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Glenn Hughes’ Norwegian Mark 3/4

Glenn Hughes and Come Taste The Band.
Restaurant Løa, Vennesla, Norway, July 24th 2009.

Glenn Hughes and the Norwegian tribute band “Come Taste the Band”, delivered to expectations at Restaurant Løa, when they performed their tribute show; “An Evening of Deep Purple”.

I have seen Glenn H. and CTTB a couple of times before, and once again they really impressed me. From the first riff of “Stormbringer” to the last encore “Burn”, they played tightly with great energy.

Glenn H. is always acting very professional, and this time he really got the best out of CTTB.
I have never heard the band playing better, and they all seemed to play with great confidence. It looked as Glenn H. really enjoyed himself, when he performed this setlist of Mark III
and IV songs.

Those who also came to hear “The Voice of Rock” was not disappointed. His voice still reaches the highest notes, and during the concert, he did several great vocal improvisations., both rock and soul.

This is not Purple Mark III, but today this is the only chance Purple fans have, to hear one of the original members, perform a full setlist of Mark III/IV stuff. Glenn H.\’s great contribution to the show is vital.

I have already mentioned his brilliant voice, but he is still a fantastic bass player, with a spesial sound.

I had never before heard Glenn H. and CTTB, perform “Holy Man” and “What’s Going On Here”..

According to Glenn, (Jo Henning from CTTB told me), had Purple never played “Holy Man” live.
“What’s Going On here” was only performed a couple of times in the beginning of the Burn tour.

After the last encore, there were an great applause from the crowd, approximately 500-600.

Once again I went home after a memorable evening, still dreaming about a Mark III reunion.

Setlist :
Might Just Ttake Your Llife
Sail Away
What’s Going On Here
Love Child (performed by Vidar from CTTB)
Getting Tighter
You Fool No One
Holy man
You Keep On Moving

Encores :
Soul Mover

29 Comments to “Glenn Hughes’ Norwegian Mark 3/4”:

  1. 1
    Jagdeep says:

    In my first Glenn Hughes live show here in thr US last year, during the show, he explained something to the effect of: how he does not want to keep doing the same old songs (like some of his musical collegues), and how he always explores and plays newer music…and he played only one or two purple songs…

    Though I enjoyed the show, I feel a bit fooled now

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I enjoyed Glenns shows in the 90 s immensely.

    It was his comeback after kicking the drug habits and he was in top form

    Way back it was great to hear all those mark 3 and 4 tracks.

    I never had seen DP in the 70s
    Almost no one had played those tracks from BURN,Stormbringer and Come Taste The Band since, except for Burn
    The sound was very good and Glenn did NOT overindulge in shrieking which even very loyal fans like me tend to dislike.
    It takes nothing away from him for the rest of his qualities. As a person and a singer and a musician he has been outstanding compared to what his reputation had become before.
    HE s AWESOME and for many years now, even after his drug period, he wiped the floor with other and the rest of the DP family singers. Except maybe for Ronnie James Dio.

    The irony is that people still get the message from him that

    1 He finally has made his ULTIMATE Glenn Hughes album.
    2 He s planning to ditch a lot of the oldies

    This phenomena of the 2 above already started in the 90 s !!!!!

    I dont know why he does that over and over again
    One can become a laughingstock easily when you do that.

    I really loved the keyboard, almost Jon Lord like, drenched albums like Return Of Crystal Karma
    I asked him after the show in Zoetermeer, it was the SOULMOVER tour on which the keys were less dominating or absent, that I preferred the keyboard drenched albums BEFORE Soulmover.

    He said…..

    Yeah, I feel that way too…..


    I dont know what he was thinking but it sounded strange.

    But I never saw hin play

    Whats Goin On Here
    Holy Man

    So to me that would be a new one.

    More important is HOW those tracks are delivered and I feel that he did a better job with those before 2000.

    Too loud shows combined with an overindulging in shrieking, which he really does not need because hes such a versatile singer that I would be glad to do without completely.

    Sorry, Glenn.
    Love ya, Glenn.

  3. 3
    elrupdeep says:

    that is the proof that the MUSIC is one of the best MUSIC.
    any DP stuff is amazing is like classical music after 40 years is still ON.
    LONG LIVE DP (all mark).
    organisers of r&roll hall of fame are u going to wake up and acknoledged the MUSIC.

  4. 4
    Made in England says:

    Sounds like a cracking show – I look forward to hearing it as I’m sure someone taped it.

    @1: Playing a one off DP tribute gig with a what Glenn must consider to be first rate musicians – I wouldn’t expect Glenn to play with them otherwise – is a far cry from performing these songs every night. Glenn has become one of the most prolific performers from DP continually recording new material in different genres and new collaborations and a constant touring schedule. It’s unreasonable to think he would want to play a DP tribute show every night!

  5. 5
    Karl-Heinz says:

    I think it must be grat to hear a show with only Mark II and IV songs.
    1974-76 they played too much from Mark II which are not really fit to Glenn and DC.

    Great setlist!.


  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    “holy man” a masterpiece of a song!

  7. 7
    T says:

    Glenn is one of the most prolific of the DP family, delivering consistently good shows and album after excellent album on a regular basis–not to mention all the guest spots such as this one. His voice continues to amaze without fail–and all this from only 1/5 of Deep Purple, and a replacement member at that.

    Glenn Hughes sets the example.

  8. 8
    shaun says:

    i saw glenn a few months back in adelaide and was totally blown away.he played the purple songs with conviction and power.it made me think how awesome a reunion wuold be.he is at the top of his game.keep on rocking mr.hughes you are a rare breed.

  9. 9
    Kristian says:

    I went to see the show in Norway. Glenn was really on fire this evening and what a setlist!!!!!
    The band played the Purple songs with great passion, very organic. I have seen them three times and they always seem to do something new with the old classics. I suppose that was the way MK III & IV played back in the seventies. Glenn Hughes and Come Taste the Band is not Deep Purple Mk III, but it is the closest thing you get these days!
    Thank you for a fantastic show.

    And Glenn? He sings better than ever!!!!!!

  10. 10
    Bo says:

    Glenn is today the best Deep Purple singer WHEN he sings ROCK. I hope he soon will be around again playing DP Mrk III + IV songs – and why not a DP MRK III/IV reunion (I know I’m dreaming).

  11. 11
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Well Bo, first you would have to bring Tommy Bolin back from the dead for the MKIV thing. The rest of the guys are a little busy also, so either MK from the past is obviously out of the question….

    Glenn is still circling the Purple Wasteland like a buzzard huvers over a dying animal…….if it dies, he can swoop down and get some. Until then, ‘Keep on Movin’…


  12. 12
    Sami says:

    @ 11 Mk III/Mk IV are history, but Glenn’s at the top of his game right now and has been for years : he’s the only Purple-singer still delivering the goods vocal-wise, plus putting out new material almost every year. ‘Circling the Purple wasteland’, oh come on Tracy…GH does just what he wants to do & of course DP-material is involved/occasional Mk III/Mk IV-tribute gigs, naturally. The demand for those songs is still there!! ‘Keep on Movin’ indeed!

  13. 13
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Again, never stated GH wasn’t a fine singer. On the contrary. He is probably the most consistently on the money singer out there. My comment was aimed only at was I stated. Just because he sings good, doesn’t change the fact of Circling over the Purple Carrion. Yes, he along with JLT are constantly putting out records or guesting on other artists records, but the Purple Connection is where the bread and butter is at….and wishing for other MK line-ups is just so foolish. Maybe Elvis was actually sited…..hmmmmmmm.


  14. 14
    Sami says:

    Yep Tracy…just like ie. Gillan’s solo-ventures: DP is where the bread & butter really is!

    Have a great weekend, cheers.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 14

    I agree, Sami……

    And Glenn is making killer records since 1993.

    Gillan and DP have no inspiration anymore……

    It takes years to do something.

    Maybe he needs people like Towns or Blackmore and Lord anyway to kickstart him?

  16. 16
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Gillan did his solo ventures on his own merrit. During his time away from Purple, he didn’t tour around doing MK2 Tribute shows. He Only did His music with one or 2 Purple tunes thrown in. He didn’t team up with other Purple Buzzards as with HTP and go out on tour doing Purple Related Tributes. That’s all I’m saying here. Again, Glenn is by far one of the greatest singers out there, I just hate to see him sink to a tribute act level……


  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 16

    You are twisting truth again or showing Alzheimer Light.

    When I visited the Naked Thunder shows he did

    Speed King
    Demons Eye
    Knocking at your backdoor
    Perfect Strangers
    Smoke On The Water
    When A Blind Man Cries

    But you are ofcourse refering to his IGB and GILLAN days?

    Glenn has done shows with quite a few DP and TRAPEZE tracks and even the occassional 7th Star track, covers of Superstition amongst others…..


    Besides the occassional tribute shows lately during his solo shows he MAINLY plays his own material.
    Maybe about 3 Purple tracks.Sometimes less , sometimes more….

    HTP made 2 great records and also played a lot of those live.
    Unfortunately I missed out on a show in Belgium.

    Wish I could attend a DP related show of BRAZEN ABBOT with Glenn and JLT

    Apart from the criticism concerning the tribute factor Joe and Glenn often get the stupid comments about not doing anything else.
    BOTH have delivered lots of stuff NOT with DP related stuff.

    In short

    You dont do THEM justice.

    But thats YOUR hangup.

    I have mine ofcourse.

  18. 18
    Sami says:

    Nicely put Priest, you’re absolutely right.

    BUT, I’m afraid that this’ll turn into a hair splitting competition again, so….Having said that, you Priest & Tracy as well are the salt of these blogs, and I do mean that as a compliment.

    Be well, rock on

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Too much salt on your diet can kill you, I ve been told.
    I do like it salty though.
    The danger lies in the fact that one tends the push the limits further and further….
    Up to a point one finds themselves and think……
    How the hell did I get here?!

    Well, I m gonna go for a swim and sauna tonight again, so……
    Maybe theres hope for me….

    Cheers, Sami

  20. 20
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    #17 and 18:
    I have tons of recordings from the Naked Thunder Tour shows. Yes, he played Demons Eye, When a Blind Man Cries and SOTW, but I don’t find any with Knockin’ or Perfect Strangers. He did those during the ‘Gillan’s Inn’ tour. Of the others, DE, WABMC and Smoke, they were perfect songs for his band at the time and went well with the style of music from that album. Gillan has Always played Smoke on the Water, even in the early Ian Gillan Band days, all the way through his Gillan Band era. He made it clear in an interview way back when….”I will never do a gig without playing Smoke on the Water”. Hell, he even pissed off the Sabbath fans when he demanded it to be included in their Live Set when he was with them during the Born Again Tour. Demon’s Eye and When a Blind Man Cries were not played by Purple Live, except for Demon’s Eye briefly back when it was released and at the end of the first MK2 days. Then when Gillan was sacked in 1989, he did two albums..”Tool Box” 1990 and “Naked Thunder” 1991 and toured them, even for a brief time under the name “Garth Rocket and the Moonshiners” where he played these. The Great thing about this is, when Purple realized JLT was the ‘Wrong Man’ and brought back Gillan for TBRO, they later included these in the set and are still being played by Deep Purple.

    Yes, Gillan has played some Purple tunes during his Solo Tours. AGAIN, I have never complained about any Purple member doing Some Purple tunes along with their Original tunes. The point I made at #16 was the fact that JLT and Hughes take it to that ‘Buzzard Level’ where they do an actual Tribute for the soul purpose of imbedding their longing for ALL to be reminded that they Once were in Deep Purple. YES AGAIN, I have always acknowledged the fact that they do Their Own Stuff and most of it is Awesome. I own pretty much all of it. But due to the fact that even though it is Awesome and yet it really doesn’t sell very well, they fall back on the Purple Name for their ‘Wallet’. Hey, gotta get money from somewhere, there truly isn’t anything wrong with it. I just find rather pathetic and kind of reminds me of the Stalker who can’t get over his long lost girlfriend…..

    But when folks as yourself whom constantly ‘pick and choose’ who you will bash or support for the same reasons, I have to bring a little reality check to point. You constantly Bash Purple for playing ‘Purple Songs’ from other eras other than their present era. DEEP PURPLE PLAYING DEEP PURPLE SONGS. Yet you give a total pass to those who are NO LONGER IN DEEP PURPLE, continually relying on Deep Purple for their Bread and Butter due to the lack of income produced from their flurry of failed attempts to collect on anything outside the Purple Relation…..

    Don’t get me wrong Priest, I am a major fan of Glenn Hughes, and just as Purple doesn’t get any radio Air Play other than the MK2 Classics, neither does Glenn Hughes, including his Purple songs. But unlike you, I don’t shove the record sales issue down the throat of the Fan of the music as you do when you argue your validity point about ‘Which Purple is Better’, whereby you always use as your example of the ‘few’ hits Purple has had with Blackmore and the ‘fewer’ they have had with Morse.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with how good the music is. It’s about the politics of the Music Industry. Always has been and always will be.

    Sami, thanks for rubbing ‘salt’ into the wounds……..LOL.


  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe its MINE Alzheimer Light but…..
    Is it possible Gillan did those extra songs here in Amsterdam and Tilburg and not in the USA?

    Too lazy to look for prove right now.

    I think Ian better had requested for dsomething more evil than SOTW.
    Demons Eye perhaps?
    I experiended SOTW way back at a Sabbath show, erm, a bit strange……I missed Lordy above all!!!

    I might be so that Glenn does play DP songs for financial reasons, I dont doubt that at all.
    But he played on BURN, Stormbringer and CTTB so why not?
    And no one else does it better than him IMHO
    Yes, I know……..here it comes again……..Then DP NOW should have the right to do the same?
    There one has a point…..

    I m discriminating, guilty of charge.

    Maybe its because Glenn does not call himself or his band Deep Purple while Gillan and co do?

    Maybe its because I find GHs bandmembers very accomplished and less annoying compared to Morsey?

    Maybe its because, I m talking 90 s here and not now……., I never saw Mark 3 and 4 while the leftovers of the DP band keeps on continuing to buzzard over their own legacy primarily composed by Blackers?

    Other parts I m not able to follow really…..
    Maybe because its late, dunno……


    Do you still think Ian was sacked 3 times?

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe you are tired too.
    You switched Toolbox and Naked Thunder around…..
    Does not matter…..

    Strange though…..all those Naked Thunder recordings and no proof of the songs I seem to remember from those 2 gigs.
    There is a Naked thunder video which I did not see for ages.
    Cant be fullfilling proff as well cause they tend to edit shows.

    Like they did with DIO s show in Utrecht 1983
    I recently got myself a copy of the video
    Dunno if a more recent dvd has made up for that?

  23. 23
    Jeffs says:

    Didn’t Gillan write SOTW, WABMC, SK, Demons eye etc? I don’t recall Glenn or JLT writing Burn or Mistreated but they allways play them…I agree with Tracy here, they have built their live earnings on someone elses songs – However, Glenn hughes is still one of the greatest singers on the planet:)

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Jeff

    Who wrote Mistreated is an issue I d like to skip for today.
    I m STILL tired of that one.

    After 93 when I for the first time had the pleasure and honour to witness the man
    I once loathed him for his part in DP s history and live renditions of certain loved MK 2 numbers……I also did tell him that backstage, nice moment.
    But I got to appreciate his voice and output a lot later on.

    He sings like a GOD but still cant stop the indulging in the shrieking department.
    Such a shame…..
    Its THE THING which annoys people when I try to promote him.

    Gillan did not write certain MK 1 songs and HUSH but I like the versions he does or did.

    I m afraid this is something about Glen and Joe themselves and not the content.

    Its a mindfuck, I know……
    Trying to split hairs and being honest about ambiguity

  25. 25
    Jeffs says:

    Hi Priest!

    Not just a great singer but a genius musician…I am a big fan! Glenn should have been a major star in his own right, he had everything but fell foul to the demon addictions…such a waste!

    I went to see him recently at Shepherds Bush Empire (London) he was outstanding. I took along a couple of friends who had no idea who he was – but do now:) They independantly checked out his body of work and came to me with the conclusion that Glenns best work (to their ears) was on Burn, Stormbringer and Hughes, Thrall…

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Jeff

    Nice that you succeeded to open some minds and hearts for Glenn.

    I noticed a lot of respect in the media after he turned out be able to shake the curse around the early 90s
    And also because he delivered amazing solo and gueststuff, FACE THE TRUTH and 7th Star were the one that really got me going and still.

    Btw, did you or anyone hear samples of his official bootlegs of the Wolverhampton shows of late?
    I tried to and it appeared I needed I tunes installed and so on.
    Dont know what went wrong but I still cant listen to samples.
    Besides that I makes me uneasy to install all kinds of stuff…..

    Maybe I should have declined?

    Bizarre detail was the covers of those cds seem to show a very old pic of Glenn in ahem more glorious looking days.
    Or was that pic from the flyer that promoted the shows?

    really deserves more credit

  27. 27
    Jeffs says:

    Hi Priest…

    Haven’t heard those bootlegd but have iTunes and will check them out. Also try Spotify, this is a legal listening software that allows you to create your own playlist (but not download – unless you pay) Spotify usually has all that is available from iTunes.

    I met Glenn around 1986, I think he was working with Gary Moore at this time. He was with the lovely Mel Galley (RIP) and Glenn was in a poor way…Seemed like a lost soul. Mel was concerened about him as was I. He was however very charming despite his obvious distractions!



  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Spotify, sounds a bit dangerous.

    Maybe cause the word SPY is in it, hehehe

  29. 29
    Jeffs says:

    Ha-ha!! Dangerous but good!

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