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Live archive 1972

The official YouTube channel for the band has posted 50 live tracks from selected 1971/72 bootlegs. Those are tagged as a Live Archive 1972 Vol. 1 playlist and said archive includes:

  • Dagenham 19/02/1972
  • Royal Albert Hall 04/10/1971
  • Wolverhampton 20/02/1972
  • San Bernardino 28/01/1972
  • New York 31/08/1972
  • West Palm Beach, Florida, 14/07/1972
  • Leeds 29/09/1972
  • Quebec City 06/04/1972 (with Randy California on guitar)

Thanks to Tobias Janaschke and Bo Olsson for the heads up.

36 Comments to “Live archive 1972”:

  1. 1
    MacGregor says:

    Will have a listen to a few classics from the golden era. Thanks for posting these tracks.
    All the best to one & all for the festive season & another year that will be upon us very soon. Gillan sounding a little hoarse on Highway Star, he really did crank it to 11 back then, too much in looking at it from hindsight. A slightly different organ solo from Jon Lord on HS. Same with Blackmore. A fair bit of improv on this, or trying out a few different things, rusty & all. We were spoilt big time with the MIJ release. so familiar with those recordings & hearing another version is different indeed. Cheers.

  2. 2
    Gregster says:

    Awesome ! Thanks very much guys ! It’s been a long time waiting for these gems !

    Have a great Christmas & new year everyone !

    Peace !

  3. 3
    Purpledaniel says:

    Good stuff, will be my playlist today.
    Ohh I will be looking foward for MK III and IV tracks next!

  4. 4
    SF says:

    Probably the same thinking went behind this, as behind Pink Floyd’s bootlegs released not too long ago and deleted shortly after, to extend copyrights over the recordings.

  5. 5
    Gregster says:

    @4 Anything is possible I suppose…But at least there’s a window of opportunity to hear these tunes for now !

    That said, the play-list offered is surprisingly long, though very repetitive too, & it would appear that no complete shows are available, just selected tunes.
    *( Though I have only had a quick glance through it all, & not yet researched the shows or original bootleg contents ).

    I’d be very happy just to see the rest of the Deep Purple ( Overseas ) Live Series released, as they’re all finished, & likely sitting in an EarMusic warehouse somewhere lol ! Only three more releases to go !

    Peace !

  6. 6
    MA says:

    WABMC live Quebec 1972. Amazing!

  7. 7
    Leslie S Hedger says:

    Excellent!! Thanks Much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

  8. 8
    Jan says:

    Wow, cool: I saw on my streaming service (Tidal) that all 6 shows are almost completely available there:


  9. 9
    Scott W says:

    It’s nice that these are available to people that have not heard them. I have had copies of this stuff on CDR and silver boots for decades. There is so much more out there.

  10. 10
    Purpledaniel says:

    For MKIII lovers, seek out the Milwaukee 74 boot. Poor quality and weird edits, but blows away any other MKIII release, Live in London included.

  11. 11
    max says:

    @5 WORD!

    I am waiting for those releases too.

  12. 12
    Jet Auto Jerry says:

    Listening to it at work today. Bouncing around and boy that Quebec City is a rough listen.

    @ 5 & 11: Yeah, me too.

    @ 10: I am going to have to try and find that…..

  13. 13
    Jet Auto Jerry says:

    OK, after listening to much more of it, a lot of it is rough. But it is a good rough.

  14. 14
    Gary Carr says:

    It’s available on iTunes UK for £13.99

  15. 15
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @4: And Floyd released even more this year: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/pink-floyd-quietly-put-18-201035109.html

  16. 16
    MacGregor says:

    Yes rough indeed are bootleg recordings but at least they are a genuine live recording. That Quebec version of Lazy is a Jon Lord fest indeed. I suppose with Randy California filling in for the Man In Black, Lord would have had to fill in more just in case California missed or wasn’t sure of certain sections of the song. It is interesting to hear. Regarding Pink Floyd releasing the 1972 Dark Side concerts, tally ho. The days when an artists could play a future recording live in concert & iron out a few issues etc without having to put up with, well we know what goes on in todays ‘technological’ world. Be good everyone, if that is possible. Cheers.

  17. 17
    IvoSan says:

    Also available on the US Itunes store for 21.59 USD

    It is not the first time some bootleg cuts are released to keep some copyright on the performances. One song form Amsterdam Paradiso 1969 was released on Sonic Zoom’s “New Live & Rare”

  18. 18
    Tony says:

    Is this a Christmas gift from the band ? Well thank you …..but I’m old fashioned , it doesn’t seem to fix me too put it on my computer, or to put it on mp3……what a world…..
    lucky if got the album….. Made in Japan…….

    Oh well !!
    Can’t help about the shape I’m in
    Can’t sing, I ain’t pretty and my legs are thin
    Don’t ask me what I think of you
    Might not give the answer that you want me to

  19. 19
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Hear ye, hear ye,

    Not on subject, but news flash: Steve Morse Band brief 5 city Northeast US tour.

    George Martin, if you happen to read this. The Vogel in Red bank February 27th. My tickets are secured. :>


  20. 20
    Gregster says:

    @18 Yes, I’m having trouble too in permanently downloading the offered recordings. As others have posted, there are other sites offering these gems for payment…

    The trick is to have a digital recorder or another computer, & record the tunes whilst you’re listening to them in real time ! Simply hook-up the speaker-out from one computer, whilst recording into the other using the “mic in” input. ( And use its speaker-out for your listening ). Depending on your computers audio-program & year / build, you may have to download a program like “Audacity” to record with, as they shaved the uses right down with “Realtek audio manager” over the years which is typically found on Windows. Aim for a -6db average floating recording level. Should you use “Audacity”, have the recording “mic-in” setting at about 75%, with the primary computers volume-out at 100%, & you’ll be close to that -6db threshold. There are many free recording programs to choose from. I simply remember Audacity as it’s simple to use.

    Peace !

  21. 21
    Steve nixon says:

    Yes the sounds a bit all over the place on some tracks….. but you can feel the energy on stage. Magic.
    And nearly 10 minutes of Fireball from the RAH. Don’t know how I’ve missed that one before. Great stuff.
    Hope the new years good for everyone!

  22. 22
    Rock Voorne says:

    Dont understand the fuzz.
    Werent these recordings not all available tru different channels?

  23. 23
    Gregster says:

    @22…Hey Rock, yes, probably most, if not all these recordings were available at one-point in time for sure. I’d suggest that now they’re available in an official capacity, may kill-off the bootleggers in rebooting them in the future.

    Quite a few well known bands have made an effort in posting up their work over the years ( radio broadcasts & bootlegged shows etc etc ) on what’s called the “Internet Archive”…Perhaps DP could consider doing the same at some point, where all this material is freely available for everyone to enjoy & share ?

    It’s been a while since I perused the sight ( I was looking for Be Bop Deluxe state-side recordings ), but was surprised to find many known bands there such as Little feat & the Grateful Dead, with massive catalogs available.

  24. 24
    Rock Voorne says:


    I m afraid I got thoroughly spoiled downloading this stuff for years in FLAC format .
    Never understood why re issues on cd/vinyl were accompagnied with MP3’s.

    Whats the point having that?

    They easily could have given flac or wav quality.

    Even less I understand people buying equipment that converts their tapes and vinyl into…..mp3….

    A friend of mine who made music himself did not inderstand my problem with mp 3. Weird.

  25. 25
    Gregster says:

    Hi Rock,

    The MP3 format is for most people ( like myself ), is to grab a CD, & then burn-it onto a hard-drive & into a folder that may contain “everything” that you’ve acquired in this format. Since computers & hard-drives are “marketed & priced” on their available space, the MP3 format offers much reduced disc-space needed via compression. You can in most cases decompress these folders back into FLAC if so desired.

    Also, marketing & Wi-Fi expenses vary greatly from country to country, so that if you were to buy a new release on-line in MP3 format, costs are reduced greatly, & the “product” delivered immediately over the net. Most music that’s say 1-hour long in FLAC format consumes around 150-Mb’s of data. In MP3 format, at the best quality setting of 320-kbps, can have this size reduced to around 50-Mb’s.

    Many people say that they can hear the difference between formats, but for myself, I can hear no difference in sound quality at all, & this is my own music that I record, & then convert to a small-size MP3 for SoundCloud.( I listen to both formats & compare ). It saves Wi-Fi data expenses.

    What “does” happen over time, is digital degradation…The smaller MP3 files do degrade, & skips / jumps / even missing songs occur eventually. The trick is to save them elsewhere, on a remote hard-drive, or simply by having the CD version, so that you always have a full-data-source to re-burn with.

    And it’s important to remember that Windows Media Player shares “everything” with other computers over the net, & even more damage to tunes can occur via this secret sharing. There are measures you can take in “Media player settings” to nearly slow this process down to a stop, but from Windows-10 on-wards, it will update automatically once a month, regardless of settings made.

    The fine-print that we all overlook reading when we buy a new computer, & all agree too, is that the soft-ware ( Windows ) remains the property of Microsoft, all you own is the computer…This is spyware that we all agree to exist in our computers, & once we jump on the internet, there’s no privacy, & all is shared. Apple is no different.

    You can freely download a program from “Spybot.com” called “Spybot Anti-beacon”, where over 200 spy sources are automatically disabled from accessing your computer, & if you have the “paid” version, a further 70-odd spy sources are eliminated. This also will save you around 20% or more of your Wi-Fi data being consumed by spyware without your knowledge or consent. Here’s a link…


    So in finishing, MP3 offers reasonable quality sound for the least amount of data consumption & disc space !

    Peace !

  26. 26
    Steve says:

    This is absolutely fantastic. It soo reminds me of first hearing ” In Concert ” in 1980 , which I got for Christmas as a 14 year old who was just beginning a life long love affair with this amazing band !
    And now 42 years later , I’m listening to the same songs except…they’re all different! Doesn’t it make you awe struck and blown away by just how good this band was !
    Now it’s Christmas 2022 …and I’ve got exactly the same sense of being indescribably gobsmacked as I had 42 years ago .
    Thanks for uploading.
    Health and happiness to all for 2023

  27. 27
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ 25

    “You can in most cases decompress these folders back into FLAC if so desired.”

    I want really aware of that.
    That being said, I do hear the difference though.

    You added good info I think but often when I download software like that it happens they block websites I dont want them to block.

    Its been a while since I paid for software.
    Also I converted my Windows 7 Premium to Windows 1o and a friend added something extra. I m totally stupid, just a monkey ising the damn thing.

    I wonder/worry if what I stashed on external drives will be accesible after years of just laying in a box.
    I already had Toshiba ext. drives not willing to run when I tried to read them.

    The world does have its own mind and its going fast.
    I cant keep, I m afraid.

    If everything will go as I think its going to be hard to stay alive if you havent a Plan B design , made Prepper foundations. (…)

    I just have a small garden so frowing food myself becomes limited.
    And overhere one cannot own guns so easily so if everything explodes…….

  28. 28
    Gregster says:

    @27 Hey Rock, don’t be too hard on yourself. I only learned the “stuff” I know about Windows etc etc from a good program I used once, called ‘Tune-Up Utilities”. It was an “enhancer” program designed for computer maintenance, & to set-it-up to suit yourself for privacy & speed. It told you what was going-on with each modification you made, & I couldn’t believe how corrupted these Microsoft people are ! ( What they do, is sell your data to other corporations )…

    There’s a lot of different formats for music as you know, & “NHC Suite” has the ability to convert anything, from anything & into anything LOL ! eg, MP3 into FLAC.

    The Spybot “Anti-beacon” is free, & only stops spies. You can access all your web-sites still. You will save money on data use however, so it’s a big win imo, with much enhanced privacy !

    It’s hard to suggest anything about your hard-drives… However, over the years, USB ports on computers have seen some modifications, where some are high-speed-ports. Perhaps trying your hard-drive in a regular USB port may make the difference in it playing again ? See if it works on a friends computer before dismissing it as a dud. I have old hard-drives that are 15+ years old, & seem to be working OK, though I never use them either. The most important stuff I have on DVD & CD’s. And generally speaking, what you’ve picked-up over the internet will be available to pick-up once more if needed. I am a sea-farer ( engineer), & your lap-top & remote hard-drive are your entertainment source from home when away, that’s why I have them.

    Peace !

  29. 29
    Rock Voorne says:

    My first harddrive on this now 13 year old PC crashed around 2011.

    I lost all the pics of my new kittens.Downloads can be replaced indeed.

    They replaced the hardrive because I had still guarantee or what is it called.
    But they didnt bother to safe data. I still bothers me, I had made great pics.

    Before that someone gave me a new laptop of which the screen crashed.

    Another laptop later on also crashed without using it a lot.

    Got the idea that laptops are somehow vulnerable.

    A lot of things happened in these years and actually I m in very ill health so I postponed a lot of activities, incl. buying newer stuff.

    Next saturday I ll try to attend a RONNIE JAMES DIO tribute show. I hope to get there(….)
    My last show end 19 was also DIO related.I saw LAST IN LINE.

    If I had know better I might be in better health now.
    End 19 I started weaning off meds which, I got very convinced of that, have me crippling side effects for many years.
    I cant explain why I wasso stupid to do that in 4 months.
    I knew a CT was very wrong but clearly I wasnt well informed enough.
    Even today I got more knowledge from outside that I used and still do use 2 meds together that can cause trouble.
    I had a shrink, several GPs, pharmacies, a friend that made me take the crap and talked to ward where they also should have known better.

    I m devastated and very tired of fighting a battle for 2,5 years now.

    I m not an angry person but I should be. I criticised myself but…..really ….theothers were meant as a safeguard.

    Sorry for going OFF TOPIC.

  30. 30
    Gregster says:

    @29 Hi Rock ! Lap-top-computers have an inbuilt life-span, that’s for sure. I’m on my 4th one now, & surprisingly, it’s in its 6th-year of service, with the others lasting all of 3-years maximum…The “trick” I believe is to have the computers screen go-to-sleep after the mouse or console hasn’t been used after 1-minute…This will allow you to play music etc, but with a blank screen.

    Save your photos once-a-year into a remote hard-drive, or burn them onto a blank DVD disc. A blank DVD disc has 4.7 Gb of space. I wouldn’t use a cloud.

    Good luck with your medications. I know that the IAEA & the WHO signed an agreement back in the 1950’s that still stands to this day, where one can’t release a report without the others consent first. This allowed the atmospheric nuclear testing to continue, & in a way, put the IAEA in charge of your health, not the WHO.

    I’d see another doctor if possible, as a 2nd opinion may get you off too many medications, & stream-line your needs.

    Enjoy the RJD tribute show !!! And enjoy the boot-legs on offer here in the meanwhile !

    Peace !

  31. 31
    SF says:

    A quick glance at discogs and all of the above were previously released as bootlegs by Darker Than Blue (other labels have also had a shot).

  32. 32
    Lars says:

    I like to hear more professionally recorded shows released.
    I know of the following 4 concerts that exist, Soundboard or FM. All FULL shows.
    01. Mark 1, Canada, 1969.
    02. Mark 2, Amsterdam, 1969.
    03. Mark 2, Paris, November 1970.
    Note : NOT to be confused with the
    Oct. TV Show of 2 tracks.
    04. Mark 3. Liverpool, 1974. (I think.)

    Do you know of any other professionally recorded shows, 1968-1976, that exists but has’nt yet been released?

  33. 33
    Gregster says:

    @32…You’ll need plenty of time to search, but try this place, as there’s over 300 titles to investigate, from all era’s…


    Peace !

  34. 34
    David B says:

    Lars 32,

    Just because they were professionally recorded at the time (and it’s 50 years ago now!) doesn’t mean they survive intact.

    Amsterdam 1969 I’ve got a really good copy of and it’s only; Kneel & Pray, CIT, Wring That Neck, Paint It Black and a bit of Mandrake Root. For the first few minutes of Kneel & Pary you can’t hear the guitar as that’s how it was mixed on the night. Wring That Neck has been officially released on the Sonic Zoom 2004 New, Live & Rare CD.

    Paris November 1970. The copy I have is really lo-fi and is five tracks only of which two have edits. Into The Fire, CIT (edit at the end of the guitar solo), Wring That Neck (edited) Paint It Black and Black Night (which sounds like it has a small edit to me)

    I think the 1974 gig you refer to is the Leeds Ploy soundtrack which is actually from London and is straight from the soundboard but not great quality on the copy I have.

  35. 35
    David B says:

    In further answer to Lars 32 this is taken from the DPAS Q&A

    “I remember reading that a very good soundboard tape was found of Deep Purple from Canada in April 1969. What happened to it? Mike Schweller

    This recording was ‘mislaid’ during a sale of masters from the company which had it to another company, which themselves have now gone bust. All I have are short extracts which the original owners did for me when we were negotiating for the rights. Simon Robinson”

    I haven’t seen anything since then to suggest the tapes have been found.

  36. 36
    Allen says:

    Just come across this old thread now. Just my sixpennorth worth.

    Re Lars @32-

    I read some time ago that the Dundee Caird Hall 1974 show was professionally recorded and resides in the archives somewhere.

    Also, if the Sonic Zoom release (I think California Jam) liner notes are to be believed, many of the Fireball era shows were recorded via the sound desk.

    I, like a lot of fans would love more archival stuff to be released, but day by day, the chances are getting slimmer.

    My Holy grails of professional/ sound desk recordings would be-

    Canada 1969,
    Camden arts 1971 show,
    anything from the December 1973 pre-Burn album shows,
    The aforementioned Dundee 1974 show,
    Anything from the November 1974 USA tour,
    or even the Hawaii/ down under shows from November 1975.

    These would be amazing to hear, but a lot of wishful thinking on my part…….well, I can dream can’t I?

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