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All we hear in São Paulo

Paul Mann, Bruce Dickinson & Co. are taking their Concerto performances to Brazil. The show is wrapped up with a set of Purple classics done with the orchestras. Here is Burn as performed on the opening night of the tour, on April 15 in São Paulo:

The final show is tomorrow, April 25 in Porto Allegre.

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    Uwe Hornung says:

    See, aborted WS World Tour or not, Tanya O’Callaghan didn’t learn that song for nothing (and she must have learned the Conccerto as well). Very sustainable. And the air raid siren can scat, albeit not during the most appropriate part of the song – Ritchie would have punched him! ; – )

    I’ve heard worse versions. The orchestra has timing issues – alas!, having a rock band and an orchestra play something fast together, n’er the two shall meet. Mitigating circumstance: It’s an encore.

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    ivica says:

    It was my privilege as a fan of Deep Purple to FINALLY witness the Concerto (actually played in an alternative line-up) if I could no longer be in 1969 or 1999 at the RAH in London or on the tour when the Concerto was performed in its entirety in 2000/2001, the last world tour on which Jon Lord appears as a member of Deep Purple.
    It happened in Zagreb Croatia on March 24, 2023
    Zagreb Symphony Orchestra (74 musicians) led by perfectionist Poul Mann played with precision. Paul Mann in front of a full hall (4000) proved the thesis that classic and rock were indeed successfully combined with this classic work. Plus the quartet of instrumentalists Kaitner Z Doka (home-Croatian strength, a man from Dubrovnik) on guitar, Jethro Tull’s keyboardist John O’ Hara, Whitesnake’s bassist Tanya O’Callaghan did her job well, somehow the weakest link for me was drummer Bernhard Welz, especially in the “third movement” he had a hard time dealing with the burden of Ian Paice. Bruce Dicenson, who appears later in the “second movement” and with his vocal performance (but demanding in Ian Gillan’s original) showed his vocal class…which is much more than the status of a heavy metal singer.
    In the second part, which began with Lord’s outstanding “Bouree” with “Sarabande” (one of the best moments of the concert in my opinion, the symphony players under the direction of P M are fascinating, and I feel like it’s January 1st and I’m in Vienna in the Golden Hall “Wiener Musikverein”, where the philharmonic players play selected works of the Strauss family… the day goes by when I remember them. Also the top of the peaks is Bruce’s solo song “Tears Of The Dragon” (whose vocal interpretation on CD or live freezes the blood in the veins! really classy vocals, emotion, strength, if there are no more operetta rock vocalists Freddie Mercury and Ronnie J D among us, Bruce is among us. A set of Deep Purple songs followed. This set began with his announcement of the song “imagine you are on a mountain, you don’t have a cell phone … but that’s not the worst thing, you don’t even have a signal and you’re alone. The only thing you can think about is the pictures of home…” follows “When a Blind Man Cries” (Doka on guitar, more Steve Morse than Ritchie Blackmore) then the grand finale of 3 aces” Hush, “Perfect Strangers (surprise, excellent intro)” and of course the “anthem” SONTW. In addition to his vocal qualities when he was not singing, Bruce also showed his talent for acting, body-face language, complex character that Bruce Dicnenson … heavy metal icon , history professor, pilot-entrepreneur, Olympic fencer, actor, radio host, humanitarian, etc., etc., and DP fan
    I recommend it to everyone, don’t miss it if you have the chance, if they are performing near you… Bruce, Mann and their girls and boys… and Jon Lord
    A great musical evening, thanks Bruce, Mann girls and boys….traveling back by car to the city where I live (370 km) in the pitch black night (Black Night) I was played a concerto from 1969, an underrated piece by the great unrepentant Jon Lord, the original is the original

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    ivica says:



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    Midsummer Madman says:

    Give that wonderful man a Knighthood, Now!!!!!!!!!!

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    Uwe Hornung says:



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