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Good To Be Bad artwork

Whitesnake.com reveals cover art for the new Whitesnake album Good To Be Bad:

Good To Be Bad cover

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

64 Comments to “Good To Be Bad artwork”:

  1. 1
    Reinaldo Alves says:

    This is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh !

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    After all those years!

    Good grief!

    And then to say I m out of inspiration…………

    Hopefully the album will be MUCH better than the track)Forgot the name)we recently came to hear……..

    Soon it will not matter anymore…………

    everything on sale only through digital format, no covers, no pictures, no LOVE……..

    Did I say NO LOVE?

    Not everything is bad(…)

    Check out Jon Lord’s latest efforts since 1998 :

  3. 3
    heycisco says:

    The cover is utter crap. I hope it does not reflect the music. Maybe there is still some time to change it?

  4. 4
    Roberto says:

    Horrible cover!ugly and crap!

  5. 5
    micke says:

    It is bad.. hopefully someone working on this reads what’s said here.

  6. 6
    Gregg says:

    Maybe for good luck, he should go back and use the classic Whitesnake logo instead of rehasing the logo of the late 80’s albums…the ones that weren’t vey good.

    Just a thought.

  7. 7
    MikeD says:

    Oh no……… is that the best they can……….

    (Do any of these comments get fed back to Whitesnake.com ? if it’s getting that sort of reaction in this forum, then ……………. ?????)

  8. 8
    Seven-47 says:

    Not the best; but better than “Rapture Of The Deep”, “Abandon”, “Bananas”, and “Purpendicular”! Now if the music is only half as good as those Deep Purple releases, I’ll be happy.

  9. 9
    Patrick says:

    hey i liked those covers …. rapture is pretty weird tho lol .. but with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 weak tracks its a strong album

  10. 10
    mats westerberg says:

    Whitesnake has chosen a road to follow – what’s wrong with it! I like it! It’s Whitesnake right on spot. Compared with Purple’s covers their’s are masterpieces.

  11. 11
    Charris says:

    To Purplepriest
    Agree with you! I also want to let you know that I enjoy Riverside a lot!Of course I’m still discovering.I only think they are much wider in genre than ‘progressive rock’. And once more, thanks for the effort!

    To Patrick
    I like those covers too, super original, and I love Rapture!

  12. 12
    George says:

    hmm…. omg, why are all Whitesnake album covers so similiar to each other?

  13. 13
    ormandy says:

    This cover has to be a joke.

  14. 14
    AndreA says:

    Seven-47 : I agree with you…

    My last favourite artwork is “Perfect Stragers”

  15. 15
    George says:


    Not Better than Rapture, at all. Rapture Of The Deep is DP’s best cover after In Rock, machine Head, The Battle and The House Of Blue Light.
    What about Rapture cover VS Whitesnake covers, I think, Rapture is the best than any other Whitesnake covers

  16. 16
    Seven-47 says:


    I loved “In Rock”, I have a framed copy, but I got spoiled with the likes of “Fireball”, “Burn”, “Stormbringer”, “Come Taste The Band”, “House Of Blue Light”, and “The Battle Rages On”. The “Rapture” drawing just didn’t do it for me. I recall seeing a different proposed cover for “Rapture”, which I thought was much better. But in the end it’s the music that counts, and I really enjoy all of the Morse era releases. I’m not crazy about the Whitesnake cover, but they have chosen a logo, and seem to be sticking with it. Personally my favorite Whitesnake cover was “Love Hunter”.

  17. 17
    Bo says:

    Well again we have to remember that Whitesake these years are NOT THE Whitesnake we all loved in the old days. I dont get it Mr. Coverdale. You still pretend to have this idea of that we still are in 1987. We and you are NOT.
    Get back to your roots – get Deep Purple Mrk III or the old Whitesnake back – and you will see and feel the pride of what you are doing coming back big time – and we will all be behind you.
    This new “Whitesnake” has NO chance in hell to get even close to the real thing. We can all see it – now it’s up to you.

  18. 18
    Ray says:

    I thought the Sabs Born Again LP looked like shit, but I liked it!!!

  19. 19
    Stefan says:

    Well said Bo!!! I´m right behind you all the way!!

  20. 20
    Stevecal says:

    Who cares about the cover, it’s the tunes that matter. Time will tell on that!

  21. 21
    elprupdeep says:

    what’s the X means by the way is it some porn signs or something nobody realise it s an X there . Why not an W for Whitesnake David?long live man.

  22. 22
    whitesnake-blog.com says:

    This cannot be true. It’s just a joke!

  23. 23
    Space Trucker says:

    I assume the X is because it the 10th whitesnake studio album. IMO, if they got rid of the X it would look alright.

    But, as has been said, “it’s the tunes that matter”. Lets hope Cov’ and co. have come up with some good ones. 🙂

  24. 24
    SLim JIm says:

    What is it with Monseir Coverdale and DOORBELLS???

  25. 25
    Roberto says:

    I like all the Deep Purple covers:especially those of the seventies but I really don’t like House of blue light and Perfect strangers covers.
    This new Whitesnake cover has been done to remind the 1987 cover.This is exactely waht Whitesnake are now:a parody of themselves!

  26. 26
    Tom FitZ says:

    What do’es the X sybolize? – buried treasure???? – X marks the spot perhaps? -my 6 year old daughter has more imagination !….what a pile of crap……come on David you can do better than that.

  27. 27
    Miguel says:

    This is simple….. X stands for 10-th studio album of the band.

  28. 28
    Sam Knight says:

    Maybe the cover is an ironic/hilariously literal interpretation of the album’s title. ‘Good to be Bad’? Geddit?! Arf arf! 😛

  29. 29
    Ali says:

    I hated the artwork like you guys, but come on!! The latest WS line-up is great, it’s a totally new approach, and they do sound great. All they have to do now is to prove this with a good album. I think DC & Co. doing right now is great. IMO they only need some new original material because it seems like some of the songs they play are becoming useless in time.

  30. 30
    scott says:

    yes the cover looks so generic (like the last 4 or so), but look at the song titles… ALL i want ALL you need etc. he repeats so many phrases in his song titles it is amazing( look at ALL of the whitesnake songs on ALL the albums and you will find the word “LOVE” in 20 or 30 of them! dio is in second place with words like “rainbow’ and “dream” etc. featured in song titles. that is their trademark “thing” i guess but some more imagination could go a long way and be very refreshing for fans!

  31. 31
    Russ says:

    In the immortal words of David Coverdale “Here’s a song for ya!”

  32. 32
    Ropsi Rolle says:

    Isn’t Mr Coverdale soon sixty? How come can he accept a school boy “artwork” like this? Haven’t seen him performing for years; does he still rub his genitals in front of the audience for money?

  33. 33
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Give me the LYRICS of Rod and Joe anyday………..

  34. 34
    Stefan says:

    As long as it´s no bloody vikings in the lyrics I´m happy!!!

  35. 35
    Stefan says:

    I rub mine for free, Ropsi Rolle………..!!!

  36. 36
    dr.robert says:

    The album will have and limited edition with aditional cd with 4 bonus tracks.

  37. 37
    George Kikonishvili says:


    actually, the album packaging is a quite different matter.
    e.g when I first saw DP Bananas cover, I thought it would be the sillyiest and the lightest, not serious album by DP. But, surprise, now Bananas is my favourite album, it’s just fantastic.
    Ok, I’m a great fan of dp and that’s why i bought Bananas, nobody would buy it, if they aren’t huge fans of DP.
    So, cover and packaging just helps the sales, I think 🙂

  38. 38
    greg j. says:

    Now I’m not one to bicker, but could Mister Coverdale maybe stop using the “neo-historical” approach for his album covers. Seriously the past 20 years could also be dubbed “In the absence of Snakes”…

  39. 39
    purplepriest1965@hotmail.com says:

    If you don’t like Bananas(Which to a certain level I do, grrrrrrrrrr)I am not a HUGE DP fan?
    What does that mean?

    I f I do not subscribe positively to everything they puke out I am not worthy to carry the brand HUGE DP FAN?!

    Come on…………..

    Don’t start me again………………….

    How old are you?

    Do you use substances?

    Are you on someones payroll?


  40. 40
    T says:

    In a previous discussion regarding albums covers, it was generally agreed that the cover didn’t matter–it was the content that was important.

    After 38 posts in just a few days, most alluding to the new Whitesnake cover, it is clear that the artwork DOES matter.

  41. 41
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    I’m employed…..I’m not on drugs….and I like Whitesnake…and I’m old. Priest is in denial, he too loves Whitesnake. In fact Priest loves everything Deep Purple does. Cause he’s a HUGE Deep Purple fan. He was hoping the new Whitesnake album would be titled “Purple Priest”. Yea Baby !!!!

  42. 42
    stoffer says:

    The artwork might matter to some, but it does not make the music any better or worse. “I” do not think the artwork makes a bit of difference, but some like those kinds of things.

  43. 43
    sixtynine says:

    Well, I guess the cover matters for many of us because we want the album in general to be good. We care for this band a lot and that’s why it hurts when any of the elements doesn’t work. And this time, the covcer doesn’t work. Sorry, David.

  44. 44
    David Sanderson says:

    Discussing an album cover? What is this? Spinal Tap?

  45. 45
    Rascal says:

    Discussing an album cover!! yeah………….its called scraping the bottom of the barrel for DP related news!

    Who gives a shit

  46. 46
    Seven-47 says:

    I drive a Trans-Am because it looks good, and is a high performance vehicle. If it looked like a Kia Rio, I wouldn’t bother. Some people enjoy the “Total Package”, good looks and quality product!

  47. 47
    purplepriest1965@hotmail.com says:

    It’s Valentines day and I get chuffed ?


    Is “Stupid with a flaregun the alias of George?

    I was NOT talking about the supposedly /expexted content of the new Whtitesnake………..

    For now I could not care less……………
    Bless ya, Mel Galley………………

    I ‘ll never forget your role in “rying in the rain”LIVEin 83. From strenght to strenght!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Probably one of the last moments Witesnake touched my HEART………….
    1987 and so on had their great moments, but…………….
    I kept having the feeling of being a witness to a CRIME………..

    A crime against people like Bernie, Mickey, Neil, and so on………..

    David get your head out of your arse, it;s 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    stoffer says:

    You can’t judge a book, album or a blogger by its “cover”. It is the Total Package on the inside that really counts. Go to any used vinyl store and check the covers on the 99 cent rack, the covers might be awesome but the music inside is crap. Good album covers are nice sure, but it’s only a bonus if the material inside rocks.

  49. 49
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    Just having a little fun at your expense Priest. I understand what you’re saying. For me , it’s all good…some is just better. I think the fewer and farrer,betweener the albums are released. The more important it is that they are KILLER releases. That includes the artwork too I guess. I really don’t pay attention to much to CD covers. They’re so much smaller than vinyl LP artwork. And I need reading glasses now to see the details.

  50. 50
    Deep In Purple says:

    If I were Coverdale, I would scrap Whitesnake and try to get the Mark III boys together for a benifit show. Record it and it will outsell any Whitesnake album. Eary Whitesnake, Ready n’ Willin and Live In The Hearrt Of The City were the best. Maybe Paicey and Lord were on them.

  51. 51
    Al Erikson says:

    I like this cover. Very much. Beautiful powerful blue. Simple. Effective. I really like it. One of the best album covers of these latest years… I don’t care to stand in the minority.

  52. 52
    AndreA says:

    for me artwork are important,not indispensable..when I see the backside cover of PERFECT STRANGERS with their ghost images and I listen to

    “Can you remember remember my name
    As I flow through your life
    A thousand oceans I have flown
    And cold spirits of ice
    All my life

    I get into the the space of infinite,the Universe: nothing else gives me the paradise,the eden..

  53. 53
    purplepriest1965@hotmail.com says:

    The sun is shining but it’s raining in my heart

  54. 54
    Annemie says:

    To Andrea
    It is amazing to read your writings. I carry the same feelings and visions
    like you. In all modesty I find this wonderfull!

    To Purplepriest
    That’s much more worth than existing like an indifferent jerk! I suggest
    to put on the hardrockmusic , joined by good drinks to cheer up and share
    a firm toast !!! 🙂

  55. 55
    Al Erikson says:

    @Andrea: interesting understanding of the lyrics:

    What does “PAAASTaaassttt” mean by the way? 🙂

  56. 56
    AndreA says:

    Al Erikson

    when he sings “I’m the echo of your past” ,I write so to understand the effect of mixing stretching the sound of singing :-),the reverb…the echo…the stretching…I hop you understand what i wish meaning..


    ThanX Annemie! nice name…or nickname? 🙂


  57. 57
    T says:

    The cover artwork sets the tone of an album in much the same way that an overture sets the mood of an opera or a title alldues to the content of a manuscript. The cover does have a psychological effect on the consumer, which is why albums do not come in blank cardboard boxes and books do not remain titleless.

    Purple made the right decision to use the awsome “Stormbringer” cover instead of the pale-faced girl making the “Shhhhh!” expression and calling the album “Silence” as originally planned. Did this affect sales? Very likely. The highly stylized and sophisticated painting they chose got it noticed and the albums is known for it. People bought it. Some were disappointed with the content despite the artwork. I loved the content and the album is framed and hanging up in my music room.

    The Whitesnake cover is gawdy, and although there is no chance that I will frame it, I’ve seen worse. MUCH worse. It will appeal to some and apall others. Some will be turned off. Others won’t care.

    I will wait for the music before judging the album. I would like to see a Blackmore/Coverdale collaboration as much as anyone else, but it’s not going to happen.

    In the meantime, we have yet another (!) Whitesnake album. And that can’t be ALL bad.

  58. 58
    Annemie says:

    To AndreA
    What a nice reply.
    Annemie is my petname.
    I tháááááááánk you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59
    AndreA says:

    to Annemie


    Gillan Rules on (the song “Sleeping On the Job” is my prayer)

  60. 60
    Annemie says:

    Specialy selected for Gillan expert AndreA

    Yes great song…my prayer is deeply fulfilled
    (Fireball,Stange kind of woman,Blusy blue sea…) So I pray with you for ‘Sleeping the job'(what I also would like to do)…Yet a little prayer for me for ‘If I sing softly’
    Lots of warm Purple vibes back , till next time!!!

  61. 61
    Prem says:


    We ought to celebrate that a new studio whitesnake album is coming out after a decade albeit with a new lineup. Cmon there are enough of us old geezers who might wish that cov & co would sound like the bluesy snake of ’78-84′ & also know in our hearts that this one definitely will not be so. But we will still go & buy it, cover & all be damned.

  62. 62
    Seven-47 says:

    I WILL!

  63. 63
    ReadyandWilling says:

    At least it`s a bit more colorful than the greyish outings of the past covers. I only hope it will reflect in the music as well.

  64. 64
    fool_circle says:

    For as much as I remember, Whitesnake never had great covers to start with… I mean, “Lovehunter”??? Chick riding a snake… Really BIG snake… Uhm… Get my point? Banans and Rapture Of The Deep, on the other side, were great artworks, really weird, distant from your average rock’n’cock concepts, and very… DEEP? ;o) So let’s not confuse things here…

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