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California Breed no more

California Breed with Joey Castillo

And just as some of our readers have predicted, California Breed is no more. Less than a year after the project was revealed to the world. The band has announced today via Twitter:

We are no more… another thing we couldn’t keep together.

and on Facebook:

The band is over. What a logo though, right?

Thanks to Classic Rock for the info.

36 Comments to “California Breed no more”:

  1. 1
    al says:

    What a shock! Actually it took less than I thought would take.No tours,No ticket selling,I guess it is useless to keep a band together if you don’t tour,if you are professional.So Glenn is back on his own and flying solo again! Hey Glenn call Joe Lynn Turner and make another album together,he is desperately trying to get together with someone and make some money.

  2. 2
    byron says:

    Glenn can’t put the blame on Bonamassa anymore..

  3. 3
    Purple Guy says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised.
    I love all things Glenn Hughes but of all the projects he’s been involved in this in my opinion was the weakest.

  4. 4
    mike whiteley says:

    First BBC,now California Breed,No surprise or shock here.
    Maybe GH needs to go back to being a solo artist,using studio musicians and hired guns for touring.
    With all due respect to his talent and legacy,forming “Super Groups” to play his songs just isn’t working.

  5. 5
    mike whiteley says:

    The ‘ 1 finger typist” strikes again !! I meant BCC,naturally 😉

  6. 6
    byron says:

    What a waste of talent,time and money.I guess it will be difficult for him to find some recording contract for another “band project”!

  7. 7
    josh says:

    I can’t keep from crying sometimes…

  8. 8
    Steve Hun says:

    Not surprising. Just another example of Glenn screwing something up.Look at his track record: Deep Purple, Hughes/Thrall, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, HTP, BCC, and now California Breed. He’ll probably blame somebody else for this latest one but it’s happened too many times to always be the other guy’s fault.Look in the mirror Glenn and ask yourself why everything you touch turns to shit.

  9. 9
    Tiago Marion says:

    I really liked this band. What shame to see it over so soon. GH needs to use studio musicians again…

  10. 10
    Iain says:

    It is good to see that all the Glenn haters are happy again, what a sad bunch.
    though I have liked BCC and CB it has smacked too much of designing the music to find a market segment.
    Over the past 20 years Glenn’s best work has always been his solo work where he can combine his own unique mix of rock,funk and soul music to make great albums such as Addiction, Soul Mover, Feel, Building the Machine,etc.In my opinion he has produced the best body of work of any ex Purple member in the last 25 years.
    So I am more than happy if Glenn goes back to being a solo act doing his own stuff and few Purple classics. There will always be an audience for the material and he and his voice is still top quality so give JJ a ring and hit the road.

  11. 11
    Louis ratana says:

    Steve Hunn are you perfect? In the 90s gh had a formidable, pheonix like rebirth in his career. How do I know I bought every cd , he put every great rock singer to shame. He was fantastic and god like, that is no exaggeration. When I first heard 7th Star in 87 all I could say, was he played bass in Deep Purple? I was awe struck. I started to realize that this man was a genius, and when you think Deep Purple you think how could this be? The answer is that he was an untapped talent even in DP.
    To cut a long story short is all I can say is whatever he does I will always support his music, even though his decisions I don’t always like. The funk preening was a bit fake obvious commercial reasons for it. Glenn deserves some sympathy, he did not break up BCC. The guitar player lost his balls and quit, I knew BCC was a bit of a have. It was a vehicle for the blues prodigy that was obvious. Glenn God speed.

  12. 12
    Les Hedger says:

    Glenn definitely has the talent to make a classic album. His talents lie in Funk, soul and rock, not just hard rock. Maybe he needs someone to guide him in the right direction and a good producer(look what it did for DP).

  13. 13
    Rob says:

    To be honest I prefer Glenn’s solo work anyway! No offence to the band

  14. 14
    Steve Hunt says:

    No I am not perfect and I bought all those 90’s records too.I am a Glenn fan and supporter for 35 years but the guy can’t keep anything together and it’s getting old.Like others have said he should stick to solo stuff and stop with the bands, it just doesn’t work with him.
    Steve Hunt

  15. 15
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    It was expected. The majority of commentors agreed that there was no interesting to listen there. The weekest Glenn’s line-up an album of last decades. We all are waiting for a new really interesting music from tireless Glenn and wish him good luck!

  16. 16
    RB says:

    It’s a shame but no surprise, it is Glenn after all. I don’t feel that anybody on here hates Glenn, it’s just that his track record with regards to behaviour isn’t great. He tends to get over-excited and wants the band to mean everything to each member, he did this with BCC and wanted Joe to make the band his main focus rather than his solo career. You can’t fault his enthusiasm but it means he’s a little pushy for some people. It must be quite difficult for him as he’s experienced huge global success with Purple and has been chasing that ever since; nothing wrong with ambition and having a sense of your own worth but it can become a tad tiresome for some people. Much of his best work comes from working with other strong musicians but it looks as if he finds difficulty in maintaining it (some fault might also lie with bad management, but Glenn is a strong personality and it must be difficult for anyone attempting to advise him to make the most prudent decisions when he’s enthused about his latest venture).

    The term’genius’ is somewhat overused these days (and it’s application is also prone to subjectivity and bias), and whilst Glenn is clearly talented much of his work isn’t of a consistently exceptional level. By that I mean there are a fair number of ‘fillers’ on his solo albums and much of his best work comes from working with others, eg. Purple, Thrall, BCC etc. I really hope he finds the right balance in the future.

  17. 17
    Ad says:

    What you do mean no tours, no ticket sales? I saw California Breed twice; at the Gramercy in NYC with Jason Bonham and a few months later, with Joey Castillo on drums, as support of Alter Bridge in Worcester, MA. At some shows Glenn joined Alter Bridge and played Highway Star with Myles Kennedy and Glenn sharing vocal duties. At the Classic Rock awards Glenn and Andrew Watt played a stunning acoustic version of ‘All falls down’ https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=348141708690975 Then they went on a headlining tour, playing medium sized clubs in Russia and Germany. Wrapping things up as support of Slash in the UK, again Glenn performed with Myles Kennedy (who is in 2 bands: Alter Bridge and Slash) on some encores. Apparently, Jason Bonham was not happy with the type of tour Glenn’s management set up, being a support act and going to Russia. Instead he was asked to rehearse with Phil Collins, so Bonham cited other professional commitments on his FB as reason not to tour with CB. Collins was planning a comeback tour. Interestingly enough this endeavor folded as he felt not ready.
    Bonham flew out to his mate Sammy Hagar, to do a couple of shows with him, and looking at some youtube footage he fits that Montrose/Hagar/Zep mode really well. So to summarize, California Breed delivered a colossal album with Glenn Hughes in top-notch form (awesome, knowing that a few months before recording he had open heart surgery) and a high profile, very succesful tour. The highest profile tour he was involved with since Deep Purple. I can only guess what happened, but at one point Glenn mentioned that although he loves Bonham, he would not be back drumming for California Breed. My take is, that Bonham, just as Bonamassa did with Black Country Communion, might claim some legal ownership to the name California Breed, Preventing, or making it difficult for Glenn to continue with that band. Andrew Watt, young gun that he is, wanted to continue, so no problem there I think. I do think there might have been a clash of egos, but if you listen to the BBC and CB albums,,it’s Glenn who did all the writing and had the musical vision. He IS the artist here. So, my fellow Highway Star readers. Just like you I would have liked seeing a coupla of more California Breed albums…making a brand name for your band is not easy in this day and age. On the other hand, if you look at bands like Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Aerosmith…they have been releasing the same album for the last 25 years. Folks, Get used to the fact that GLENN HUGHES is a true artist, at his age, with his past, he will follow his own path. As a fan, I still remember when he fell off the radar in the late seventies, all the way through the eighties, coming back strong from Betty Ford in 1991, clean so he said…doing shows again, building his name up, confessing in his bio that he actually really, really kicked drugs in 1998, admitting he lied about it in 1991. So for me, following these projects, it seems that they are folding but In reality I know Glenn Hughes still has a lot of music in him for solo projects, the awesome Jon Lord tribute doing some shows with his Kings of Chaos buddies, maybe even joining an established band for a while (Rival Sons spring to mind)…or getting Blackmore and Old Cov together for some intimate rocking and rollicking….but only if the songs were really good…:)

  18. 18
    uwe hornung says:

    I saw California Breed at the end of last year. In an oversized hall – before the smallest Glenn Hughes audience I have ever been unfortunate to witness. Glenn was his usual self – before 120 people – oversinging and overplaying in a way you either love or hate. In his mind, he is still doing the California Jam over and over. I knew then and there it would not last much longer. That kid playing guitar … no way in the league of players you are accustomed to with Glenn. And the California Breed music achingly attempts to be current (rough production and all), but it feels desperate. At the end the song that elicited the greatest audience recognition and participation was – you guessed it – Burn, and it wasn’t even a good version of it, the kid guitarist refusing for some reason to play a solo in his solo part as well as eschewing Blackers’ trademark neo-classical runs. It sounded like a garage band doing a half-rehearsed Burn, but then California Breed painstakingly tried to sound like a garage band all along the way. I prefer an undistorted Glenn singing his funk stuff on Stormbringer or Play Me Out (or even Feel, another good album of his) to Glenn, “The Voice of Rock” screaming his heart out over something that makes the first Strokes album sound like a balanced production.

    I wish he did something like Mothers Finest, got himself some black cats to play with and do his first love, funk and soul. Get in a slick funky producer and some outside songwriters as well because Glenn’s hypheractive busy-ness has seen his songwriter talent stretched thin over his releases in the last 20 years or so.

    And I really like Glenn, both his singing and his bass playing. He consistently wastes his talent though.

  19. 19
    Ad says:

    I think Glenn thinks that his German audience thinks that they want the California Jam Glenn ;)….agree with Burn…it was a trashy punk version….that I enjoyed quite a lot.

  20. 20
    Ad says:

    January 19th statement from Glenn’s website. Classy from Glenn that he doesn’t expand on Bonham’s reasons for leaving (joining Phil Collins on a mega$$$tour, that never materialized, HA). At least Glenn doesn’t fall in the category of not wanting tour because not getting paid enough (Bonham) or not being able to tour because of old age (Collins).

    Good morning ..
    On June 2 Jason left California Breed.
    We had just gone on sale with tickets for the USA and Europe tours . I felt it necessary to commit to these shows, as we had recorded an album and we needed to play and promote our work.
    Joey C came in and played drums,and helped us out on tour , and I am supremely grateful for this .
    What I couldn’t commit to was a second album. Cali Breed was Jason Andrew and myself , and there was no way moving forward without all 3 original members.
    Over the past 4 decades I have built a very loving and loyal fan base, where I know most of you , through touring , signing autographs for all , or on social networks, where I see your photographs or avatar , and answer you, in whatever you wish to ask or share with me .
    Those of you who have met me , or know me , know that I deeply care about LIFE…
    I am currently working on 3 projects , 2 musical & one movie …I will give more details as I move forward .
    This is a loving … And safe Place smile emoticon
    The Canvas of my LIFE is vast …and I go …where my spirit.. Leads me ..
    Big love to all my fans, friends and GOLDEN ones across our Planet …
    In my world LOVE is the answer .. Remember this

  21. 21
    Phil says:

    I liked CB and BCC before it. A pity they both came to an untimely end. All best wishes to Glenn and co.

  22. 22
    moorey says:

    Glenn has made some really great music,my favourites were Hughes/Thrall and BCC. CB was the first album of his I haven’t bought since he left Purple, it just sounds too contrived and I don’t like the guitarist also Glenn was over doing the screaming. He has never bettered Burn,Stormbringer or CTTB so he should get on the phone to Coverdale and Blackmore before it’s too late.

  23. 23
    Roberto says:

    I saw CB at Wembley last December opening for Slash and I have to confess I found them awful. Glenn’s ego still makes him think he needs to keep screamming all the time to prove anyone else he’s the best singer around today.
    His ego avoid him to put together a great band, which could make him remember good old times.
    His best time was with Deep Purple, where he was NOT the lead singer.
    Easy to predict CB was not going any longer.

  24. 24
    Jack says:

    Well…Glenn maybe should put a new band with Kee Marcello on guitar, Tommy Eyre on keryboards and Simon Wright on drums…that would be awesome!! Carry on Glenn!!

  25. 25
    Scott W. says:

    Out of all the DP singer’s Glenn’s voice has held up the best thru all the years. His musical output though does not fully convince me, though there are some good tracks. He needs to swallow his pride and join an established band (like when he joined Sabbath). Whether as a bassist, vocalist, or both..?

  26. 26
    MacGregor says:

    Ad @ 17 – are you Hughes PR man? The problem it seems with Hughes is, well, himself! You say he is the man, he writes the songs, a problem as he is a poor songwriter, it is that simple! Each to their own but if you are stating California Breed’s album as colossal, well what can I say to that! It was very ordinary indeed, in fact poor in many ways! A high profile very successful tour????? It didn’t work, time for Glenn the man to move on as he will no doubt. He simply needs to tone it down a few notches, take a deep breathe & mellow. The rock stardom gig has long past for him & others as we know, Father Time waits for no one!
    Bonamassa was on another higher level to Hughes in BCC, as was Bonham, it was never going to work, wasn’t that band ‘formed’ from a producers idea? Crazy! Oh & forget the Blackmore & Coverdale rave, it ain’t going to happen with your man! Your comment at 20 in regards to Bonham, says many things. Do you resent a professional musician moving to where he wants to? Why wouldn’t he go somewhere else? Did Bonamassa & Bonham leaving Hughes, burst your bubble, not to mention your man’s? Phil Collins has a back, vertebrae nerve condition, so he has a problem sitting at the drums without ending up in excruciating pain & discomfort, do you find that funny or does that suit your negativity in regards to being bitter about your man not ‘making it’?
    Nice PR rave attempt, I will give you 10/10 for that! Pity is will never work! Cheers.

  27. 27
    uwe hornung says:

    True. He could always join Whitesnake (as a bassist as well, he’s too good at it) relieve DC of the high parts and cede those parts that need manly authority to him. Best of both worlds! And I wouldn’t have to wince anymore when I hear DC straining …

    Or give Pat Thrall a call. Nile Rodgers wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  28. 28
    Svante Axbacke says:

    For any session musician trying to make a living, it would be obvious that a Phil Collins gig would involve more money than any Glenn Hughes project. And that’s not slamming Hughes, it’s just a fact.

  29. 29
    Fender123 says:

    Whilst there are always plenty of contrary views about GH, it is hard to deny that he has produced some terrific music over the years although, in my opinion, not enough has made the grade – an earlier ‘too many fillers’ comment seems appropriate – a “Best of” would be great. However for me, the problem has always been that his ego and self-importance is just so damn annoying such that every time I see or hear an interview or video of him I cannot help but think “who the bloody hell do you think you are?!?!” (could be an album name….). He is just not the superstar that he thinks he is, he’s kidding no-one – that’s why the so-called haters cannot abide him.

    So where does he go from here? Don’t know, but would be nice if he drank a cup of realism, kept his head down and made some more decent rock music – but please, no embarrassing screaming.

    Hey Roberto #23 – hope you are well – I assume you are still listening to the worst DP album of all time – Stormbringer…..

    Cheers all.

  30. 30
    Ad says:

    McGregor, thanks for giving my little blurb so much Attention. Bonham can go wherever he wants to go. Re-hashing his dads fills in the Zep experience. I just think It’s strange to start a band and then leave it for Collins waving a bundle of $$ in front of him. Glenn didn’t miss a bit, replaced him with Joey Castillo, a top notch drummer, And yeah, supporting Alter Bridge and Slash is the highest profile, tour Glenn has done since Purple…I know, because I know his tourography. With BCC and CB glenn delivered some sublime hard rocking albums…if you don’t like hard rock, but easy listening, just buy the latest ‘Deep Purple’ album…truth must be told! Bonamassa? Releases too many albums, with too many covers. We all know Glenn is this crazy, excitable raw talent that needs some guidance. But man,that voice…just amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this 62 yr old kid would join an established band for a while and give it a firm kick in the ass……also, I happen to like Stormbringer…a lot…as it’s the most diverse and musical album DP has ever done.

  31. 31
    MacGregor says:

    Ad@30- no worries, it’s all personal opinions of course. Bonham could have left CB for any reason, it’s pointless speculating as to why he resigned!
    But I doubt cash would have been his reason for the Collins gig. Class perhaps, would be one very good reason a drummer would play that gig. Bonham would have also been well aware of Collin’s health issues, so it was a risk worth taking. Shame it didn’t work out for Collins, to not to be able to drum or even sit at a piano again, isn’t good for him. We hope he can recover from his back problem, he is a fantastic drummer.
    I am not a Bonamassa fan at all, but he is a class player, & as a successful solo artist, does he need another ‘rock’ band & all that goes with it? Evidently not.
    Regarding Stormbringer, yes I have always liked that album & have defended it here a times! Half the album is great IMHO, the other half is good to ok. Cheers.

  32. 32
    John says:

    I think Glenn would have a problem forming a band with Tommy Eyre as Tommy sadly passed away a decade or so ago. Hope to hear some new Glenn material sooner that later

  33. 33
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    And “Still I’m Sad”…… Like it or not, this is messed up. CB was actually taking traction. They were spotlighted at the “Classic Rock Honors” awards ceremony with an acoustic Live performance on the balcony of the Theater. Really great performance. “Now They’re Gone”. WTF? Glenn Hughes apparently is the kiss of his own success death. What a talent. What a shame. What’s Next?????


  34. 34
    Adrian says:

    Glenn Hughes just did a lengthy interview with DJ Denise Faithful, all about Tommy Bolin and his music. Apart from having just recorded Gary Moore’s track ‘Nothing’s the same’ (from Moore’s 1992 After Hours album) for an upcoming Tribute, Glenn is working on a DP mk IV movie , focusing on Bolin and himself. Don’t know if this is the Jakarta movie, for which are already official trailers around. Furthermore he’s working on 2 other things, a band and a project (prob not the Gary Moore tribute, but a different thing).

  35. 35
    Elvin Posey says:

    I have been a GH fan since I first heard Burn. Love all his solo work and his time
    with BBC and CB and thought all those albums were great rock and roll. GH
    is a talent unlike many in rock history but he doesn’t get the attention deserved.
    Yes he has had his own demons and over came them and I think he just need so
    enjoy and accept he has a cult following like The Ramones or Motorhead etc…
    and can still play and record and his fans will buy and go see him in concert.
    Many musicians would give anything to be in his position. Stop looking for the
    big hit album. He has one of the greatest voices in rock and funk history and has
    written 100’s of the greatest songs ever written. He will be remembered forever.
    Real rock fans know who he is and he should accept that and enjoy his success.

  36. 36
    Brian says:

    It’s a shame this band broke up. They were interesting and had the chops. I think the problem is the age of Hughes getting in front of an audience. Great for the studio, but let’s face it – the guy’s a bit of a trainwreck. This isn’t 1974, and Hughes looks very much the worse for wear.

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