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Touring 2019

[Update: Dec 29] We have it on good authority that the mentioned below Deep Purple gig in Finland on July 27 is not happening. So, we’re back to “for the first time in many, many years we do not have any Deep Purple dates either confirmed or leaked” situation.

We were just about to post an annual roundup of touring plans for the Purple family and start it with something like “for the first time in many, many years we do not have any Deep Purple dates either confirmed or leaked” when this happened. Bear in mind that this date is highly unconfirmed, bordering on dubious. Tickets are being sold by Ticketmaster though, and for all it’s drawbacks, the outfit is pretty reliable.

As for the rest of the family, there’s plenty to choose from. At least if you happen to be in the right part of the world.

Don Airey will tour Central Europe with his band in March.

Glenn Hughes will continue touring with his Mark 3 & 4 “Classic Deep Purple Live” set, starting with four dates in Spain in early April, then off to the US for a couple of weeks, moving to the UK in mid-May, continental Europe in the Summer, briefly returning to the UK for a festival performance on August 24.

Ian Gillan will do another tour of Germany with the Rock Meets Classic starting late February and continuing through the most of March.

Ian Paice took playing with tribute band Purpendicular to his heart and so far is booked to perform with them for 17 more (so far) gigs in February and March, all in Europe.

Ritchie Blackmore is booked to do another 4 shows with his latest incarnation of Rainbow in June, all in Europe again, before switching to acoustic for an obligatory, albeit a brief one, tour of German castles with Blackmore’s Night.

Whitesnake are all set for a month long extensive Stateside tour of resorts and casinos starting mid-April, moving on to Europe for June and July.

As always, full details in our purple calendar.

Happy New Year everyone!

19 Comments to “Touring 2019”:

  1. 1
    Braian Arevalo says:

    deep purple finland 27 july 2019 ticketmaster

  2. 2
    Mark Besley says:

    Glenn is also booked to play the A New Day Festival near Faversham, Kent, on Saturday 3rd August – https://anewdayfestival.com

  3. 3
    Mark Besley says:

    Glenn is also booked to play here on Aug 3rd https://www.facebook.com/1075093845838546/posts/2352982931382958/

  4. 4
    Nickolai Borisov says:

    Is the Long Goodbye tour done then?

  5. 5
    nupsi 59 says:

    Fine, almost everyone is busy next year (incl. new Flying Colors-Album).

    Have a nice day… and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  6. 6
    Adel says:

    I can’t see any momentum in using infinite as a concert seller. I think they will write a new album and starts the ball rolling again.

  7. 7
    Micke says:

    Purple have toured every year since 1993 AFAIK. 25 years of constant touring, I guess they are alone to have accomplished something like this at this level.

  8. 8
    Pat Beary says:

    Deep Purple seems to be booked for july of 2019,Budapest Hungary

  9. 9
    Buttockss says:

    Is ” Bananas ” tour going to Mexico this year ?

  10. 10
    Oronzous says:

    Why Germany gets all the love?

  11. 11
    Giorgos says:

    Because they have money…

  12. 12
    Buttockss says:

    No, cause Germany youth still has the rebellion in them that the kids in the states no longer have. Besides Germany youth knows good music still these day’s.💪

  13. 13
    Adam Smith says:

    Yes,”there’s plenty to choose from”.
    Though,if like me,you reside in the USA…other than a hand full of Whitesnake shows, you are pretty much SOL.

  14. 14
    Rock Voorne says:

    I hope Glenn will return in Zoetermeer.
    Summer would imply outdoorfestivals which I hate.


  15. 15
    Pat Beary says:

    Germany is the home of rock music..while rest of the countries are getting wet for justin bieber and ariana grande..
    Germany still have the spirit for hard rock and metal.

  16. 16
    Dora M. Frasca says:

    Braian Arevalo annullato

  17. 17
    Pat Beary says:

    There is a new Glenn Hughes gig date
    07. june 2019

    Glenn Hughes/Deep Purple Live// 20. Open Road Fest , Hungary
    Tickets on sale

  18. 18
    Christopher John Crusan says:

    It would be nice for a Rainbow show in the States

  19. 19
    Buttockss says:

    @ 18. Wont ever happen. The band doesn’t cater to that seen anymore in America……The music genere has changed in America, that Rainbow would only draw small crowds for their shows.

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