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New Q&A on Caramba!


Whisky & smokes, Elvis, comedy sex events, vox Scotia, bonce orgasm & bondage ritual, BMG & ’93, just when were you born?, ballads or otherwise, soul baby, apathy awash — read all about it in the new issue of Questions & Answers on Caramba!

Thanks to Steve Campbell for the info.

7 Comments to “New Q&A on Caramba!”:

  1. 1
    Chris says:

    Dear Ian,
    Thanks for your answer about the alcohol and cigarettes. When you will be on tour in Poland I invite you for good Polish Vodka (my adress above).
    I’m impressed about your performance with orchestra in Thesaloniki. Your performance with orchestra from Prague 10.10.2000 and autograph from you and Roger are the most valuable souvenirs.
    I’m looking forward on summer concert in USA.
    Good luck
    Krzysztof Kawecki
    Łączańska 22D/3
    46-100 Namysłów

  2. 2
    Steve Hatfield says:

    Hello Ian,

    Having been a fan since I first heard you sing as J.C. in 1970, I am truly overwhelmed at being able to actually correspond with you. In truth, I had no idea who Ian Gillan was when I heard Jesus Christ Superstar, but began asking my high school friends if any of them knew who this unbelievable singer was and if there was possibly a band that he performed with. Shortly after I started asking around, I found myself at a friend’s house listening to their band rehearse. This band consisted of some extremely talented players for their age (17 yrs. old at the time), amongst them a wonderful drummer named Matt Abts (Roger Glover knows him), who is currently the drummer for Gov’t Mule. These guys were rehearsing “Into The Fire” and the singer really emulated you quite well. I remember as if it were yesterday remarking to him that the way he screamed sounded practically identical to this fellow I’d heard in JCS. His response? “No foolin? This guy’s ONLY the singer in Deep Purple.” Felt like I’d been living under a rock! I immediately went out and bought every DP LP I could lay my hands on. At the time, the only two albums with you singing were “In Rock” and “Fireball”. Lifechanging stuff for someone raised on american rock n roll and r n b.

    Ian, you have been a hero to me for many years. I was fortunate enough to see DP when you toured in 1972 with Rory Gallagher and again in 1973 at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC with Elf.

    We’ll be at the show tonight 7/13/07 at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. I wish I’d found this website earlier – would’ve enjoyed meeting you very much. Can’t wait to hear you again! It’s been too long!!!

    Best regards,

    Steve Hatfield

  3. 3
    admin says:

    Chris and Steve:

    it looks like you’re under the impression that your comments are forwarded directly to Ian. i’m afraid to disappoint you, but this is not the case. this is a fan site, run by fans just like yourselves.

  4. 4
    andrea perrault says:

    Ian Gillan’s new Q&A, section is cool, what kind of information is available?? Tour~dates, and information, like that?? When ARE Deep Purple, comming to the States?? (any projectary, dates?)

  5. 5
    andrea perrault says:

    What style of music, does Ian Gillan, listen to presently?? he mentioned listening to Dean Martin, how about Bing~Crosby?? And i understand Ian Gillan, really likes the Blues. The Blues are wonderful, the origional “Negro~Blues” are great, Does he have a favorite, artist??

    1) What is ian’s favorite instrument, to listen to?
    2) & to work~with…incorporationg into his music??

  6. 6
    andrea perrault says:


    Rock & Roll, Hall of Fame: Please wear your Badge of Shame, proudly. Fools they are!!
    Personally, I believe they ALL need a good Spanking. “Disgraces!!”

  7. 7
    andrea perrault says:

    Homo Spiritus Papilio beautiful concept it is. Thank~You Ian Gillan for helping me to open up my imagination, and form personal thoughts in this realm. (5th dimension/dreams)

    Information about Homo Spiritus Papilio, can be found easily on Ian Gillan’s Caramba site.

    S.O.T.B./~or~ “Spirit of the Butterfly”. “Imagination, is thinking in the 5th dimension.” ig

    & “Souls having touched, are forever intwined :)” ig&jl

    Peace and Love,

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