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Rasmus Heide, reviews editor

House of Blues Road Show at the Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
Dec 5, 1997
Ed Janx
Rob & Ally Reed
Andy Samford
Keith Cocking
Nelson Easler Tom Peary
Doug Bernhard
Tom Inman
Jonathon Moorman
Dimiter Gerensky
House of Blues Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Dec 6, 1997
Glenn Buitton
John Karp
Mats Linden
Terry Sears
Will Bryle
Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, Pompano Beach, FL
Dec 7, 1997
Elizabeth Quevedo
Reinaldo Alves
Laura Castanza
Gary Landry
Jim Fahey
Frank Eckert
Tracy Heyder
House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
Dec 10, 1997
Robert Rowan
Special report: The Highway Star's Ed Janx's road trip to Myrtle Beach.
House of Blues, New Orleans, LA
Dec 12, 1997
Bobby "BB" Gervais
House of Blues, New Orleans, LA
Dec 13, 1997
Steve Quarrella
Kevin Shirley (pre-show!)
David Williams
Dimitrios Deves
Eric Sloan
Kevin Shirley
Randy Garst
Bobby "BB" Gervais
House of Blues, Chicago, IL
Dec 15, 1997
Sumit Roy
Glen Miller
Eric Eisenstein
John Hopkins
Rick Wimmer
Jonathan Cornick
James R Collins
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
Collin O'Brien
House of Blues, Chicago, IL
Dec 16, 1997
Glen Miller
Collin O'Brien
Michael Davis
Dale Anderson
Timothy C. Phillis
House of Blues, Chicago, IL
Dec 17, 1997
Collin O'Brien
Special report: Doug MacBeath travelled from Scotland to see all three Chicago shows.
House of Blues, Hollywood, CA
Jan 28, 1998

Watch the concert in Realvideo!
Dave Linck
Doug Painter
Michael Friedman
Dana McDermott
Doug MacBeath
Hollywood Reporter
Osbaldo Carrillo (Pre-show)
House of Blues, Hollywood, CA
Jan 29, 1998
Dana McDermott
Eric Hokenson
Paul Pedroli
Steve Fisher
Bob Lopinski
Glen Miller
House of Blues, Hollywood, CA
Jan 30, 1998
Glen Miller
Dana McDermott
Joel Andriese
Paul Pedroli
House of Blues, Hollywood, CA
Jan 31, 1998
Tommy Fiore
Steph Greenberg
Dave Linck
Mark Bustamante
Terry Coakley
Paul Pedroli
Dana McDermott
Kyle Jones
Glen Miller
Melissa Cordell
Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, AZ
Feb 2, 1998
Phil Seaborn
Osbaldo Carrillo
D.J. Embry
Randy Walton
Bill Earl
Altin Alimehmeti
Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico
Feb 4, 1998
Jorge López de Cárdenas
Edgar Alvarado Cortez
Raul Quijas
Edgar Alvarado Cortez (Pre-show)
Auditorio Coca Cola, Monterrey, Mexico
Feb 5, 1998
Edgar Alvarado Cortez
El Norte
Federico Heinrichs
Manuel Velasco
Anfiteatro Hotel Herradura, San José, Costa Rica
Feb 8, 1998
Verny Herra
Rolando Procupez
Luis A. Monge
Juan Sjobohm

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