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Heavy and classical

CBC has an opinion piece about the multitude of connections between heavy metal and classical music, with our heroes getting a name check. It opens with a collage of Vivaldi peeking over Roger Glover’s shoulder and proceeds with

Take Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore, for example. A self-professed classical music fan, many of his works in the ’60s were modelled on classical examples.

“I still listen to a great deal of classical music,” he said in 1985. “That’s the type of music that moves me because I find it very dramatic. Singers, violinists and organists are generally the musicians I enjoy listening to most of all.” If you listen to both Jon Lord’s keyboard solo and Blackmore’s guitar solo on Deep Purple’s “Highway Star,” both are distinctly Bach-like in harmonic progression and virtuosic arpeggio figuration.

Jon’s Concerto wasn’t mentioned, perhaps as not being “metal” enough.

Read more at CBC.ca.

Thanks to Gary Poronovich for the heads up.

3 Comments to “Heavy and classical”:

  1. 1
    mike whiteley says:

    As we know,many metal musos were influenced by classical composers.
    Nigel Tufnel was a huge fan of Mozart & Bach.He described …..Pump as a “Mach” piece ! LOL !

    While I’m here,has anyone caught Purple on the US trek ??
    The few YT clips I’ve found are good. IG’s in great form. The rest of ’em ?? Professional and precise,of course…..but I sense a bit of auto-pilot. I know,being at the show is a COMPLETELY different ball of wax.

  2. 2
    Rock Voorne says:

    “IG’s in great form.”

    Should I really check that?

    Its a great summerday overhere.

    I m off on my bike into Rotterdam.

    Find me some more seeds from this plant

    Echinacea purpurea

    Wonder why its called that way.


  3. 3
    mike whiteley says:

    Well,it’s been a week or more since my question about the US Tour was posted.
    Seems it’s not generating any response or interest here at THS. I hope this is is not the last gasp for the band.

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