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Roger’s exhibition in Köln

RG 2010 exhibition booklet, image courtesy of K-8 GalleryThe first exhibition of Roger Glover’s art Paintings and Pictures 1964 – 2010 will open in Köln (Cologne), Germany, later this month and will run through the end of January.

Between and during his travels all over the world, from time to time RG has felt the need to take up a brush, pencil, pen or camera, purely for his own enjoyment. Apart from the realist paintings he has a keen interest in abstraction, looking for subjects that appear to be unconscious in their design. In his photography also, he takes pleasure in finding accidental images with a particular fascination for the effects of time and decay on various surfaces. This is his Found Art. There are also some samples from a future project called March of the Corridors.

All works, except for the painting (high quality prints) are presented in the original. The limited edition, signed works can be purchased. The sale proceeds will go to charitable and social institutions which do not have a large lobby and have been selected by Roger himself:

The opening event will be held at 19:00 on Friday, October 22 with the artist himself in attendance. Other events during the exhibition:

  • Friday, December 3: Krysmah — Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake u.v.m. – Acoustic cover songs, 7 € admission
  • Tuesday, December 12: Gerd Schinkel, “rooted in the life” – on roots music, 5 € admission
  • Sunday, December 23: Manfred Stoffer photography — Deep Purple Live On Stage and Backstage, 5 € admission
  • Friday, January 28: Stargazer — Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake cover band, 9 € admission
  • Sunday, January 30: Didi Zill, Deep Purple’s long time photographer, 7 € admission
  • Monday, January 31: Peter Rüchel, “The Maker” from the Rockpalast, will read from his book + own experiences, 5 € admission

All events start at 19:30. All admission prices will be mostly donated to the charitable projects selected by Roger Glover.

K-8 Gallery
Ursulastr. 2, 50668, Köln (Cologne)
Telephone: 0221-7024660
Opening times: Mon-Thu 08-17, Fri 08-13, special events up to 22:00.

Thanks to Ralf Schmidt for the info

6 Comments to “Roger’s exhibition in Köln”:

  1. 1
    marcinn says:

    This is brilliant. It would be great to be able to see Ian in Koln in January, and visit the exhibition. Roger’s art truly deserves a more proper display than his website. With his hands he’s able to paint wonderful landscapes, and his eye spots things you’d never think would fit for a photo. I’m glad to hear the news. I need to check Ian’s tour dates.

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe he should undertake a TOUR with this format, including the other admissions during the exhibition.

    Take it to Rotterdam and I ll be there!

    Rog, when you are here, tell the lame politicians overhere that this pretentious city needs a good clubcircuit as well?!
    They just demolished it for no good reason!!!!

    Nice place to do it and play a jam as well is RoTown, Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotterdam.

    You probably prefer Amsterdam?
    Rainbow and DP went to Rotterdam for AHOY for decades and now dropped their loyaly since The Heineken Music Hall in the big museum was opened……

    Shame on you.

    Even Ritchie should be…..

    He almost never got to use castles and other great facilities during BN.

    In Amsterdam Paradiso was cool, except for cutting the show short due to , for me, some inaudible buzzing sound he heard.
    Must have been Carol taking a nap backstage.
    The other time in Amsterdam they took stage at The Pepsi Stage.

    Did Michael Jackson tell you that it might set you on fire?

    The shows in Nimweegen and Grunningen I skipped
    Too far away.

    I was already bored anyway.

    Cheers people, Mark

  3. 3
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Mark, DP doesn’t decide where to play. You should voice your concerns to the Dutch promoters. They are the ones who decide where the bands play.

    Sorry hearing about the Rotterdam club circuit being demolished. Sounds like it’s a bad time for music in general in Holland at the moment: http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/charlottehigginsblog/2010/oct/05/netherlands-arts-cuts

  4. 4
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    And make sure Steve doesn’t show up at any exhibitions with his good will or otherwise?

    You kill me….. :>

    And which entity(ies) are you typing about with respect to Paradiso and Pepsi Stage pray tell?



  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Indeed Svante!

    Apart from the fact that this is again crossing into political boundaries I ll try to say something about it anyway.

    It might be a bad time in general for more thgings than just music, but right now I do not really know what to expect.

    I m not left or right and thus I feel for opions on both sides of the spectrum.
    But I m no fortuneteller.

    The link is also voicing a concern about new music.
    In Rotterdam espescially there is a strong dislike for old classic rock.
    Its impossible not to be flooded by house/dance/hip hop and things like punk.

    Its more a city that embraces modernity as a intrinsical desire in it self.

    No l ,art pour l,art but……just running after every fashion and thus ending us a widow because, like Kierkegaard said, it submitted too much to the Zeitgeist.

    Dont ask how I ended up here.
    Long story between love and hate.
    Wrong thinking…..

    But I do like old cities, not really charmed by the domination of glass, concrete and steel.

    It does have nice moments but in general it feels cold.
    Within 100 years it might change for the better but I m already 45, so……

    If I have to choose, if necessary, I ll choose good education and caring about ill people instead of things called art.

    IMHO a lot of art is rubbish.
    But its ofcourse a difficult discussion.
    Personally I feel sick hearing great orchestras are being ill treated.
    I prefer timeless classical orchestra s too many so called new music, mostly garbage.

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Not very exiting but still……

    At the end of this little clip the Space Trucking Riff.

    In Dutch and English.


    Entities? Are you talking abouth spirituality?

    Steve joining the art-gallery? Why not resurrecting the Artwoods?

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