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Rainbow Live in Birmingham 2016

Rainbow Live in Birmingham 2016 cover art

On June 9, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release the third show of the last year Rainbow tripletLive In Birmingham 2016. This release follows Memories In Rock – Live In Germany, that was compiled from the two German shows played a week earlier, and which by many accounts were of a lesser quality performance-wise. The Birmingham show have been previously available officially only as a part of the pricey “super premium” Japanese box set.

Disc One

  1. Over The Rainbow / Highway Star
  2. Spotlight Kid
  3. Mistreated
  4. Since You Been Gone
  5. Man On The Silver Mountain
  6. Soldier Of Fortune
  7. Medley: Difficult To Cure (Beethoven’s Ninth) / Drum Solo / Bass Solo / Band Jam / Keyboard Solo (inc Toccata & Fugue in Dm) / Difficult To Cure (Beethoven’s Ninth)
  8. Catch The Rainbow

Disc Two

  1. Perfect Strangers
  2. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
  3. Child In Time
  4. Stargazer
  5. Medley: Black Night / Woman From Tokyo / Black Night
  6. Burn
  7. Smoke On The Water

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

25 Comments to “Rainbow Live in Birmingham 2016”:

  1. 1
    Hristo Yankov says:

    Absolutely business bandits…. just check the price of Exclusive Limited Japan Luxury Edition released few months ago which has that show as super bonus. A Shame

  2. 2
    Kim Peters says:

    Oh my. It won’t win for Best Album Cover Artwork.

  3. 3
    Stuart Anguish says:

    DVD or cd ?

  4. 4
    François Lefevre says:

    Only double cd.

  5. 5
    Søren Skaarup says:


  6. 6
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    I guess there’s just no pleasing some people!.

  7. 7
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    I wonder how down can Mr Blackmore go with the quality of these releases. He just does not seem to care a shit.

  8. 8
    Rob Hodgkinson says:

    Watched some video footage of the last gigs he did…..dreadful…..he could hardly play the songs. A real shame…..he was a genius, but hardly even a faint shadow of his former talent left.

  9. 9
    AndreA says:

    who cares..

  10. 10
    Tomisław Czarnecki says:

    I think he would’ve performed better if his left hand was not injured. He had a surgery before those shows and probably ate tons of steroids judging by his hefty looks…

  11. 11
    cmartin34 says:

    This is good news. From the youtube clips it was the best of the shows, and adds Soldier of Fortune and Burn…

  12. 12
    Scott W says:

    I think this show was great judging by the audience shot footage on YT. Catch The Rainbow was stunning. If you don’t like it dont buy it. People bitched about him not playing rock and when he does, no ones happy. Makes a nice change from all the DP releases with the same set lists!

  13. 13
    Rob Hodgkinson says:

    Ah…….I didn’t know that. However, if that was the case, he should have rescheduled the shows……I mean, you don’t go to see Ritchie for the vocals do you!! ( no disrespect to the vocalist, but you know what I mean!)

  14. 14
    Rasmus Heide says:

    It would help if his band played rock and knew the songs and he would play for the full length of the songs too. Too much to ask for.

  15. 15
    Jérome Mil'iet says:

    Je pense à Steph qui a abandonné 3 ans de salaires pour le coffret Japonnais et qu’on va l’avoir pour 15€ …
    Je suis super content

  16. 16
    Robin says:

    I was at this show and it was great. everyone was buzzing afterwards, a young lad with a mohican and punk garb turned to me on the platform after and said it was the best moments of his life.

    People need to be less miserable. He won’t last forever

  17. 17
    Hiza says:

    Hi folks!

    I was there, it was surreal for sure. Scott W is right.

    RB himself has said that this one was the best of the three in 2016.
    Shame that they didn´t officially film this one….I would have bet for it before the gig, but as always,
    do not try to foresee what they (read Ritchie) plan : )

    I´m glad that Ritchie & co will play more of these in the forthcoming summer. Go there and see them Yourself !

    It´s been a long journey since 1982 when I saw Rainbow for the first time here in the Land of Santa.

    Cheers to You all – Long Live Ritchie !

  18. 18
    Arthur says:

    Spot on Robin, I was there too and it was a fantastic night, the sound in the arena was massively different from what others will have seen and judged on via the compression of YouTube. It was so good I’m almost scared to go back this year though I am going to, as you say, he’s not going to be around forever. I do agree it would be good of there was a slightly more iconic front cover design for the album but that’s a minor quibble given I’ll probably be listening in the car or via ipod mostly.

  19. 19
    Jeff says:

    At #10. -His Finger was fine, they were under-rehearsed. He even said so. What is this crap about eating steroids? What is your evidence on that? “Hefty Looks?” I remember Tom Hamilton calling him “Pudgy” or something like that. He looked different because we are use to seeing him in the tights and boots and therefore when he comes out in pants and flat shoes he naturally looks shorter/heavier. There’s no significant weight gain on the guy. to who ever says “Catch the Rainbow” was great I agree. The image and sound on the Blu ray is amazing. I like Jens but I’m not sure his sound or rhythmic style integrated as well as it could have on these shows

  20. 20
    RB says:

    The ring finger on his left hand looked pretty swollen to me, so I imagine there would have been some pain involved when playing. He probably expected to have recovered by the time of the gigs, and it would have been difficult to move the dates back when contracts would have been signed for bookings and the same for the film company. I could’ve done without the female backing, just not needed, it’s supposed to be a hard rock band! The best on the day was Ronnie, who did a remarkable job covering all the different vocalists from back in the day (although he didn’t really suit ‘Child In Time’). Although the rhythm section and Jens can play, they just sounded bland, no guts or charisma. Hope that they’re well-rehearsed this year and Ritchie’s been practising. I’d reckon fans would prefer it if songs such as ‘Since You Been Gone’ and ‘Black Night’ were replaced by the likes of ‘Gates Of Babylon’ and ‘Eyes Of The World.’ The commercial material is ok at best, fine for singles but the album tracks (particularly RJD era) are superior.

  21. 21
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I’ve since listened to the c.d. several times & it’s really grown on me. If you think it was to slow or whatever, then you should listen to some stuff by Vanilla Fudge, or Iron Butterfly from the late 1960’s!.
    If I have a small gripe, it’s only that the drum solo in ‘Difficult To Cure’ felt a little (or a lot) to light…. He didn’t thump the drums hard enough, or with enough variation in his improvisation. But even so, his drumming wasn’t so bad… just a mediocre drum solo.
    Anyway, there’s more coming this year, so hold on to your hats!. Smiles to ya.

  22. 22
    Pit says:

    It one my first ever favourite band.
    Was there and it was fantastic.
    The whole crowd were on a Rainbow!
    By the sounds of some comments some people here are older in mind than Ritchie!
    I was dubious about the singer singing Dio but oh my god he did it his own way fantasticly!
    Magic night for me, perfect sound is not Rock’nRock and Heavy Metal is about!

  23. 23
    Hilton says:

    I was also at the Birmingham gig, I have waited almost 50 years to see Ritchie play rock. I thought I had missed my chance then Birmingham. I was a great concert and the audience vibe was unbelievable especially during Child in Time. One of my bucket list Items crossed off. To an extent I agree that the rest of the members of the group were not quite up to the standard of the previous members except for Ronnie he was outstanding and to actually attempt Child in Time was taking on a lot but he did more than just acquit himself well he is a great vocalist who can compete with the likes of Ian Gillian and Robert Plant and alike. Stop whinging you guys just appreciate the fact that Ritchie came back to play rock and give us older guys a memory to cherish.

  24. 24
    GTK says:

    The show may have been great in-person but the CD of this show is unlistenable😡 Who had the tin ears to mix this CD😳 Damn bass drum is like a lead instrument, Ritchie’s guitar is buried in the mix….if you want his CD email me and I’ll ship it to you for the cost of shipping & handling.

  25. 25
    LorenZo says:

    GTK, I’m interested in your offer. Tried figuring out how to email you. It doesn’t give me a link. Plz email me@ overloadeddrummer@yahoo.com. Thanx!

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