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Ireland & UK 2002

Sadly Ian Gillan's illness forced Deep Purple to postpone the second half of their longest UK tour in many years starting with the second London show. Many people have expressed concern for Ian, and in his honour Garry Smith juggled a few words into a fitting tribute to Ian. You'll all know the melody...

The first couple of weeks of the tour got fantastic reviews (see below) as the band not only pre-viewed new songs off the forthcoming album, but also re-visited some rarely played old classics.

Tell us about the shows you saw (No attached Word files, and remember to include your full name). To avoid repetition, please check the reviews already on this page. If your review does not appear on the site right away please be patient. Re-sending doesn't help.

The re-scheduled dates

This photo taken by Manfred Stoffer at Harrogate. See more photos from the tour. If you want your concert photos on The Highway Star, please send them to Svante only.

The Guardian conducted a Q&A session with Ian Gillan which spawned some peculiar answers.

Rasmus Heide, reviews editor

* include setlists - possibly unconfirmed.

This page last updated: March 17, 2002 (117 reviews)

Ireland & UK 2002

The Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland
February 4, 2002

Dave Morrissey
Pat & Fiona Dalton
Martin Fahy
Billy Kane
Brendan Maquire
Martin Nicoloff

David Fallon
Saul Evans
Mary o'Hehir
Bernard Stobie
Gerry Healion

Auditorium, Grimsby, UK
February 6, 2002

John Ashbrook*
Steve Ratchford
Chris & Sharon Pearson
This Is Grimsby (newspaper)
Alan Bristow

Bob Brill
Ali & Tom Beaumont
David Meadows
Doug Macbeath

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK
February 7, 2002

Kevin Bailey
Christos Gatzidis
James Spackman

Phil Walker

International Centre, Harrogate, UK
February 8, 2002

Dave Croft
Chris Mallinson
Tom Fox
Bill O'Brien

Keith Scoullar
The Guardian (newspaper)
James Littlewood

Apollo, Oxford, UK
February 10, 2002

Ian R Nichols
Dennis Brown
Craig Storey
Calum Beatt
David Gatfield

Alan Savill
Dave Govier
Graham Guideshouse
Peter Wooding
Dennis Bird

Cliffs Pavillion, Southend, UK
February 11, 2002

Graham Venour
Alun Priddle
Bob Coombes
Colin Grant
Chris Shayler
Jonathan Stokes
Russell Thorndike
Ian Cotts

Jon Collin*
Andy Fletcher
Andy Spiller
Andy Lye*
Benny Woodman
Mark Lewis
David Law
Martin O'Brien
City Hall, Sheffield, UK
February 12, 2002
Ivor Williams
Debbie Harris
Ray Fox
Robert Brownlow
Ian Morrison

Apollo, Manchester, UK
February 14, 2002

Ian Dunbar
Chris Ramsden
Garry McGaffney
Neil Broadhurst
Alan Salt
Craig Henshall
Empire, Liverpool, UK
February 15, 2002
Keith Thompson
Kathy Mulhearn
Mike Jevons
Gary Baxter
Nikki & Chris Smith
Phil Tidmarsh
Chris Joy
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK
February 16, 2002 - postponed
Alastair Bruce  
International Centre, Bournemouth, UK
February 18, 2002
Andrew Poole
Kurt N
Gavin Bartlet
Mark Lythgoe
Trevor Snell
Hugh Braddock
Adrian Starks
Matt Love
Simon Smith

The Centre, Brighton, UK
February 19, 2002

Richard Mackey*
Danny West
Tim Andrews
Chris Shelton
James Ballard
International Arena, Cardiff, UK
February 20, 2002
Dave Poole
Steve Hatton
Clive Utting
Peter Gaskell
Mark G

Dave Bonner
Richard Hedges
Steve Harvey
David J Nixon
Mark Thompson

Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
February 22, 2002
Rasmus Heide*
David Meadows

Matthew Burbridge
Gerhard Jahnel (German)
Harriet Ruahton
Nigel Kersh
Botjan Zadnikar
Giddy Zipori
Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
February 23, 2002 - postponed
Mark Crutchlow
Svent Gustav
Marcus Streets
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK
February 24, 2002 - postponed
Tim Hopkins  
St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK
February 26, 2002 - postponed
City Hall, Newcastle, UK
February 27, 2002 - postponed
Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, UK
February 28, 2002 - postponed
Jim Irons  
Regent, Ipswich, UK
March 2, 2002 - postponed
Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
March 3, 2002 - postponed


Pavillions, Plymouth, UK
March 4, 2002 - postponed


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