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A Knight In York release details

Blackmore’s Night: A Knight In York cover art; used under fair dealing exception (news reporting)

Further details of the upcoming Blackmore’s Night live album A Knight In York have been revealed.

Track listing:

  1. Locked Within The Crystal Ball
  2. Gilded Cage
  3. The Circle
  4. Journeyman
  5. World Of Stone
  6. The Peasant‘s Promise
  7. Toast To Tomorrow
  8. Fires At Midnight
  9. Barbara Allen
  10. Darkness
  11. Dance Of The Darkness
  12. Dandelion Wine
  13. All The Fun Of The Fayre
  14. First Of May

The Band:

  • Candice Night: Lead vocals, Renaissance wood winds, pennywhistles and tambourine
  • Ritchie Blackmore: Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, mandola, hurdy – gurdy
  • Earl Grey of Chimay: Bass, rhythm guitar
  • Bard David of Larchmont: Keyboards and vocals
  • Squire Malcolm of Lumley: drums and percussion
  • Gypsy Rose: Violin and harmony vocals
  • Minstrel Albert: Various medieval woodwinds
  • Autumn: Special Guest


  • DVD + CD Digipack (CD rack size) – UDR0200 DVD+CD
  • DVD (Amaray) – UDR 0203DVD
  • CD (Jewel Case) – UDR 0204CD
  • Double Vinyl LP 12“ (Gatefold) – UDR 0205LP
  • Blu-Ray – UDR 0206BR
  • Digital (audio) – UDR 0207
  • Digital (video) – UDR 0208
  • D2C – UDR 0209BOX

Promo track Fires at Midnight:

A Knight In York will be released in Europe on June 29 via Sony/Ariola.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

17 Comments to “A Knight In York release details”:

  1. 1
    Arthur says:

    Still a spellbinding guitar player.

  2. 2
    j mc candless says:

    ritchie blackmore the god of guitar players……………..

  3. 3
    Skow says:

    Spellbinding…an excellent wordchoice and not only for Ritchie also for Candice and for the whole band.
    Even more amazing then this true fan pleasure of a live album (with a fine setlist) is their great and fresh appearance and their enthusiasm while great performing.
    What a contrast comparing this band with current Deep Purple…Blackmore’s Night ‘s music is more excvivacious and has mre strenght and excitement then the hard rock band these days…
    btw.Gillan and Blackmore are both from 1945…and Gillan looks more like the father of Ritchie…

    Anyway…superb news !!!
    Succes like you always have and deserve Blackmore’s Night !

    Cheers 8D

  4. 4
    HZ says:

    Great choice of tunes. Must have!

  5. 5
    big al says:

    blackmore looks younger cos of the comic wig/hair dye. Ian is not that vain. its nice to see blackers happy with his lot, but its not rock n roll is it.

  6. 6
    big al says:

    nice solo tho, in that clip, he has still got it, in a gentle kind of fashion!

  7. 7
    Martin says:

    Oh boy,
    this is some incredible guitar playing. Ritchie is far better than he was 20 or even 30 years ago. I really guess he was in it just for management an money reasons at that time, frustrated, angry, bored. It’s so nice to see him today, inspired, with a devoted band and a lovely singing Candice. I saw BN two years ago, and they almost drove to tears. Very emotional, melodic and harmonious, all musicians on an extremely high level. I’m going to get this DVD and simply enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  8. 8
    James says:

    Skow – I think Candice is singing quite good as always, and Ritchie still has got good fealing while playing acoustic guitars as well. But .. in my opinion rock music, or hard rock music is more interesting because it’s more intensive, and could be more innovative -for example Scorpions in 2011 made fantastic album and They still got this!

    – Of course Blackmore’s Night is good option for elderly’s people or people that love only peace and silence.. – as Blackmore nowadays? ( … )

  9. 9
    Skow says:


    I agree for the most.

    You’re right Hard Rock that is our first passion on this site. wether it is more interesting then this Medieval folk…hmmm that depends.
    The Scorpions are indeed (still) terrific, and speaking about hard Rock…yet even much more is MSG .
    I just saw the Michael Schenker concert in Belgium and that rocked… fast and ingenious.

    In an interview Schenker said : ‘Blackmore expresses himself in another style, like I did/do sometimes in my acoustic work etc. And even if this takes for Ritchie many years now …it is the right of an artist to do so.’

    You know I would like very much a Hard Rock concert with Richie, and I’m very sure that Blackmore is as good as in 1993 That is even often to enjoy in his solo’s with BN. , with or without the Fender. But I respect the man’s choice.

    I only disagree that BN. is for elder people. I do not listen exclusive to hard Rock , it depend to my mood or what the occasion is . I think that it just are two different things and styles.
    Like I wrote I find BN. more innovative then DP with Steve Morse.(the intensity)

    The Scorpions indeed still have it, but for me ,personally, current Deep purple’s Hard Rock lost it

  10. 10
    stoffer says:

    Blackmore was, is and always will be one the Guitar Greats!! Although not a big fan of BN, he is extraordinary and seems to enjoy this gig.

    @ 3 Skow—what kind of comment is that to make about Ian Gillan looking like RB’s father??? ever hear of aging “gracefully” much like Lord, Paicey and Glover

  11. 11
    Jim says:

    Ritchie is the Master! Just listen to his amazing guitar playing and allaround performance! It dosen’t matter what band Ritchie is in like Deep Purple or Rainbow or Blackmore’s Night Band, He always writes great songs and “HIT SONGS” ! He is truly amazing!!! Thank you for the music Ritchie!!! You are awesome!!!

  12. 12
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    I notice there are NO Purple tunes here. Also noticed how Candice gets the spotlight while Ritchie doesn’t, even during his solo. The performance is quite good though as usual from this band and Ritchie is in great form and Candice has come a long way vocally since the first album. Say what you will ‘James’ @8, but they do actually Rock pretty well from time to time. Seeing live is quite a Rock Event. This DVD is a welcomed offering that I look forward to purchasing and watching, especially since it doesn’t look as though they are going to tour the States at all in the near future.


  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Is there someone that can verify or confirm the rumour that the next fortcoming gigs are centered around Candice her solo album?

  14. 14
    Buttockss says:

    Have all Blackmores nights dvds live, this looks to be the best out of the three, with the song line up. Can’t wait to here locked in the crystal ball live……should be very exciting.

  15. 15
    Anthony says:

    I was at this gig with my lovely lady and I can remember it was an incredible performance from Blackers and his minstrels and the atmosphere in the Opera House was fantastic. However, I am disappointed with this DVD / CD on viewing the tracklisting…at least 6 songs have been omitted including the only song from Ritchie’s illustrious rock past..Soldier Of Fortune. Criticise me for being presumptous but they even kept a Bee Gee’s song in the set as the last song!! It seems this live offering will be heavily edited and will suffer becuase of it…why do this and hack and change songs from a memorable performance which I am afraid will not be so memorable on DVD? A live recording in any format should be a true representative document of the actual performance and shouldn’t be ‘watered’ down. Dont get me wrong I will buy it because I love Ritchie and his music but I guess the excellent Castle And Dreams live DVD will be played more than this new DVD offering…come on guys you can do better!!

  16. 16
    LRT says:

    Tracy I recommend buying Flying Colors first, pony up, if you haven’t, I missed the commentary, ha ha! As for this, I will yawn, then I will buy and watch, and if I don’t yawn again, it will be a result of it actually holding my attention throughout, which I doubt, but don’t doubt there is a quality viewing in it for someone. It’s just all gone nowhere in the grand scheme of things and the releases don’t vary enough, but the quality as I said is there, if you like to be samed to death. One thing both Purple and BN do, is usually release quality DVD’s. Some better than others, yes, but always something to marvel at in them.

  17. 17
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:


    Been playing the hell out of ‘Flying Colors’. I ponied up and bought it. Can’t say enough about it. Covers so many areas of sound. A true gem.


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