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“Good to be Bad” release details


Whitesnake’s new album will be called Good to be Bad and it is scheduled for release in Europe on March 30th via SPV/Steamhammer. It will include 11 new songs written by Coverdale and Doug Aldrich, who both co-produced the album together with Michael McIntyre.

Track listing:

01. Call On Me
02. Can You Hear The Wind Blow?
03. Best Years
04. All I Want All I Need
05. Good To Be Bad
06. All For Love
07. Summer Rain
08. Lay Down Your Love
09. A Fool In Love
10. Got What You Need
11. ‘Till The End Of Time

Whitesnake will take on the road on March 23, opening the tour at ROCK2WGTN Festival in new Zealand and then following with a string of European dates starting in early June. The touring band will consist of Coverdale, with Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach on guitars, Timothy Drury on keyboards, Uriah Duffy on bass, and Chris Frazier on drums.

Thanks to Blabbermouth.net for the info.

43 Comments to ““Good to be Bad” release details”:

  1. 1
    Mmm... says:

    Ok, I don’t like one thing of ths.com – it’s the website of not only any person connected to DP, but ANY project connected to the ANY member of every band where DP members were included.

    So, why d’you post news about rainbow’s members? who cares Rainbow? who cares Whitesnake? Who cares Blackmore’s Night?

    Personaly me, prefer to read news ONLY about current DP lineup or news about past DP lineups, not EVERY project or album which is made by past DP member’s groups.

    Who cares about whitesnake album? is anything said about DP on Whitesnakes website?
    can’t stand it anymore :((

  2. 2
    Karl-Heinz says:

    [quote]The touring band will consist of Coverdale, with Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach on guitars, Timothy Drury on keyboards, Uriah Duffy on bass, and Chris Frazier on drums.[/quote]

    Does this mean, that the “recording band” is different?

  3. 3
    AndreA says:

    My last favourite is SLIDE IT IN,John Sykes was great also in “1987” but my favorite bands belong to Murray,Mardsen era,very blues,rock blues. The last I’ve bought is LIVE In The Shadow Of The Blues but it sounds worst than a boutleg:very sad…

  4. 4
    Sami says:

    Well, I don’t expect much from Good to Be Bad, either. I’m gonna go and see The David Coverdale band next summer here in Finland though, but if it’s anything like the cheesy Live in The Still of The Night-dvd, then waste of money.
    Doug Aldrich was good on the dvd though(even better on DIO’s Holy Diver live release), and Tommy
    Aldridge his usual pounding & entertaining self…why is it that he’s a great & sought after live-drummer, but not so good in studio environment…that’s what I’ve heard anyway.
    Anyways, I don’t think we’ll ever get to hear Real Classic Whitesnake from Cov. ever again. Sad.

  5. 5
    Chris says:

    Stupid bastard < > is one of the best dvds ever. Coverdale is the god of love!!! You must be thankfull for the opertunity to hear him singing once again!!! This is priceless….

  6. 6
    Daily Cover says:

    The true Whitesnake died after the release of Slide It In. After that record David wanted to go to the US to become a woman, with great success I might add.

    I like the latest DVD, but it’s nothing compared to how good the band was when David made hard bluesy rock instead of heavy pop metal.

    OK, I’ll give him one last chance…

  7. 7
    Stefan says:

    Personally I don´t have high expectations on this new release! I miss the the pumping, blues rockin´ outfit of yesteryears! I think old “Cov” and his hired guns have a lot to prove….mind you….maybe he´ll surprise the hell out of us all…have my fingers crossed!! In my mind the live DVD was O.K. and the live album to…but…get rid of Reb Beach…he´s too much metal for my taste!!

  8. 8
    Bo says:

    I agree. The real Whitesnake is dead. I will se it and buy the new CD, but like mos Coverdale fans I dont expect to much. I love to sing – NOT all the noise he started to deliver from his mouth after The golden age ended.
    Listen to Poul Rodgers – he still sings the GREAT way – please do the same Mr. Coverdale. Then you will on top again. You are a blues/rock singer NOT a metal/rock singer. Dont forget that!

  9. 9
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    Wow – people are hard to please on this website. Live In The Shadow of The Blues has bootleg sound? You gotta be kidding me. Pa-leeeze I gotta get ahold of your Bootlegs man, whaddya bring your own Multi-Track recorder through the front gates. Everytime Coverdale puts out a new release , I’ll be there to buy it. Also Dio, Gillan, and the gang. Sure they all have ups and downs. But how could we gauge the really great stuff if it was all great. Hmmmm Shadow of the Blues bootleg sound? AndreA …I gotta have your bootleg list. Maybe you got a really bad copy. That’s gotta be it. Its defective. There is no way they can multi track a concert and have bad sound nowadays …right…..isn’t that right …huh???

  10. 10
    scott says:

    wow… some great posts!!.. i think what some people are trying to say is … whitesnake lost it’s SOUL feeling in latter years. dig out northwinds and compare it to what is coming out now days. worlds apart. then again… i thought restless hearts had some moments as well!

  11. 11
    Bluto says:

    Live in The Shadow of the Blues is a fake album, ridicolous, made in studio i think, the crowd between the tracks is always the same.
    Does anyone dare to compare it with Live.. in the Heart of the City?
    I’ll always buy Coverdale stuff but i won’t expect anything good.
    I agree that whitesnake ended with Slide it in.

  12. 12
    dr.robert says:


  13. 13
    jacob da greek says:

    me thinks you need to learn that ths.com should keep DPurple fans updated on any and all members that have been in this great band!!
    Uhh,thats all me want to say to ya 🙂

  14. 14
    AndreA says:

    stoopidwithaflaregun,yes i thin that LIVE In The S of T B has low sound quality…perhaps I mistake but surely I think also to have a good HiFi stereo at home 🙂

  15. 15
    Sami says:

    Chris…to each their own!!! Coverdale, the god of love…thankfull for the opportunity to hear him sing again… ARF ARF ARF, priceless 🙂

    Let’s truly hope that DC will surprise the hell out of us!!

  16. 16
    Roberto says:

    Coverdale, as did Gillan and Plant years ego, has lost his voice while Hughes and Dio are remaining great.
    Whitesnake nowdays are only a bunch of young metal good looking boys with great technique but without inspiration.Coverdale wants success and that is his way to obtain it.
    Personally I prefer the old bad looking boys with Moody and Marsden.I care about music, not about imagine.
    The new album would be no more than nice.(the studio songs on the last Live album were nothing special)

  17. 17
    Elwood says:

    Are we not better off having Cov and all the ex Purple mike holders releasing some good/some great quality material in the noughties, than placing them all into early retirement because they don’t live up to our memories or expectations?
    I also love the Moody/Marsden line-up, and will probably never find any post Saints and Sinners release scaling those heights again, but Cov will still belt out some quality rock/blues and I will still sing along — ahhh — the glory of expensive whiskey —- fill ’em up and We Wish You Well………

  18. 18
    Stefan says:

    Hear,hear dear Elwood!!!

  19. 19
    Wizards Essentials says:

    It’s great that the Snake are releasing new material again, you all can’t be that nuts, I’m also a huge Purple fan almost every lineup mk2, 3, 4, 5, 6, whatever, but you guys slag everybodu, thats crazy old Coverdale seems to do pretty well doesn’t he? He’s still the man, don’t ever doubt it!! This lineup is quite good thank you. Most people liked the old Marsden Moody era lineup well so did I, thinks change, paint peels, music fashions change so what, deal with it, The new cd will be a progressive piece of music that not everyone will like, but DC can still deliver the goods quite well I personally liked the Sykes Powell era Slide it In was very very good the 87 cd was very hot also!! MTV was the one that made them into the glam band after Sykes was sacked HA HA no pun intended, but the current lineup of Aldrich and Beach are talented you guys are way to critical I hear you all moan about poor ole Steve Morse all the time, He’s saved Purple and you all know that to be true so wait and see if DC doesn’t deliver the goods once again I’ll guarantee it The Wiz

  20. 20
    Seven-47 says:

    Fantasy Whitesnake Line-up: David Coverdale
    Steve Vai
    John Sykes
    Neil Murray
    Jon Lord
    Cozy Powell (RIP)!

  21. 21
    knightnurse says:

    First at all this site is very very good. It`s good to have the “Purple familiy” on one site and that`s very interesting. Too many people are in a one-way-street with their minds, it`s a pity for them. I`m really looking forward for the next WS output and I hope to see them on tour. It will sound fresh and modern, classic hardrock in 08! This is Coverdale`s direction and it`s o.k. Is it a problem to have new fiery musicans in WS? That`s great for the classic hardrock, maybe such musicans will help to survive these songs and style of rock. And Coverdale is still one of the best entertainers. Big tennis! Rock on!

  22. 22
    Stefan says:

    Normally I have great respect for your views Seven-47, but Steve Vai…..No thanks I´ve had it with that man and his twiddly,twiddly,twang….thank you mam!!!!

  23. 23
    AndreA says:

    If a band with a name like WHITESNAKE (or “DC’s Whitesnake”) makes a new work with a guitarist like Steve Vai (NB:and I appreciate him) you all can understand how a band has become commercial and loses its hard rock blues roots,since “1987” that remains a great album…at this point I prefer DC with Jimmy Page (like many years ago):large commercial astuteness but excellent disc!

  24. 24
    George Fotis says:

    Why not hear the album first & them make a judgement. Maybe it might turn out to be good i’m just glad David still wants to play rock music. A few year’s ago he said he would retire from the music scene. Thank god he is not playing medieval music like his mate Ritchie. I wonder if Cozy was still alive and the money was right he might have rejoined , what a super drummer he was .

  25. 25
    roberto says:

    Even if I love this band and I think that David own the best voice of the story of the music (while Gillan is the best singer of all times) the problem is that when you buy a whitesnake album you just know what you are going to listen.whitesnake never surprise in music directions.

  26. 26
    Seven-47 says:

    I knew that line-up wouldn’t be popular, just a personal preference. Does anyone know why Tommy Aldridge was replaced with Chris Frazier?

  27. 27
    AndreA says:



    He is searching for a guitarist&vocalist in LA with Rudy Sarzo,it shall be a new band?

  28. 28
    Seven-47 says:

    Very cool! Thank-you AndreA.

  29. 29
    ROBERTO says:

    I think Ian PAice is very underrated.He is very swing and fast wiht great personality.Just listen what He does on Burn, the intro of Fireball or the final part of Mary Long.Don’t really know why generally people prefer Bonham or Cozy.But Tommy is surely not as good as Ian Paice.Tommy is more a showman

  30. 30
    AndreA says:

    TA is a great drummer,we know…mainly on stage and my last discovering is on the last THIN LIZZY live “one night only”, He is able to adapt to many bands,and now I’m going to dream him in a new Rainbow band even if Ritchie

  31. 31
    AndreA says:

    TA is a great drummer,we know…mainly on stage and my last discovering is on the last THIN LIZZY live “one night only”, He is able to adapt to many bands,and now I’m going to dream him in a new Rainbow band even if Ritchie is not inclined to realize it…it is a pity.

  32. 32
    Seven-47 says:

    I agree with you Wizard Essential, I thought Cozy Powell was one of the elite. It didn’t matter who he was playing with; Whitesnake, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, ELP, he always gave each band his distinctive sound.

  33. 33
    ROBERTO says:

    let’s hope for a reunion of Rainbow with Dio (wich now is able even to scream,have you ever listened to ‘mob rules’ from the new live album of heave and hell?)

  34. 34
    stoffer says:

    Cozy was “the man” just an absolute rock drummer he was the best Rainbow ever had. Also I’m a huge DP fan but this site is what it is because of all the interest in the DP Family (if you don’t care for the family or some of its members don’t read it!).

  35. 35
    Roberto says:

    I think Ian Paice is underrated and superior than Bonham and Cozy.He is more refined.(I’m a drummer)

  36. 36
    Seven-47 says:

    I enjoy Paice’s drumming, and agree he’s underrated. He has a more finesse approach to his skill, as appose to Powell’s bombastic style. Paice’s style fits Deep Purple perfectly, and Powell’s style was a perfect fit for Whitesnake, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath. I can’t see Paice playing in Black Sabbath, nor could I imagine Powell with Deep Purple. I enjoy both talented musicians, but prefer Powell’s and Appice’s style a little more.

  37. 37
    Seven-47 says:

    By the way stoffer; couldn’t have said it better myself!

  38. 38
    vadim says:

    my favorite drumer ian paice!! but i think today he play bad. before he play like goD!!!! I MEAN IN 70S!!!! OK YOU CAN SAY HE BACAME OLDER,BUT WHAT ABOUT TOMMY ALDRIDGE!!!!

  39. 39
    Roberto says:

    Vadim:today Ian Paice play Bad?
    If you are a drummer you sure understand that He is Now one of the best in the world.Very fast, swing, very refined, very groovy, keep time perfectly and with a personal style.For this reasons he is the best,far superior than Bonham, Tommy A. and Cozy which are more powerful and spectacular but don’t have this peculiarities.But sadly not everyone can understand this.

  40. 40
    knightnurse says:

    Yes, Roberto is damn right! What about Carmine Appice? He would fit in WS as well for a Rainbow reunion. Maybe for DC he is too close to John Sykes?!

  41. 41
    Roberto says:

    I like a lot Carmine Appice,very tanderous!more than his brother(which is a great drummer but I don’t like his style).He would fit very well for a Whitesnake reunion with the original old members.
    Jhon Sykes?He is a guitar player not a drummer!For Rainbow I think Bobby Rondinelly could be right, maybe…

  42. 42
    Seven-47 says:


    I believe knightnurse was referring to the Blue Murder Sykes & Appice connection, not that Sykes was a drummer.

  43. 43
    peter chrisp says:

    “Live In The Shadow Of The Blues” a fake dvd? i must admit with my system it
    sounds and looks amazing you guys must have a bootleg copy. Judging by some of the comments above there are a number of so called fans, who agree
    the best “Snake” material was around the late 70’s and the very early 80’s.
    With 2 exceptions the 2 killer American sounding albums/cds which included
    John Sykes, “Slide It In” and “1987′ aimed directly at the US markets, and did they sell! Those 2 are excellent records. It has been quite a few years since we have had a new album, except for a number of the usual compilations, judging
    by the forthcoming “Good To be Bad” and this is where it gets hilarious, a few fans have already suggested without even hearing the new one “who cares
    attitude” well that’s their problem! A true fan will have a listen and then decide if it’s what they expected form the Snakes, looking forward to it.

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