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Two are better than one

It has become a good tradition during Steve Morse’s tenure in the band to invite other musicians to jam on stage with Deep Purple. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Hey, it’s only a jam after all!

Here is an example where it worked beautifully. On February 11, 2004 Deep Purple played a gig at the Warfield in San Francisco. Joe Satriani happened to be in the neighbourhood and was invited to jam for the encore of Hit the Road Jack and Black Night. This is a little gem that resulted from it:

Thanks to Ulfinho who posted the link in our forum.

24 Comments to “Two are better than one”:

  1. 1
    mike says:


  2. 2
    PATRICK says:


  3. 3
    mike whiteley says:

    WOW !!
    Excellent stuff !!
    Steve and Satch duel without stepping all over each other,and they compliment each other’s playing style quite well !!
    I’ll never be able to watch Michael Bradford’s wah-wah’ed appearance on Montreux,2006 again !!

  4. 4
    Joanna says:


  5. 5
    mikesmfc says:

    Wow amazing I have heard this before but being able to watch it was amazing!

    Thank you

  6. 6
    AndreA says:

    ..and RB mind to sheeps,fairies,castles……after a good camomile and into his confortable bed….yaaawnnn. God Bless IG and the others!!! RockNroll forever rules!!

  7. 7
    Robert Daems says:

    Wow, take this to Europe my friends !!!

  8. 8
    Louis says:

    First of all – the negatives – the sound quality is pretty bad and secondly “Black Night” has never been one of my faves, but man-o-man what great jamming. Also, I love the way good ole humble Steve, with the ever present ear to ear grin, moves to the back of the stage and gives Joe the first solo spot. I sure would like to meet Steve – I have a feeling he is just as nice of a guy as he seems.

    On another note – has anyone ever noticed the similarity between “Black Night” and “We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet” by the Blues Magoos?

  9. 9
    Johannes says:

    There remains only the question, why does the real stuff never appear on an official DVD or CD?
    Who is responsible, to the devil, for what has to be on the official publications?
    If I know that in a certain evening two biggest guitarists play together, then I provide for a video camera and a well-arranged tape recorder, instead, one must do to himself on ” Live at Montreux ” the moaning of Michael Bradfords of old guitar.

  10. 10
    T says:

    Satriani and Morse are technically similar in their approach and style. Very musical–sophisticated–with all their knowledge of scales and arrangement and how to apply them. They go together well.

    The “Major Impacts” albums are similar to what Joe does. It’s clear Joe is less used to straight-ahead rock and roll. Then again, Steve plays these songs every single day.

    So different than Blackmore with the smack-you-in the face, “destruction as music” Dorian/blues approach (I said “different”–not “better”. That’s up to personal taste). Later Blackmore was much more legato–almost slurred–compared to the very crispy style of these two guys.

    The duet at the end is fabulous. Doing it on the fly like that is a testament to a lot of training and discipline. I wish they’d gone into that a little earlier.

    Dualing banjos. How fun is that?

  11. 11
    Mitzidupree says:

    (I hope) later : “three are better than one” (Blackmore, Morse and Satriani).

  12. 12
    Jim says:

    The stage set-up, other hints, and the lack of Engl amps for Steve suggest this is the Bannanas tour and not this year…


  13. 13
    Jim says:

    Oops, sorry. I didn’t see the 2004 up there. It *is* the Bannanas tour. Did Joe show up this year as well?

  14. 14
    Hofmeyer says:

    Nope. Satch stayed off stage this year. When Gillan was in town, earlier this year, Lars Ulrich from Metallica sat in on ‘Smoke’. Interestingly, the local “smoke this” contest winner for the Gillan show sent out an evite stating that Joe Satriani was going to guest as well. Instead, there was a sign that stated that Joe Satriani was not going to appear.

    The guitar player from Night Ranger made a guest appearance at the most recent Purple show.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I used this song to death, like we all did………..
    But after a zillionth time of hearing the zillionth version…..
    Let’s sent the song on vacation for a while, please?
    Espescially when it’s played WRONG by people who do it worse than most aspiring amateurs……….

  16. 16
    eugen says:

    now deep purple it”s young forewer

  17. 17
    Rascal says:

    OH no ‘priest’ is bored!! Its played wrong?? you must be a guitar vertuoso, and legend in your own small mind.

  18. 18
    TruthHurts says:

    PurplePriest and I are used to hearing blues and hard rock by people who actually deeply feel it, know its parameters and choose equipment appropriate to this style.
    Personally I think it has been a major problem finding a guitarist since the Punk era who can do classic rock justice, they all want to add strange chord inversions and jazzy scales etc. They can’t seem to accept and love the songs for what they are.
    Fortunately in the last few years I have noticed that in Japan there has been an attempt to return to doing rock (and even pop) properly by some artists, a fine example being the excellent Akira Kajiyama.

  19. 19
    PATRICK says:

    its not played wrong its just that NO ONE can sound like the original composer

  20. 20
    Rascal says:

    Well Im glad their is a couple amongst us who think they are ‘blues and hard rock’ experts. I can rest easy!!

    Mind you, im sure one or two others of us out there can claim to listen to music, and know its parameters also. But its still intriguing that these ‘experts’ are able to tell us which musicians ‘deeply feel’ their music. Im sure thats called opinion, but I guess they use their ‘expert opinion’.

    So to those of you who enjoyed SM & JS……….it was wrong, amateurish, played by musicians who dont ‘feel deeply’ about their music.

    Thank goodness these ‘experts’ can spot inspiration, and talent. No doubt they are musicans with ‘feel’, and million selling albums themselves.

  21. 21
    Danny Blue says:

    Thats a bit rough on them Rascal.

    These experts are entitled to opinions, even if they are based on their own guitar fantasies and day dreams.

  22. 22
    purpdawg says:

    Nasty. Goosebumps.

  23. 23
    purpdawg says:

    Hey Truth and Priest! Boring? Punk era? So you are actually referring to people from the “punk era” as musicians? I guess you don’t get it if the punk era is all you are bringing to the table. Maybe you have heard of improvisation? What is DP known for? Improvisational jams that work sometimes and don’t work other times. There are not many bands who are good enough or have balls enough to even try it. These guys have always thrived on it. I understand everyone has every right to whatever opinion they have, but PUNK ERA?! Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming.

  24. 24
    Scott W. says:

    I was at this show. It was the Warfield in San Fran. 2004.

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