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Coverdale on the Bruce Dickinson show


David Coverdale will be interviewed in the new episode of BBC Radio 2s Masters of Rock series devoted to classic, contemporary and obscure hard rock and metal. The show, which is hosted by Bruce Dickinson, will include a chat with Coverdale about his colourful career. The program is scheduled to air on August 23 at 10:00 p.m. (GMT).

In other Coverdale related news, Whitesnake has set “Good to be Bad” as the title of its new studio album, tentatively due early next year.

Thanks to DPAS and Mike Garrett for the info.

33 Comments to “Coverdale on the Bruce Dickinson show”:

  1. 1
    Joanna says:

    Thanks. Fine show.

  2. 2
    Adam says:

    Very good! On the strength of this, David seems to be back on top form, and as for the new guitar player, dunno his name yet, but his playing reminds me of both John Sykes and Steve Vai! Thumbs up!

  3. 3
    purpura says:

    This singer is David Coverdale?
    No, he is a Robert Plant imitation
    Cov is dead since (of the year) 1984

  4. 4
    Nick Borissov says:

    This is David Coverdale himself, 2007. Maybe different than what he used to look and sound like back in 1974 but in a great shape, as all of us can hear and see. Much much better than Plant is these days !

  5. 5
    mindon says:

    Coverdale is a poser and the choice to have in Purple was a big mistake. Here we go again with more snake skin shedding ala glitter glam crap rock… lets get Ritchie, jon Lord and Ian Paice together again and probably Doogie White for a return to higher rock plains

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!
    And again that fiddler format!!! I thought he wanted to get away from that after Slip of the Tongue(Mind you, that’s 1989, we’rte talking)and return to real music…..
    This song sounds like a left over of Coverdale Page as well………After all those years he can’t come up with something worthy!!!!!!
    O man, how I miss Marsden, Moody and Murray…..
    We are really walking in the shadow of the blues now……..

  7. 7
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    I can’t beleive how everybody rips on talented people like Coverdale, Gillan, Hughes etc. They’ve been in the music biz forever and survived all the trends just to have a bunch of angry people cut’em up on the internet. You people go away if you don’t like them …move on.

  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Who are you talking about?!
    I’m not angry(certainly not young either, hehehe. You?)but I think I am able to make comparisons regarding the QUALITY over the years…….This has nothing to do with slamming someone!!!!
    Why should I move on because YOU say so?!
    So that you and your peers without a critic mind can go on rambling how fantastic and great everything supposedly is? While it’s not and deserves opinions from everyone, espescially those who listened to them since 1977. I saw Whitesnake on The saint and sinners tour and they were wonderful. After that david got the idea to forget his fantastic soul voice and began to scream more and more like a hysteric banshee. Such a waste………..I NEVER said he has no talent.
    Read carefully before you write down silly words…..

    Take care…..

    Have a beer….

    There’s always tomorrow……. And Roy Khan of KAMELOT, that’s a SINGER.

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And at least I do not nick myself stupid……..

  10. 10
    Simon Smith says:

    I have to agree that this is poor. Saints and Sinners was probably the last reasonably decent thing Coverdale did. Everthing after this is quite cringemaking really.

    Compare this to the Purple live coverage on Gillans 40 years on the road DVD. No comparison. Style!?!? over substance as always with David.

  11. 11
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    That’s stoopid… not stupid…what do you think I’m stupid? I don’t think that vocalists normally change their style as a career move. Most of the time I would think it is because of age or health (which as you know, none of us can control all the time).Davids style seemed to have changed after a 3 year (1984-1987) hiatus due to problems with his vocal chords. Now as he ages, as well as Gillan, and Hughes, it seems like everybody is lining up to take shots at them because they aren’t the same as they were in their 20’s. Well at least they still trying. I don’t particularly care for Glenn Hughes voice or style. Some do. I have no interest to go to Glenn Hughes posts and slam him. I can still appreciate his talent, though I don’t like his style. And I would gladly listen to a thousand Glenn Hughes songs than to listen to one hour of American Classic Rock Radio. After you’ve heard “Walk This Way” for the billionth time, you’d be crying….”bring on Coverdale…paleeez. So Rock on Glenn, David and Ian. Keep trying. I’ll keep listening for better or worse

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Just don’t listen to that stupid(…)radio then, man.
    Here in Holland it sucked big time as long I can remember.
    Not only playing crap for the sixteen zillionth time but also boycotting(…) a genre which always stayed popular over here. But people who controlled the radio en tv stations manipulated and said heavy rock was out of fashion or whatever.

    Talking about rewriting history in front of your eyes :

    That’s also the reason you now get Compilation discs of the 70’s which say nothing about great selling bands like Deep Purple, but try to tell you we only loved punk, disco, Grease/Saturday Night fever and other mediocre drivel.

    Luckily I always had my albums, but before Internet you had to stand through all that manipulation while you KNEW Heavy rock was still big enough to deserve attention, which now was lacking.

    Btw, I LOVE Glenn(He’s fucking awesome!!!!) Hughes, apart from the fact that he goes over the hill with the high singing. And that comes from a man who disliked him when he first heard him, being a HUGE Ian Gillan fan……….I still am but he really should stop lying about Ritchie……..(…..)
    David Coverdale might have had vocal chord problems, but I witnessed he can STILL sing in the lower registre.
    It’s a choice.
    Quite ironical : After DP he said he had enough of all that screaming machinegun music only to do that even worse after 1987….
    People are strange…….
    Me too…

  13. 13
    Sami says:

    Hey guys, you made some important observations there.Ian,Glenn & David
    are no longer in their 20’s or 30’s and their voices have changed along the way(Glenn’s the least, in fact).I like/love them all, but the truth to be known,
    it’s sometimes painful to listen to IG trying to reach those high notes of old classics, instead reduced to ‘growling'(for the lack of better word)and out of breath…it’s still not bad from a 60+ year old man & he’s still better than anyone with that incredible feel and emotion he puts into every song!!(Purpendicular & Rapture…are awesome albums with fantastic vocals from Ian!)
    DC’s ‘banshee scream’ these days is a really far cry from what once was a Great soulful bluesy/smoky Rock voice, and in my opinion he hasn’t done a decent album since Slide it In…as I said, that’s only my opinion and you are free to disagree, but I’d rather listen to Purple Mk3&4 records + old Whitesnake than his post -84 output.
    Glenn has done some brilliant albums in recent years, as well as some great collaborations(HTP records,Building the Machine,Songs in The Key of Rock,Fused with Tony Iommi…), and he really is on top of his game right now with A Voice that captures the listener, whether you like it or not.
    It all comes down to our likes & dislikes…nothing wrong with the old classic stuff(with some fantastic recent recordings, for variety’s sake)…there’s not progression involved in every new album(by DP or whoever), it’s progression for the sake of it, and that’s not very progressive, isn’t it…
    I’m strange too, hahaa…

  14. 14
    Space Trucker says:

    Just thought that I’d add my two cents here…

    Ready to Rock is pretty dreadful; but in fairness to DC and his boys, I found ‘If You Want Me’ and ‘All I Want is You’ (two of the other new songs on Live in the Shadow of the Blues) to be really enjoyable. Bring on the album. 🙂

    David’s voice may not be what it was, and I don’t particually care for his Banshee screaming either, but from the evidence I’ve seen, they still put on a good show.

    But, it is all a matter of opinion….

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    “But, it’s all a matter of opnion.”

    Yep, and Mac Donalds is “haute cuisine” because so many people eat it…………

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I read “Nahhhhhhhhhh” in a earlier post of mine in the wrong place.
    I meant to say Roy Khan is one of the greatest heavy rock singers in these times, worthy your praise if you like melody, power, feel……………
    Nahhhhhhhhhh…………should have been placed after :” ……..since 1977.”

  17. 17
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    Yes there are those painful moments as singers get older. But there are those sometimes magic moments too. I would much rather see them continueing with their career than hanging up their microphone for good. You never know. Maybe Coverdale will change his style again if what PurplePriest is saying is true about his capabilities still being what they were.
    As for Classic Rock Radio in the US Priest. Beleive me, I don’t listen. I have 1000 cd’s that I listen to at home and in my car. And for the record I am thinking about getting the new Glenn Hughes 2CD Anthology set to catch up on his career. I guess saying I don’t like his style is wrong. I don’t like his style as much as Gillan, or Coverdale. But Crap!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a word I save for American Classic Rock Radio and Brittney Spears. For a bad Coverdale song …I’ll use the word….”Not bad… David…could Be better”

  18. 18
    Charlie says:

    Ahmmm…That song is crap.

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Although Glenn very often spoils the momentum by going too much in the higher registre he has made loads of great stuff over the years.
    I woukld not know where to begin to mention if you asked me… I could easily make a few double cd’s with tracks, only from the period since 94!!!!!!!

    So if you have to catch up…………That’s a shame…..You missed a lot.

    I saw shows to die for since 1994(…). Only recently I çould NOT enjoy it because the sound was too loud.

  20. 20
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    Hey Priest !! Okay..now you have me interested. I guess my Glenn Hughes library consists of the Cal Jam DVD. Sabbath Seventh Star ? A Trapeze greatest hits LP. The Purple Live & Studios CD’s….Paris, London, Europe, Stormbringer,Burn, Come Taste The Band. Nothing after……1984 w/ Sabbath. What are the best Glenn Hughes CD’s ? Pick 4.

    As for you Charlie… since you are the expert on CRAP. Pleeeze. We are talking about David Coverdale & Glenn Hughes not Blackmore’s Night. You’re on the wrong post now go lip sync to one of Ritchies’s B-siides like you’ve been doing since 93′. Oh BTW You Candie’s getting jealous.

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    1) The way it is
    2) Songs in the key of Rock
    3) Return of crystal karma
    4) Building the machine

    In a lesser degree albums like 1) Addiction(too raw, lacks keyboard IMHO, they corrected that in a live setting, wish I had a live album of that tour!!!), 2) Soulmover and 3) the last one(Shit, I forgot the name)same problem, 5) From now on (according to many his best) and 6) Feel(Which was my favorite for a long time)

    I really love the way he sang on 7th Star and face the truth(John Norum)

    Btw, his collaboration on FUSED and DEP sessionswith Tony Iommi is too many a real classic, but I find it hard to listen to…….

    Most importantly : check EVERY album, cause they ALL have gems.

    Did this help you?

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Just a pick of tracks :

    1) Switch the Mojo
    2) Into the void
    3) In my blood
    4) Can’t stop the flood
    5) Blue jade
    6) I don’t want to live that way again
    7) Talk about it
    8) Addiction
    9) Gasoline
    10) Standing on the rock
    11) Written all over your face
    12) Beyond the numb
    13) Picking up the pieces
    14) The liar
    15) Lay my body down
    16) Soulmover
    17) Orion
    18) Dark star
    19) High road
    20) She moves ghastly
    21) Valliant denial
    22) Into the black light

    Well, I just proved that that it’s too difficult to say what to take……..I have a lot of songs from Addiction and so on too……

    And from the ones I just mentioned the tracks I did not take very gem.

    With other words : Glenn is the man!!!!!!!

  23. 23
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    Hey Priest. Thanks sooo much.!! I have always had a Glenn Hughes interest. Though…and I think you said on this post…..First impression wAS NOT too good. Same with me. Cal Jam 74′ was a tough one. I liked him on the Trapeze” LP. But the DPurple Mk3 Live CD’s were …a hard listen. Then came “Come Taste The Band”…..loved it. The Sabbath – 7th Star…..GREAT!! Sooo. Hughes is so busy. He plays on everybody’s tribute. A hard guy to keep up with. If I had the $$$$ I would be buying all his CD’s. He’s cool. I’ll be buying the 4 you mentioned… THanks!!

  24. 24
    Charlie says:

    Thanks for your coments Mr Stoopid whatever, but I also see you posting posts on The Blackmore Blogg crapping on about Coverdale there too even though it welcomes comments about Blackmores mime act. I am simply stating on this blogg, which is the one about Coverdale, that the clip shown is FUCKING SHIT. The song is shit and if you dont like someone elses opinion, visit a blog run by Commos.

  25. 25
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    Now Charlie go back to your Blackmore’s Knights post. I thought you knew your crap, since you’ve been studying it for 14 years. Now you’ve upped it to F******g S**t. Can you say that here?
    I tell you what…here’s some advice. Brush and floss at least twice a day. And tell your wife that you don’t need a BIGGER COVERDALE. She needs a SMALLER BLACKMORE. If that does’nt work …soak a rag in g******e and throw it in her hair. If that fails…just call a priest. It may be too late for you.
    But she will melt to the floor screaming BLACMORE RULES!!! And you will be free to listen to your Whitesnake albums without hassle!!! Oprah had a whole show on this…beleive me it works!! Love Ya!!

  26. 26
    Rascal says:

    I thinks its terrible that so many of you crticise DC…………….particularly when JLT is such an easier target to slam………………….Ha Ha

  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Please do not be too harsh on Joe.
    He is my friend

    Rod Evans

    Kill the kinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    Rascal says:

    Apologies about Joe.
    Your friend

    Shouldnt mock the afflicted

    Lets Burrrrnnn!!

  29. 29
    wolf says:

    This is an example when a rock-god in upper state performance (1974 Jam Festifal California) seems to be detoriated some 30 years later to an parody of himself; admit it: James Douglas Morrison burned like a Roman candle an then faded away in oblivian – he was the one-and-only rock/pop-singer whom refused to become an down and out ugly son of an rock-n-roller…… which does not mean that every outstanding young rocker at it’s peak must commit suicide, neither by consuming drugs, neither by swallowing alcohol.
    Act just like proffessional race-bikers – say goodby to your career when you at your best, and focus on something else!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30
    ralphyd65 says:

    wow 1st i dont even know where to start so all i have to say is people, what is the problem,that song rocks, i have been a whitesnake fan since i saw them open for jethro tull back in 1980. in the boston garden. david coverdale is one of my favorite singers .nobody can get the females worked up like this guy does, and what the hell is wrong with singing about sex, hence the title of the band whitesnake. you know if you want to listen to boring artsy fartsy music go ahead. me i will take classic butt shaken girating heavy metal any day. i just hope maybe they tour the boston area again been way to long. rock on whitesnake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31
    AndreA says:

    I’ ve got last live CDs…bad sound..I don’t like,I feel betrayed..

  32. 32
    AndreA says:

    ..but please,
    don’t compare David to R.Plant; David’s voice is always better than the

  33. 33
    Andy Msc says:

    Listen you critical so called music listeners, if you dont like it, dont listen to it. If you think such and such is better or worse than such and such, dont listen to them. Further more dont dwell on the past, these muscians always look for something new…If you want to dwell then go back an listen to WHAT you think is good, great or whatever.

    Finally if you think things can be done better, then take up an instrument or get singing lessons and then off your arses and do something about it, otherwise shut the F**K up… Rant over

    Andy from Downunder…

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