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Glenn Hughes tour diary 2010, part 1

As the Glenn Hughes Band have started an extensive tour of the UK, which will take them to every nook and cranny of the country, they have posted part 1 of the tour diary. We hope parts 2, 3, and so on will follow. Enjoy!

Thanks to Yvonne Osthausen for the info.

20 Comments to “Glenn Hughes tour diary 2010, part 1”:

  1. 1
    Eirik Solum says:

    Cool! Keep em coming. Hope the tour continues to other territories..

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Nice video guys!
    Hope you do some more and also visit Holland for a few gigs!!!

    Mark, Rotterdam

  3. 3
    Eddie6string says:

    This is PERFECT information done in an entertaining format!

    BRAVO! – OSCAR for Direction, Editing & Sandwiches should be a Dead Cert’ & all done for a couple of Shillings!

    Role on EXETER!

    I never tune my guitar before, during or after a gig! – Awful habbit!

  4. 4
    Drdp says:

    How about a LONG Tour of the U.S.? We have Bus’s too. By the way when did Bill Ward start driving a tour bus? Regards,Drdp

  5. 5
    Eddie6string says:


    I know Bill ward would laugh at that one!

    19yrs (1978)old & 1st rehearsal with our band, Bill walks in & proceeds to jam with us – on learning how new the project was, get this – He apologises! We bow & scrape before his majesty thanking him for his tolerance (We launched into playing BURN & Bill objected after about 2 minutes – so there it is in parenthasis for all the world to see – yes’ Bill Ward has played BURN by Deep Purple!).

    I think we had a couple of sessions over a number of weeks while Bill was taking time out from driving a Bus or his two tone ‘Roller’ as I seem to recall.

    Heady days!

  6. 6
    micke says:

    1.30 in… which song and album is this? Thanks.

  7. 7
    stoffer says:

    This is good stuff, interesting, informative and progressive. I’ve never been a huge GH solo fan, that may be changing, but DP should take some notes here if they care! This is what it’s all about if you care about keeping in touch with your fan base, you know…. the ones that buy merch and go to shows!

  8. 8
    biz says:

    @micke – ‘can’t stop the flood’ from ‘building the machine’ cd

  9. 9
    T says:

    Micke (#6), as I’m sure someone already has pointed out, that’s “Can’t Stop the Flood” from Building the Machine.

    One great thing about the success of Black Country Communion is that it will create interest in Glenn’s solo work (and this tour)–much of which sounds just like BCC–and many will discover a body of work on which they may have passed based on negative listening experiences with live MkIII and IV DP–a style that does not usually translate over to Glenn’s solo albums.

    It is easy to tell that many of Glenn’s critics are not really familiar with his repertoire. “Can’t Stop the Flood” is one example of many songs that could have been on BCC. The same can be said for “Addiction,” which we hear later (6.30). This new project will be great for his back catalogue–and solo tour–and good for him.

    Perhaps the press will also regenerate interest in a band that Glenn Hughes used to be part of–a band from the 70’s called Deep Purple. They’re still around.

  10. 10
    Lazy says:

    Micke, this is “Can’t Stop The Flood” from “BUILDING THE MACHINE”.

  11. 11
    Bo says:

    Stoffer: you are so right, but the sad thing about my Purple-heros are that they dont care that much anymore. The same and the same and the same.
    I hope they one day will prove me wrong.

    Great thing from Glenn. Today the best voice who have been in Purple.

  12. 12
    peter chrisp says:

    Great stuff, it’s amazing viewing “on the road” from
    anywhere in the world, brilliant

  13. 13
    elprupdeep says:

    I thought Glenn was involved with BBC????

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    T is right ofcourse.

    Like he,me and others have pointed out so many times to selective ears….

    Glenn made killer stuff since 1993.
    Dare I say before as well?
    Espescially 7th Star with Iommi and Face the Truth with Norum?

    Great that BCC is doing so well.

    I agree he should rub off for the both of them, Glenn and Joe.

    I m not sure about Derek, he s less audible than I hoped for.
    Jason seems to have a great name, no matter what.
    Possibly the Led Zeppelin name.

  15. 15
    micke says:

    Thanks T and Lazy. I got most of glenn’s solowork but not BTM, is the rest of the album any good?

  16. 16
    stoffer says:

    Didn’t know I had such “selective ears”, I like this tour diary thing, it’s very cool. It doesn’t mean I am going to rush out and purchase every thing in GH’s “repertoire”. Please lets not get carried away.

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Changing your ways?
    Based on just this video diary?
    No, dont think so.

    Did anyone else think so?

    I think it was suggested the BCC cd might make people think…..

  18. 18
    T says:

    Micke (#15)

    You’re welcome.

    Building the Machine is a very well rounded album. “Can’t Stop the Flood,” “Inside,” and “When You Fall” are hard organ-based rockers à la BCC. The album includes a re-make of “Highball Shooter” from Stormbringer, and a few power funk songs to balance out the ballads.

    If you like Return of Crystal Kharma or Songs in the Key of Rock, Building the Machine is in approximately the same vein. Just about any Glenn Hughes fan would like this album, and non-fans should find the rockers to their liking.

  19. 19
    Nixwisser says:

    I love DP and I’m almost happy with the work of the current line-up. 🙂
    But Glenn was the one who did the better “DP cds” since 92. And yes, it’s
    right, there is a bunch of awful live recordings from MK III / IV and
    from the 80ies. But listen to his later solo work. Most of it is really
    brilliant. And live he’s a killer. From time to time his vocal performance
    is slightly overdone. Looking at the great picture, that’s just a fly in
    the ointment.

  20. 20
    micke says:

    Found “can’t stop the flood” on YT, live from LA. Grreat stuff!
    Will get BTM soon.
    Thanks biz too.

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