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Gillan in Heaven and Hell – April Fools


As you probably have already heard, following the gig at the Radio City Music Hall on March 30th, Ronnie James Dio has announced that he is quitting Heaven and Hell tour for undisclosed reasons. Apparently Tony Iommi wants to fulfil the band’s extensive US and European touring commitments in April/May/June. He has asked Ian Gillan to step in for Dio if they rename the project Born Again.

Gillan, when caught backstage after the show in Limoges, confirmed that he had spoken to Tony and said he has to “think it over”, but he’ll probably do it if the schedule doesn’t clash with Deep Purple’s – and there’s no dry ice on stage.

Let’s see what does this boil down to (provided all the lawyers and managers can come to an agreement as well). Deep Purple are on tour in UK from April 21 to May 3, then on to the continent until May 27, practically non-stop. Which rules out the Born Again US tour. But at the moment it looks like Ian Gillan is available for the European dates in June.

Brace yourself, I like the smell of deja vu in the morning. It really was a meeting, the bottle took a beating. Ladies of the manor watched me climb into my car…

Thanks to Hubert Jesslilt for the info.

31 Comments to “Gillan in Heaven and Hell – April Fools”:

  1. 1
    Burn says:

    He He april fool!!

  2. 2
    69 says:

    That´s a fun story(and also kind of clever constructed), certainly better than some of the previous years(especially those that came out of the Blackmore Internet camp), would be cool if it actually was true but even on other dates of the year we couldn´t even read about IG performing Trashed on the Gillan´s Inn tour.

    But good idea nontheless, much better than yet another story of a confirmed DPMKII Reunion, that wouldn´t even work on days that don´t open the year´s second quarter. 😉

  3. 3
    Karl-Heinz says:

    ooooh . I needed some minutes to understand this break-through-message in all it’s glory.

    The day after March 30th. seemed to become a historical date for DP and Sab Fans all over the world.

    After all this I feel like born again in heaven and hell.

    And if Dio will come back on April, 2nd I will know, that still the mob rules.


  4. 4
    Frank says:

    I realy hope this is happening.
    The line will be very power ful,
    if not i hope that gillan turnes up on on of ther showes



  5. 5
    Hans-Dieter says:

    A Perfect Strange 1st April joke.

  6. 6
    Jon B says:

    DOH! I was caught out! Dammit.

  7. 7
    A Perfect Strange 1st April joke. (PART II) says:

    A PERFECT STRANGE 1st April Joke

    LISTEN, LEARN, READ ON and tell it EMERETTA, OUR LADY. Don´t forget KENTUCKY WOMAN, WOMAN FROM TOKYO and STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN and all the other PERFECT STRANGERS. Let them all know: It´s APRIL the 1st!
    See you all at ROSA`S CANTINA where SOMEBODY STOLE MY GUITAR all things are BANANAS. After that get in your car and BURN down to the HOUSE OF THE BLUE LIGHT where THE BATTLE RAGES ON and NOBODY`S PERFECT. There we are not SLAVES AND MASTERS.
    IN ROCK we live forever!

  8. 8
    jimmy says:

    is this spinal tap 2

  9. 9
    MayDay says:

    Happy April!!!!! 😀

  10. 10
    sicfella says:

    seems this joke is widely circulated.heres the similar story on sabbath website..http://black-sabbath.com/news/index.html

  11. 11
    Rockin' Ron Simon says:

    Almost had us there. My mate called me all frantic-like, ‘cuz we’re holding H&H tickets for their Chi-town gig 5/5!
    Rock on H.S.!!!!! \m/ ^_^ \m/

  12. 12
    White Fender says:

    Great! And I’m the new drummer in Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

  13. 13
    purpura says:

    I heard who Ozzy will be the singer for the rest of the tour.

  14. 14
    purplesky says:

    don’t leave purple for that digital bitch, IAN!
    you’re gonna kill your voice, for sure
    you were so good on the last french tour, so please, give us some purple screams again

  15. 15
    Henrik Maymann says:

    – too cool!

  16. 16
    ormandy says:

    It’s true. I’ve talked to Ian myself!

  17. 17
    Adel Faragalla says:

    God knows how Ian Gillan could do it but if he did the guy will be in the history books as the hardest working singer on the planet at the age of 61 please let me have some of the tablets he is on.

  18. 18
    Anya aka Emaretta says:

    OMG! I was caught out! Gimme some medicine… oohhhmm 😀

  19. 19
    Adam says:

    Oh boy, this is not the type of 1st April fun that I appreciate…because I thought the idea as such would be really, really cool, until, see above, I remembered what date it is. I did like Black Sabbath with Ian Gillan, so a slight heartbreak mixes up with the fun as far as I’m concerned. And by the way, if that really were to happen, we also needed Bev Bevan in the place of Vinnie Appice! But alas…

  20. 20
    George says:

    What the hell!!! This makes no sence at all!! People have been waiting for 15 yrs to see dio with sabbath and have been running to get tickets and your telling me all of sudden dio leaves and all of the sudden fans are just going accept Ian singing with the band when they waited “15 yrs” to see dio sing with them. yeah right!! all the money invested with promoters and managers with h & h project. NO WAY!! NICE TRY!! This would only make sense at another time and place. Ian stay with deep purple so I can see you tour with them this year.

  21. 21
    dr.robert says:

    Ian Gillan is Deep Purple singer. This is 1 april joke.
    Gillan is too gret and old for hevy metal.

  22. 22
    dr.robert says:

    Ian Gillan is Deep Purple singer. This is 1 April joke.
    Gillan is too great and old for heavy metal.

  23. 23
    Deanna says:

    And I was sitting there this past Friday evening @ Radio City Music Hall thinking just this, that how great it would be for a ” Born Again ” follow up and Reunion tour!

    Some April Fool…some people are just soo cruel :(!!!

  24. 24
    renzo says:

    hey, where the f*@k is Dave Donato? hehe

  25. 25
    Adam says:

    Or maybe a “Seventh Star” reunion with Glenn Hughes (Caution! Irony!) He would be available for just any reunion, wouldn’t he?

  26. 26
    Martin says:

    Ha! Ha! But stranger things have happened you know………

  27. 27
    Alex says:

    Is it too late for Ray Gillen……. erm, oh sorry!!

  28. 28
    renzo says:

    ehm… I have the ultimate solution: Kelly Osbourne with Black Sabbath!

  29. 29
    Stefan says:

    Hilarious,but god forbid!

    I still try to recover from that godawful and unholy alliance……..please age gracefully Ian….no more fuckups!!All the best!!

  30. 30
    AndreA says:

    Me too I was caught out! But I hope It shall be real: I dream it.

  31. 31
    bill f says:

    With all do respect to Ian , joke or not. He doesn’t have the chops to sing sabbath stuff anymore. Especially after hearing him murder “wasted sunsets” on his Gillian tour. Quit smoking, stop drinking, or lower the keys.
    I love the guy , but let’s be realistic, It ain’t never gonna happen.

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