unbelievable colors of lights. Those photos, videos and neon rosettes, especially in “Perfect strangers” and “Smoke”!

The band was in excellent form, although Mr Gillan sometimes sang out of tune… But “Fireball” sounded superb, as if a real fireball crossed the hall. So did “Hard lovin’ man”. Lots of brilliant solos from Steve and Don, as usual. And something new occured: before encores Don took a glass of beer and drank our health, like Lynyrd Skynyrd a few years ago. 🙂 Cheers, Don!

The audience was much more enthusiastic than I expected. Those young girls lifted up by their friends! If they could, they would start to fly. In front of our chairs some people of our age stood up and started dancing. So did I. Yes, the show was great, young people enjoyed, so did older people… Deep Purple were in Rzeszów (Resovia) for the first time, and I think the band fell in love with Resovian fans and will come back there soon. I hope so, as I like this town and will visit it again with pleasure. Long live Podpromie!

Many thanks, Pawel, for giving us a lift after show. Thanks to you we didn’t need to look for a night-bus. Cheers!

– Joanna Ostrowiecka

5 Comments to “Totally surprised in Poland”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Way to go Marcin, my pal too!

  2. 2
    marcinn says:


  3. 3
    Juraj says:

    …all this sounds great,can not be gossip,but the real Joanna:-)Dzienkuje slicne for the report I had a big dilemma to choose if to go to Rzeszow or to Olomouc to see the band,because I live somewhere between.Olomouc was amazing just like Rzeszow.The report could be from Olomouc,I would just add 2 fact.The hall in Olomouc was totally sold out,plenty of people was trying to buy ticket from some other people.And that hall was soo cold inside,despite it was packed by the funs to the roof.Simply said:cold like in Alaska,but Purple played hot like in Arizona.

  4. 4
    Tomasz says:

    my pictures from Wroclaw show: http://www.purple.bo.pl

  5. 5
    Joanna says:

    I’ve seen. Nice photos. I’ve written about Katowice and Wroclaw shows, too, but I don’t know when they will appear here… Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

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