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Slaves and Masters on vinyl

Slaves and Masters cover art; used under fair dealing exception (news reporting)

Dutch label Music On Vinyl (the same guys who have released Purpendicular vinyl) will release Slave and Masters on vinyl on May 28. Track list will be identical to the original vinyl release.

Catalog # : MOVLP505
Barcode : 8718469530519
Format : LP, 180 gram
Sleeve : 3mm
Release date : 2012-05-28

Thanks to Peter Nikolakakos for the info.

22 Comments to “Slaves and Masters on vinyl”:

  1. 1
    TruthHurts says:

    I have the German vinyl original, but will probably get myself a fresh copy.

    The vinyl running order (and sound) is the right way to hear this album.

    It’s 22 years since this album and tour. Geez, I feel old………

  2. 2
    LRT says:

    If you look into all of the formats this is available in, there are better solutions than a vinyl upgrade, believe me. Blu spec hybrid tops 180gram if you ask me. High materials is all it takes, just like with 180g, they have better solutions on CD these days believe it or not. I’ve tried them all but this, ha ha. I’m stocked up with quality, and the album still has its issues that will never go away. Just like with a few of the Morse albums, unfortunately, just very good but below the Purple standard in one way or another.

  3. 3
    jaro says:

    Fire in the basement , Cut runs deep,King of dreams,Truth hurts,Love conquers all and W
    icked ways.Great album.Maybe not the best line-up.It would be interesting to hear those songs with Mr Coverdale…

  4. 4
    fdr says:

    Bit of a shame they didn’t include Slow Down Sister and (to a less degree) Fire, Ice & Dynamite…

  5. 5
    Årkkumies says:

    Hopefully they release also abandon as LP. I think it’s the only dP album not available as vinyl

  6. 6
    stefan says:

    Good album, but Deep Purple…..???? Naahhhh…!!!! Rainbow all the way….!!!

  7. 7
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    For the newer collectors, I suppose these vinyl re-releases are relevant, but I don’t find any attraction toward purchasing (especially at their prices) another copy. Already having the original versions in Japanese pressing, European imports and domestic US pressings, as well as the whole digital gambit makes it a waste of money from my standpoint. That being stated, I have to agree with ‘fdr’ @4 regarding the inclusion of the 2 tracks he referenced and ‘Arkkumies’ @5 regarding the release of vinyl that hasn’t been done yet. Those I’d be interested in. Also, t is otherwise a positive thing when ANY Purple music is released or re-released in any form. Exposure, exposure, exposure….
    The more the better. Couple that with promotion, promotion, promotion, and the world may finally realize Deep Purple is still making some damn good music…..

    I look forward to buying their Next Album in all forms offered.


  8. 8
    John says:

    What a lame record..

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I ordered it despite the fact that I d rather buy a “improved version” of it.

    Found this today, great improvisation.


  10. 10
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 8

    How in all honesty can you say such a thing?

    This album along with CTTB has got to be the most polished and professional sounding album that DP ever put out, with a world-class, (certainly should have been) multiplatinum sounding production from RG.
    Everything is super tight and totally correct here, not a hair or note out of place.

    The riffs are spine-tingling, the vocals are stellar and way, way, way above what IG could achieve, the songs are fresh, exciting, memorable, emotional and highly accessible…..what’s not to like?

    @ 6

    Considering the title track is a rip of Fire Dance, and Twist In The Tail is a blatant recycling of Spotlight Kid, I think that particular title is fitting to the TBRO album.
    I accept “Slow Down Sister” borrows from “Stormbringer” however, but that’s DP ripping from DP……….

  11. 11
    Roberto says:

    Fire in the basement ,Cut runs deep, Wicked ways the best songs….good album, good songwriting, bad production and not right singer for Deep Purple…

  12. 12
    T says:

    Slaves & Masters remains one of the best post-Classic Era Deep Purple albums based on the depth of the songwriting and the musicianship–particularly on the part of Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord, the latter who spends more time on the piano and applying classical motifs than on the previous few albums. Songs like “The Cut Runs Deep” and “Fire in the Basement” demonstrate technical virtuosity while “Fortuneteller” and “Love Conquers All” brought serious examples of ballads that Purple had been unable to do since “Soldier of Fortune”.

    I agree that the album leans to the Rainbow end of the spectrum–not a bad thing in itself–but no more than the last couple of albums sound like Ian Gillan solo records. Unfortunately, the follow-up to Slaves & Masters was not completed in its original, intended state, and the ‘fix’ resulted in The Battle Rages On being one of the weaker Blackmore-era albums in comparison. “Lick It Up”? “One Man’s Meat”? Seriously?

    Slaves & Masters would have benefitted from the substitution of “Slow Down Sister” for the overly commercial “Too Much Is Not Enough”–the only throw-away track on the album. “Fire, Ice, and Dynamite”, while making for good bonus material, is not one of Purple’s better moments!

    As for the release of a yet another vinyl version, although these offerings are intended for audiophiles and collectors, Tracy pretty much said all there is to say on the subject. Any exposure is good exposure.

  13. 13

    Conservo el vinyl editado en México desde finales de 1990…por supuesto tengo el cd tambien.

  14. 14
    Fernando says:

    I still have my 1991 copy… and not spending money in a re-issue, but Abandon and Total Abandon Live would be great adds on vinyl discography of DP… I am salso looking forward a Bananas vinyl re-issue, as I lost it the first time it was out… my estimative is that in 2023 I will have the chance…

  15. 15
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @10: But both are Blackmore ripping off Blackmore. 🙂

  16. 16
    MacGregor says:

    The repeated or should I say recycled riffs over the years from our favourite guitarist’s, Blackmore & Iommi in particular, is simply those guys running out of ideas after decades of riffing! You can only play so many things before it all sounds the same. It is the very reason certain musicians need to move on to something different, a true progression, not flogging a dead horse, so to speak! That is one reason Blackmore would have moved on, & then some people criticise him for doing that also! Sod them! But at least he has moved forward & bravo to him indeed!
    Tony Iommi ran out of riffs in the early 90’s in my opinion & he has not moved to greener pastures since then! This so called new Sabbath album will have repeated riffs, either turned inside out, riffed backwards or similar old riffs mixed up with other older riffs etc! That recent album with Dio, Heaven & Hell ‘ The Devil You Know’ showed up the recycled riff thing big time!
    At least with Jimmy Page not recording new material, he definitely hasn’t dragged his riffing into the abyss! But then some people whinge about him not doing something new & if he did & it wasn’t to their expectation, or sounded like Zeppelin, they would slag him for it!
    As Neil Young said in the early 80’s, your dammed if you do change & then your dammed if you don’t change!
    Slave & Masters I purchased when it was released, I couldn’t get into it, so I gave it to a friend after 3 years, who enjoyed it! Blackmore should have quit Purple after The House Of Blue Light album!

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I got the album today and as expected it is not what I d like it to be, but that was expected by now.

    If they burn their hands on TBRO and fucking ABANDON I ll refrain, money is now sort of wasted on non special editions.

    But hey, it is my first vinyl of S & M, like it was for PURPENDICULAR, some months ago.

    Like with many other subjects, this album has been talked about through and through for 2 decades now.

    I dont know about others, but in general I have the same view as when it was released.

    I agree with T a lot, except for TRUTH HURTS. To me that is not really a ballad, it just has a slow tempo like KING OF DREAMS.

    I still love Ritchie’s intro on BREAKFAST IN BED.
    As with other stupid other titles like Girls Like That it was destined to get a lot of flack.
    An other title and other lyrics would have done it good, maybve.

    That “only throw away” : I NEVER understood why they did put shit like that and Call Of The Wild on an album.

    I understand what T is talking about when analysing the instrumental depth of Lord and Blackmore on this album.

    I always hated the drums.
    Like Ritchie, Paicey adopted a style in the 80’s that , ahem, sucked IMHO.
    In the 70’s he was so versatile on the kit, since the reunion he bashed his way through the proceedings. NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY!

    There is never enough Lord and his hammond on an album, that also happens here.
    It took him a while still before he confessed that “synths were not his thing”.

    WICKED WAYS always has been that epic song that did not reached his full potential.

    Joe was sounding , to me anyway, kinda hoarse in his DP days.
    Later on he totally got back in full flight and now still has most of his qualities of the early 80’s.

    And no, I did not ask you to suggest blatant nonsense about something else instead of his singing!

    IMHO PRESENCE was Jimmy’s last good album.
    But I might have missed something?
    Please correct me if you think otherwise : )

  18. 18
    George Fotis says:

    Both the album and tour failed, hence the reason they got Ian back. The Battle Rages On sound’s more like Deep Purple. It’s a much better album with Ian singing again. Listened to Slaves & Masters today, it sounded very weak ,slow & boring . The only good song was The Cut Runs Deep. Ian Gillans Naked Thunder is a much better album.

  19. 19
    Kenn says:

    Slaves and masters a fine album, for year I promoted it to be far better than more established Purple album, in particular The Cut Runs Deep, King of Dreams and Breakfast in Bed.

    Stating that I remember Joe at the NEC forgetting the words to Child In Time, the crowd bathed in the opportunity to crusify him.

    To Blackmore, Lord and Paice thanks for the memories

  20. 20
    Anthony says:

    Slaves and Masters is a decent album. I had on in ther car a few weeks ago and to me is much better that Battle Rages On and House Of Blue Light..Yes it leans towards 80s Rainbow but is that such a bad thing? There is a lot of variety on the album and Ritchie indeed concentrates more on harmonies than actual heavy riffs to direct most of the music. A good album in its own right.

  21. 21
    Scott W. says:

    I personally thought the album at the time, and now, is too slick. Over produced, drum sound sucks, just cheesy… kinda cornball sounding. Wicked Ways, Truth Hurts, and Fotuneteller the best of the bunch. “Anybody got a match”? Laughable!

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Did not see this one before.

    Great that he finally does it : )

    Unfortunately the quality of the recording is not top-notch : (



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