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Glenn Hughes Interview

Music Street Journal has done a interview with Glenn Hughes, which has just been published. Here is a excerpt:

Music Street Journal: There have been rumors you might get involved in the remastering of Deep Purple’s Stormbringer.

Glenn Hughes: I’ve done that. I was in the studio at Abbey Road three months ago to do “Holy Man” and I did it really quick. I put the board tape up from the 24 track from ’74 and it sounded so great that I mixed it. I mixed a few more songs. I mixed “Holy Man,” “You Can’t Do It Right,” “Love Don’t Mean a Thing.” I mixed them in the afternoon. I did a slightly different mix than what you’ve heard already with a little raw vocal, probably more funk on those tracks, more than you probably remember. I’ve added a couple of things on guitar that we didn’t have on the original. And I’ve added a new vocal on “Hold On” so it’s kind of an interesting mix.

Read the full interview here.
Thanks to Music Street Journal for the information.

4 Comments to “Glenn Hughes Interview”:

  1. 1
    Ed says:

    If he messed with the guitars , you know who will be pissed !!

  2. 2
    Seek says:

    Ritchie dont like it…

  3. 3
    luke63 says:

    Who cares! “Glenn Can Do It Right”!

  4. 4
    Eric Odijk says:

    Ritchie was pissed about the whole album to begin with. But Glenn adding guitars, whoa, that Mk3 reunion is now just a little further away.

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