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New Q&A at Caramba

Ian Gillan, Mühldorf, June 13 2009; © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA‘Who Cares’, dreaminess, complaining less, loosing his strings, Euclid of Alexandria, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mugabe and Britney Spears, Giransan vellybad amellicatobrame and underground buzz — read all about it in the latest installment of Q&A at Caramba!

13 Comments to “New Q&A at Caramba”:

  1. 1
    james jay says:

    If IG can write some songs with TI–why not new tunes for DP?

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    I want to know something about the new album!

  3. 3
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    A Good Read. I especially like the answer for not singing Burn. I guess it depends on the “boyfriend” considering he will sing MK1 material. Maybe he is attracted to Rod Evens and not Coverdale in a ‘closet gay sort of way’…..LOL


  4. 4
    fra says:


    rod evans is like your girlfriend’s previous boyfriend, whom she’s even a bit ashamed of.

    david coverdale is like your girlfriend’s fuck buddy while she temporarily dumped you…

    bit different 😉

  5. 5
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Jeez…. its obvious one was an original and the other not, besides other very reasonable explanations, Ian was just lucky to be an original who followed a fellow original. Evans and Coverdale, there is no comparing a poser to an original. Taste or no taste.(albeit it a damn fine poser, Ian is probably turned off by the hair dye these days so Rod has his love, lol!

  6. 6
    T says:

    The reason why Gillan does not sing “Burn” is and always has been about the inevitable comparisons that would be made by short-sighted people who wouldn’t understand that it would be “different”.

    Further, singing a non-“original” (please note quotation marks) song would lend legitimacy to another version of Purple that Gillan does not find genuine–based on comments he’d made in the past–never mind that Gillan sang “Mandrake Root,” “Kentucky Woman,” “Hush,” “The Bird Has Flown” and possibly “Help” with the former being in the setlist for a long time.

    There is still some animosity regarding Mark III. It was this line-up that enjoyed the groundwork laid by the hard-working Mark II version that never had much opportunity to enjoy stadium venues and California Jams and the like–or the huge record sales that continued over into the Mark III years–with Mark III publicity stills published next to those figures.

    In short, Mark III rode Mark II’s wave for a long time. As good as Mark III was, it was the Gillan/Glover version of the band that produced the biggest rumble–and those record sales. It must have been infuriating to see those numbers with someone else’s picture–even if Gillan signed Mark I albums in the early days starting out.

    There is no denying that Purple has a long pedigree. It would be nice to acknowledge that history in the same way that Joe Lynn Turner did–in both Purple *and* Rainbow. Roger Glover had more reason than *anyone* to refuse doing “Burn”–but he found his way past any animosity to perform it successfully.

    While I understand Gillan’s reasoning, I don’t agree with it. What if Steve Morse refused to play any song he didn’t have something to do with? Or Don Airey (including when he was in Rainbow)?

    A way around the “Burn” issue is to allow the band to do instrumentals based on several classics from other marks in a medley that pays homage to the Deep Purple legacy and which would allow both Morse and Airey to stretch their legs. It would be much more interesting to see an extended jam such as this than to have separate keyboard and guitar solos, and Gillan wouldn’t even have to be on stage at the time.

  7. 7
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    T, you basically reaffirmed what I have stated many times…..I could agree more….

    As I have always said, at least allow the band to give tribute to those eras instrumentally. ‘Owed to G’ from Come Taste the Band would be Awesome and a perfect salute to Bolin, whom like Morse, replaced Blackmore when he Quit. Would be very fitting and well received for sure. Throw in an instrumental jam comprised of ‘You Fool No One’ and the folks would go nuts…..

    Purple could do great justice by doing something like that and it would remove Gillan from the equation….


  8. 8
    Sami says:

    Of course no point in doing Burn, with only Paice remaining from Mk III-days & IG being the way he is regarding other line ups, understandably(Mk I an exception, no ‘threat’ there) …@ 4 fra put it quite hilariously, @ 6 T nailed it once again!

    Take care everyone, cheers

  9. 9
    Crimson Ghost says:

    That would be one way to go about it, but you still excuse Gillan by entertaining the idea, orinically enough. And the better of three years is not really long time, had the mkIII stuff been celebrated longer perhaps Ian might care, but the thing people don’t seem to understand is that Deep Purple did not reuinite to relive mkIII in any way because they all agreed it wasn’t the line-up that defined the name in the first place, they and many of the fans see no reason to mix fire and water. Ian saying the ex-girlfriend thing is just another way of answering the same old questions that’s been asked so many times, what would you do, keep giving the same old answer or add some variation to the repetitive question.

    Face the facts, Deep Purple have only had mild success without Ian Gillan singing, period. Leaving him to be considered the voice of that band. Rod didn’t much help define them and Coverdale/Hughes and Turner did not begin to succeed him. Fact! Somethings are just right and some things are just wrong and can’t be reversed by simply singing someone’s lyrics who followed you, backed by music that isn’t even the same style or whatever. Why is it so hard to accept, let alone understand? I’d leave Morse out of it, he doesn’t seem to have any such desire to make those decisions and certainly isn’t going to tell or suggest anything to sing. He’s not the singer and that’s what this is about, that and they aren’t the same band either. Its traditional to sing the songs of the singer that preceeded you, and pretty assbackwards to come back a decade later and sing the songs of someone who once replaced you, at least. Now you’ll be wondering why Ian doesn’t sing any of the good JLT numbers. Please!

  10. 10
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    I do understand Gillan and his Burn issue….I don’t understand what that has to do with the rest of the band though. Your point regarding major relevance of MK3 or any other MK isn’t relevant here. It’s not about which MK is more important. It’s the fact that All MKs should be recognized. Especially after all these years of the revolving door. Neither Airey or Morse were in MK2 which you refer to as the most relevant due to album sales….Albums Sales have nothing to do with Fans going to see Deep Purple. Especially since Most Deep Purple Fans have All of them. Nobody is asking them to devote a long set list of songs from that era. Most folks aren’t that ridiculous. But Most folks whom a Familiar with the history of the Band, would love to hear at least a slight representation from the eras that kept Purple going, just as this present line-up is doing.

    Hell, even Morse doing some Riffs from some of those tunes in his Riff Parade instead of riffs from other Bands would be welcome…..and I guarantee the House would Explode….


  11. 11
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Orinically???? Wow, looks cool!

    I didn’t say anything about ‘importance’, did I? I’m only talking about whats musically natural, he doesn’t care to go down that road and it should be just as well respected as not, any day. And nothing at all wrong with the idea of paying a bit of tribute in medley form like described and it doesn’t matter from which mark. In fact its rather hard to fathom why they don’t do that, but I digress, and perhaps Morse who didn’t join any of those line-ups in the first place just doesn’t feel its right either, for whatever the reason. Ever think Ian might just not feel a track like Burn? I sure as hell do, why make such an effort when it is as far from up your alley as can be? However, squashing all the talk of that particular track in question… there are other tracks I wouldn’t mind Ian having a go at to see how well he would’ve sang over such music but not make any big deal about it like building set lists around it from here to kingdom come or anything.

    Sail Away
    Holy Man
    Soldier Of Fortune, etc…
    even a JLT number or two would satisfy some curiosity to hear. You see I’m not so much against the general idea but ‘Burn’ always seems to be the track bitched about so much, so its easy to take it from there and express whatever about it.(now I will toss in the word ‘importance’ where it belongs, because it seems to be an important track to the fans who are always whining about it) I don’t even consider it their best track, but the riff is so revered its always commonly denominated on the subject. As I pointed out, there are some mkIII tunes that I happen to think might suit Ian but if they don’t ever entertain the idea who have we ever been to change such things? This whole topic is irrelevant to them and that’s all there seems to be to it if you ask me, so much for relevancy as far as they’re concerned too, or perhaps they’d take advice about doing mkIII numbers by now.(to use ‘irrelevant’ more significantly) I really think his best answer would be, “its nothing to do with me and not my particular style of rock so I have no desire to do it”, which translates to “I wouldn’t know where to start and its miles out of my comfort zone”(LOL!) Its his right… just as its their right to use the name, and while they’re at it not play anything they choose not to play from other incarnations of the band.

    One thing I am is sure of is that I am more interested in hearing Ian go there than I have been or ever will ever be in those two singing mkII numbers, and he hasn’t even attempted it as far as we know.(Its the same feeling for me as with Morse, I like the stuff he penned in concert but have no affection much to speak of for his efforts at the mkII material, its really no different, when mkIII played their own tracks live it was superb, just like the Morse numbers tend to blow away their versions of the classics imo. Makes me wonder who’s actually honestly further from the classic Purple style

    Its not rocket science, I suppose its natural knuckleheaded behavior for someone as uniquely his own as Ian. Eccentricity will do that to ya. I’d rather see that all Purple mk’s line-up circus or former members guesting while Ian enjoys the view. My vision of him doing Burn is easily as disasterous as JLT’s actual effort at tackling Child In Time, Perfect Strangers and Highway Star. How does that settle?

  12. 12
    Gunga Din says:

    what with the joker on the Q&A page who reckons he saw Rainbow with Ronnie Dio at the first Monsters of Rock?

    I was there and could have sworn it was Mr Bonnett, but maybe my memory is getting rusty.

  13. 13
    Ke says:

    I totally agree with T and Tracy Hayder on their comments 6 and 7. Instead of those extended solos from Morse and Airey, which are great, but becomes too much….
    I would like Morse, Airey, Glover and Paice to jam over tracks like Burn, Stormbringer, Sail Away, Coronarias Redig, Dealer, You can’t do it right and Love Child. It would have been nice to hear Steve Morse play his versions of those tracks mentioned, I think it would have sounded really cool.
    Morse must be curious about some of the tracks from MK3/4, at least a couple from the great album Burn. Or is he like Gillan, only interessted in playing Mark 2 tracks and tracks he co-wrote?

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