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Steve Morse and Joe Satriani

Former Deep Purple guitarist (1993 – 94) Joe Satriani did a concert in Orlando, FL, USA last friday. During the encore (around 30 min), Eric Johnson and Steve Morse came up on stage and did “Red House” and “Going Down”.
Thanks to Joe Satriani for the information

2 Comments to “Steve Morse and Joe Satriani”:

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    Gavin James says:

    Steve Morse played in Florida on the 21st of April and then in New Zealand on the 26th? Really?? No wonder the bum notes, he would have been completely shagged out. lol. I am very doubtful that he could have made it in time really. And I can assure you that Steve did play in Wellington on the 26th. Are you sure you mean the 21st?

  2. 2
    Svante Pettersson says:

    That’s five days between the gigs. I am sure workaholic Morse has done worse gigs than that. :^)

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