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The story of Frankenstein

Some time during the Whoosh promotional blitz Steve Morse spoke to the Rockin’ Metal Revival show. The interview is now available for listening online. Steve explains how his writing process differs with Deep Purple from his other bands, how he came up with a guitar with four pickups, talks about his influences, how he got the Purple gig, and what tracks from Whoosh are likely to be played live whenever the opportunity arises.

Do they still make the Music Man signature model of your guitar with four pickups? Where did you come up with that?

Yeah, four pickups! I don’t normally give short answers to questions, but I’m trying to. Originally, I had a Tele – or originally I had a Strat, and you couldn’t get a fat sound.

Yeah, I had a Tele which had a humbucker just put in it. And I said, ‘I like this bad sound that’s the Gibson, but I also like what the Stratocaster can do.’

So I took the neck off the Strat, put it on the Tele, and then I had a bunch of room to work with because I took the pickup off the Tele and put it in the middle and then bought a Fender humbucker, put a new bridge on it and just basically carved up the guitar starting over.

That became my Frankenstein, that I played for so many years with the [Dixie] Dregs, you know? And the Steve Morse [signature guitar] thing, even in the early days then, Ernie Ball had bought Music Man and I was already was using Ernie Ball strings when he came to me.

Listen to the full interview (approx. 20 minutes) below or on Spreaker.

Thanks to Gary Poronovich for the info and to the Ultimate Guitar for the transcription.

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