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Keeping it dry

The third installment of Glenn Hughes’ UK tour diary, complete with a shopping trip, laundry instructions and a singing lesson:

Also, please note the venue change for Dublin gig on October 10: it has been moved to The Academy 2.

Thanks to Yvonne Osthausen and Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

8 Comments to “Keeping it dry”:

  1. 1
    Purpoz says:

    Sobriety, singing & sex… no doubt Glenn has learnt that priority list the hard way! But he’s a survivor and deserves to bask in some success.

    I am lovin’ this tour diary thing.

  2. 2
    stoffer says:

    Entertaining & interesting, enjoying this…………..to be continued…I hope!

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Glenn, you rule!!!!

    Please bring us both outfits, this solo outfit AND BCC.

    Mark, Rotterdam

  4. 4
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wish there were good live recordings of several solo tours he did.
    Yeah, I know some exist, incl boots.

    I loved the evening of the ADDICTION gig he did, in 1996 it was, I think.
    Great renditions, due to a great band and heavy keyboards.

    Throw my soul into the fire.
    Let my body burn in sin.

  5. 5
    Eddie6string says:

    The following review has been submitted to the ‘Eventim’ & ‘Planet Rock’ Fan review page:

    You would be mistaken if you thought any of the following about Glenn Hughes;

    Too Old to be relevant or capable of giving a quality Live performance.

    Too frail for his self confessed abused body to generate the energy levels required to hold an audience in his potent hands, whilst his voice performs audio acrobatics that a songbird on the wing would be envious of.

    Yes, Mistaken you would be, to suppose you could afford to stay at home if this particular ‘Voice of Rock’ show came within a Light year of your town.

    This was the first time at seeing Glenn centre stage & I left the Phoenix theatre at Exeter on October 2nd 2010 very impressed with the Man on every level & the band gave evidence of their Affection & respect for this consummate musician by giving a faultless & equally impressive performance in support.

    From the moment the band hit the stage a musical barrage ensued, Heavy Rock, Deep Blues & the Funkiest Rhythm patterns were stitched together with melodic threads & decorated with dazzling dynamics that kept the inexperienced fan in a constant state of shocked ecstasy, like the proverbial Rabbit in the Headlights of a speeding Tour bus!

    Songs from Trapeze to present day featured in this slick two hour display of a ‘Master class’ for performers from any era – timeless!

    One fan stood next to me, was so taken with the band’s performance that he forgot to visit his much loved Pint of brew using his laden hand to clap – I’ll never wash the stain out & thank goodness Beer makes a good shampoo!
    Several others expressed their surprise at the quality of the performance given by Glenn (Vocals & Bass), Soren (Guitar), Pontus (Drums) & Anders (Keyboard) VERY solid. Given that Glenn seems to add the occasional stop within a tune or two, the guys were kept on their toes & responded in unison – who said musicians couldn’t unite the world?

    Glenn: was sporting a 1950s Fender Precision Bass & no matter how fast or complex a run of notes, he seldom needed to look at the instrument, choosing instead to keep audience contact, eliciting high velocity waving & more Alcoholic showers as he positioned his guitar neck over the heads of the stage huggers who responded like Vikings toasting a Pagan god or two.
    Glenn’s vocal performance left one wondering how such a gentle sweet & yet Powerful ‘Spider Silk’ voice could reside in one person?
    Glenn’s ability to embrace the Soulful melodies & Primeval Screams (often attributed to Youth at the pinnacle of competence), & often spaced within a few beats of each other, gives evidence as to why his collaboration with ‘Black Country Communion’ is deservedly currently enjoying great commercial success – you can’t keep this kind of talent down! Drug addiction couldn’t! Alcohol & the rigors of recovery couldn’t! So, maybe Glenn’s trust in the Divine isn’t so misplaced after all?

    Something that defines GREAT in Rock ‘n’ Roll terms is how a performer continues his desire & obligation to perform to his/her audience despite the rafters falling around them & the sky dropping in for a closer look – You just know that in such a scenario, Glenn, would come out on top & still be willing to sign CD covers for all.

    Just a word or two about the band;

    Soren: plays guitar like he wears his skin – the two were made for each other!
    Great variety in Tones & technique that would have budding guitarist studiously learning how to unravel their fingers after attempting an imitation.
    For the Deep Purple fans among us, Soren tastefully paid homage to Ritchie Blackmore
    in accommodating the Master’s original method of playing ‘Sail Away’ & ‘Burn’ whilst adding his own flamboyance, returning at the end of ‘Burn’ to RB’s copywrited technique of sliding his toe cap along the fret board, most entertaining!

    Anders: seemed more than happy to let the other members of the band do the Acrobatics, after all, Keith Emerson has cornered the market in turning a keyboard into Firewood whilst performing a solo or two. Glenn is rigorous in demanding a high standard of performance & Anders frequently received a smile of approval from centre stage. Great tones & voicing for the wide variety of styles visited by this band!

    Pontus: Daytime TV producers are missing out big time where this man is concerned, his ability to tenderise the toughest stake on a celebrity cooking show, is second to none – and that would be with sticks – no mallet required!
    What a Powerhouse! What finesse!
    Like using a ‘Jack Hammer’ to tickle a ‘Babe in arms’ Pontus has the ability to ride any Musical Dynamic Glenn requires, like the ‘Silver Surfer’ riding a tsunami!
    I had to see what super strong material his drum were made of only to find normal skins – no Kevlar – what a surprise!
    Who needs an atomic clock? this boy has absolutely solid time keeping that kept the band right in the groove – so essential for the Funk elements.
    All this & the guy knows more drummer jokes than is healthy.

    What more can I say?

    Do yourself an enormous favour & catch these guys before they start charging what they’re worth! £20 to £30 a ticket – BARGAIN!


    Eddie ‘Electric Lady’ Guitars

  6. 6
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Mark, for once we agree; The Addiction album and tour was excellent and deserves to be released on a good live album.

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I have to get a copy of the album again because a friend of mine lost the cd I loaned to him.
    Should not complain that much. The cd was a copy I made from a cd I loaned from another friend.

    I wish a Anniversary Edition would reach this world, a studiodisc and a live second disc.


  8. 8
    Rasmus Heide says:

    That raw, unfiltered singing at 8:32 gives me goosebumps. Good stuff!

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