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Whitesnake’s new album ready (an’ willing)


David Coverdale has posted this message somewhere on his band’s official site:

It is true that tour dates for 2008 are currently being put in place. We will likely start in New Zealand (Rock2Wgtn festival in Wellington) for a one-off in March. We are exploring the possibility of nipping over to Australia for a pint and a show, or two…but, at this time there is nothing positive to offer you. It looks very likely we will be having the distinct pleasure of returning to South and Central America in May, before starting our European run.

We have some absolutely splendid stuff planned… I can promise.

The U.S. still manages to elude us, for whatever reason, but, as always, we don’t take no for an answer… so, we are still working toward something in my adopted homeland later in the year. In fact, we will try to go anywhere and everywhere we can to present our music to those who want to be bitten by the snake.

The album is done and has been delivered to the record company as their Christmas present. We’re very happy with it, as I have reported to you throughout the year of creating it. I feel it has all the elements Whitesnake can offer, and hopefully a little more.

The new Whitesnake album will be called Good To Be Bad and is scheduled for release some time in the Spring of 2008. It has been announced that the drummer Tommy Aldridge has been replaced by Chris Frazier.

Whitesnake has also been announced to play in Europe for a string of summer festivals. Check our Family Tree tourdates for the latest state of affairs.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson and Blabbermouth.net for the info.

7 Comments to “Whitesnake’s new album ready (an’ willing)”:

  1. 1
    Stefan says:

    An album long overdue in my opinion……..!! I just hope it´s more in
    the traditional bluesey and hard rockin´ vein and not quite as AOR/Metal of the late 80´s! Let´s be honest……it was F**KIN` horrible with the hair metal,american crap image in the eighties!Come on Cov´….please make us proud and go back to your roots!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Andy Mac (Aussie) says:

    Great to hear a new album on the way…..Yep come to Australia….Its been a while. Besides everybody else seems to be coming for a pint DC….C’mon

  3. 3
    Roberto says:

    I don’t agree with Coverdale to make withesnake a band of good looking young boys which are very good technically but lack of inspiration.I really prefer Marsden and Moddy which wrote all the whitesnake classics.They are far better composers.I need wonderful songs, not cool young band.
    Now let’s hope for a reunion with the classic MK.

  4. 4
    Stefan says:

    Oooops, where´s my manners……..? Looking forward to a great 2008 for Seven-47, Andrea, Tracey Heyder, Bo and all the fabulous PURPLE-People around the globe!!!!! Happy new year to ya all !!!!

  5. 5
    Chip Tarbutton says:

    I like the 1987 album and hope it sounds just like that…:-) Get a new girl for the videos please…..

  6. 6
    Purplesnake says:

    I don’t care abot “image”. Their music still great!
    Long Live Whitesnake! COME TO JAPAN!!!!!


  7. 7
    AndreA says:

    Me too…I don’t care about image,but I agree with Roberto 🙂 ahahah..yes,it is strange to see big men trying to be youngs….Steven tyler is very ridicolous…it is a example….but at the end I hope only to listen a new whitesnake’s work into a root of blues…but I am afraid…mmmmm….mumble..mumble..

    thank you and sorry if I am later! have a great 2008,best wishes to you all friends!

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