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Forevermore fan pack

Whitesnake Forevermore fan packThe Classic Rock fan pack for the upcoming new Whitesnake album Forevermore will be released in UK on March 25. The fan pack will include the album on CD, a 132-page magazine, a pin badge and a “giant-size” poster. Classic Rock has been given exclusive UK distribution of the album for the first 3 weeks after the release, after which it will hit regular record stores. The fan pack CD will feature different artwork and 2 bonus live tracks from Donington Monsters Of Rock festival in 1990.

The magazine is being edited by Geoff Barton and will include a brand new interview with Coverdale conducted at his home in Lake Tahoe, plus interviews with Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach, bassist Michael Devin and drummer Brian Tichy. Travis Shinn contributed photographs from the album recording sessions at David’s house. The magazine is rounded up with interviews from people who knew Coverdale back in pre-Purple days, an article on the megaselling 1987 album, review of Whitesnake’s entire back catalogue and list of, ahem, Coverdale’s Top 20 Friskiest Lyrics.

The fan pack can be preordered through myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

Thanks to Classic Rock for the info.

12 Comments to “Forevermore fan pack”:

  1. 1
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I buy CR regularly overgere in Rotterdam.

    I m not sure THIS edition will also reach my local shop.

    I must say its a clever action by DC.

    I dont know what the price of the pack will be but if its priced attractive I might be very tempted.

  2. 2
    Svante Axbacke says:

    The price is £14.99 which ended up as just under 18 EUR with postage to Sweden when I placed my order. Quite a reasonable price to me, considering the contents. I not quite as sure that the deluxe boxset coming at £68.99 will be worth it though. 🙂

  3. 3
    peter chrisp says:

    Looking forward to it immensely. I understand it will be available in the U.K. for 3 weeks then the standard edition.

  4. 4
    eiricd says:

    what’s the content of the deluxe box set?
    and what’s the dvd content on the cd&dvd edition?

  5. 5
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Geoff has always been with Classic Rock M, along with a few of his flunkies from the past who still carry the same grinding axes for artists they wish they could be like.lmao. Now I was of course a big fan of Kerrrang, but most of the editors, which all publication writers are ALWAYS referred to as, and the chief Geoff should have much more integrity after all these years. Start by looking at just the first few pages of any issue, the editing is so poor I can’t believe the mag makes the stands. By this I mean simple spelling and typo errors galore, and geographical confusion to the point of changing history for it’s readers! On top of that when Purple last made the cover… boy was that a load of tripe, everything from the questions they asked, to the answers they published were so wacked it’s pathetic. I’m glad Ian got to say his peace to them and still get published, cause he told them a thing or two about their seedy ways and how they go about publicity.(not to mention Captain Bob, he don’t pay no dues) I find it hard to believe that Roger Glover would mistake a US city for one that does not exist in another state. Always beware of their mistaking rock journalism for comedy. I can’t recommend them, they simply bite! However, to arrive at such an opinion one must browse through the proverbial crap so I have supported them myself, but I don’t anymore, they make my eyes bleed.(the Purple covered issue was a gift)

    Nice little offering here though, what a buddy buddy campaign, and it looks as if someone might’ve visted David’s home apparently… did he fly them overseas or get a US representative to do the article?

    It’s getting to be like hitting a brick wall or beating a dead horse with most bands, retro or not. Classic Rock is a prime example of where the industry is at for all involved, right down to it’s readers. And I think it’s only healthy for critics to view such insight. How the mag is even financed is another mystery, in fact how most any of them are isn’t, mortgage after mortgage before losing homes over it has been the norm.(disclaiming all misspelling rights if any, there is no apparent editor tending to the THS blogs for that, or the software simply doesn’t provide such an option… good thing it’s not a magazine)

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I lost sight of Kerrangg! many years ago.
    In the 80 s already metal was overdominating the magazine.

    I could/can stand my piece of DIO, Maiden and a like but never got into the extremes.

    CR is something I like now and then but, as mentioned many times here and there, it has a too strong BIAS.

  7. 7
    stefan says:

    Good thing I have a lady friend in England, who graciously buy and post the mag for me !!! Here in Scandinavia it´s useally double price for the mag…..it´s an outrage,these f**king taxes here in Denmark are robbery….pure & simple !!!!

  8. 8
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @4: “Limited edition Box Set Cd+Lp+DVD+memorabilia (poster, litography, sticker)”

    “DVD: Love Will Set You Free (videoclip); Making of “Forevermore”
    documentary; Interviews & more stuff TBA !”


  9. 9
    stefan says:

    I have the very first issue of Kerrang, sadly the mag went crap many years ago…..just like Metal Hammer !! Classic rock is the only mag today worth reading, and I´ve bought every issue since august 2000 !!!

  10. 10
    Bjarne Pedersen says:

    Hi Stefan
    I live in Denmark too and gets CLASSIC ROCK very cheap in subscription each time – their packages (Slash/Motorhead/Whitesnake) are also very cheap if you buy them from their website…

  11. 11
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    You guys in the UK are lucky you still have a couple of good Rock Mags left! like Classic Rock magazine and Kerrang, All of our good Magazines bit the dust when grunge came, Circus-Hit Parader-Creem-a while ago, the only magazine we have left is called Revolver, are any of you all familiar with it? and of course ugggh Rolling Stones magazine, I wish we still had some Rock journalism left in the States. Cheers Bill

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 11

    I think we in The Netherlands have a DUTCH version of Revolver.

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