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Sailing away in Västerås

Glenn Hughes did a very low key acoustic show in Sweden this Saturday. Just a guitar, some keyboards, Glenn singing, and a special guest to boot — Coast To Coast was performed together with Nathalie Lorichs. Glenn saw the clip of Nathalie perfoming CTC in high school and this time around invited her to the microphone:

Sail Away:

Full setlist for the night:

I Found A Woman
Sail Away
It’s About Time
This Time Around
Superstition (Stevie Wonder cover)
Will Our Love End
Coast To Coast
Don’t Let Me Bleed
Holy Man
Superstar (???)

You Keep On Movin’

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson and Christer Lorichs for the info.

30 Comments to “Sailing away in Västerås”:

  1. 1
    Gillan89 says:

    Another crapy project from hughes, he just can’t go lower than this, or maybe he can?

  2. 2
    stefan says:

    What´s crappy about it moron??? Glenn´s the only one in the DP family who´s actually progressing,instead of stagnating like a couple of the others(Who should remain nameless,you know who you are?)!!

    All the songs on the set list are very suited for an acoustic set! It´s intimate,personal and rewarding for the crowd, and I´d wish he´d do the same in Copenhagen! I know I´ll be there!! FUNK ON!

  3. 3
    PT says:

    Great job Nathalie! Can’t wait to see Glenn in 2 weeks in New York!

  4. 4
    PT says:

    (more) while I’m expecting an electric show in NYC with more from ‘First Underground Nuclear Kitchen’ I hope Glenn brings that Gibson EC185 with him. His unplugged version of ‘Mistreated’ is amazing. Glenn if you read this please put Soul Mover in the set!

  5. 5
    metaljim says:

    Nathalie Lorichs is AMAZING and this is further proof of that. Gorgeous and the voice of an angel. Very cool of Glenn to invite her up to sing.

  6. 6
    andre sihotang says:

    I don’t know why, but I love Glenn Hughes performances and voice these days. I still can’t stand his voice long long time ago with Deep Purple. For me it was a fault, if somebody would let David did some songs alone in their show. Horrible screaming that went nowhere, funky music that didn’t get along with DP’s trademark as a hard rock band(for some parts, not at all), Georgia on my Mind performed with Smoke, a few strange songs on Stormbringer(Hold On : should be a Stevie Wonder song), and his stage presence with his white suite (did he have nothing to use than that silly white one?) that didn’t attract me at all.

    But nowadays, time has proved me wrong with my sense about him. What a voice, he still can cracked it like age doesn’t bother him anyway. Many concerts I saw from videos and all of his latest albums since 1995 were clearly shown how wonderful is Glenn Hughes. The music really rocked! And this acoustic show, well, so beautiful, intimate show, and it’s nice to know Holy Man and Sail Away performed. Amazingly, he played acoustic guitar since I used to saw him with his bass. Yes, he is the only one from DP’s family who is improving from time to time.

    All in all, I do love his stage presence now. He looks gorgeous and young, far better than the past when he looked like a ghost with long hair. Truly rocker!!


  7. 7
    marcinn says:

    Good performance, I like what Glenn does. Maybe his voice and musical roots weren’t suitable for Purple but as a solo artist he is a killer. You say Glenn is the only one from Purple family who progress, what about Gillan and his One Eye To Morocco?

  8. 8
    andre sihotang says:

    Ahh, yes, One Eye to Morocco is great, I like it. But I address that sometimes Gillan is having problem with his voice. Of course his new album show his touching is still there.

    Progress I mean, refers to consistency of making great music and great performance from 90’s(as I first love Deep Purple at this time) to this time. And,(you can debate me) I think only Glenn Hughes, and Ian Paice, have stability in making rock music and performing after he leaved his years before with drugs. Deep Purple made low point when produce Abandon (in my opinion this album wasn’t original since Morse tried to be like Blackmore, and surely he can’t), and Blackmore went to another land with his renaissance music (I can enjoy their music tough, it’s good, but run away from rock). And Coverdale, up and downs since 1990. JOe Turner? After S&M, I never heard him until Over The Rainbow. Jon Lord also take himself away from rock music, so I can’t tell if he progress or not.
    That’s my opinion, you can debate me here.

  9. 9
    marcinn says:

    I see your point Andre. I thought by progress you meant the progressive approach to music making. You can clearly witness that on Purpendicular and Bananas while Abandon and ROTD (both I love) fall into the category of hard rock, though Before Time Began is one of the most progressivie track from Deep Purple.

    If you talk about consistency of making records, I agree they lost the momentum with Abandon, but still the album is not that bad. The other thing it is not that good as well. For me the definition of progress means going farther with your artistic inventiveness. For example, Fireball was a step forward, whereas Machine Head a step back. The same goes with Purpendicular and Abandon, as with Bananas and ROTD. Following this train of thought, next record from Purple has a chance to have this progressive approach. 🙂

    Yes, Glenn does a lot of experiment with his records. The last two are funk based records, though I like ‘Music for the Divine’ more than ‘F.U.N.K.’ It’s great Glenn releases studio albums regularly, whereas I do not think he somehow progresses in the field of his music.

    What Jon Lord did I call progress, he went from one stage of his career to another, did a giant leap forward. When the artist does not stick to one genre of music, it doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t progress. It’s a musical journey and the journey has a lot of stages.

    With One Eye however, the case is a bit different. Ian came up with an album that cannot be compared to what he has done previously. Maybe the closest thing to it is AoP. But you can also see the development of his singing. He relies more on the lower and middle register than earlier. The music is full of arrangements, spices that grow on you step by step.

  10. 10
    AndreA says:

    Nice pieces here,nothing more to say..

    In these last years GH has maken a lot of stuff,but about me i am not involeved with him at all.
    Dure he is a great (very great) singer,but because he is very versatile on many sounds annoy me because then I know not to give a musical identity. for what he has done, so much stuff that is worse than a maze .. it disperses me. Yes,Gillan sometimes has problems with is voice (but not usually) and this is normal. GH is younger,very younger than IG and and I think it is a fortune that IG has never set or work in studio acoustic sound: that ball!
    the discography of GH is versatile, but a soup of genres. I like the soup of vegetables, but just occasionally, like every day the usual pasta, it is more rocker ..

  11. 11
    bernd says:

    yeah! glenn still has it! what a voice! looking forward to his show with demon’s eye in germany, on may 31st. glenn will be joining them as a special guest for a set of PURPLE Mk3/Mk4 material.
    I saw demon’s eye several times. they REALLY REALLY rock.




  12. 12
    AndreA says:

    NO Dure he is a great
    Sure he is a great

  13. 13
    Marcelo Soares says:

    The guy’s good. Listening to “Sail Away” is always good. But when he speaks I can’t help but getting that feeling that in his mind he didn’t overcome 1976. Heck, the guy has a great voice, he’s got a beautiful career, he’s gotten rid of heavy addiction, he’s done interesting records, on his Twitter he likes to boast how rich he’s become. What I don’t understand is why he always sounds so frustrated – both with his yearly rumor-spreading on a Mk3 comeback and with the fact that he’s lost his girlfriend to Jon Lord more than 30 years ago. Glenn, you’re great – but grow up, will ya?

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I understood that Glenn is willing to evenings with only TRAPEZE or DP stuff

    I kinda have been spoiled with his cds and gigs after I got into appreciating him hearing 7th Star but also feel his gigs since the 90s are ruined due to too much volume and creaming his arse off.

    Economy is everything, GH and Steve are Both very nice people but should have learned from RB that less is more…..

    Anyway, I d still like to see him doing events like I mentioned here in Holland as well.

    If not, I ll cherish those landmarks of shows I witnessed after 93.

    Thanx Glenn

    You deserve to be happy and all the respect you ve been given over the years espescially after you cleaned up.

    Hope to see ya soon

    Get the funk out!

  15. 15
    AndreA says:

    for me

    THE 7th STAR is the top

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    If less is really more, tell it to Child In Time and the like, Mistreated and others… it does not always apply.

  17. 17
    AndreA says:


    I am sorry with you,
    usually I am in fault to understand because of the language (I am better to read and speak after just 2 pints of beer..best with stouts of course).

    What do you mean on #13?



  18. 18
    james jay says:

    very cool guy and very under rated voice. heck of a bass player too.

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi CG

    I do not agree that in those songs they over indulged themselves
    But thats maybe my taste …..

    Whats too much in those tracks?

  20. 20
    Dave says:

    Glenn never disappoints. Wonderful stuff. The girl is gorgeous and sings like an angel.

    Thanks Glenn!

  21. 21
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I didn’t say anything about ‘over indulging’ in fact I meant the opposite, as I don’t supscribe to “less is more” in every case.

    Nothing is too much considering those tracks and thats what makes them so strong, so if less is more, and those songs are better than SOTW according to most of us, then more is more in some of their best examples. I never got that one, I like CIT way more than SOTW, regardless of importance or popularity or anything, they’re at opposite ends of the creative spectrum imo.

  22. 22
    Roberto says:

    I hate these “commercial” female singers which sound all the same…

  23. 23
    Roberto says:


  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 20

    I meant to say I dont like it when songs are being overloaded or plastered or something like that with motes just because the player does not realise that does not suit the songs
    I like it when the playing in DP breaths…..

    CIT, MISTREATED, Son Of Alerik……
    Songs like that cannot last too long
    They changed that since 1984, apart from for example live renditions of Space….

    Gillan once said, I quote, that the longer parts and improvisations were something of the past , not fashionable anymore.
    I really hated that point of view.
    The long live renditions were one of the traits why DP was so popular, I think.

    In SILENCE I kept reading THS and very often I was puzzled
    Where did it go wrong because we and lots of others agree on lots of stuff….

    I also think SOTW is more one dimensional than tracks like CIT.

    On the other hand….

    I saw a little interview with IG on YouTube in which he talked with a Dutch interviewer about the single CIT and its succes over here.

    IG said that CIT was simple, or did I hear that wrong….?
    I had to laugh because IG said he never saw the single before.
    Maybe he tried to please the relatively young interviewer who probably thought he had an item or he really had forgotten due to age or Korsakov?

    I cant imagine that it never happened since 1973 Ian was presented a copy to sign.Or that he in an other shape or form did not know about it.

    I recall his alertness way back concerning advertisments he had collected at home, by his mother I think, and confronted management with the lie that they made enough effort to promote a single.

    An advertisment was being made for MachineHead on the sleeve of CIT probably because then the CIT single was released…..divided over a and b if I remember correctly.
    I cant remember if the single was then reissued or issued for the first time.

    Gillan thanked the DUTCH audience in Rotterdam AHOY in 1987 saying that they appreciated what WE did for that song.

    CIT stayed on nr 1 for many years in Top 100 of all ages over here and still is being in the top 3.

    Well so much for blabbering on and on…..


  25. 25
    stoffer says:

    I really liked Sail Away, but as far as progressing more than others?? I dunno at least 11 or more songs in this very interesting setlist are from the 70’s or older. It sounds good but so does DP, so is it progress??

  26. 26
    Crimson Ghost says:

    The guitar solo in CIT, and you were talking about guitar, is not a “less” piece. To Ian it was, because he didn’t do much but yell.

  27. 27
    Stefan says:

    With progressing I refer to Glenn´s vocal bravado and urge to explore all aspects of music! Don´t know if it has anything to do with getting rid of destructive vices or if it´s in his genepool, but after witnessed several gigs and listening to albums, from early Trapeze to the latest effort “F.U.N.K.” my conclusion is clear: He´s just improving with the years!

    If we take other members of the DP family like Gillan: still delivering the goods but not as in his heydays! Coverdale: just makes me sad…..a shadow of former glory! Blackmore: the less said the better!

    To me it´s pure joy to see a man so full of energy,curious and embracing life on and off stage! One can´t help being energized and positive, and have the feeling of a adrenalin bomb up ones arse after a GH gig!

    What Glenn´s done over the last two decades that´s what I call progress, musically,spiritually and personally! FUNK ON!

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 24

    GH made many great albums after he cleane dup, many with a lot of killer tracks on it.
    Quantity and quality wise I felt more satisfied with Gh s albums than the ones from the Purps or BN

    Ofcourse you are more or less so right when it comes to setlists

    Although he played, like DP, some new tracks after an albums release and promising for years he would stay away now from DP tracks that did not really happened.

    I must say I kinda liked hearing him do great renditions of TRAPEZE and DP live after 93 because I d never seen him live
    The same thing applied after 84 when they redid the Made In Japan setlist, I d never seen them and desperately wanted to grasp the opportunity to experience, ahem, something I thought I d missed out on earlier due to my age.
    Even though I dont like Morse it was great to hear tracks live they did not do before, but after doing that they returned back to Live InJ apan again.Which I understand cause a lot of people want that, people in new markets, younger fans in the West.

    Like DP though GH does tracks now and then he did not do earlier or many many moons ago, but is not enough after been spoiled for some years. Where are all those great works from his solo albums? Frustrating…..
    Acoustic sets are different, arent they?

  29. 29
    HZ says:

    Glenn is the only one of “Purple family singers” who can actually sing realy good, even now.

  30. 30
    stoffer says:

    Stefan @27 while I’m not a fan of F.U.N.K. or its type of music I do agree with you that GH has progressed spiritually, personally and yes musically. ROCK ON

    pp @ 28 I too like to hear Trapeze music performed and acoustic sets like this are different…and also good!

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