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Vinyl reissues

Universal 2018 vinyl reissues

Universal Music has announced that it will be reissuing 8 of the back catalogue albums on purple vinyl. This reissue includes:

  • Machine Head
  • Made in Japan
  • Who Do We Think We Are
  • Burn
  • Stormbringer
  • Made in Europe
  • Come Taste the Band
  • Last Concert in Japan

All items are said to be new digital transfers of the original master tapes at Abbey Road Studios, cut to heavyweight 180-gram purple vinyl. Vinyl albums come with download codes. The reissues will come out on September 7 and will be priced €21 for 1LP (€27 for MiJ), or €157 for the whole bundle. They can be preordered from the label.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

15 Comments to “Vinyl reissues”:

  1. 1
    BreisHeim says:

    Always wonderful on an LP!
    But when will poor, little ‘Abandon’ get the vinyl treatment?

    By the way, ‘Celebrating Jon Lord’ is now out on vinyl also. Three albums worth: ‘The Composer’, ‘The Rock Legend Vol. 1’ & ‘The Rock Legend Vol. 2’.

  2. 2
    Noe Nunez says:

    Please forgive me for asking but what about “ In Rock” ?

  3. 3
    Buttockss says:

    No In Rock !……who do they think they are.

  4. 4
    David White says:

    Last Concert in Japan was bloody awful!

  5. 5
    purpledaniel says:

    Why bother remastering Made in Europe when they have had the three last concerts remixed and ready to be released in a box set for years? And Last concert in Japan too??

    Maybe at least this is good news, meaning that DP archive releases are being released once more and the legal dispute has been settled…:whistle:

  6. 6
    Joan says:

    Why the heck don’t they released in vinyl Abandon and Bananas, instead of reissuing for the 10th time the albums that all die-hard fans already have?

    It’d be about time.

  7. 7
    NWO says:


    Besides the ones mentioned how about other tracks that never made it to vinyl? Dick Pimple, No Laughin in Heaven, Lucille (Is there a studio version?), And a bunch more I cant remember or be bothered looking up!! LOL. And yes I know some tracks are part of compilation discs but I would prefer all that never made it to studio vinyl release be on one vinyl record with B Sides, outtakes , etc….

    See you in the Hammer in August!!

  8. 8
    NWO says:

    @6 Totally agree!!

    Also put together a package of rarities and outtakes that never made it to vinyl from the studio, without being packaged with live stuff released over and over again. I think DP have the most live albums of any rock band!!!LOL –

  9. 9
    GARETH says:

    What about the reissues of Perfect Strangers and HOBL… that were talked about years ago with remastered sound and bonus material…

  10. 10
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Many of the albums people ask about in this thread are owned by different record companies. Even the Mk. 2 albums. The ownerships of the labels have changed over the years. It’s not easy, if not even impossible, to release everything in every format.

    There also needs to be a market for it. I’m not sure how big of a market there is 2018 for a vinyl release of Abandon…

  11. 11
    NWO says:

    @10 – I don’t disagree with you but that doesn’t stop me from asking or wanting.

    I am not to sure who is looking for a Javelins album in all formats in 2018 either except people on this site….

  12. 12
    Henrik says:

    I’d buy it, if it had the same treatment as Led Zep reissues, that include a bug booklet with photos and texts.

  13. 13
    Adam says:

    This is the call to all possible companies and decision makers: RE-ISSUE the Bananas album and at last ISSUE Abandon on LPs. There’s no logic justification for which the effort has not been done yet.
    If it is all about mobey (shame!) then give a high price or whatever, the fans will buy it anyway.
    By the way, that’s how these greedy producers give a way for bootlegs that make money twice as the original releases might make… Pathetic.

  14. 14
    Randys says:

    I agree with #6 and #13, “Abandon” and “Bananas” should issued and reissued both on double album gatefold. These two are the only ones missing in my and many fans’ vinyl collection.

  15. 15
    Peter says:

    Does anyone heard anything new about a possible reissue of “Bananas” and “Abandon” on vinyl? It´s about time they get available without having to pay a fortune for them on Discogs. I’m sure many fans want to complete their vinyl collection.

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