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Bumweasel shock

Ian Gillan, promo for One Eye To Morocco. Photo courtesy of Jess! PR.

Big Ian in the latest installment of Dear Friends addresses the contentious rumours of the band’s “last tour” amidst contemplating the viscous membrane of our finite universe:

It would be an exaggeration if I said there have been ten band meetings since ’69, and most of them ended down the pub with nothing decided at all. So to plan an album for example would be a first time event (they just happen, or not) and to plan an organised retirement would be quite simply beyond our capabilities.

I suppose something will drop off eventually but for the time being come ahead McQuillan.

Read his musings on Caramba!

64 Comments to “Bumweasel shock”:

  1. 1
    kraatzy says:

    … unbelieveble … if it´s true …



  2. 2
    Ted says:

    Can someone explain. That made no sense to me.

  3. 3
    Svante Axbacke says:

    What exactly is unbelievable?

  4. 4
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Come again?!

    Trying to evolve as an philosopher appearantly does not help to trigger his Gut Reaction…..

    In simple English….
    Cut the crap and record a ROCK album, Ian!!!!

  5. 5
    Moreblack says:

    I think ,i said,i think Ian means that the band is meeting at the pub to decide about Ritchie’s comeback,since 69,with nothing deided at all.Truth or consequence?

  6. 6
    Bo says:

    #4 : Purplepriest. You are so right. A new ROCK album now. Forget all the smart stuff and play rock. If you have time then come to Europe with you own band. Like Gillans Inn. I will love to see that before another Rapture…. tour.

  7. 7
    HZ says:

    I prefer to see them split and record all on his own – good opportunity to have Ritchie, Jon, Paice meet and decide to do something for the sake of fans. Either some big DP bye bye mini tour (big in terms of Mk2 Mk3 setlist, and mini in terms of few shows). This is a little bit farce right now. Nothing really exciting and new, squeezing money from old glory… That’s it. Give us real DP, fulfill criteria you’ve lined for yourself long ago, or don’t convince us that this is the deal, because it isn’t.

  8. 8
    George says:

    This is the first time I read a letter from Ian and… and I understand nothing… He seems kind of indifferent towards everything… I don’t know what to think and what to say.

    I.G: “It would be an exaggeration if I said there have been ten band meetings since ’69, and most of them ended down the pub with nothing decided at all” – can someone explain what he means?

    anyway, I feel something is NOT going quite well in Purple family… it’s just my thought, thanks god if I’m wrong.

  9. 9
    George says:


    This is the first time I agree with you…

    (oh my god, are you Georgian? I clicked your name and was forwarded on Georgian warez site :-O )

  10. 10
    evil louie says:

    Let’s see, Jon had a new CD out this year, Ritchie has a new one coming out soon, Whitesnake are working on a new one, Glenn has his new Black Country Communion CD coming soon, and we will be getting the revamped CTTB soon…

    And if that’s not enough, there’s a Nick Simper CD coming soon (how often does that happen?), a new Steve Morse project, and somehow they managed to put together a new Tommy Bolin project – they do a lot of these, and he’s not even with us anymore!

    That’s practically everyone except Rod Evans – and I would probably bet on seeing a new CD from him before Purple themselves finally do another one.

    Come on guys, quit making excuses and running these greatest hits tours into the ground. How about it?

  11. 11
    stoffer says:

    @ #1 What is so unbelievable, he didn’t say anything!!
    @ #4 I can’t believe I’m saying this priest, but I AGREE with you 🙂

  12. 12
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Yes, George. Ian means that they very rarely have band meetings. They have not even had ten meetings since 1969. When they had meetings, they didn’t lead to anything else than that they went to the pub and drank beer and didn’t decide anything.

    IG often replies to mail on the Q&A section of his site. Often with pretty tough questions. Why don’t you (or anyone) mail him with all these questions you have about recording and whatever. I am sure he would reply.

  13. 13
    T says:

    I am sure that I am not alone in my frustration with the current incarnation of the band and can make some constructive criticisms without nullifying my standing as a huge Deep Purple fan. Like you, I consider myself the biggest Deep Purple fan EVER! 😉 I have nothing but the utmost respect for the DP members–past and present–and am thankful for the years and music we have had. The love I have for these musicians and the impact they have had on my life–and yours–is immeasurable.

    That said, there are real issues at play. Perhaps the recent flap over the rumour of Purple’s impending demise will serve as a wake-up call. It’s been five years since the last album and a new one is unlikely to be released this year–thus going into a sixth year of essentially the same show tour after tour.

    Isn’t this the “cabaret” approach which made Gillan leave in 1973? And did the band not criticize Blackmore for wanting to play the old classics twenty years later? Isn’t the reason given why the setlist varies little based on the explanation that the “casual fan wants to hear the classics”? Is that not what Blackmore said in the 80’s and 90’s? It’s déjà vu all over again. After the freshness of the early Morse era, we have come full circle.

    It’s not healthy for a band to play the same music year after year at the same venues over and over and expect the public at large to eat it up. Even long time fans such as we have limits and run out of excuses for the group. We used to be able to say, “Yeah, DP, over 40 years strong, still touring, still putting out albums…who else can say that?”

    We have been dangled the new album carrot in front of us before–many times. Instead of a new record, members use Purple as a vehicle for their own pursuits–which is fine, as long as the parent group isn’t neglected at best and abused at worst.

    Purple is at a crossroads which this recent controversy has brought to light: Without a product to promote, the band is spinning wheels…and one can only do that for so long. It is not surprising that rumours of DP’s end went viral so quickly.

    Given five years between Abandon and Bananas and potentially six years between Rapture of the Deep and a new recording, Deep Purple needs to understand that this likely will be the last studio offering. As much as these guys are Rock Gods, they ARE mortal–and another five or six years could take its toll on touring. Given that pattern, serious thought needs to be put into what is likely to be Deep Purple’s final recorded statement.

    A strong, no-composmise DEEP PURPLE album has the potential to take the band into the future, propelling the live shows into their final years and cementing Purple’s legacy as the greatest hard rock group ever. Given the current technology available, such an album could be done at minimal cost and is guaranteed to sell to all the hardcore fans–and perhaps gain some more new ones in the process.

    With respect and best wishes for continued success


  14. 14
    George says:

    Svante, I of course understood what he said about band meetings (I know english enough to understand this 😀 ) but I didn’t realize what he calls a “band meeting”. The band is together for almost 150 days in a year 😀

  15. 15
    Laur says:

    there is no problem with the band, they are currently touring.

    when they have a meeting, they all have fun and forget about discussing business (new album / breaking up). that’s what Ian’s message says: the rumours are clearly quite absurd!

    their albums were never planned. they just recorded the songs when they had enough songs for an album, without setting a date.

  16. 16
    Svante Axbacke says:

    If you are together already 150 days a year, maybe that’s enough. They don’t need to sit down on the 151st day and discuss boring stuff. 🙂

  17. 17
    George says:

    Svante, that’s exactly why I was surprised when he used those 2 words “band meeting”. they have band meeting for over 150 days in each year! 😀

    Laur, Don Airey already sad that they’re “bursting with ideas”. If this is right, they have enough time – almost 3 months to record a new album. Otherwise I can’t see how many European villages are they going to tour again with no new album.

  18. 18
    Ray says:

    I am glad Ian cleared the air on that one.

  19. 19
    George says:

    I remember Ian’s comment on recording new album 2-3 years ago. He said: “we usually go into studio when the chemistry in the band is right”… It means, this “chemistry in the band” is not right for over 5 years?

    Let’s remember several occasions when the chemistry wasn’t right, the album came up with a trouble and then/or before the album changed lineup:
    1973: They troubled to put out a new record. Finally they recorded WDWTWA, Gillan/Glover left (chemistry wasn’t right)
    1988: They troubled to record new album. They did THOBL anyway, Gillan left again (chemistry wasn’t right)
    1992: Because of the commercial fail of S&M Turner was sacked (chemistry wasn’t right)
    1993: Blackmore left (chemistry wasn’t right)
    1998-2002: 5 years off with no new album, becaus chemistry wasn’t right, Lord left and suddenly we got 2 albums in 2 years.
    2005-2010: 5 years off with no new album – (chemistry isn’t right? right?)

  20. 20
    kraatzy says:

    to svante …

    … unbelieveble … that I.G. explained us, that “there have been ten band meetings since ’69” …

    I understand about that, that it means that they are together to talk about important things like … the reunion in 1984 … Ritchie’s departure 1993 … Jon’s departure … etc.

    But in fact, they are together very often, but only to make music or to make PR. but not for talking about (important or not) things like a new album …

    For me, it is very astonishing and simply (now I use my word in post no.1) UNBELIEVABLE, that there is no more communication in the band ??????



  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi George

    A warehouse?!

    Well, I like to shop very often……
    Like Gillan did when he was bored listening to the solo s of Blackmore, Lord and Paicey.
    Says it all…..

    A better alternative was that jump under the piano,I guess.

    But thats sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng agoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22
    Eddie6String says:

    It’s not so much a question of whether there are firm plans to record (Subsiquent to meetings at pubs or not), but it is a question of having the will or desire to continue to create new music – hey guys, don’t bother to record if it’s too contrived for you – just play new material on stage, it’ll be more reason for more folk to buy tickets & enjoy something fresh (You also have the bonus that only the band know if it’s played right or not).

    Seriously DP get the creative juices flowing!!!!

    ps If it takes getting you guys round a table in a pub in order to decide strategy – the 1st round is on me!

  23. 23
    ormandy says:

    New albums are fun to hear. Ian and Co. must remember that?

  24. 24
    Perfectstringdangler says:

    Translated from philosophical double-speak to plain English: it’s over. This lineup will not record in the studio again, no way. Albums don’t just “happen”, there is a lot of planning and work involved. The fact that it is not “happening” simply means it isn’t going to happen. Which is a good thing, since this lineup has gone stale. Coverdale/Hughes would inject some major life. But that will probably never happen either. And Steve Morse is great, but in retrospect, was he the best musical fit for this band, or was he the only guy who would capitulate to the other egos?

  25. 25
    Manolis says:

    I think T has it right. All of us reading this site are (big, big) fans. Yet no new music and concerts play material that the 2 main artistic elements (guitar, keyboard) did not write and their own (great) stuff is left out.

    No doubt a commercial success, but this is what it has come to? Perhaps this is why RB and JL left- to pursue more musical avenues (though not what we all want to hear- the Strat and B3 interloping….) instead of repeating their Best Of every night.

    Dear Steve and Don- much as we love IG, RG, and IP, it is time to stamp your feet down. No more Smoke and WFT etc. More Bananas, Before Time Began, Rapture. Yeah! And a NEW record please gentlemen……

    There is more to life than cash….

  26. 26
    Xavier Gomez says:

    It would not be inaccurate to state that since Jon Lord had left the band, it has detriotated to an all time low. Even before that Purple had digressed into a sort of Ian Gillan fart club. He had slackened to such a degree that even his stage performances dememeaned Purple fans of the musicianship fans have come to admire.

    I hope he will not let the contagion that is besetting him to pull the rest of the band into a well of sorrow. Get rid of the “lazy” slouch and get Ritchie and Jon back in the band, and perhaps Doogie White as vocalist. Ian needs to be fired for his lack of discipline and contribution to the band and also for taking Purple of dimension. Bananas is an example of such utter stupidity and lack of imagination. Get back to what Purple is and get rid of the ol clown in front. as Ritchie has stated, he has just been fooling around, another day another dollar.

  27. 27
    TW says:

    It might not be the only reason, but I think it comes into play:

    – They can make a reasonable amount of money touring.

    – They are unlikely to make much money recording and releasing a new album.

  28. 28
    George says:

    IDEA: dear ths.com – do a special ONLINE CONFERENCE with one of the DP member and it will clear the air.

  29. 29
    Svante Axbacke says:

    IDEA: why don’t you mail Ian and ask him your questions?

  30. 30
    George says:

    Xavier Gomez, #26,
    You shouldn’t have drunk the last couple of glasses of alcohol…


    1) I have Gillan’s e-mail (not only the one which is noted on his official site), and his MSN too but I don’t want to bother him by frequent e-mails.
    2) I have different views on some subjects, someone has different and someone else has even different. So, conference would be the best way to be asked the questions in a different way.
    3) It would be great for this site as well

    Let’s take some topic each month and make a online conference with not only purple members, but people from the Purple family. for example, the topic of July is under which I’m commenting right now: band’s future, “chemistry in the band”, retirement rumors, new album, Italian tour etc. The topic of august would be Black Country’s new album, with Hughes as a guest on ths.com.
    Why don’t you want to do that? it would be sooooooo GREAT!

  31. 31
    George says:

    And pleeeeeeeeeeease! turn of this comment moderation stuff… You began comment moderating after my online battle with Tony Carey. He left this site and I became less tentative and more serious, really. I promise you not to ruin the situation by “bad” comments 😀

  32. 32
    HZ says:

    Someone said that Steve is reason for this deterioration, like he’s ready to put down his ego, or similar. I can say that I’m Blackmore fan, ever was and ever will, for me Deep Purple is Ritchie and Jon, then Paice, and then the rest, with Gillan in his prime as DP singer No. 1. Still this time i have to disagree that Steve is weak link, Steve just isn’t Ritchie and we all know what he meant in term of DP – everything for the most of us. When Jon was present I was able to go with Steve’s engagement, but when JL left it was over for me. IG was pushing even when JL was there, right now IG is the weakest link, and Steve, as he is, proved that he’s one big synergy, great guy and great musician, worked for an album or two while JL was there, but now he is lonely and can’t be prime mover of DP, and IG never was like RB or JL in term of being engine for the machine. This is just squeezing some more money while it’s possible. Sad, but i’d like to see some more love between DP members, those essential, for one last time.

  33. 33
    hotblack says:

    Sheesshhh – can’t remember when I have read more speculative and/or negative comments about a few words.
    All Big Ian has said is that they WILL NOT retire in an organized way (i.e. as the result of a band meeting), and that a new album ‘just happens’. Now don’t get me wrong, I am waiting for a new album as eagerly as any of you, but I think that DP are mature enough to decide themselves about the right moment. And if that moment is never to come, it is still the right of the band not to record a new album. If they have earned one thing in their long carreer, it is the right to make (or make not, as it is) such decisions. They certainly don’t ‘owe’ ‘us fans’ anything.
    So come on guys, get a grip!

  34. 34
    Johan says:

    As long as it´s a good day on the job this DP version will carry on. As musicians with a big heart they will end this version of Purple, when they discover that they are not creating Purple music. The type of music has changed dramatically over the years. Good for us all !
    We can all find our own favourites!
    It´s up to our friends in Deep Purple !
    Even if it stops we will continue to be good friends.
    I only hope Mark III will never surface.

    Best wishes

  35. 35
    Ryan says:

    They need to say something beyond a veiled paragraph from Gillan and a statement from the management. If they truly want us to believe this is an underground band again they should communicate with their fans a little better. All they are doing is buying time with nonsense doublespeak.

  36. 36
    dave_wallis says:


  37. 37
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It seems to me that still many fans think DP is an artistic outfit instead of a MAINLY BUISNESS one.

    It s a choice they made.
    In principle I can t suggest a choice is wrong or right.

    But is WAS and IS a choice!!!!

    During DP eraly 70 s and during Gillan he was one my examples of a man who had a view that was to be respected.

    Although I also remember an outing in an interview in the early 70 s.

    He talked about the rioting in Germany about free concerts undeniably and very understandable too IMHO,…..
    Claiming he was a CAPITALIST!!!!

    In those days it triggered a black and white response from me, being more inclined to the left in those days.

    Not long after that interview I understood his words.

    He had worked his ass off in poor days and now he wanted to harvest a bit of what he deserved.

    I did not care as long he made great music in that band.

    Ian left DP and found himself in dissappointing ventures.
    The proces he has been in since is….SO I VE BEEN TOLD, to get more realistic about the financial side of things.
    But during GILLAN it seemed he defended an adventurous approach and in the end the band split die to finacial worries.

    Ofcourse views differ.

    Since 1993 Ian switched to a mainly buisness approach and leaving the INTEGRITY ISSUES behind.

    When I met him in the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam in 98 and 2000 I politely tried to get in contact he, at a table with Bruce Payne, acted very rude.

    More or less he said to me to bugger off because…….


    The lounge was not full of annoying unrespectful fans, just a few who patiently had waited for the band to arrive after the show.

    Maybe he had a bad day, could be argued, but it was on BOTH occassions the same Bad Attitude.

    Someone who tried to speak to him while running into him, gut the cold shoulder as well.
    The guy said, almost funny or hilarious, ……

    Ian Gillan has gone mad! He thinks he is Blackmore!!!!!

    Around 1996 Marc Brans from the longstanding and very loyal Belgian DP fanclub got a reply from Ian, when asked for a meeting, …….


    Regarding the history he had with Marc that was very bold IMO.
    And really undeserved.

    To know Marc drove Ian round Belgium during GILLAN days because he did not know how to get to places and all the meetings they had…….

    To read Marcs comment on Lords Pictured Within was nevertheless shocking.
    To say it seemed music better not to be listened to when you are depressed…..People in a bad state would feel inclined to commit suicide was a horrible statement.
    I then thought that it would be understandable if THAT alienated him from Lord, perhaps.

    One could try to imagine a similar story with Gillan, but I dont know of any.
    I dont seem to recall Marc was very negative about his solo days after his 2nd DP split.
    I do remember that Marc wrote that Gillan seemed very frustrated during TOOLBOX days about his recordcompany or manager.

    In his biography Ian says the MOMENTUM of him luring him back into DP was unstoppable.

    I think Ian Gillan turned in a Cold Hearted Buisness Man after 1993 and it is time people should realise that.

    Btw, I m open for an other view, preferebly offered by the man himself.

    Well, he probably already thinks of me in a very bad way or just does not CARE.

    Cheers, Mark

  38. 38
    Eddie6String says:

    So How about this?

    DP book a venue for two consecutive nights & promote the evenings as follows;

    Night1) All MK2 material composed prior to Steve Morse (+ Hush – as they frequently do this MK1 tune/cover) to be performed.

    Night2) All DP material contributed to by Steve Morse

    Put the tickets on sale concurently & see which gets a better response.

    The worst that can happen is that one eveing will be a few bodies light on the other.

    So which of the two evenings would you attend?

    What would be a fitting encore for Night2?

    As I raise my head dripping from a bowl of Corn Flakes I wake to the reality that this will never happen & it will only remain a dream – however, it does lead to a most important question – Who’s were the Corn Flakes?

    ps If the above suggestion is impractical for the Gig scenario, what about arranging the content of a Live DVD accordingly & see what demand there will be for the later material – I would love to hear & see a live version of Jack Ruby & Rosas’ Cantina.

    Would seriously like to see if I’m out of kilter with the rest of you on this one?


  39. 39
    Tommy H. says:

    I’m sure that it must be bit by bit annoying to Ian Gillan to be confronted with split-rumours and the new-album-issue. He must know too that what he writes causes a lot more rumours than he already had to deny. He doesn’t sound very excited. I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t make sense to ask him more about that any further. As much as I love Deep Purple but without any plans this is going nowhere any longer than 2010. To me that would be also ok because they would retire as the great live band they are.

  40. 40
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Though he denies the rumor, he does so with a ‘Silver Tongue’ of sorts. Very obscure and misleading also. His constant expression regarding the fact that they have NEVER planned studio recordings since ‘Before Time Began’ is preposterous. As a matter of fact, they were under strict contract obligations during all of their 70’s and 80’s releases and pressured to produce Albums from the Record Labels. That pressure is something that was always eluded to regarding the ‘Bad Attitude’ in the band, combined with the constant touring. All they have done at the present, is refrain from Recording and pile on the Touring…. Touring is where the money is for them. Money Talks. Making albums at present for them doesn’t seem to make them any money. Looks as though the motivator for their efforts regarding Purple is wherever the money comes from. Touring seems to be it. Meanwhile they are being creative individually outside Purple….funny thing though, their ain’t no money in that considering I’m sure those records sell even less than Purple records. So what gives other than realizing that maintaining the Purple Name is access to raking in the cast playing Purple Songs Live at concerts, while partaking in various outside ventures that actually interest them…

    It’s been over 5 years since the last album, “Rapture of the Deep”. Well, in another couple of years, the lag time between albums will be as long as the Break-up period from 1976 till the Reunion in 1984….

    Maybe their next album should be titled….”Back from Deep Creative Hibernation”.

    It’s a shame really.


  41. 41
    A fan says:

    According to Italian fan site the quote of “I suppose something will drop off eventually but for the time being come ahead McQuillan” is connected to the Scottish film the 1979 and means “Just a Boys’Game Play for Today”

  42. 42
    fra says:

    @a fan 41

    jeez, this google translate thing is a bit crap, isn’t it 🙂 ?

    the quote from the movie is “come ahead McQuillan”. Just a Boys’ Game is the movie title, not the meaning. It’s an episode of the BBC series “Play for today”.

  43. 43
    stoffer says:

    Its kind of sad reading all these comments of the someday impending end of Deep Purple. We all know its gonna happen, might be this year maybe 2 maybe 5 who knows? Everybody (almost) on this site loves this band one MK or another but for their sake and our sake too, when it does happen, GO OUT WITH A FREAKIN’ BANG. Use your imaginations, new LP and a final tour with special guests would be OK with me!! Please none of this “something will drop off eventually” bullshit! Let the world know what we already know, that Deep Purple is one of the best rock (not classic) bands of all time. Its time to prove it to everyone.

  44. 44
    HZ says:

    Ritchie was able to be asshole for the reason that he was and is very creative composer. So, fans used to ignore his “assholenes” in favor of really good tunes, especially in 70s and 80s, and 90s also, Stranger in us all is good album. Ritchie today is pussycat with his wife, Jon is great as he always was, but IG went to much into this business thing, claiming for DP to be underground band, back to roots, loving and respecting fans, but essentially squeezing money from old glory. He doesn’t even try to look doing something else than playing old good money making tunes. Being asshole is part of Ritchie’s image (still Ritchie was coming with great great tunes), IG is either trying to be him, or I don’t see why all of the sudden fans are not important – it was accusation on Ritchie’s account, like Ritchie is really bad and mean to fans. OK. Maybe.. But when I hear those beautiful tunes, I know that you need to be slightly mad and emotionally sensitive to come up with something like that. What’s IG’s excuse – hopefully not that Blackmore is asshole..

  45. 45
    Woodruff P. Hoppinstopp says:

    D.P Likes to improvise in music and life.

  46. 46
    Moreblack says:

    Dear fellas Deep Purple will be back.Just wait.

  47. 47
    purple tickler says:

    Well, I did not understand much of IG comments, I would have thought they have plenty of chances for a band meeting during their hours of travelling?

    Having seen the band 3 times in 2 years, I certainly have not noticed any bad attitudes between IG and Morse, on the contrary, IG seems joke and laugh with him all the time (prefers him to Blackmore Im sure).

    And as for live performance, it is amazing, so Im grateful for all the enjoyment they have given me, and still do.

    A new album would be great, but most importantly, the guys knows when to call it a day, but that day is not yet.

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Someone here reminded me of the possibility to have a beer together.

    Must admit when I read that it did not ring a bell.

    Maybe it should?

    Btw, I m not exactly a beerlover. I like my wine, and other soothing drinks.

    Just wanted to clear this up, hope you dont mind me scraping the barrel.

  49. 49
    Eddie6String says:

    I’m only a fairweather drinker.

    Was hoping that IG would have been at the Nags head in Lyme Regis when my band did a gig there a few years ago – I know he was about the place – maybe he heard us as he approached the venue & thought better of it!

    I’m sure the most successful Band meetings take place in the pub, it just requires the one who sobers up first to grab the higher Moral ground & tell the rest what he’s decided – SIMPLES!

  50. 50
    daviep79 says:

    Sounds like to me Ritchie will be back. Dont take much to read between the lines, Would not be suprised to see Jon return also. You know it’s gonna happen! Go out in style!! 1 last hurrah!!That would a fitting end!! I’ve bled for this band for 40 years and there are just sometimes you have to put things to a end!

  51. 51
    Tommy H. says:

    By the way it’s funny to read, that something will drop off eventually. After more than five years it’s proud to say so. I mean, not that they didn’t earn it to be able to act like that. On the other side of the coin do they have to? To me it’s been always most fulfilling to create something new so far. In the first place I enjoy to surprise myself what I’m capable of doing. That’s interesting. Stagnation is uncomfortable, no matter where it is – that is when nothing drops off eventually ;-).


  52. 52
    T says:

    Deep Purple is in its twilight. We love these guys and we respect them. We also agree that there is still plenty of life and energy left.

    However, given the time between albums, a new recording would likely be its last. Some studio time would put a definitive end to all these rumours and provide new fuel to burn.

    The In Rock philosophy of “If it isn’t new and exciting it shouldn’t be on the album” could be the basis of a no-compromise, hard-hitting, growling Hammond vs. guitar, bass/drums stomper.

    This record needs to end the statement with an exclamation point–not a period–and certainly not an ellipsis.

  53. 53
    marcinn says:

    Reading all of the comments above I have a couple of scenarios. Thankfully, they are reserved for my mind. It just occurred to me that you have already set the schedule for Deep Purple. Good!

    By the way, Ian says nothing that would make you think Deep Purple are going to disband. Certainly, he does not mention MK 2 reunion. I’m not a native speaker of English and I may not be able to understand idioletcs he uses. Hell, I am not even able to come up with a cultural equivalent to ‘McQuillan.’ I think he’s just trying to say Deep Purple are alright where they are now … Works out for me perfectly.

    They are still on, playing to thousands of people who enjoy the shows. What else do you want? Ah… I know. A new album. It will happen, sooner or later, and it might be their last so just hold your horses and wait. Backstabbing the band will not do. Oh, you say it is the business. Of course it is. I even see their point of prolonging the record. Also, it is the process. This ‘thing’ does not only happen to five people. There are more. Let the process happen, and see it going strong. If you allow it…

  54. 54
    Tom says:

    Maybe it’s time to hang it up. The heart of Deep Purple was and always be Blackmore, Lord, Paice. 2/3 are gone. It’s just not the same. Nothing new has come in a long time. The band plays all the old stuff and that should tell you something,that’s what made Deep Purple and thats what the people want to hear. Call it a day and maybe do a short tour once every couple of years with different members. Maybe work on an album with all the old members contributing a few songs. Then maybe the album would actually sell some copies. They don’t make new albums because nobody buys them.

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Never been that good with numbers, Tom.

    Do you suggest Ian Paice is GONE as well?

    To be honest, I d say 2/5 is gone…….

    An ESSENTIAL 2/5, thats true.

    Oh Dear….

  56. 56
    marcinn says:

    Just to step into the territory of an offtopic for a while. Anyone interested in celebrating Ian’s birthday on Facebook? I established a little site there. Click my name and you’ll be automatically redirected there.

  57. 57
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Another celebration…..

    The 16th of august, 1972.
    Deep Purple Live In Japan, Osaka…….

    Lets do sushi!

    Naaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I dont like that.
    Dont like champagne either……
    Must be me.

  58. 58
    Crazy Horst says:

    I find it hard to believe, that the topic of a new album hasn’t been talked about, band meeting or otherwise.
    Even if the band make money out of touring and not out of album sales, a new album would be a possibility to promote a new tour much better, would generate new interest of fans like me who haven’t bothered to go to the concerts for years.
    And didn’t they just sign a record contract for so and so many records with edel just prior to ROTD?
    So the pressure to make an album must be there somehow.

    But, as IG seems to say, if it’s not happening, it’s no use trying to make it happen.
    For once, the machinery of keeping DP afloat must be quite exhausting at their age. (Beware, a world tour in the 70s was USA, Japan and Europe. Today you play Chile and Tadschikistan as well). I can understand that after 150 days of SOTW and Space Trucking it isn’t exactly the case that the creative juices are running and that you’d rather have a break and do something else.
    For example record a solo album. They have all done that and found ideas for that, that’s true. But there’s a huge difference between a solo album and a DP album. A few ideas, a few sketches, a few traditionals – no great expectations, the fun of it counts. At best you can surprise a few people with new shades, at worst you remain the boring old fart. This freedom can be productive.
    All the difference for an expectation laden DP Album with a 40 year old legacy to contend with. This pressure can kill creativity. Or motivation to begin with. As much as I understand about the process of creating music, nowadays that so many things already exist, it is much about finding the right set of restrictions and limits to your writing, a so-called “approach” – otherwise you will get lost in a sea of conflicting modes and textures. It will simply be impossible to make decisions. A productive approach can be as simple and idiotic as “let’s get bananas”.
    DP seems to have come to a situation in which the approach that worked for Purpendicular or Bananas doesn’t prove effective anymore but they haven’t found a new one. And time is running out.

    They had phases in which the music wasn’t exactly floating prior to now.
    Like in 1973, 1975 and 1987. Only then, they forced themselves to make the album.
    But I for one don’t need another ROTD, let alone a forced album like THOBL.

  59. 59
    chris1999 says:

    Followed every move of the band for 30 years and can tell something is going on behind the scenes, don’t know what but I feel they’ve no confidence in coming up with a great album hence no rush or enthusiasm.

    Ian just speak your mind like you used to, admit its a struggle.
    Plant is now very open and is more respected than ever, Ian has gone the opposite way.

  60. 60
    Masse444 says:

    They’re most likely on the road a lot because they have a lot of pople on their payroll. DP is a pretty big employer (yeah, big business) don’t forget that.

    I think they’re in need of a new album for several reasons… Most of all they need to show us huge fans who are beginning to lose faith that they really want to be productive.

    As I’ve said before…Seen 3 shows after ROTD, most of them excluded material from Bananas, Purpendicular and Abandon…AND ROTD that they were actually promoting.. Will never put down money for another show unless it promises to be a new chapter, the boldness to play all of Purpendicluar or something like that..or play a whole new album which I hope they take at least 6 months to write. PLAN IT!!

    I was the biggest Blackmore fan on earth (his playing and sound 1969-1981)…luckily I was also a big fan of Dixie Dregs since way back, so Steve was very familiar to me when he joined..and I was really excited. That excitement has worn off, but I don’t think it’s Steve’s fault..always giving his best.

    Still I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring Blackmore back, he showed during the TBRO-tour that there was a spark (some nights) of a sound and some playing we’ve been missing. Then, lost again…forever?

    It’s something to do with his sound. After “Difficult to cure”, something happened to his sound that ruined it forever (including his playing)..during the “Perfect Strangers” and “THOBL” tours I think he mainly with his bad sound and playing ruined the songs, not bothering to play many of the songs and significant riffs right, very disrespectful to his fans and fellow bandmates..Why should they want him back??. He also looked bored out of his mind.. I don’t think he wants to, that’s why I don’t want him back in Purple.

    I do want new music though, and take your time writing guys..I’ll be right here waiting!

  61. 61
    patrick says:

    20patrick says:
    Deep purple was huge in France in 1972. Everyone had a purple album at the time. I remember buying Rock and Folk and Best just to try to get any info on the band. Deep Purple was my band and I bought all the albums at the time. I still have the best magazine announcing the split of Deep purple in june 76. I was devastated when I read the article. I waited patiently until 1984 and the release of Perfect Stranger to finally get a hold of a Deep purple LP. I have bought faithfully all albums, cds and dvds released by Deep purple over the course of their 40 plus year career. But I have to say I have always been disappointed. The las album that I really enjoyed was Come Taste the Band. Every studio album released since Perfect Stranger have been leaving me with a feeling of something missing or broken forever. Perfect stranger and The House of the Blue Light were too Rainbowish despite brilliant moments. Slaves and master could have been a classic album if JLt has not been behind the microphone. The battle rages on was just plain awfull. Perpendicular was very different and for that reason I never liked it. Abandon was another huge disapointment to me. Banana brought me a lot of hope but the album title and the cover were just plain awfull. Rapture of the Deep was much better but still, I am waiting for rightfull sucessor to Burn. As far as the US market is concerned, the last time a Deep Purple album had a little bit playtime on the radio was Slave and master in october 1990. Since then, Deep purple has enjoyed a steady declined in the USA ( by the way i moved fron France to the USA in 1981 ). Deep purple is caught in that classic rock syndrome here ). Even bands like Foreigner have more respect in the USA than Deep purple. It is very sad and i think it it the band and its management fault. Absolutly no promotion on new album released since 1993. The last time that I saw Deep purple was at the House of Blues in front of maybe 900 to 1200 spectators ( the band was incredible ). This band is dead in the USA and that is Gillian and company’s fault. If they want to continue playing in Serbia, Eastern Europe, and try to break in the Mongolian market, the Easter Island, or the Galapagos next year, good luck guys… time is running out. In five years they cannot even come up with no new material, that is pathetic for a band of that stature. In the meantime a band like ACDC is still selling out and charting in the USA. Gillian should be ashamed of that , Deep Purple is a far more brilliant outfit than ACDC. Even this burnout of OZZY has currently a charting album in the USA ( n 29 ). Aerosmith is coming smoking hot ( 20,000 fans in Dallas last tuesday ) and new album coming. I think it time to Deep Purple to make a final statement before it is too late but I think that with this line up this is over . If they do not drastically change they will continue touring France 4 times a year and eventually tour Namibia and Tibet but nothing will change, they might eventually release a new album ( charting in Greece and Albania ). The sad thing is that I will order the album of Amazon.com like I did for Rapture of the Deep because I would not be able to find the album in a store in the USA. This is the pathetic life of a fan following the band since 1972. I have not lost hope…..and I still love my boys…

    August 11th, 2010 at 15:21

  62. 62
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 60

    The TBRO tour showed the return of old style playing by the nucleus of the band, and Glover better than before.
    Gillan trying hard but messing up, forgetting lyrics……looking like he did not really care.

    The nucleus Blackmore/Lord/Paice DID change their sounds over the years after the 70 s but step by step returned to the 70 s sounds after 1988.

  63. 63
    Jeogger Matthews says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. This current “meeting” is not and will never be the DEEP PURPLE I’ve known.

    If true, farewell and good luck to these superb musicians.

  64. 64
    david b says:

    You guys are way too critical.

    After this many years of great music, Deep Purple owes the fans nothing. Surely you realize that the touring of recent years will continue as long as they continue to sell out their shows. Some bands get to a point where they just don’t want to record any more; either because the creative juices are no longer flowing or because (no sin) there is money to be made without having to re-invent themselves.

    Most of you would still kill to see them play the shows they have been playing for the past few years. I would. My fear is that they will never return to the United States.

    So people, leave them alone. Stop slicing up their every comment and get a life!! Why can’t you just enjoy their music and be grateful that they are still playing?

    At this stage of life, they are not obliged to explain anything to any of us.

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