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Glenn Hughes visits a Norwegian fjord

Glenn Hughes, Rock Tent, Karmoy, Haugesund, Norway.
July 30 2009.

Glenn Hughes from Trapeze, Deep Purple Mark III and IV, Black Sabbath and solo playing at the island Karmoy near my home town Haugesund (south west in Norway), its just great!

When I’m thinking of Deep Purple Mark III, I’m thinking of the album “Burn” and the picture of Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale together with Blackmore, Paice and Lord in front of the Clearwell castle. Great picture of a great band.

Glenn Hughes’ band at the tour in Norway was the norwegian band, “Come Taste The Band” (CTTB). In an interwie with Glenn Hughes he said that he was touring in Norway this year to celebrate the songs from Deep Purple Mark III and IV and have fun.

The CTTB opened the show with the riff from “Stormbringer” than Glenn Hughes appeared on stage in black with his white Fender presision bass guitar, and started singing: “Comin’ out of nowhere, drivin’ like rain, stormbringer dance on the thunder again…” ..and the crowd exploded … a fantastic opening.

The next song was “Might just take your life” (one of the best songs from “Burn”).

The band had a good sound during the show and performed with great energy, everybody was enjoying themselves. Glenn Hughes bass sound was good and his voice was great. He was still able to sing the high notes and the falsetto. Glenn Hughes is not only a hard rocker, but also a soul singer, a fantastic musican.

Other songs at the concert: “Sail away”, “You fool no one”, “Mistreated”, “Gettin’ tighter”, “Love child”, “You keep on moving”, etc.

-encore: “Soul mover” (the only song from one of Glenn Hughes solo albums) and “Burn”!!!

During the concert there was a drum solo, organ solo and a bass solo.

In my opinion Glenn Hughes three best albums is: “You are the music, we are just the band” (Trapeze), “Burn” (Deep Purple) and “Soul mover”. The best DVD: “Soulfully live in the city of angels”.

Glenn Hughes looked healthy, the playing was good, he was joking and smiling and it looks like he was enjoying himself in Haugesund. Before he left the stage he said:
“Next time I see you, just call med papa” : )

Hans B. Vikse (Norway)

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