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Really happy in Lyon

Set list :*HardLovin’ Man – Things I Never Said – Maybe I’m a Leo – Strange Kind of Woman – Rapture of the Deep – Fireball – Silver Tongue – Contact Lost – When A Blind Man Cries – The Well-Dressed Guitar – Almost Human – Lazy – No One Came – keyboard solo – Perfect Strangers – Space Truckin’ – Smoke on the Water.

Encore: Hush – Black night.

I saw DP approximately twenty times and the set list was a real good surprise: “Hard Lovin’ man” as an opener is terrific, with an incredible energy: it works much better than “Highway star” on the last tour. Songs like “Silver tongue” and “Almost human” sound fresh and exciting. I was just a little bit bored to hear again (and again) Space truckin’, I would have prefer a song maybe from the “purpendicular” era.

I noticed several highlights : “Things I never said” for the superb instrumental passages between Morse and Airey ; “Fireball” played at the speed of light with perfect vocals and terrific solo from Airey ; “When a blind man cries”, very stirring because of Ian Gillan performance ; “Almost human” because Don solo was incredibly good. For a lot of people in the crowd, he was the star of this night.

Maybe because it’s one of the first dates of the tour, the band was in fine form, especially Ian Gillan who sang very well from the beginning to the end. And you know, when his voice is good, everything works, the rest of the band seemed relax and played with passion and power.

From the last album, “Rapture of the deep” was introduced by Big Ian as “a song from the last album … the last album before the next album!!” everyone laughed on stage!

As always in France, during his solo, Don Airey played several notes of “La Marseillaise” our national hymn, and he was really well welcomed.

The classics songs were played perfectly and it was definitively a very good concert, much better than the last one I saw in Chambéry, in France, a year ago, where they looked tired. I was so disappointed last year that I didn’t send a review!

The band seemed really happy at the end of the show, and it was the same for the crowd. The band received very good reviews in the newspapers the day after.

– Lionel Bouvet – Annecy (France)

11 Comments to “Really happy in Lyon”:

  1. 1
    Juan says:

    Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kymmo/sets/72157625331656656/with/5154105251/

  2. 2
    Serguei says:

    Yeah, awesome show. The Running Birds – discovered by Paicey in Italy? – warmed up nicely, and the crowd was extatic. Lotsa young faces in the audience. DP looked very fresh, joking among themselves… A true delight

  3. 3
    Adcawy says:

    I can’t understand why all people who saw last concerts speak that Gillan sings beautiful… Maybe it’s a miracle in France? I saw last concerts on youtube – he is terrible! Especially Space Truckin’…

  4. 4
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Sorry, but if all you have to compare to is a lousy sounding Youtube vid…..you really can’t criticize. Go see the LIVE. Spend the Money. Take the Trip. Web Surfing for a critique doesn’t cut it….


  5. 5
    byron says:

    Just come back from their show in Paris..Excellent show ,the venue was sold out..the set list was the same except the first number…Highway star is back!Gillan was OK and the band seems to have a really good time on stage.And the audience was happy!

  6. 6
    dave smith says:

    Adcawy- “I saw last concerts on youtube-he is terrible!’ You just answered yourself-you actually have to GO to gigs to be critical about them-not just sit in your bedroom on the internet!!

  7. 7
    worf says:

    yes ,very great show!

  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I agree that lousy quality tubes are not THE thing to get ones information from.
    But it seems inevitable to conclude Ian is not struggling.

    There are good parts ofcourse.
    And he has this recognisable voice, even though it has changed considerably over the years.
    It s always the same discussion; he should avoid the parts that are now impossible to do for him.

    I wish he could bow out majesty like; this is too often emberassing.


  9. 9
    byron says:

    oh and in Paris they even played “Goin’down”!

  10. 10
    Moreblack says:

    Wow Hard Lovin Man…what a treat…cool

  11. 11
    MrPtheDPfan says:

    Nice to hear they still rock . Thank You .

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